What is your crossdressing personality?

Last night my wife and I were watching the episode of Boston Legal where Clarence – the otherwise shy unassuming lawyer who enjoys crossdressing in his spare time – enters a singing competition as his alter ego Clarice. We watched the dramatic transformation – his feminine persona shone radiantly with confidence when she set foot on stage. Singing, dancing and shaking her booty with freewheeling abandon. As if crossdressing psychology had dazzled her mind and switched her personality.

After the show my wife asked me a question which got me thinking about my crossdressing personality. Am I more confident and outgoing when dressed as Vanessa? Does my personality change in ways not easily explained by being more feminine?

What Is My Crossdressing Personality?

When I put on my makeup, heels and hose I become more feminine, more outgoing, more confident, more excitable, less contemplative, less uncertain and more open to being vulnerable. When I’m in male mode I’m constantly worried about what people will think of me. I try to be perfect, to not offend anyone, I shape who I am to fit into the person I believe others want me to be.  When the transvestite inside of me comes out I realize that I’ve probably already offended some people. I don’t mold myself to their expectations, but find myself free to be who I am inside.

It’s a strange balance. I find myself less interested in what others think about me and more interested in them. Even a light dusting of makeup and a feminine mindset will find me chatting with cashiers in the checkout line, willing to share a piece of my day and eager to hear a bit more about theirs.

In truth I like who I am when I’m crossdressed. I think that if there was socially acceptable cross dressing more people would feel comfortable expressing a different side of themselves. We may even find that crossdressing psychology is sometimes the best kind of psychology.

What Is Your Crossdressing Personality?

Does your experience mirror mine? Think about what it’s like when you’re the woman of your dreams. Who do you become when you’re dressed?

P.S. When you’re crossdressed be fabulous on the inside and the outside! Learn how to dress and act like a woman!

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  1. Kelly 8 years ago

    I become very cheerful and relaxed when i dress up as a girl as the fun I have changing into different outfits is just addicting as i love it sooo much. Trying to pick out the outfit I will wear to this years halloween party is a challenge as there are so many combinations I could put together. I also know if i go and look really cute that others might think I am a secret crossdresser as I could care less.

  2. Krisy 8 years ago

    I feel very relaxed and more myself, im happyer more out going and full of confdince. i hate haveing to go to work dressed as a man but im still working my way out of the closet and working to become more passable.I will not be truly happy untill i am. most of my friends dont know the girl in me and im so scared ill lose them if they knew.

    • Kandi Gurl 8 years ago

      Krisy – what a great phot would love to chat to you. Take care!
      Kandi Gurl

    • Vanessa Law 8 years ago

      Likewise, it’s a struggle to present at work as someone you’re not. It’s great that you’ve found acceptance in who you are though Krisy.


  3. You choose please 8 years ago

    I would dearly love to live a life that recognises the female side of my nature; whether or not it involves a transition or acceptance of my true potential.

    I am very open to supportive comments from my new friends. I am also 100% genuine and very chatty. Please contact me if you feel that you and I can help each other.

    Please call me whatever you want as Steve seems quite inappropriate

    • Ragina 8 years ago

      Hello again. sorry I forgot to leave my contact. Reach me at: rswarmergi@aol.com
      Hope to chat soon.

      • Kandi Gurl 8 years ago

        Hi Ragina, just taking a bit of a break to say hi to you. You all the way over there in Georgia. Of course there has been some very romantic songs about Georgia -‘rainly nights in etc… In fact it is pouring down here in Johannesburg right now and has been for two days. I am a 55 year old white person (not that that really means anything and I hate to be categorised). Of course living in Africa it is fantastc especially since this country has changed its horrible racist past (although some still lingers). I have two kids from two different wives (both fantastic kids) and only recently di I realise a buried dream of dressing as a girl. Should have done it when I was young and beautiful but well really better late than never. I am now grappling with several issues about my sexuality. Am attracted to guys that look like girls, straight ordinary beautifual girls (like my beautifual wife) and also it seems to quite straightish men – but very particular about that – it does not come easy. Have not had any physical experiences since I started dressing and look forward to that with the right person. Gee I’m awful chatty here. Must be because I am editing (I do writing, editing and all sorts of media stuff for a living) a rather dry paper on the effects of the internet on marketing architectural services for some academics at our university here. so needed a break from that … so over to you lets get to know each other you sound like a very wise person. Take care

      • Ragina 8 years ago

        Hi again Kandi. Sorry it’s been so long since I last wrote here. It’s been crazy here of late. It actually snowed here last Friday. We got about 5″ I don’t know how that works out in the metric system. It so rarely snows here that it turns into a real event. It didn’t last too long. By late afternoon it was gone. Any way, it was great while it lasted. A good chance to underdress, to stay warm.
        I need to go for now. It’s late, and I need to sleep. Talk again soon.

    • Ragina 8 years ago

      Hello Steve, or may I call you Stephanie. You have picked a wonderful place to be open at. This site is all about supporting all our sisters, wherever you may be in this vast and varried world called transgenderism. Any time you want to chat with me , I am available to listen and share with you or any of our other friends. I have been crossdressing for as long as I can remember, and I love the total person that I’ve become. That’s really the first step in the whole process, Love yourself, no matter where you are on the road to being all that you want to be. Once you are there, the rest is a breeze. Looking foreward to chatting soon, Ragina.

      • Kandi Gurl 8 years ago

        Ragina – you are just lovely, great advice would love to chat more with you too.
        Kandi Gurl

      • Ragina 8 years ago

        Hello luv,
        You say that you are in Johanesburg. I’m in Georgia, USA. I’d love to chat about anything, especially cd. I’ve posted my e-mail for you to use. Please feel free to contact me.

      • Vanessa Law 8 years ago

        Ragina, thanks dear for being so wonderfully supportive!

  4. jose 8 years ago

    i want to know guys who like to dress as girls to show me how to do it i’m a very shy guy but i like to do it my self i want to meet some one to have fun together and some thing else.

  5. Stacy 8 years ago

    I am new here so hello to all. when i dress it is by myself no one has ever known, i feel who i am supose to be when dressed even in the simplest ways i get losed in that time but when my wife comes home i must go back, and it is hard to seem like nothing is wrong but i get though it. would love to talk more. Stacy

    • Kandi Gurl 8 years ago

      Hi would love to chat. Have recently been through an experience with my wife which has been very fulfilling as we now go shopping together. Yesterday she bought me a dress!!!

  6. Kandi Gurl 8 years ago

    Hey girls how do I get my photo next to my comments like some others have?

  7. Joleen 8 years ago

    I enjoy cding too. hope to be able to dress all the way someday

  8. Abby 8 years ago

    I tend to be a little more spunky kind of like Riku from Final Fantasy X. But my only down fall is that I am in the United States Army right now so I really can’t be Abby unless I am in my room or at my local Gay club called Alias. I just found this out and it is also hard because I can’t find a gay guy to call my own because most of them don’t understand why I do this. it is just me, the real me… I just feel like a girl trapped in a guys body and every day I see the girls walking by in their cute outfits with babydoll t-shirts, flare jeans, and miniskirts of all kinds… except the slutty looking ones, I’m conservative but I also try to be a little sexy with it to.

  9. Amanda 8 years ago

    Hello every body first time poster. Just recently came out of the CD closet with wife. She is slowly adjusting but it is still hard for her to face. Just looking for some friendly voices.

    • sus 8 years ago

      hi Amanda love to meet u,,,,,,am from srilanka now in jhb edenvale, love to know about u,,,mail me on sus69xxx@yahoo.com

    • Ragina 8 years ago

      Hello Amanda. I’m Ragina. Welcome aboard and I’m glad to hear of your coming out. Yes, it’s tough for the wife at first. A shock to the system. Be patient and loving and I feel certain that she’ll come around. Also, go slow for a while to give her a chance to adjust to the new you. Don’t go whole hog into dressing up all the time. It might be hard at first, but the rewards will be worth the wait. Good luck and God bless.

      • Amanda 8 years ago

        Hello Regina,

        Thank you, for your kind words of encouragement and support. I appreciate your advice and look foward to talking with you some more. The road has been hard and bumpy but we have muddled through o.k.. I still have some of My own questions to answer as well as hers. But like I said we’ll muddle through hopefully together. Thanks again for your support.

  10. Sarah Kuan 8 years ago

    Rob (my male self ) works with a lot of people, so confidence is a must. Also in my line of work, i have to act agrssive . I never asked my self what kind of woman i am, till i read it here. when i let my female self out… i tend to be more relaxed. not agresive at all. heck! i might even say i get maternal……Darn…..I turned into my mom!……LOL

  11. clive 8 years ago

    I have always wanted to wear black shiny patent size 5-6 shoes.
    My problem is how do I do that with size 12 feet,
    I have found that it is impossible to get into even a size 10 shoe.
    Is there a solution ti this dilemma?

    • azad 7 years ago

      i am crossdresser . please help me

  12. Jess 8 years ago

    Since I was botn, my mom raised me just likemy 2 sisters, made me play with girls, dresss up. I have always felt much more like a woman than a man. I`m a hetero male and my girlfriend doesnt mind at all. Its noy my fault that I was born this way, love becoming a woman yet my girlfriend always comes first.i love her a lot and resppect her.

    • avalana 7 years ago

      i was raised w/4 sisters and we traded clothes all the time! it was and still is fun playing dress up w/them and on my own. have been doing this for 53 yrs now. still fit into sz6 junior jeans though. peace,avalana

    • Anna M Miller 8 years ago

      I am going on 61 years old and have been crossdressing for 57 years My current spouse knew from the beginning I was CDer but since we have been together she really frowns on me crossdressing. She is concerned that her kids and her family will look down on her because I CD. My daughter knows but does not make mention it. Her friends have a pretty good idea what I do.I push the envelope with my wife and she gets real ancey adout it. Even when I am not enfemme I get looks from other guys.Even when I am not dressed as a woman I guess my female personna comes out. My wife is always accusing me of acting like a flamer,(which I do not care for). I am bisexual but ,I have only slept with one man and truly enjoyed it.I would like to be a fulltime lady but,I think I am to old! How I long to be a woman.I would appreciate any advice from all you ladies,I could sure use some encouragement…Anna

      • Norma Dolan 7 years ago

        Depending on their ages you should associate more with your daughter's friends. They are more curious and more understanding. They probably could help you.

  13. Wanda 8 years ago

    Hello everyone, I've been dressing in women's clothes for a long time but I've keeded it completely hidden till just a few years ago I went out in public for the first time and it made me start wanting something more out of my love for dressing like a woman. I've begin to want to be with a guy for sex so I could really feel like I was a woman. Ever since the first time I was out in public dressed up I've gone out a lot more times wishing I'd be seen by some guy that wanted to have sex with me but that hasn't happened yet but it's made me feel wonderful not to have fears of what people think about me now because I just recently made up my mind that I'm ready to come out wearing women's clothes and let people know how much I'd like to be in a sexual relationship with a man and live as a woman all the time.

  14. GASt DYE 7 years ago

    My job requires me to be the MAN. My life growing up in sports I always had to be the MAN. When I slip a dress and some heels on and go out for a drive or a walk I finally feel vulnerable, relaxed, and sexy. My wife loves to help me get dressed and do my make up after I had a full day of HIGH stressed work. She loves that I can be a as ruff and work hard and an hour later be sexy in a dress and like on the weekend we will go out to eat husband and wife and then I will change and go to a drive in movie or a park as girlfriends. I would have to say my female personality a complete 180 from my male. Unfortunately I have to keep my female side hidden from the world except for like 8 others

  15. Sandy Martin 7 years ago

    Sandy here , I live and work in a guys world , but at the end of the day and after a nice shower. Sandy step out of the tub, into the person I truly am all shave and soft.
    At work i have to be a guy , it support my ex and me and let me be free.
    As for guys on the job , Dear iam all guy and never looking at them in a sexual way.
    But get Sandy out in the day or at a club at night,I am in the game for guys . Sandy Martin

  16. Leslee 7 years ago

    When I get dressed up I just feel so sexy inside. I think of myself as a cute yet reserved girl who likes to do all the things girls do.I like to dress very fashionable and I'm not into looking sleezy. My male prsonality is much the same but I feel much more relaxed as a women. If I had my choice I would be female all the time unless I had to work on my car. Its a chore I dont like to do but someone has to do it and I always get so filthy. I just can't think of my femine side with greesy hands and nail polish.

  17. Adrian ( Caroline ) 7 years ago

    Hi, I dress alone too.
    If I had loads of money, ( MILLIONS ) I would move away to where no-one knows me.
    It would be easier to start from scratch, a new area. I would go out dressed as much as I wanted to and I think I would go as far to say, I'd have a sex change.
    I know all my family and friends would disown me, but I would not care, as I am CERTAIN, I want to be a Woman.
    I am 48 and from the UK.
    I just cannot understand why theres so much wrong with wanting to be who you want to be ?

  18. Nicole 7 years ago

    Okay, I have never told anyone about my cross dressing. I have been doing it since I was 5 yrs old. I am married now and have a family. I thought if I got married I would stop thinking about it, I did for awhile but know it's back. I love it, I have been with two different men before I was married, one on many occasion while going to college. I loved dressing up, it makes me feel sexy, and femmine. I love my wife and love being married, but I long to be with a man. I find myself looking at more pics and videos of cross dressing men. I could never cheat on my wife, but there are days where the emotion of the whole hidden life just explodes. I dress in my wifes clothes. What am I? I am so confused? any thoughts would help


  19. Roberta 7 years ago

    Hello, I am a first time poster and I am a closet cross dresser. The first time I cross dressed was when I was very young. I have always enjoyed the feeling of wearing women's feminine silky clothing. I have always loved wearing feminine lingerie. I loved wearing my sister's girdles, her bras and silk panties. I'd get all dressed up in her underwear and then put on my sister's dresses one at a time. I would even wear her high heeled shoes with her different dresses. I would admire my sexy feminine thin body in the mirror while wearing her feminine under wear and outer clothing. I would stuff her bra with TP to make my breasts appear larger underneath a dress or a nice colorful blouse worn with a tight fitting skirt. Of course, that was the beginning for me in my desires to become a full time femme closet crossdresser. I am much older now and I desire to dress as a woman full time! I desire to have a sexual relationship with a man while myself being a woman. I desire to live my life as a woman with an understanding and caring man in a loving sexual relationship.

  20. Jabooska212 7 years ago

    I cross dress in stockings and heels and have a fantastic wank, thats all there is to it, I love standing there in stockings, high heels, basque….I do this in the garden, has to be out doors, exposed although not ultimatley risky, the sensation is intense…
    Im straight as straight can be, my girlfriend doesnt know about it, although funnily enough a few months ago she said she would like to see me in stockings…..its kinda personal though. I have another friend (female) who has actually stated that she wants to fuk me while I wear the stuff so that Im going to do, both of us dressed up in lingerie and heels, jeeez cant wait.

  21. Jabooska212 7 years ago

    I cross dress in stockings and heels and have a fantastic wank, thats all there is to it, I love standing there in stockings, high heels, basque….I do this in the garden, has to be out doors, exposed although not ultimatley risky, the sensation is intense…
    Im straight as straight can be, my girlfriend doesnt know about it, although funnily enough a few months ago she said she would like to see me in stockings…..its kinda personal though. I have another friend (female) who has actually stated that she wants to fuk me while I wear the stuff so that Im going to do, both of us dressed up in lingerie and heels, jeeez cant wait.

  22. Jabooska212 7 years ago

    I cross dress in stockings and heels and have a fantastic wank, thats all there is to it, I love standing there in stockings, high heels, basque….I do this in the garden, has to be out doors, exposed although not ultimatley risky, the sensation is intense…
    Im straight as straight can be, my girlfriend doesnt know about it, although funnily enough a few months ago she said she would like to see me in stockings…..its kinda personal though. I have another friend (female) who has actually stated that she wants to fuk me while I wear the stuff so that Im going to do, both of us dressed up in lingerie and heels, jeeez cant wait.

  23. seha 7 years ago

    same with me also

    • Vanessa Law 7 years ago

      Thanks hon – welcome to Crossdresser Heaven! *hugs*

  24. Tailsing 7 years ago

    I think it’s why men crossdress . And call it a crime. It’s why women can dress up in any clothes she wants and get away with it. What I mean is go to any major city or college. Look around for several hours checkout . What men and women wear, I’m guesting this part that half the women wear male style clothes. But if a male dresses in a nice skirt, top and nylons and heels or flats and he looks okay in the outfit. How many will say what is wrong with him or something like it?

  25. Daywalker1966 7 years ago

    For me myu alternatie personality has long black hair, nice legs and a very pleasant personality.  She is pretty and liked, and she is things I cannot be a s  a guy.  I can dress her and make her be what I want her to be.  She is an escape from me, from the norm, and from a life of problems.  I dont have to worry about her having issues with things I like or do.  I like her better than me, she is a breath of fresh air.  She is just plain fun to be,.

  26. Alttlbiazz 6 years ago

    I started early with putting on my sisters clothes and underwear. Although I am bisexual I enjoy releasing the girl in me when with a man. I have yet to wear make up or wig but I can see that happening one day.

    • Vanessa Law 6 years ago

      Go at your own pace dear, and do what’s comfortable and right for you 🙂

  27. stevie 6 years ago

    looking for a g g in okc area that would like to meet an artest type crossdresser !

  28. Diana 6 years ago

    Would love for someone to get togeather and dress up with in San antonio Tx

    • Nancy 5 years ago


      Would like to meet sometime. Would like to dress up and go out also. Live on NW side.

    • Delores 6 years ago

      Hi Diana,
      I am a crossdresser from San Antonio. Maybe if we start some form of communication we could eventually meet and crossdresser together .

      Love to hear from you.

      Hugs n kisses,

  29. ginger morgan 6 years ago

    looking for help on my first date as a crossdresser with a man ginger

    • Antome 6 years ago

      Then there is a bladerunning balance between the respect you owe to the man you date and your need to pass as woman. Does him know? And what are your intention with him, are you only interested in girls, boys or both?

  30. avalana 6 years ago

    hi i’ve been dressing as a girl since i was 3yrs old i also had boy clothes,which i was told to wear at times,however,the older i got ,the more i prefered the girl clothes..they were (are) way more comfortable ,at least to me! i’ve worn nothing but panties for 30+ yrs,all my jeans are misses sz 5/6,and it be a rare day when i’m not wearing a bra w/forms…90+days now,and nobody has noticed…sweet…i can only hope that white america will become more relaxed in their ideas and their notions as to “whats correct”or “whats right”to wear. i myself am starting to get weary of the stigma of wearing nought but girl clothes,they fit me better,and feel WAY better than “boy clothes” although that does bring to mind an article in tapestry called “over bra and panties,what” when you consider what gg’s wear, over their bras and panties,it would seem that all is fair game,if you are wearing a bra and panties(and they need not match,mine don’t at the moment) it doesn’t seem to matter what you’re wearing,as along as it fits and feels good..please enjoy your whimsey’s and keep your faith…peace,avalana

  31. Tammy 6 years ago

    I dress to satisfy how I feel. I don’t care what anyone elce thinks I know i feel good. They have there own hang up . They are more tense then we are. I don’t try to chase anyone I just want to be myself and share my life stile with my lovely wife that knows me and loves me for who I am. I just wish every one had the chance to do something thay always wanted to do and enjoy it like we do.
    clothes are clothes mens wemons or what ever. They are made to be wore. So I’m waring my clothes my way and it makes me happy. When I bye my clothes nothing is said about what I bye. When my wife bye mens clothes nothing is said to her eather so who cares what we ware as long as we are decent .

  32. Judith 6 years ago

    I dress like a man b/c that’s what society demands of my physical body type. I cross dress when I can because that is what my personality prefers. But I don’t want to abandon the man. I enjoy who I am … All of who I Am.

  33. pri 5 years ago

    hi ladies. my name is bianca I’m from south africa, I’m of indian decent. very new to this but I’m absolutely in love with it… whatsapp me 😉 zero,seven,two,eight,seven,eight,nine,three,five,three;) I’m very very naughty so don’t be shy mwa

  34. Darlylikeblack01 4 years ago

    I was born and raised in an abusive home and was the outcast in school. Most of my life is painful memories. When I slid on the black dress I could not get enough of turning her loose and erasing me. It has nothing to do with sex, I don’t get turned on seeing myself as her, I simply enjoy the clothing and jewelry she can wear, the night clothes and the nylons. When I am alone I can turn her loose, take walks, and even play my music. I like her much better. I wish I could just toss him and let her live the rest of my time.

  35. Darlene 4 years ago

    Actually Darlene is mellow and laid back. She loves Gothic stuff and jewelry. She also likes late night walks.

  36. JoJo 2 years ago

    I, too, lived in an abusive home. My mother beat me over the head with the first thing she could find.My father was impossible to please, nothing I did was ever right, but my brothers could do no wrong. My whole life I had trouble expressing my emotions because I never felt emotions. Countless concussions have affected the way I express myself . I was an angry man that didn’t know how to control it.After coming out to my lo wife several weeks ago changed that. Since dressing almost full time around the house, I have become a kinder, more understanding, gentler man(or woman). I can finally enjoy what emotions are supposed to feel like. It’s been such a revelation that I break down and cry when I feel emotions. For a rough and gruff 61 year old former factory worker that had anger issues , this has been a very confusing time. I believe that by letting JoJo out, I’ve found my feminine side and I’m loving every minute of it. I find that I need hugs and kisses often throughout the day. I wish I would have had the nerve to come out to my wife years ago. I feel like I’ve missed so much of life’s enjoyment, not to mention ruining much of my wife’s enjoyment. I apologize for the long post. Too many emotions to write about that are clouding my head and heart. Thank you for allowing me to rant, Love you girls, JoJo ( finally feeling the dream) ….

  37. Allie 2 years ago

    I honestly become very slutty and outgoing

  38. nichol 2 years ago

    my life was very much like darlylikeblack01 but the few times I did get found out I was ridiculed shamed and slapped by my own mother . so I have been to guarded to do it for awhile .

  39. Simone 2 years ago

    I am a completely different person when I dress. I am so much more outgoing, friendly, kind, gracious, spontaneous, adventurous and surprisingly confident. I feel so comfortable and positive being a woman. I have never been so happy. When I am in my male persona I am critical, mean-spirited, painfully shy, anxiety-ridden, miserable, routine-bound, sluggish and negative. When I’m a woman I believe I can do anything, when I’m male I am too busy criticizing, and devising why I can’t do anything to actually do it. I never want to go back to that me.

  40. debbie 1 year ago

    My persona as debbie is much more confident and outgoing. I am much more chatty and silly but love who I am inside. I also find myself crying during romantic movies which I would never had done as a male. My fem side is so much happier too. I just wish I could find a man who would accept me like this 24/7 to feel totally complete

    • Jenny1323 1 year ago

      Oh I agree I am so much happier and out going in fem then I am as a boy. I wish I could be Jenny 24 7.

  41. darleen evosevich 1 year ago

    hi girls im darleen im 53 i have prolem i can only dress whenno oneshome.i wish ihad an under standing partner.

  42. I change quite significantly as Samantha. I am definitely more relaxed and probably passive rather than assertive. Once quite significant change is I feel so horny as Samantha. Its almost as though I slip into Girls wanna have fun. I realise that no ones life is all sunshine and a girl needs her quiet moments, its just my Samantha highs are girly sexy lively highs.

    I love it :~)

    I wish I could go en femme 24/7 , I’m sure the world would see a nicer person and someone would get a great lover x

  43. Steffani 1 year ago

    Steffani is the same way. She’s a diva and I’m shy and reserved in male mode.

  44. Michelle 1 year ago

    I’m submissive when I crossdress. I keep my legs smooth shaven, and would love for my wife to encourage, even order me to wear sheer nylons on a regular basis. I would also enjoy my wife teasing me about my crossdressing , maybe calling me her feminine “bitch husband”. I’ve always had the fantasy of my wife with that dominant nature, among other fantasies she’d never be open minded enough to accept in our marriage. Maybe too little; too late!

  45. Donna March 1 year ago

    Donna is a party girl, I wear classy outfits and heels. I stand out being tall to start with but i love this life. The only time i wear non feminine clothes is on the job. I always look forward to off time and will always do so. I don’t drink but do know how to have fun.

  46. Sarah Daniels 1 year ago

    Sarah is chatty. Well she would be. I find in my normal male life I am more chatty than I ever was. Im always asking people how they are doing and talking to cashiers etc. Sometimes I find I am talking for quite a while. Sot into a dress shop to pick up some stuff Id ordered and got chatting. before I know it the 3 shop staff were there talking to me about the stuff Id got for my wife. Not sure if they sussed me out then but one of them certainly looks at me differently. lol

  47. janine 9 months ago

    I am janine, when i am dressed i become the sexiest slut i have ever seen. My big booty is my best asset and it jiggles when i walk. I always feel hot and i love it

  48. Lisbeth Lacy 9 months ago

    when I dress up as Denise I feel so good about myself especially if my make up looks good and dress fits like it should. I see myself as a femme fatele. I prefer to dress 1950’s style when women wore tight dresses, stockings & garter belts…etc.

  49. Janine Milburn 9 months ago

    When i am Janine, I feel so hot and sexy. I always get shocked when i see my big curvy ass. I become a hot bitch

  50. Rozz 9 months ago

    As Rozz, and as yet I have not been able to come out, I still find myself to be a tame, reserved person as opposed to my normal persona. At the present I want to come out but I do not have the support and am afraid that I will lose the people I love and care for If I do. therefore I keep Rozz locked away until I am sure I have a lot of alone time. then I enjoy being fully fem and free.

    • I really hurt for you Rozz. The only other Rozz I know is played on the Frasier Show(Peri Gilphin). I just love her personality. Yes, it seems “only people can make you cry”. Hopefully time will help those near and dear to be more accepting. My people do not know and never will….thankfully most of them are far away or gone now. My ex didn’t like it….and that is one of the reasons she is my ex. If you wish to talk or borrow a sympathetic ear…..contact me. Lady Veronica Graunwolf.

  51. Pippi Long 8 months ago

    yes , i am totally the opposite of my male side .When i get dressed up i become Pippi ! She is more free spirited and a little more on the daring side ! And yes i do know the feeling of trying to be perfect , trying to keep it all a secret but not really caring if found out lol seems silly if you think about it .

  52. Interesting article Vanessa! Thank you for bringing it up. I have been studying psychology for a while….in particular….female psychology. I want to know what makes females the way they are and what avenues led them down the path. Men and women are physically quite similar. Change a couple of body parts, add some hormones and voila you have an opposite, at least in the physical end of things. Mentally…..not so easy! I hope to gain enough insight to be able to become a successful cross dresser. I want to walk the walk and talk the talk as it were. I have met a couple of dual personalities while on the psyche ward (for unrelated issues…..PTSD) and it was a very worthwhile meeting and I was lucky to meet both sides of the coin. They presented a skill in the nuances that we struggle to perfect. This is what I want to find out. Physically, I can convert to female no problem…..there is a need to perfect make-up (still working on it) and more importantly, how I re-act/respond to issues that “push my buttons”. That undoes all my efforts at feminization…the male persona comes out to respond. This needs a lot of work! As I come across things that might be helpful to all us girls…I will post same. Also, if fellow or fellowesses have any helpful hints….they would be most appreciated. It might be a bit for me to reply as I seem to have a proclivity towards dumping my coke onto my key board! That is why I use a desk-top with separate keyboard…..afraid to really damage my lap-top! Lady Veronica Graunwolf.

  53. Davia Deaton 8 months ago

    I live in a small southern town and crossdressers are not tolerated what do I do

    • Davia Deaton 8 months ago

      You said you only wanted to do this when your high!!!…so what’s really going on caus I wanted the husband I married and I’m in love with

  54. Louisa Jones 8 months ago

    When I’m Louisa I am much more relaxed and content. I also feel slutty,When I am dressed in male clothes I conform to what’s expected of me.

  55. Lisbeth Lacy 8 months ago

    When I am Lisbeth I feel like perky idealistic southern girl. Lisbeth is a feminist liberal. She dislikes men for the most part. But Lisbeth likes to look attractive but not slutty. She feels that a woman can be attractive and modest She enjoys wearing tight fitting skirts and dresses that either knee length or below the knees. She prefers pencil skirts because she loves to show off her slender feminine figure

  56. Leonara 8 months ago

    What a thought provoking topic.. In male mode , I am always looking for “how am I doing”? As Leonara , she is shy and the woman within seems so natural but still lonely. Although this may seem vain, My pending makeover will show how the woman within is as pretty in public… The ladies here are so supportive and I thank you….Leonara

  57. Julie 5 months ago

    That is such a good question, How do we feel when Dressed, Actually I am fairly confident either way, As Julie, damn do I look hot. So many guys and girls tell me I am the hottest girl in the club. I am very confident as Julie because I know I have it going on. When I first started I kind of dreamed that I could walk down the beach all dolled up and would get catcalls. Well I have no achieved that on the beach but going out to clubs, WOW do the guys compliment me. With the ladies they are usually jealous of my legs, say they wish they had legs like mine, even hot sexy girls have said that, and I dance with most of them, they love it. So with all these compliments, I am beaming with Confidence as Julie. I am also extremely excited and feel super sexy. with all the confidence I still feel a little shy, like to play hard to get and a little bit mysterious. Two guys are crazy in love with me, one I like the other not. The one I like just cannot change his life so I understand but I can see his heart aches. Pretty Woman have control in this world, I love a beautiful woman. I love to go in a store like CVS or Walgreens and buy makeup, it makes me feel so lady like, I love it, same going to Macy’s to shop as Julie.

    As a guy I have confidence also but I have so much more fun as Julie. As a guy I dance with a lot of Girls and they love to dance with me but as Julie I get in on the girls world, which is cool. I am Privy to all that little private girly talk. I now know some ladies rooms are downright nasty!!! Thought guys were bad, think again.

    Cross dressing may be the most amazing thing I have ever done, to come home on a Friday night, get all smooth and choose you skirt and heels, put on your makeup, go out and meet the girls and boys and dance all night, it makes me feel so satisfied that I have pulled it off. My Advice show guts walk right into the club and meet people, vanilla people, it is amazing and 75% accept and love you and the other 25% can take a hike, just act like a woman, mannerism;s don’t stuff your facelike a pig, be a lady and not a slut……Oh By the way the long brown hair and DD boobs are very coveted by the guys…….The hot sexy legs and pretty clothes and heels are loved by Woman . Love Cross dressing, Kisses to all Julie

  58. Joseph Michael Badillo 4 months ago

    As a red head Julie I want to discover my feminity as a woman and have fun as a woman I like being a guy.

  59. kaitlyn moore 4 months ago

    whenever i get to put a pretty dress bra panties hose and heels i start to feel happier and after i domy hair and makeup i totally forget im a man i dont have the weight of the world on my shoulders.being dressed up just makes me feel better

  60. Leslies Ann Gray Girl 4 months ago

    Hi everyone, i’am like Michele , very submissive when dressed up. I have a boy- friend i would love to come out to , hes said he supports the gay and trans people and won’t put up with anyone downing anyone for this .When dressed up i have this feeling of wanting to be soft and girly.I would love to have someone to love and , yes obey , i love this feeling , i love being Leslie.

  61. Kristy Bucklyn 3 months ago

    What an interesting question. Since I’m “new” to the whole “going out while dressed” thing, it’s hard for me to gauge but so far I think I’m more empathetic than what my guy self would normally be. I think someone in the thread already came up with the best label so I’m going to borrow it – “perky idealistic Southern girl.” Two instances – first, I was out dressed one evening in our city at a local music festival and on the way to the boulevard from the parking lot I spotted this family – dad, 4 or 5 kids and a bedraggled mom trying to keep them all in line. Anyway, I was sort of “cornered” at that point and we traded glances. I smiled at her and she smiled back and it was the best feeling (dad didn’t even notice me or seem to care. The second was more recently in another city again in the evening. I was walking downtown in my usual fare when I came across a homeless man in a doorway. Mind you, this was a really nice, well-lit part of town where I felt reasonably safe and this poor man so down on his luck asked for help. In my city we have a lot of panhandlers at stop lights and (for better or worse) people don’t pay them much mind. But that night Kristy was going to at least try to help someone. I reached into my purse and pulled out a couple bucks. “Here you go my friend, I hope things get better,” I said. “Thank you darlin'” he answered, and I went on my way strolling down the street. Each time I was in my usual outfit – dark top, a pretty skirt, tights and heels – feeling confident, idealistic and empathetic in a way I might not have been had I not been en femme at that moment. Maybe I felt we were all “in the same boat” – vulnerable to life’s situations. But what an amazing phenomenon how our outward appearance can influence our inward decisions and our actions.

    • Janine 2 months ago

      Hi Kristy
      I loved your story and it made me think about if I am a different person when I’m dressed en.femme and I can honestly say that I am
      I’m more concerned about other people and their needs.
      Although I have never given money to homeless people I look for people who might need a kind word or a smile to brighten their day
      One thing that I did was I was walking out of a ladies room and saw a girl trying to get a tampon out of the tampon dispenser. She was really stressed and the dispenser was obviously out of order or empty. I reached in my purse and took a tampon out of it then walked over to where she was standing and whispered

      Here. This is what you probably need. She smiled at me and said Thank you. I’m so embarrassed that I didn’t have any tampons with me.
      I felt so good about myself that I helped a girl who was in need.
      That little episode of kindness is like what you are taking about
      Keep on doing the little things that you have already done and I will to
      Hugs to you

    • Rochelle 3 months ago
    • Rochelle 3 months ago

      That is such a heart warming story. Thank you for sharing.

  62. Maria Troup 3 months ago

    I crossdress 95% of the time inside outside out in public I no it’s risky but inside me it makes me feel like a real women

  63. Harriet Bigender 2 months ago

    My personality definitely changes when I dress as Harriet. My male side, Les, is more dominate (not the kinky dominate, get your mind out of the gutter.) I’m more passive. Les is more of an extrovert and outspoken than I am. I handle stress better than Les does. Many of my likes & dislikes change also. My wife likes horror movies and Les refuses to watch them because he scares easily and hates them, but I will watch a horror movie with my wife and they don’t bother me.

  64. Rea Snow 2 weeks ago

    I have been dressing on and off for 60 years, Now almost every day. Dressed with a few girls, other gurls and dressed up for a few men too. Always the submissive girl once I slip into my nylons, heels and makeup. Like so many others, turn into sluts in a skirt.

  65. shane 3 years ago

    Hi I am 26 year old guy frm dbn fairly new 2 crossdressing would like 2 meet other crossdressers plz watsapp me 0740253955

  66. Sonis sue 4 years ago

    home and hello i am from richards bay and i m a cd.Only dress at home but would love to meet other cd’s from the rbay area…would love to hear from u…whats app…0834479604 or sms will do…..mwazzz

  67. sweets 6 years ago

    hi there .. im a cd from durban … would love to talk

  68. Kandi Gurl 8 years ago

    Hi Danielle, I guess it is very hot there in Richards Bay and you have the appropriate clothing. Aren’t summer clothes great. I am very new to this an have a limited supply of good womens wear. But will be rapidly expanding my wardrobe as I am so excited about finally breaking out of a life long straight jacket that I just want to dress up all the time. Today I am in my male clothes but Kandi, like you is underneath my Levis with a very beuatiful black thong pantie with detailing on it that fits snugly – yummy. Take care – – Kandy

  69. Vanessa Law 8 years ago

    Hey Danielle, I just got a comment from Sarah who is in Johannesburg (see the post Where do I find Crossdressing Support)>.

  70. Sarah 8 years ago

    Hi, I am a CD in JHB would love to chat. shiplake@hotmail.co.uk

  71. Kentridge 5 years ago

    Hi I’m from Jhb as well, would love to keep in touch. Email KentridgeWillyman@gmail.com

  72. Sarah 8 years ago

    Hi Kandi,
    Thanks for the prompt message. I am a white guy 49 and I live in Fourways. I have had this urge to dress for many years and recently it became quite a regular regime for me to dress every day. I had a break from it and gave all my clothes and sexy shoes away but the lure of dressing is becoming strong again. I would love your comments on some of my pics and would love to spend some time dressing in company, posing etc. Please feel free to email me on shiplake@hotmail.co.uk. Good luck with the dress!!!

  73. Sarah 8 years ago

    Hi Kandi Gurl.
    I am in JHB too!!!
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  74. Sharita 5 years ago

    Hi Lucy, I am CD, also from good ‘ole Durbs and wud luv to chat


  75. SHARITA 5 years ago

    Hi I have been a lifelong crossdresser and live in central Durbs. Would love to dress completely as a woman and go some place and be happy. Wear panties every day, just hate those ugly uncomfortable underpants. Love to wear bras everyday and sleep in a nighty. Would love to share experiences.

  76. lucy 5 years ago

    hi there, im a cd from durban and would like to meet others like me, if interested bbm 2869f7dc or mail lucyd1974@gmail.com

  77. Vanessa Law 6 years ago

    Hey Sweetie,
    I know it can be a hard road, but I would definitely encourage you to live your life true to yourself. Take it slowly, carefully and with good planning. Show love and understanding to others, and let your inner spirit floursih.

  78. Debi34cd 6 years ago

    hi hun  im the same as u i love to dress and given the chance would start out again as a woman.dont worry about what others think.
    just be yourself and enjoy what we do its part of us and i bet u look wondaful dressed hun.

  79. seha 7 years ago

    I like your comments and feelings as me

  80. seha 7 years ago

    A agree , i also feeling same

  81. danielle 8 years ago

    thank you sweety..0832063349

  82. Kandi Gurl 8 years ago

    Hi, Kandi Gurl loves to dress up. I live in Joburg. Would love to chat more and maybe meet and hang out and dress up and chat and maybe more. Kandi Gurl is a bit horny but can also be a good friend.

  83. danielle 8 years ago

    i will thank you kind lady.

  84. danielle 8 years ago

    hi girl..thanx..know the feeling….isnt it nice to tell someone openly that you wear panties and dresses.

  85. Kandi Gurl 8 years ago

    Hi sus, I did reply to you on the direct email, hope you got it. Only noticed this other one when i checked out where you got my email from. As I said in the other email I do like meeitng new people and you do sound interesting. But I need to know more about you. Kandi is not a slut or a hooker or a call girl but a very respectable girl looking for some fun with a nice guy. I am sure you are a nice guy but you need to tell me more about yourself and what you are doing in Joburg etc and what you would like to do with Kandi. About the 7″ hot tool this does sound interesting but you should know that to most girls its not the size that counts but what you can do with it!!! Having said that I am very glad you contacted me, but just remember Kandi will need to see a pic of you and to know more about you and meet and chat a bit and get to know you before any 7″ tools are brought out of their pants. Did send you a photo of me earlier in the other email. Take Care. sorry if I sound a bit strict but its worth it believe me!!

  86. Kandi Gurl 8 years ago

    Hi Sarah, lovely to hear from you so soon! I am a 55 year old white male (when I am not dressed up!) I suppose. Have recently fulfilled my life long suppressed fantasy of dressing up as a woman. It is just sooooo cool I love it!!! I feel liberated, confident, excited and have never had so much fun in all my life in the last few days (yes its that new but there were always suppressed signs – la la la life story – blah blah blah). Along wiht the absolute fun side of it which is awesome and so wondeful also comes wanting to share this with like minded and dressed people and if we become friends do dress ups and shopping and stuff that would be great. Also really look forward to having some sexual adventures with my new persona. Kandi Gurl is a bit horny too (ooh you are awful) but there are so many aspects to this new found level of being that that is not what it is all about! Lets chat more and exchange pics or whatever!! I live in Fairlands in Joburg. Please tell me more about yourself. I just have to rush out to a business meeting now (I am a media consultant). BUT – on the way I am going to exchange a new beautiful dress which is a tad too small – looks good but cant get the zipper all the way up!!! Not that I’m enormous or something its a size 10 – need a twelve – it is gorgeous and blue – amazing fabric – hope they have a bigger size but can always exchange it for something else. Take care now. – Kandi Gurl

  87. danielle 8 years ago

    hi all.im from Richards bay,South Africa….im a born crossdresser,who only ever wear panties,and crossdress fully when im alone….id like to know if there s any others in my area

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