What does a cure for crossdressing look like

I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and thought that it bears some clarification.

When I talk about ‘cure’, I’m not talking about SRS (sex reassignment surgery), which in some circles is regarded as a cure – you become who you were meant to be. This presupposes that who you were meant to be is someone of the opposite sex. There are many crossdressers who are happy dressing part time, and for whom SRS would ruin their lives. I also don’t mean ‘never thinks about crossdressing again’, as this is a fairly high bar for a cure, and is surely as inane as asking a dieter to never eat another donut again.

The dictionary defines cure as: ‘a means of healing or restoring to health’

En Femme Discover Woman Within

I’d love your comments on this, but as a start, let’s use this as a working definition for cure:

Removing the continuous compulsion to dress in clothes of the opposite sex, and thus the act of dressing that typically follows.

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Vera Jane Gonsalves
3 years ago

Hi Vanessa,
This is really a very niggling issue with a lot of married crossdressers with unsupportive spouses or coming from strict religious backgrounds.
My wife does not understand that the urge to cross dress gets more and more stronger as we age…… her constant complain “did you not have enough of it as yet”…. Soon you are going to be a grandfather…not a grandmother……
And the temptations are stronger during prayer time or Church service…..
God bless,
Vera Jane

Leah Princess
Leah Princess
1 year ago

I am not looking for Sex Reassignment Surgery because I like who I am: a femme man .

So I do not need a cure to remove my continuous compulsion to dress in clothes of the opposite sex – the women’s attire is just another part of who I am.


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