What makes you feel sexy when crossdressing

We all have times when we want to feel sexy. We want to let our feminine sass penetrate our soul and permeate our body. The sexy crossdresser is not just confident, but playful, friendly and fabulous. Feeling sexy puts an extra shimmy in your walk, a glimmer in your eyes and brings a touch of mystery to your smile. You feel good, and others around you can pick up on your vibe – they know something is different about you even if they can’t quite put their finger on it.

So Crossdressing Girlfriends – What Makes You Feel Sexy?

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  1. womanwannabe 7 years ago

    I mean, honestly, the most feminine I feel is when I’m wearing women’s clothing, with makeup, totally shaved body, and perfume. There’s something so incredibly delightful about walking in front of a mirror and seeing myself for who I really am…

    I hate my real body.

  2. Deana Rose 7 years ago

    all the things mentioned in the poll

  3. Debbie 7 years ago

    everything makes me feel sexy from shaving body hair to wearing a skirt and blouse i just love it all

  4. MELONY 7 years ago

    Ilove the feel of womans lingerie on me, and walking in a silk blouse, or a pretty dress, or skirt, with high heels on, with a good makeup job and a beautiful wig,,, this is what makes me feel sexy… wish i was a girl..

  5. BRENDA 7 years ago

    i feel sexy for all of the above, in addition, i want to have sex with me cross dressed and in the female role, while my wife dresses as a man and makes love to me as if she were the husband.

  6. Eugene/Erlene 7 years ago

    Hello Everyone: I feel my Sexiest when I’m all dressed up and walking down the street and people look, not because I’m passable but because I’m my ULTIMATE SELF. I love feeling and looking my best. I also feel my Sexiest is when I’m out with the other ladies like myself and guys ask me to dance, buy me beverages and ask me to dine with them. These are my Sexiest moments besides the attire and make-up I’m wearing which is also an unexplainable turn on. Thank You…..Eugene/Erlene

  7. Jasie 7 years ago

    I just love my panties and they make me feel so sexy. But all the other things especially heels and make up make me feel so feminine

  8. Terri 7 years ago


    Having a dream of some coming to me and say that I am a beautiful lady, but there is no chance in that even happening, for I cannot even get ut of my house.


  9. Ssrah Rose Lamont 7 years ago

    Getting dressed in sexy underwear and a beautiful dress and going out
    to dinner a nightclub or to Church. Going out in public is always an occasion when I dress up, put on makeup and perfume and heels.
    Makes me feel confident, attractive and sexy.

    Sarah Rose

  10. Sally Conning 7 years ago

    Being at my fav pub dressed in a pair of high heel boots , black tights and the LBD (Little Black Dress) showing plenty of cleavage… and being asked if im on HRT by T/S Girls and G/G’s.. xxx

  11. Carol 7 years ago

    I voted something else….. As RUSKIN said “that intangible something”!

  12. Sharon 7 years ago

    I just love to dress fully as a woman it makes me feel wonderful.
    Even wearing female underwear under my male clothes feels
    wonderful and so natural.

  13. Leslee 7 years ago

    Where do I start? There is really no one thing that is sexier than another as they all make me feel fabulous. I also love to go shopping and finding that special outfit that looks sexy also. What I dislike most is taking everything off at the end of an evening and looking at whats in the mirror. Now that is not sexy!!

  14. Jackie 7 years ago

    Nothing makes me feel more feminine and lovely than panties and lingerie. When I go shopping for bras and panties I get so excited I can hardly speak, especially when I hand the tiny frilly things to a salesgirl. I’ve only dressed fully and gone out once, but I love to dress in lingerie at home and imagine myself as a gorgeous, long-legged woman.

    • Susan 7 years ago

      Hi Jackie, I think we all go through something like that. I know when I was a teenager, I'd walk through the lingerie section of a department store and my heart would beat like a drum!! I'd want so much to stop and just touch…or even better BUY!! Now as I have aged, (36 now) I've become use to going and selecting what I want, take the time to make sure, then walk up and pay, just like any other female. I must tell you though, lingerie still makes the heart beat faster!!


      • Brook 7 years ago

        Kissing my fiance πŸ™‚

  15. Stephenie 7 years ago

    Ok this might sound funny but shaving my underarms and painting my toenails kinda does it for me. By the time I am doing these things I am almost done and I know it πŸ™‚ Also it is not something common to men as well. Anyhow it has always been something feminine to me since I was very young πŸ™‚

    Stephenie πŸ™‚

  16. Jillian 7 years ago

    Actually all of the above contribute to my sexuality, but being absolutly honest, wearing my panties will always be the center of feeling sexy for me. Unfortunately, I must at times wear the hated male attire, but I find if I am wearing panties, I have a strong reminder of my true self thru out the entire day. They make me feel complete as a female, even while wearing male outer wear.

  17. Stephanie 7 years ago

    Simply crossdressing makes feel sexy. Wearing any kind of
    lingerie makes me feel even sexier.

  18. Susan 7 years ago

    Sexy for me, is a warm scented bath, followed by fresh nylon panties and bra, under my very best nightie. Relaxing with my favorite glass of wine in front of my TV. Perhaps not very exciting to some, but very sexy and relaxing for me.


  19. Profile photo of Vanessa Law
    Vanessa Law 7 years ago

    Thanks for all your comments ladies – it's wonderful to hear the different things that make you feel feminine and sexy.

    For me nothing can quite compare with wearing perfume, or being "reverse read" as a woman when in male mode.

  20. nickiee 7 years ago

    after my bath I allways wear my high waisted,black tummy control corsetts.its when I am
    brushing my hair, which is very long,down to just above my nipples,and see two nicely formed breasts under my hair, I have been on hormones 16 mths now,and its when I see my own reflection in the mirror,I cant stop feeling so pleased with myself,and spend the
    next hour grinning

  21. sherib 7 years ago

    All the above except for dance and and a longing look from someone. I don't need anyone else to feel sexy.

  22. Connie 7 years ago

    My sexy turn on is lace top nylons with peek toe pumps. Even my wife has to smile when she sees that! All the other dressing is just cake…shoes are the frosting!!

    • Jacie 7 years ago

      mmmm. I agree honey!

  23. Jipat40@aol.com 7 years ago

    There are certainly lot's of comments regarding this subject…so much so, that I'm going to leave another. I would put myself into the class of a very conservative female where dressing is concerned. I adore going the full yard as one would say, and begin with my warm scented bath, do my nails, hair, and make-up, then take my time in selecting lingerie that I feel will go along with what I have chosen for my outer wear. To me, if one is going to truly enjoy her femininity, it is important to have all the correct combinations going with each other. I love women's dress and business suits..with a dark blue suit, I would choose perhaps a cream colored nylon blouse, either white, yellow, or pale blue nylon panties (prefer Vanity Fair nylon full brief style) matching bra, or plan white, more for support and comfort then anything else. Half slip of matching color, or white, stockings with a garter girdle, two inch pumps in either blue or black. When dressed as the above, I feel quite prepared in going out to the mall shopping, of just taking a ride somewhere. My sexuality will become quite enhanced, just knowing that I look very much like a well groomed buiness women.____Jillian

    • Profile photo of Vanessa Law
      Vanessa Law 7 years ago

      Hehe πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing Jillian!
      The full luxuriating experience can indeed be wonderful!

  24. Alissa 7 years ago

    Just feeling more at home in my body, wearing a skirt with a nice top, the feeling of walking in heels. I feel sexy when I'm able to be the me that stays inside so often. I walked down the sidewalk of a closed strip mall, tights, denim skirt, a red and white top, long hair wig with a nice pair of clip on hoops. Just felt SO sexy and free, I wish it was more often or for life.

  25. wendy 7 years ago

    when i paint my toe nails and wear sexy undies and bra under my normal "guy" clothes

  26. Carolyn Ann 7 years ago

    If that longing look is from the Mrs, fine! (If it's from someone else… Creepy!)

  27. J wilson 7 years ago

    all of the above for me

  28. Warren 7 years ago

    I LOVE putting on my skimpy bike shorts and a sports bra and go out riding on my bike to show off my body. It feels so exciting to be sexually desirable. When I stop at red lights I can feel people checking me out and look at my erection through my spandex hot pants. Wrapping my legs around the bike seat makes me almost come while riding; I wouldn't mind getting raped either.

  29. Jacie 7 years ago

    slipping on a pair of sexy heels!

  30. Ronda 7 years ago

    All the above, just the act of being feminine, makes me fill sexy.

  31. jenny 7 years ago

    attention i get from guys, whistled at, beeped at, hit on, asked out for drinks.

  32. Brandycd56 6 years ago

    The feeling of sliding on a brand new pair of panties and my GF telling me she thinks they are sexy. I spray on justΒ  a bit of perfume and throw on my man cloths and head to work

  33. Carol 6 years ago

    Love wearing sexy heels my fav mules sexy skirt blouse heels smoking a vs120 does it for this girl

  34. Paul /Paula 6 years ago

    ive been crossdressing for many many years im totally hetrosexual i was happily married for 23 years to a very accepting lady my fav article of wear is nylons #1 lace top thigh highs #2nylon stockings and garterbelt #3 only as a last resort phose every day all day i have to be wearing id love to chat with a lady who enjoys nylons as much as i do

    • Linda 5 months ago

      Hi Paula, I’m a sheer nylon stockings and garter belt type of girl. I’d love to talk with you about our mutual interest in nylons.

    • Profile photo of Vanessa Law Author
      Vanessa Law 6 years ago

      Hey Paula, I’ve heard many crossdressers mention nylons as their favorite article of woman’s clothing. Perhaps you’ll find a like minded lady at a local support group?

  35. Chloe 6 years ago

    My favourite sexy gear is garter belt and nylons with a slinky pair of undies, something small and satiny or a G string. That makes me feel really sexy, especially if I get to show it off to someone appreciative.

  36. LuciaJustus 6 years ago

    I like wearing pantyhose, bras, panties, skirts, tank tops etc. I feel sexy when i look at myself in the mirror and mostly dance around or fiddle with my hair a bit.

  37. Samantha Silling 6 years ago

    Hi! I keep my toenails painted, and sometimes like to go out in flip-flops or sandals just to see the reactions I get. I also sometimes put on mascara even if I’m otherwise in guy mode.

  38. Valerie 6 years ago

    I am soo sexy when dressed completely….it’s wonderful….I also love to use a Tampon to excite me….

  39. Tammy 6 years ago

    I’ve been dressing all my life. I’m 62 now and I don’t think my looks would turn me on. I’m the ugly duckling. I think the feeling when I dress up is my satisfaction.

  40. dru 6 years ago

    love pantyhose,and i wear them just about all the time.

  41. michell 5 years ago

    hi,i have just started crosdressing at this moment i have all ladies underwear on also a long black dress and wig. my wife is ok with me when i dress up she says i look pretty good for a first timer but i must stay indoors. i would love to walk out in the morning and meet the world hed on,but iam not sure what to doe. why can i not be who i want to be (iam 56 years)

  42. michael dickey 5 years ago

    I just love being feminine in every way. I shave my legs and body–wear panties and bras–wear makeup–paint my nails–use girls soaps and lotions/perfumes–wear girls tops and skirts–I even sit when i pee.I love being a sissy! I mean really–I get on my back and spread my legs for cock–im supposed to be girly!

  43. Pavana bhatal 5 years ago

    I am 21 yr old .today was d frst time put on lipstick nd maskara and wore a bra which wanted to wear.i always want to dress like a girl it makes me feel grt….i am having a short hair as all boys have but i wud lv to have very long hair like model andrej pejic i admire him a lot

  44. Pavana bhatal 5 years ago

    Al i want i makes me a feel like a woman which is so amazing .today was my first time had short hair but wud lv to hv long hair which i olys wntd to hv but cud nt keep them .. My problm is i m nt able to tell my parents…pls suggest something

  45. matthew 5 years ago

    I’m just wanting to get rid of my masculine arm muscles but don’t know how to help

  46. matthew 5 years ago

    But I’m wanting to
    be a woman and its the only thing that’s putting me of

  47. matthew 5 years ago

    Please tell me I’ve been wanting to know

  48. avalana 5 years ago

    dressing in mini-skirt,a cute top(sz 36 b) and have a nice guy ask me to dance,if i want a drink,and then i kiss him without thought..it worked out well,in the end,it took a couple of years,but he ended up to be the one i lost my v-card to…and i must say it was wonderfull..and the girls present,treated me well they were so sweet after i lost my viginity! and it felt so right!and every time since!

  49. diamondgurl36 5 years ago

    wearin my fav pink lacey thongs n matching bra puttin on my tight mini skirt which brings out my nice ass n a nice form fitting top doing my hair n make-up

    • Margaret stewart 5 years ago

      What a femme look, continue on being a gurl, I’m in full gurl, w/ makeup, w/hair , bra, panties w/ sequence, opened blouse to show my 36 cup bra , Victoria secret hose w/ open toe, 4inch heels w/bucle strap around ankle, perfume definetly adds to being femme.

  50. Moddle 5 years ago

    Always, when I am putting on my makeup after a lovely long soapy shower, I feel that tingling of the loins.
    Now, even after a couple of years, i feel quite naked without a little red to the lips, blush to the cheeks, a tiny (if I’m going out !)coloring around the eyes.
    I hope others enjoy.

  51. vmg 5 years ago

    Pretty, good feeling ,when pacing up and down w/heels and stilletos, black on both. 4 inch and victoria secret pantyhose. I normally will apply all Makeup first b4 , dressing. So I completly understand the sensation of hose n heels.

    • Margaret 5 years ago

      Continuing on being femme, ocassionally. Thank you for sharing. “Happy gurling!”

  52. terrie 5 years ago

    Anything really feminine, stylish dress, lacy slip, bra & panties, doing my makeup well and the heels.

    • Margaret stewart 5 years ago

      Very nice terrie, Mornings are very pleasant, in femme. Fortunately my time consist of evenings. As I speak , my girlfriend really enjoys when I transition,” like in AWE. Shes not much of a girly , girl so I’m basically teaching her., she is very gorgeous, I have done her make up and dressed her w/ totally different attire., and WOW! She’s stunning., but rarely wants to be girly.

      • Margaret stewart 5 years ago

        Hey gurls, no reply yet to my post, but very understandable, on another note’. I’m very fortunate to b off several nights, and without a doubt, I’m femme , till early morning hrs. Just saying hi to anyone in same situation, no naughtiness, I just love being a gurl and walking in my heels, and full drag. Our attire will definetly change as summer approaches. Short skirts, highheels , smooth legs, and ruffle ends blouse . Gurly-gurl. Oh! And dash of Marc.jacobs’ eau de parfum!

  53. Margaret stewart 5 years ago

    Another , Femme night for me , very femme! #210 Revlon pink for toes or Opi very pink, enjpy your time in femme.

  54. Moddle 5 years ago

    Part of our lives.
    That’s not fantasy.
    Believe me, the more we make our femme side uppermost, the more it becomes normal.
    Without becoming unenjoyable.I realise my feminine feelings, appreciate them, while still living my ‘hetro’ life.
    No problem

    • Margaret stewart 5 years ago

      Fantasy? Not much just expressing myself in femme, an outlet , for a small feeling of being a woman and not ignoring ur femme side. Enjoy, I’m also hetro, and my girl seems to enjoy the gurl I become temprarily. M.S.

  55. Tammy 5 years ago

    The excitment of dressing in wemons clothing excites the hole body. At first I use to get it all the time . Now I have been dressing for a while that feeling went away. But I still get the feeling to dress when I can. I look at it in this way. I’m not running around my house nude. I’m dressed decent. Not the way most people are expect me to dress but there is no law saying the clothes I ware has to be mens clothes. I feel the church should not inter fear as long as I don’t dress in the wrong way and try to pass as a woman. I’m just a man in wemons clothes.

    • Margaret stewart 5 years ago

      Tammy, thx for reply, I’m m femme as I’m speaking. Hopefully the xtment. Will draw, back if not enjoy any vhance u may get. M.Stewart

  56. Margaret stewart 5 years ago

    Femme,again! M.S.

  57. sally 5 years ago

    how can i be more attractive to my crossdresser husband

  58. sally 5 years ago

    how do i get my cross dressing husband to find me attractive i am 4 foot 11 inches have blue eyes short blond hair size 37 c breast and i am a hetero sexual woman and i need help

  59. travesti 4 years ago

    Al i want i makes me a feel like a woman which is so amazing .today was my first time had short hair but wud lv to hv long hair which i olys wntd to hv but cud nt keep them .. My problm is i m nt able to tell my parents…pls suggest something

  60. Profile photo of Jesse Nicole(Smokey)

    Love laying my clothes and lingerie on the bed, that’s starts my mind to begin the process of feeling the warm,tingling sensation of femininity. I light a candle in the bathroom, pour a glass of wine, and ease into a relaxing bubble bath. I relax for a long time, listening to some soft, sexy music. I shave my legs, and rid myself of all unwanted hair. The WAY too long process of makeup and priming is next. The real sexy feelings come when I start putting on the lingerie, it soft satiny fabric against my skin. Ending with slipping on my outfit for the evening, and finally sliding my feet into my matching stilettos for the outfit..NOW I feel sexy!

  61. Profile photo of Jenny1323
    Jenny1323 10 months ago

    I like to start with a nice shower shaving my legs that alone can make me feel sexier after I’m nice and clean removed all unwanted hair. I love matching bra and panties. I lov to wear hipster panties with thong then I do my make up eye liner eye shadow lipstick mascara all that done I pick out one of my dresses love my fit flares right now. Or a nice tight skirt the the wig. And high heels. Patent leather pep toes

  62. Janine 10 months ago

    Hi I’m Janine
    Just about every time I want to feel sexy I get dressed in a short mid thigh green and white skirt then put on a bra that holds prosthetic breasts inside of it then put a while turtle neck long sleeve top with a pair of suntan thigh high queen size stocking and a pair of black 3 inch heels open toe with ankle straps. After I finish doing my makeup and wig I select a pair of hoop earnings with a bracelet and a women’s watch on my left wrist.
    I have a black purse with a shoulder strap that I carry on my right shoulder.
    I’ve worn this outfit out many times and it really looks good and I feel so feminine and sexy when I’m out for the day
    I’ve had quite a few people tell me that I look fabulous and it always makes me feel good when I’m complemented on my attire

  63. Profile photo of Samantha Louise Scott
    Samantha Louise Scott 9 months ago

    For me, many ways to feel sexy.

    When I passed 50 I started “dressing my age” . Sensible length skirts, dresses. Tan tights etc etc. I enjoyed it but started to want to go back towards my old tarty self. For a while I maintained the demure exterior but I wore some very hot lingerie, and of ,course stockings. That was great and definitely a sexy turn on.

    Eventually though I returned to my old ways and being fairly tall I can still carry off (or so I’m told) topping off my outfit with a nice pair of nylons, a short lycra dress and killer heels.

    Love that and the attention.

  64. Jackie blue 7 months ago

    I do get turned on when I wear sexy lingerie all kinds of panties and bras ,nylons , nightie. I sometimes wear it under my male clothespecially an walk around town. I saw a black see through teddy with garter straps in the store an had to have it, so I bought it as I rushed home to slip it on. It’s so sexy. I have a pair of black panties,a lacy bra., nylonso. I’m all clean shaved so I feel my panties slipping across my body. I don’t do makeup,wigs, an I’m not gay. Just love to dress up and have my alone time sexy fun. I’m glad to be male now I’m horny again . See ya

  65. Profile photo of Christina DeSIlva
    Christina DeSIlva 7 months ago

    For me it would be putting on hosiery after shaving my legs and thong underwear along with a velvet bustier for the sensation against my body. Even if I wear male clothing on top, I know my sexy lingerie is with me as a part of female that I am.

  66. Profile photo of Jennifer Green
    Jennifer Green 7 months ago

    I am fortunate and not a hairy person at all, so all I need to shave daily is my legs. But every day I generally wear stocking and garters or hose along with my panties and bra or longline or corset. It feels very nice to wear on a daily basis but I hate to wear my male clothes on top at times. Sometimes I will push the envelope and wear some women’s pants and shirt, at a quick quick glance you would not tell the difference. If you look close though it would show that it is not.

  67. Profile photo of Kathi Thrall
    Kathi Thrall 6 months ago

    Warm shower, bra and boobs, black sheath dress that goes to mid thigh. I feel very sexy after the shower, wearing the clothes, waiting for someone to come and make love to me.

  68. Profile photo of
    ChristianChristina 6 months ago

    All I need is a cute pair of panties. Sometimes I like the thought that I am the only one wearing them and no one knows!

  69. Profile photo of Aiyanna
    Aiyanna 5 months ago

    Since I finally decided to come out two months ago, I have been wearing female athletic clothing in public. I started doing it once a week, but now I am doing it twice a week. Its been the easiest segway to wear femme clothing in public and not feel uncomfortable. I usually wear LuLu Lemon, Nike or Under Armour Tights, with no show socks, pink running shoes and a thong underneath. On top, I wear a sports bra, t-shirt and a sweatshirt. Cause its winter here in Canada, I wear my black Columbia Winter Jacket. To keep my hands and head warm, I wear my pink winter hat and mittens. I get no looks when I go to the mall or walk down the street. Unfortunately I won’t be a princess, but I am more than happy being an athletic woman once I can complete my MTF transition in five years.

  70. Gina 4 months ago

    I love to get dressed up in a miniskirt and a sexy top and a man picks me up and we go parking somewhere ! Somewhere that we might get caught ! That makes me feel sexy !

  71. Profile photo of Davina Johnson
    Davina Johnson 4 months ago

    Being the woman I want and strive to be.

    I like nothing better than being dressed in one of my most glamorous evening gowns; wearing beautiful lingerie; sheer stockings with 5 in high heels and of course a beautiful wig, makeup and jewellery.

    I definitely feel something special and sexy when I am dressed this way but then I think women’s fashions are designed to bring out these qualities in the person who is wearing them. The feeling is enhanced through the preparation experience also. Taking a long soothing bath, shaving all that ugly masculine hair from my body, drying and moisturising, applying makeup and the stage by stage experience of adorning my body in beautiful feminine underwear – lovely satin and lace bra to hold my 40C silicone breasts forms, matching panties, a tight fitting and matching Open Bottom Girdle to hold my sheer lace top seamed stockings in place, a beautiful waist slip, sexy 5 in heels to enhance my legs and feminine walk and then the dress…..yes the dress. When I look in the mirror after a leisurely 2 hour pampering session I am ready to face the world as the woman I try so hard to be. The feeling is intensely electric and the look positively reinforcing which makes me want to dress as a woman as often as possible. Feeling sexy and looking sexy are essential in making you feel good about yourself and I have to say I am ecstatic and happy when I am Davina.

    • Profile photo of Lisbeth Lacy
      Lisbeth Lacy 2 months ago

      I love to put on my makeup my brunette hair styled just right and then my control top pantyhose (I absolutely love wearing my pantyhose) and my 38C beige shiny satin push up bra at this point I feel and look like the total woman that I love. To complete my transformation I slide into my figure hugging pencil skirt and white satin blouse with 4 inch black pumps. Next I put on some smooth jazz lower the lights and have a glass or two of red wine and relax and imagine that I am a sophisticated lady at a uptown jazz club. Its an awesome way to relax after a busy day at the office.

  72. Katherine 3 months ago

    Rather than posing and sashaying about in glamorous outfits, what makes me feel sexy is being in the skin of a woman going about the mundane business of daily routine.
    Thus, when off work and alone at home, I wear basic full (or high leg) panties, [sometimes a basic cotton camisole or bralette], an inexpensive shift dress or tunic and either slip on mules or thong sandals.
    I then go about the normal domestic chores as most housewives would: I make beds, do the dishes, dust and sweep, mop floors, do the laundry (wife and daughter’s panties and bras I wash by hand, of course).
    Later I prepare dinner and do the ironing while dinner cooks.
    When wife returns home, I put her handbag, jacket and shoes away. After I’ve brought her a cold drink (or coffee) as she relaxes on the sofa, I give her a foot massage.
    After dinner, I wash the dishes and if my daughter’s going out later, I sometimes touch up her pedicure, fix her hair, etc.
    This is truly the way to feel feminine.

  73. Profile photo of Deanna Thomas
    Deanna Thomas 2 months ago

    When I am alone for the night, I love letting Deanna escape! After a hot shower and clean up, I put on silky panties and then slip into a long peignoir set. Then some light make up and jewelry. I cap it off with a long hair wig. I slip my feet into my 2 inch heel slippers and make a cup of tea or pour a glass of red wine. Then I cuddle up on a comfortable chair with a ” bodice buster” love book and imagine I am the woman in love. The long peignoir gown and robe caress me and I become lost in femininity. Deanna is alive and well!

  74. Profile photo of Lisbeth Lacy
    Lisbeth Lacy 2 months ago

    I love to put on my makeup my brunette hair styled just right and then my control top pantyhose (I absolutely love wearing my pantyhose) and my 38C beige shiny satin push up bra at this point I feel and look like the total woman that I love. To complete my transformation I slide into my figure hugging pencil skirt and white satin blouse with 4 inch black pumps. Next I put on some smooth jazz lower the lights and have a glass or two of red wine and relax and imagine that I am a sophisticated lady at a uptown jazz club. Its an awesome way to relax after a busy day at the office.

  75. Profile photo of Penny Daly
    Penny Daly 2 months ago

    Nothing makes me feel sexier than when I am in my LBD with plenty of cleavage showing, my makeup perfect and wearing the scent of my favorite perfume. The only thing better would be to be out on a date at the time.

  76. holly 2 months ago

    Whats its like being girl for the frist time

  77. Profile photo of
    Kristine 1 month ago

    I feel most sexy when I wear my thong panties and push up bra with a nice skirt and blouse. I top it off with some sheer stockings with some nice 3 inch pumps. I feel free and sexy all at the same time.

  78. Profile photo of Janine Milburn
    Janine Milburn 1 month ago

    I love wearing tight female pants and heels. I also wear a thong and bra top

  79. Profile photo of Sarah Daniels
    Sarah Daniels 2 weeks ago

    Sexy lingerie stockings heels a skirt and blouse, top off with some lippy and eyeliner/mascara and my wig. Feels great to feel like that. I feel fem and freed

  80. Margaret stewart 5 years ago

    Hi, gurls, well not much reply, so I will continue n other subject, in femme now, full makeup- earrings , blouse ,bra, black hose, very stylish though. Vsecrets, heels, and pleated skirt, not to mention dash of burberry. M.S.

  81. manikia 6 years ago

    please don’t mention raped as a turn on….it is not a sexual issue, but one of power over more vulnerable people….if this is a fantasy, you are still in control of it, if it were real, i am sure you would feel different….please consider all the people who have had to undergo such a powerless and unpleasant encounter.

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