Who defines you as a transgender woman?

So many times I hear us say, so you’ve had no Jessica time lately? Well this got me to thinking, a dangerous thing at times. My thoughts were, what exactly makes me Jessica? Who exactly is Jessica?Is the pretty dress I’m wearing what defines me? Is it the lovely seemed stockings and the black lace up boots? Is it the matching knickers underneath of it all? The answer is obviously no, all these items make Jessica the “PrettyWoman” she strives to be.

But, alas that still leaves me with my question, what defines me? The clothes don’t make Jessica, but Jessica makes the clothes. Jessica is in everything I do. She is my thoughtful side, my caring & compassion are definitely from her. She is in everything I do, whether responding to a fire, or cooking a gourmet meal, conforting someone who was just involved in an accident or just chatting. Jessica as in all of us is in everything I say & do! No Jessica time?  Every moment of every day is Jessica time, wether dressed as a female or as my male side.

I am blessed to live in the two parts that make me one. Luckily I have realised that I actually define me, now don’t get me wrong, I love when Jessica is able to put on that lovely dress, with the seamed stockings and black lace up boots, with the matching knickers, and go out as the woman I should’ve been born as, and go out and strut her stuff!

I am JessicaLynn, aka Cookie! I define me!


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Cookie JessicaLynn (Irish)

Cookie, JessicaLynn referred to as Irish. I'm finally comfortable with who I am. Born in Wales , raised in Ireland . Living in the states with my 3 dogs & 3 cats. She Dress regularly . Live, Love, Laugh.

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Trusted Member
8 years ago

I applaud you Cookie!! Thanks for being exactly who you are!

8 years ago

Beautifully stated Cookie. I have discovered, like you have. that clothes don’t necessarily ‘maketh’ the woman. They are simply one way of expressing who that woman is.

Realising who we are inside, what our characteristics, attitudes and thoughts are, is what really defines us.

I do like your definition though. 🙂

Jesse Nicole(Smokey)
8 years ago

Wonderful Cookie. Being Jesse is becoming more and more important to me also. You are a shining star in our Universe!

Emily Kann
4 years ago

My partner and I have definitely worked hard to find a compromise. She is not totally OK with the dresses or skirts, particularly with how I seem to “dress better as a woman." After about a year and a half we have recognized she is not comfortable seeing me dressed up. So now I do it when she isn’t around, but she lets me know when she wont be home. Not always perfect, but our compromise.

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