Here it is girls, the bounce back strategies that have saved many a life, expanded a few more and even started some, where none were visible before.

Just glancing through the archives of a few of the articles here can illuminate your life experience in ways you may not even imagine as possible for you right now. I can say that because it has been my experience again and again.

When life throws a curveball, as our own amazing Cynthia writes, it is a time for new measures, tactics, and strategies. We cannot expect different results if we continue to think, say and do the same things we are engaged in, some quite habitually.

There is only one truly constant factor that I am aware of and that is change. Even in the state of decay after death, change continues. Change is the one thing we can count on to always be consistent, being in a continual process.

We are a part of everything and once aware of this truth, it changes the way we experience everything. When I believed that ‘life’ was happening to me, not through or by me, I suffered tremendously. Pretty much consistently, lasting for decades. Oh, there were highlights of fun parties and cool experiences, but the consistent theme was suffering. I felt alone and lonely, confused and tired all the time.

En Femme Style

Life would throw me a curve ball back in the day and I would feel angry, hurt and upset, as a result I would blame. It was ‘life’ doing this to me, giving me a sense of being powerless; I was not powerless, but I believed I was, and so I was.

Once I stopped using the ‘Blame thrower’ and began accepting responsibility for my life, things began to change in a much more fun way than I had experienced prior to this decision.

If I wanted to experience life, feeling free and content in my skin and genuinely happy to be on the planet, I had some work to do!! I had a few beliefs that were working against my authentic self-expression, changing the use of blame as a reaction was completely up to me.

I began my conscious adventure to truth by using one simple exercise that has served me so well that it’s kind of creepy, but a good creepy and more like magical.

I stand in front of the mirror and talk, listen intently and deliberate with Char. Not as Char, but rather as the one behind the eyes of Char. The conversations have been enlightening, expanding and quite magical at times.

The way I experience life today is so vastly different than even just a few years ago. I have fewer challenges and without suffering, for that I am incredibly grateful.

What is amazing, is that life no longer throws things at me in the same way. Challenges continue to appear, but in a much more gentile way.

This week, touch the Reset button with a decision made to stop suffering. Step up to the mirror and ask the sweet soul there a few questions: what do you need? What do you genuinely want? What would you do if you could do anything?

Then listen! Rinse and repeat the exercise.

Imagine there are no limits in creating, because the truth is, the only limits there are, are the natural laws of nature and the limits we create ourselves, by believing that we are separate from source and finite as a being.

Convincing your mind to accept the new radical idea becomes easier as you connect with your character in the mirror, once the connection is made your paradigm will shift in magical ways.

Thank you for reading Your Weekly Reset and girlfriend, thank you for being exactly who you are!




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Dropping out of high school I began touring in the Canadian country music scene at age 17; clubs and soft seat venues, drummer/vocalist for 22 years. After 4 suicide attempts and heavy cocaine etc addiction issues, i decided to learn Self-Acceptance as apposed to self-hatred. I became a student of the Universe and an Instructor of Life Skills at a local College while operating a Private Coaching Practice. Currently, I am rebuilding the Life Coaching practice after a couple years of more personal work well under way. I am also creating online opportunities that will serve our world community…and our world in understanding how the learned life skills of Intentionally and Consciously Creating an Amazing Life have filled my life with Passion, Purpose and Prosperity and they can for you as well... Namaste'

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Active Member
4 years ago

Char, thanks for the reset. The mirror exercise is eyeopening. I do believe that we are creators. We create our suffering and our joy. To be successful would to be able to just “BE". To live in each moment. For me I am discovering joy in being me, Jaiymelynne, moreso than ever before. It’s like if I don’t spend time each day seeing her (myself) in the mirror, I am lost/angry/not at peace. There is so much I want to create, so many distractions. Deciding on what is most important is my challenge, there are so many obligations, that focusing… Read more »

skippy1965 Cynthia
Trusted Member
4 years ago

Pshaw Char-I’m not amazing -just a regular person. The curveball is an interesting analogy. When you’re standing in the batters box of life With two strikes and get thrown a curve ball, you have two options. First you can leave the bat on your shoulder. You probably won’t get injured doing that but you’re also not likely advancing around life’s bases. OR you can “swing away” at the pitch. If you do THAT then you will either connect and drive your life forward or (as Teddy Roosevelt said and I paraphrased in one of my writings) you may still fail… Read more »

David Sanchez
4 years ago

Im proud to say im a woman I love to be in pantyhose and bra And lipstick heels it so exciting i always want to meet someone when im dressef at the hotel and wishing someone will notice me

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