Come on girls, I want to know what are the stockings that you really enjoy wearing (I’m assuming you DO enjoy them!)

Although there is a vast choice out there when it comes to hosiery, I bet the majority will say either black or fully fashioned nylons Those seem to be the favourite among crossdressers. Or fishnets, maybe. Look through any type of crossdressing site and most of the ‘girls’ are in black stockings, usually with suspenders. Why is that do you suppose? Is it because black is more flattering, more slimming? Or does it hint at naughtiness whereas, say, tan stockings are associated with work wear?

Who prefers proper stockings as opposed to hold-ups? Should they have seams? Is there anyone out there who would rather struggle into a pair of tights?

Personally, I don’t like wearing fishnets (though I do have a couple of pairs because occasionally it’s nice to be a bit naughty!) They don’t have the sensuous feel of traditional stockings, though the nature of the ‘net’ is certainly flattering when it comes to shape. I’m not that keen on stockings that need suspenders either, which probably makes me unusual (or more unusual than I already am!) And although I do have plenty of black hosiery, they’re not my first choice when I crossdress and transform into Jemma.

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For me, my go to stockings are natural beige, lace-top hold-ups, usually worn with nude-coloured high heels. I adore them and have many pairs from gossamer thin 5 denier to 15 or even 20 denier ones that hide many blemishes and hairs! I suppose I love that secretary look!

I also have several pairs of sheer-to-waist tights (again in natural beige), which feel wonderful but can be rather restrictive when aroused. If I’m wearing hosiery under my jeans, which I often do, then I admit I usually revert to tights as they somehow feel a bit safer! And if I choose one of my micro miniskirts to wear, then it’s always tights.

White stockings are very popular. I suppose because they hint at being innocent, but I’ve never bought any, and probably won’t. I suppose I might if I wanted to dress up as a blushing bride, but that’s pretty unlikely!

Old fashioned 1950s fully-fashioned nylons don’t do it for me at all, they are never long enough, they have no elasticity and are often wrinkly – a definite no-no! Technology has moved on and stockings and tights now are clingier. So, what’s the attraction in wearing an out of date pair? To me, it’s a bit like preferring to drive an old 1950s car rather than a brand new one!

Then there’s patterned tights and stockings. I usually give those a miss, apart from one lacy pair of stockings (black incidentally) which I sometimes slip on just for a change. Generally, I prefer to look as if I’m not wearing any leg wear but instead have smooth tanned legs – hence my preference for beige or nude.

And what about opaque tights or stockings? Anyone love wearing those? I have some which look good with ankle boots but because of their thickness they never feel as sensuous – and it’s that feeling of sensuousness I get from nylon-clad legs that I so enjoy.

And finally; how and where do you buy yours? Are you bold enough to walk into a store (in male mode) and buy some? Or do you hide behind the anonymity of the internet and order online? I’ve done both but when I buy over the counter I am ALWAYS convinced the sales assistant knows they are for me. I used to be bothered by that but these days less so.

So, there you are. You now know my preferences – now I’d love to know yours.

Jemma xx


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Jemma Jones

I adore dressing as a woman and being as convincing as I can. I'm slim, which helps. Have crossdressed since my teenage years and have got better at it over the years! I especially like stockings and heels and clingy dresses or skirts that show off my slim figure. Would love to chat to other CDs, who knows... maybe even meet up.

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Melissa Ellison
3 years ago

The ones for me, if i do wear stockings, as generally I simply like to show my actual legs and undies, it feels so like such freedom when wearing a dress or a skirt and out for a walk, feeling the breeze as it brushes my legs. However, thatsaid, I like to wear hold up stockings rather than normal suspender stockings, or (tights)..the latter never stay up lol, have have been known to wear suspenders and stockings…

Emily Lace
2 years ago

Garter belt and sheer stockings are my favorite, but I do wear thigh high hold ups as well. I have a few pairs of pantyhose, but I do not normally wear them. I prefer old fashioned reinforced heel and toe (RHT) the best in terms of my stockings. I do not like back seams at all as they are too much of a pain to put on and keep straight (love the look when on someone else though). Like you, I prefer nude hosiery as I like to be able to see my legs underneath. Don’t get me wrong. I… Read more »

Charlotte Walker
1 year ago

I love my charcoal hold ups for very day wear. But also have Black, Red, White, Light Blue for dressing up.

Charlotte Walker
1 year ago

I wear hold ups every day easier to put on. Also have stockings for suspender belt black of course and latex/rubber ones feel awesome.

Celia Stockings
4 months ago

I really enjopy wearing fully fashioned stockings – I get them from

Christine Lord
4 months ago

I like Silkies from Amazon. They look and feel great, and they don’t run “quickly". I like nude, jet black, and off black.
I LOVE wearing nylons. The wonderful rush that is simply being a woman is amazing. I love being a girl.

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