What makes you feel sexy when crossdressing

We all have times when we want to feel sexy. We want to let our feminine sass penetrate our soul and permeate our body. The sexy crossdresser is not just confident, but playful, friendly and fabulous. Feeling sexy puts an extra shimmy in your walk, a glimmer in your eyes and brings a touch of mystery to your smile. You feel good, and others around you can pick up on your vibe – they know something is different about you even if they can’t quite put their finger on it.

So Crossdressing Girlfriends – What Makes You Feel Sexy?

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  1. Louise Willis 2 weeks ago

    I would say stockings, fragrance and heels. Wow, then feel super sexy

    • Paulina Val 1 week ago

      Yes! or better yet…..Stockings, panties, bra, heels and fragance…..

      • Louise Willis 9 hours ago

        Hope you are having a beautiful day full of fragrance! L

  2. Paulina Val 2 weeks ago

    only 3 things…..panties, heels and fragance…..

  3. Yasmen Drew 3 weeks ago

    One other thing when I kiss a guy it makes me feel so good

  4. Yasmen Drew 3 weeks ago

    Having my nails done putting on stockings growing breasts putting on panties all make me feel FM

  5. Gina Jones 1 month ago

    Just being dressed as a woman makes me feel so sexy. Especially if I’m wearing cute, lacy lingerie and stockings.

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