What Makes You Feel Sexy?

What makes you feel sexy when crossdressing

We all have times when we want to feel sexy. We want to let our feminine sass penetrate our soul and permeate our body. The sexy crossdresser is not just confident, but playful, friendly and fabulous. Feeling sexy puts an extra shimmy in your walk, a glimmer in your eyes and brings a touch of mystery to your smile. You feel good, and others around you can pick up on your vibe – they know something is different about you even if they can’t quite put their finger on it.

So Crossdressing Girlfriends – What Makes You Feel Sexy?

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  1. Profile photo of Jesse Nicole(Smokey)
    Jesse Nicole(Smokey) 2 months ago

    Love laying my clothes and lingerie on the bed, that’s starts my mind to begin the process of feeling the warm,tingling sensation of femininity. I light a candle in the bathroom, pour a glass of wine, and ease into a relaxing bubble bath. I relax for a long time, listening to some soft, sexy music. I shave my legs, and rid myself of all unwanted hair. The WAY too long process of makeup and priming is next. The real sexy feelings come when I start putting on the lingerie, it soft satiny fabric against my skin. Ending with slipping on my outfit for the evening, and finally sliding my feet into my matching stilettos for the outfit..NOW I feel sexy!

  2. travesti 3 years ago

    Al i want i makes me a feel like a woman which is so amazing .today was my first time had short hair but wud lv to hv long hair which i olys wntd to hv but cud nt keep them .. My problm is i m nt able to tell my parents…pls suggest something

  3. sally 4 years ago

    how do i get my cross dressing husband to find me attractive i am 4 foot 11 inches have blue eyes short blond hair size 37 c breast and i am a hetero sexual woman and i need help

  4. sally 4 years ago

    how can i be more attractive to my crossdresser husband

  5. Margaret stewart 4 years ago

    Femme,again! M.S.

  6. Tammy 4 years ago

    The excitment of dressing in wemons clothing excites the hole body. At first I use to get it all the time . Now I have been dressing for a while that feeling went away. But I still get the feeling to dress when I can. I look at it in this way. I’m not running around my house nude. I’m dressed decent. Not the way most people are expect me to dress but there is no law saying the clothes I ware has to be mens clothes. I feel the church should not inter fear as long as I don’t dress in the wrong way and try to pass as a woman. I’m just a man in wemons clothes.

    • Margaret stewart 4 years ago

      Tammy, thx for reply, I’m m femme as I’m speaking. Hopefully the xtment. Will draw, back if not enjoy any vhance u may get. M.Stewart

  7. Moddle 4 years ago

    Part of our lives.
    That’s not fantasy.
    Believe me, the more we make our femme side uppermost, the more it becomes normal.
    Without becoming unenjoyable.I realise my feminine feelings, appreciate them, while still living my ‘hetro’ life.
    No problem

    • Margaret stewart 4 years ago

      Fantasy? Not much just expressing myself in femme, an outlet , for a small feeling of being a woman and not ignoring ur femme side. Enjoy, I’m also hetro, and my girl seems to enjoy the gurl I become temprarily. M.S.

  8. Margaret stewart 4 years ago

    Another , Femme night for me , very femme! #210 Revlon pink for toes or Opi very pink, enjpy your time in femme.

  9. terrie 4 years ago

    Anything really feminine, stylish dress, lacy slip, bra & panties, doing my makeup well and the heels.

    • Margaret stewart 4 years ago

      Very nice terrie, Mornings are very pleasant, in femme. Fortunately my time consist of evenings. As I speak , my girlfriend really enjoys when I transition,” like in AWE. Shes not much of a girly , girl so I’m basically teaching her., she is very gorgeous, I have done her make up and dressed her w/ totally different attire., and WOW! She’s stunning., but rarely wants to be girly.

      • Margaret stewart 4 years ago

        Hey gurls, no reply yet to my post, but very understandable, on another note’. I’m very fortunate to b off several nights, and without a doubt, I’m femme , till early morning hrs. Just saying hi to anyone in same situation, no naughtiness, I just love being a gurl and walking in my heels, and full drag. Our attire will definetly change as summer approaches. Short skirts, highheels , smooth legs, and ruffle ends blouse . Gurly-gurl. Oh! And dash of Marc.jacobs’ eau de parfum!

  10. vmg 4 years ago

    Pretty, good feeling ,when pacing up and down w/heels and stilletos, black on both. 4 inch and victoria secret pantyhose. I normally will apply all Makeup first b4 , dressing. So I completly understand the sensation of hose n heels.

    • Margaret 4 years ago

      Continuing on being femme, ocassionally. Thank you for sharing. “Happy gurling!”

  11. Moddle 4 years ago

    Always, when I am putting on my makeup after a lovely long soapy shower, I feel that tingling of the loins.
    Now, even after a couple of years, i feel quite naked without a little red to the lips, blush to the cheeks, a tiny (if I’m going out !)coloring around the eyes.
    I hope others enjoy.

  12. diamondgurl36 5 years ago

    wearin my fav pink lacey thongs n matching bra puttin on my tight mini skirt which brings out my nice ass n a nice form fitting top doing my hair n make-up

    • Margaret stewart 4 years ago

      What a femme look, continue on being a gurl, I’m in full gurl, w/ makeup, w/hair , bra, panties w/ sequence, opened blouse to show my 36 cup bra , Victoria secret hose w/ open toe, 4inch heels w/bucle strap around ankle, perfume definetly adds to being femme.

  13. avalana 5 years ago

    dressing in mini-skirt,a cute top(sz 36 b) and have a nice guy ask me to dance,if i want a drink,and then i kiss him without thought..it worked out well,in the end,it took a couple of years,but he ended up to be the one i lost my v-card to…and i must say it was wonderfull..and the girls present,treated me well they were so sweet after i lost my viginity! and it felt so right!and every time since!

  14. matthew 5 years ago

    Please tell me I’ve been wanting to know

  15. matthew 5 years ago

    But I’m wanting to
    be a woman and its the only thing that’s putting me of

  16. matthew 5 years ago

    I’m just wanting to get rid of my masculine arm muscles but don’t know how to help

  17. Pavana bhatal 5 years ago

    Al i want i makes me a feel like a woman which is so amazing .today was my first time had short hair but wud lv to hv long hair which i olys wntd to hv but cud nt keep them .. My problm is i m nt able to tell my parents…pls suggest something

  18. Pavana bhatal 5 years ago

    I am 21 yr old .today was d frst time put on lipstick nd maskara and wore a bra which wanted to wear.i always want to dress like a girl it makes me feel grt….i am having a short hair as all boys have but i wud lv to have very long hair like model andrej pejic i admire him a lot

  19. michael dickey 5 years ago

    I just love being feminine in every way. I shave my legs and body–wear panties and bras–wear makeup–paint my nails–use girls soaps and lotions/perfumes–wear girls tops and skirts–I even sit when i pee.I love being a sissy! I mean really–I get on my back and spread my legs for cock–im supposed to be girly!

  20. michell 5 years ago

    hi,i have just started crosdressing at this moment i have all ladies underwear on also a long black dress and wig. my wife is ok with me when i dress up she says i look pretty good for a first timer but i must stay indoors. i would love to walk out in the morning and meet the world hed on,but iam not sure what to doe. why can i not be who i want to be (iam 56 years)

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