What is your crossdressing personality?

Last night my wife and I were watching the episode of Boston Legal where Clarence – the otherwise shy unassuming lawyer who enjoys crossdressing in his spare time – enters a singing competition as his alter ego Clarice. We watched the dramatic transformation – his feminine persona shone radiantly with confidence when she set foot on stage. Singing, dancing and shaking her booty with freewheeling abandon. As if crossdressing psychology had dazzled her mind and switched her personality.

After the show my wife asked me a question which got me thinking about my crossdressing personality. Am I more confident and outgoing when dressed as Vanessa? Does my personality change in ways not easily explained by being more feminine?

What Is My Crossdressing Personality?

When I put on my makeup, heels and hose I become more feminine, more outgoing, more confident, more excitable, less contemplative, less uncertain and more open to being vulnerable. When I’m in male mode I’m constantly worried about what people will think of me. I try to be perfect, to not offend anyone, I shape who I am to fit into the person I believe others want me to be.  When the transvestite inside of me comes out I realize that I’ve probably already offended some people. I don’t mold myself to their expectations, but find myself free to be who I am inside.

It’s a strange balance. I find myself less interested in what others think about me and more interested in them. Even a light dusting of makeup and a feminine mindset will find me chatting with cashiers in the checkout line, willing to share a piece of my day and eager to hear a bit more about theirs.

In truth I like who I am when I’m crossdressed. I think that if there was socially acceptable cross dressing more people would feel comfortable expressing a different side of themselves. We may even find that crossdressing psychology is sometimes the best kind of psychology.

What Is Your Crossdressing Personality?

Does your experience mirror mine? Think about what it’s like when you’re the woman of your dreams. Who do you become when you’re dressed?

P.S. When you’re crossdressed be fabulous on the inside and the outside! Learn how to dress and act like a woman!

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10 years ago

I have always wanted to wear black shiny patent size 5-6 shoes.
My problem is how do I do that with size 12 feet,
I have found that it is impossible to get into even a size 10 shoe.
Is there a solution ti this dilemma?

9 years ago
Reply to  clive

i am crossdresser . please help me

10 years ago

Since I was botn, my mom raised me just likemy 2 sisters, made me play with girls, dresss up. I have always felt much more like a woman than a man. I`m a hetero male and my girlfriend doesnt mind at all. Its noy my fault that I was born this way, love becoming a woman yet my girlfriend always comes first.i love her a lot and resppect her.

Anna M Miller
10 years ago
Reply to  Jess

I am going on 61 years old and have been crossdressing for 57 years My current spouse knew from the beginning I was CDer but since we have been together she really frowns on me crossdressing. She is concerned that her kids and her family will look down on her because I CD. My daughter knows but does not make mention it. Her friends have a pretty good idea what I do.I push the envelope with my wife and she gets real ancey adout it. Even when I am not enfemme I get looks from other guys.Even when I am… Read more »

Norma Dolan
9 years ago
Reply to  Anna M Miller

Depending on their ages you should associate more with your daughter's friends. They are more curious and more understanding. They probably could help you.

9 years ago
Reply to  Jess

i was raised w/4 sisters and we traded clothes all the time! it was and still is fun playing dress up w/them and on my own. have been doing this for 53 yrs now. still fit into sz6 junior jeans though. peace,avalana

10 years ago

Hello everyone, I've been dressing in women's clothes for a long time but I've keeded it completely hidden till just a few years ago I went out in public for the first time and it made me start wanting something more out of my love for dressing like a woman. I've begin to want to be with a guy for sex so I could really feel like I was a woman. Ever since the first time I was out in public dressed up I've gone out a lot more times wishing I'd be seen by some guy that wanted to… Read more »

10 years ago

My job requires me to be the MAN. My life growing up in sports I always had to be the MAN. When I slip a dress and some heels on and go out for a drive or a walk I finally feel vulnerable, relaxed, and sexy. My wife loves to help me get dressed and do my make up after I had a full day of HIGH stressed work. She loves that I can be a as ruff and work hard and an hour later be sexy in a dress and like on the weekend we will go out to… Read more »

Sandy Martin
10 years ago

Sandy here , I live and work in a guys world , but at the end of the day and after a nice shower. Sandy step out of the tub, into the person I truly am all shave and soft. At work i have to be a guy , it support my ex and me and let me be free. As for guys on the job , Dear iam all guy and never looking at them in a sexual way. But get Sandy out in the day or at a club at night,I am in the game for guys .… Read more »

9 years ago

When I get dressed up I just feel so sexy inside. I think of myself as a cute yet reserved girl who likes to do all the things girls do.I like to dress very fashionable and I'm not into looking sleezy. My male prsonality is much the same but I feel much more relaxed as a women. If I had my choice I would be female all the time unless I had to work on my car. Its a chore I dont like to do but someone has to do it and I always get so filthy. I just can't… Read more »

Adrian ( Caroline )
9 years ago

Hi, I dress alone too. If I had loads of money, ( MILLIONS ) I would move away to where no-one knows me. It would be easier to start from scratch, a new area. I would go out dressed as much as I wanted to and I think I would go as far to say, I'd have a sex change. I know all my family and friends would disown me, but I would not care, as I am CERTAIN, I want to be a Woman. I am 48 and from the UK. I just cannot understand why theres so much… Read more »

9 years ago

Okay, I have never told anyone about my cross dressing. I have been doing it since I was 5 yrs old. I am married now and have a family. I thought if I got married I would stop thinking about it, I did for awhile but know it's back. I love it, I have been with two different men before I was married, one on many occasion while going to college. I loved dressing up, it makes me feel sexy, and femmine. I love my wife and love being married, but I long to be with a man. I find… Read more »

9 years ago

Hello, I am a first time poster and I am a closet cross dresser. The first time I cross dressed was when I was very young. I have always enjoyed the feeling of wearing women's feminine silky clothing. I have always loved wearing feminine lingerie. I loved wearing my sister's girdles, her bras and silk panties. I'd get all dressed up in her underwear and then put on my sister's dresses one at a time. I would even wear her high heeled shoes with her different dresses. I would admire my sexy feminine thin body in the mirror while wearing… Read more »

9 years ago

I cross dress in stockings and heels and have a fantastic wank, thats all there is to it, I love standing there in stockings, high heels, basque….I do this in the garden, has to be out doors, exposed although not ultimatley risky, the sensation is intense… Im straight as straight can be, my girlfriend doesnt know about it, although funnily enough a few months ago she said she would like to see me in stockings…..its kinda personal though. I have another friend (female) who has actually stated that she wants to fuk me while I wear the stuff so that… Read more »

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