Hello girls! Firstly, I have to thank CDH for publishing my previous article, and of course the members who have taken the time and trouble to read it.

Now this article is about me; the 16 year old femme me, the girl called Fiona Moss.

After telling my wife about my cross dressing, I had to tell her more about me – Fiona – because after all, cross dressing is not just about wearing pretty clothes and doing make up; its also about you as a femme person. My wife was very unsure about me becoming a 16 year old girl; we had no daughters, and quite frankly had little or no experience with girls. It was hard to be Fiona with my wife being so unsure about the situation. Initially she was unwilling and uncooperative, but thankfully she is currently accepting, and things are slowly moving forward.

Ultimately, telling my wife has opened up a whole new world for me. I can now cross dress without fear of getting caught in the bedroom. I have begun experimenting with make up. I can now freely buy clothes I like, even occasionally accompanied by my wife. Strangely enough, my wife has even bought me little presents along the way, such as make up, skirts, and even a ‘little miss princess’ mug.

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So you ask, Fiona – how did she come into being? Its complicated. If I could put it simply I would say, I was born female, and I have a very young mind and outlook.

Fiona is 16. Fi or Fee for short. She is at her final year at school, her outlook on life is to have fun and a laugh; she loves a good time and is very outgoing. She can be a little outspoken at times, but her heart is in the right place and she values her friendships very much. Being 16, she is very hormonal. Quiet one minute and downright stubborn the next! Always in trouble at school for wearing skirts that are too short! But she is clever. She wears them at knee height at home and she pulls her skirt up to her waist to shorten it at school. Clever little devil isn’t she? Fiona needs a firm hand, or she will literally run amok. When in the presence of adults, Fiona is usually quiet but then will try to push the boundaries to see how much she can get away with. Typical teenager with attitude!

Now you have an insight into Fiona’s psyche, but what does she like? Well for one – clothes, clothes, and more clothes! Age appropriate of course. Short, pretty skirts, lovely embroidered tights, patterned panties in pink, white or yellow, denim shorts, pretty nightwear and jumpers. She also has a full school uniform too. Fiona is blonde with blue eyes; she takes meticulous care of her hair and always smells lovely. Fiona still has not mastered the art of make up yet, but she is trying her very best.

She loves making new friends with similar outlooks and making older friends too! Very good at social media. Always on her phone, texting, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram you name it, she has done it!


Fiona’s hobbies include art, reading, watching movies, socializing (not really, but lets pretend).

Now what are Fiona’s dislikes? Having her hair pulled for one. Hates fruit and vegetables, boring clothes, food shopping, creepy people, people that are aggressive and people telling her what to do! Adults talking about adult things! Well actually I don’t mind really. Just remember I am only 16! And fiona can’t drink alcohol too because she is underage. Ohhhh how life sucks!!

Now coming back to reality briefly – many of you will be thinking – why on earth 16? I mean you are a 48 year old man! Easy, I don’t have to think; it all comes easily to me after so many years of practice. I think I prefer that age because you are halfway between being a very little girl and being an adult. For me being an adult all the time makes me want to run away, because its so darned stressful! Being 16 allows me to enter the world of childhood innocence and naivety. Plus at 16 you can still do many things an adult would do.

Will I ever get enough courage to go out in public? I think the answer would be a yes as long as certain criteria were followed. I would have to be in a cross dressing environment, preferably dressed ‘drab’ on the way to the venue, then getting dressed inside or maybe meeting another crossdresser at home. I think for now its just simply a fear of being seen, odd, because being seen and passing is the ultimate buzz.

Fiona is nothing like her male counterpart. They have no similar interests other than crossdressing of course! I have looked at this from a psychological viewpoint and in a sense view it very similar to the film “The Three Faces of Eve” only there are only two in this case. For my male self it is a way to escape the very stressful life of being an adult man with responsibilities; life’s stresses, jobs, money and commitment, all these are forgotten when I cross dress. It takes me back to my days of innocence, learning what life is all about, making mistakes and learning from those mistakes.

Fiona strives to better herself all the time; sometimes maybe she tries too hard. She worries about what other people say, think or do. She wants to try different clothing combinations, become an expert in make up, eventually meet someone to go out together or at least form a solid friendship. She reaches out with her hands asking for love and affection and wanting to give it in return. She is a clever girl but can be very immature at times. CDH has helped Fiona to become less shy and more assertive, and has reassured her that people actually do care, and even more importantly accept. We come in all shapes and sizes, each with our own aspirations and ideas.

I thank you for your support.

Love and kisses from, Fiona

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Fiona-Ann Moss

Hi. I came out as Transgender 3 Years ago. I like to dress up as a youngish woman and enjoy wearing pretty clothes and smelling nice. Short skirts are my favourite! it would be nice to chat to like-minded people like myself as its such a difficult subject to broach with non cross dressers. I consider myself a friendly, easy going person that cares about others and the members on this site. please dont hesitate to send a friends request if you wish, also you can message me anytime if you have a problem, need advice and i'll do my best to help.I would enjoy to chat sometime and make new friends. I have recently passed my Full Advanced Makeup and beauty course gaining a HND in the subject. In November last year, i became a radio presenter at an online transgender radio station here in the UK.

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Jasmine Lily
5 years ago

You living your teenage years again…Only this time as a beautiful girl who is ready to step into her world of dreams and happiness.

5 years ago

Hello Fiona I think you are very pretty and I wish it was me love you .

Vicki Lyons
4 years ago

I don’t know if this chimes with you, but I felt as a young boy that I simply preferred how girls interacted and thought, and that became my view wrt girls’ clothes.
When I dress in a school uniform or a brownie uniform, I’m back there in a happier, simpler word, devoid of ingrained malice.
Probably a very singular and isolated viewpoint, but I hope it helps.

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