We do LOVE our shoes!

Crossdressers love high heel shoes

Wow! Almost 600 of you responded to last week’s poll, where I asked you – what’s your favorite shoe style? Pumps won out by an overwhelming margin, with almost 200 of you declaring them your all time favorite. Way to look sexy in sky scraper heels ladies!

So in honor of the two top choices from last week’s crossdressing poll I’ll share a few sexy shoes from my favorite online shoe store, Zappos. They offer free shipping both ways, and have a great selection of large high heels. If you’re never bought high heels before here are three quick tips: start small (a heel under 2″ is great to start practicing), get a size larger than your men’s size (if you’re a men’s size 10, get a woman’s size 11), and go for a wide shoe (marked as W or D in the size).

Some sexy high heels in large sizes

All the shoes below are available in at least size 11W – go wild ladies 😉

Crossdresser Heaven - Find Your Tribe

If you’re looking online, you can find the sexy wine patent pumps, sassy white pump and high heel leather booty on Zappos.

Our poll winner - sexy high heel pumps

Our poll winner – sexy high heel pumps

Sassy high heel pump

Sassy high heel pump

High heel + leather = A crossdressers best friend

High heel + leather = A crossdressers best friend

This week’s crossdressing poll

The poll question for this week comes courtesy of my wife. We were indulging in a ‘what if’ conversation that I like to have about crossdressing. She asked me, ‘if by some miracle of Science you could go back and alter your birth gender, would you?’

Wow… I’ve been thinking about this question for the last few days, and I’m not sure I have a confident answer. I know there are so many experiences I would never have had as a woman – marrying my wife being top among them – but at the same time I have an almost overwhelmingly strong desire to be a woman. While I ponder my answer, what do you think?

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T.J. Byron

We Do love our shoes! All colors, textures, styles, slings, peeps on toes, suede, skins.
Only a size 10 so all the ladies in my groups envy myself feet. Most of them wear FLATS, but I ‘ve ALWAYS LOVED MY HEELS!!

Samantha Louise Scott

my shoe weakness is my height.

I absolutely adore platforms and heels but often end up wearing sensible. I can walk fine and for a distance in medium to high heels (say up to 4″) but as I am over 6ft ………

I start to look a bit odd for normal day to day out and about.

Having said that I wandered around Manchester recently in my 4″ platforms one evening and was offered “a f@Kimberly Smith” very early on so some people must like tall girls. smile

Heather Jameson
Heather Jameson

Vanessa,if I could I woud turn the clock back in a second and have been born a girl.I’m goig through alot right now as I’ve decided to transition and this would have saved alot of anguish and heartache.The worste part about this is I have hurt my wife who is truly my best friend and I never wanted that to happen.Ive known for a long time that I’m a woman,since I was about 11 but didn’t have the guts to face it.Putting up with all the garbage for years,being called a fag and getting beaten up in school,then getting the… Read more »


Size 11 shoes??? Lord have mercy! Since my male shoe size is 13 I have to get a 15 in medium width and 14WW if I can find it in women’s. But there is one place I have found that has women’s shoes in actual men’s sizes so no more pinch! Dreamshoes http://www.shoesofyourdreams.com. I just picked up a pair of polka dot platform slings as a xmas gift to me!!! http://www.shoesofyourdreams.com/L-ML-P.php. I ordered these in 13WW which is actually 13D, according to the customer service rep.