What Is Your Crossdressing Personality?

What is your crossdressing personality?

Last night my wife and I were watching the episode of Boston Legal where Clarence – the otherwise shy unassuming lawyer who enjoys crossdressing in his spare time – enters a singing competition as his alter ego Clarice. We watched the dramatic transformation – his feminine persona shone radiantly with confidence when she set foot on stage. Singing, dancing and shaking her booty with freewheeling abandon. As if crossdressing psychology had dazzled her mind and switched her personality.

After the show my wife asked me a question which got me thinking about my crossdressing personality. Am I more confident and outgoing when dressed as Vanessa? Does my personality change in ways not easily explained by being more feminine?

What Is My Crossdressing Personality?

When I put on my makeup, heels and hose I become more feminine, more outgoing, more confident, more excitable, less contemplative, less uncertain and more open to being vulnerable. When I’m in male mode I’m constantly worried about what people will think of me. I try to be perfect, to not offend anyone, I shape who I am to fit into the person I believe others want me to be.  When the transvestite inside of me comes out I realize that I’ve probably already offended some people. I don’t mold myself to their expectations, but find myself free to be who I am inside.

It’s a strange balance. I find myself less interested in what others think about me and more interested in them. Even a light dusting of makeup and a feminine mindset will find me chatting with cashiers in the checkout line, willing to share a piece of my day and eager to hear a bit more about theirs.

In truth I like who I am when I’m crossdressed. I think that if there was socially acceptable cross dressing more people would feel comfortable expressing a different side of themselves. We may even find that crossdressing psychology is sometimes the best kind of psychology.

What Is Your Crossdressing Personality?

Does your experience mirror mine? Think about what it’s like when you’re the woman of your dreams. Who do you become when you’re dressed?

P.S. When you’re crossdressed be fabulous on the inside and the outside! Learn how to dress and act like a woman!

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  1. Profile photo of Janine Milburn
    Janine Milburn 22 hours ago

    When i am Janine, I feel so hot and sexy. I always get shocked when i see my big curvy ass. I become a hot bitch

  2. Profile photo of Denise Burke
    Denise Burke 7 days ago

    when I dress up as Denise I feel so good about myself especially if my make up looks good and dress fits like it should. I see myself as a femme fatele. I prefer to dress 1950’s style when women wore tight dresses, stockings & garter belts…etc.

  3. janine 2 weeks ago

    I am janine, when i am dressed i become the sexiest slut i have ever seen. My big booty is my best asset and it jiggles when i walk. I always feel hot and i love it

  4. Profile photo of Sarah Daniels
    Sarah Daniels 3 months ago

    Sarah is chatty. Well she would be. I find in my normal male life I am more chatty than I ever was. Im always asking people how they are doing and talking to cashiers etc. Sometimes I find I am talking for quite a while. Sot into a dress shop to pick up some stuff Id ordered and got chatting. before I know it the 3 shop staff were there talking to me about the stuff Id got for my wife. Not sure if they sussed me out then but one of them certainly looks at me differently. lol

  5. Donna March 4 months ago

    Donna is a party girl, I wear classy outfits and heels. I stand out being tall to start with but i love this life. The only time i wear non feminine clothes is on the job. I always look forward to off time and will always do so. I don’t drink but do know how to have fun.

  6. Michelle 6 months ago

    I’m submissive when I crossdress. I keep my legs smooth shaven, and would love for my wife to encourage, even order me to wear sheer nylons on a regular basis. I would also enjoy my wife teasing me about my crossdressing , maybe calling me her feminine “bitch husband”. I’ve always had the fantasy of my wife with that dominant nature, among other fantasies she’d never be open minded enough to accept in our marriage. Maybe too little; too late!

  7. Profile photo of Steffani
    Steffani 6 months ago

    Steffani is the same way. She’s a diva and I’m shy and reserved in male mode.

  8. Profile photo of Samantha Louise Scott
    Samantha Louise Scott 7 months ago

    I change quite significantly as Samantha. I am definitely more relaxed and probably passive rather than assertive. Once quite significant change is I feel so horny as Samantha. Its almost as though I slip into Girls wanna have fun. I realise that no ones life is all sunshine and a girl needs her quiet moments, its just my Samantha highs are girly sexy lively highs.

    I love it :~)

    I wish I could go en femme 24/7 , I’m sure the world would see a nicer person and someone would get a great lover x

  9. Profile photo of darleen evosevich
    darleen evosevich 9 months ago

    hi girls im darleen im 53 i have prolem i can only dress whenno oneshome.i wish ihad an under standing partner.

  10. Profile photo of debbie
    debbie 9 months ago

    My persona as debbie is much more confident and outgoing. I am much more chatty and silly but love who I am inside. I also find myself crying during romantic movies which I would never had done as a male. My fem side is so much happier too. I just wish I could find a man who would accept me like this 24/7 to feel totally complete

    • Profile photo of Jenny1323
      Jenny1323 8 months ago

      Oh I agree I am so much happier and out going in fem then I am as a boy. I wish I could be Jenny 24 7.

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