What Makes You Feel Sexy?

What makes you feel sexy when crossdressing

We all have times when we want to feel sexy. We want to let our feminine sass penetrate our soul and permeate our body. The sexy crossdresser is not just confident, but playful, friendly and fabulous. Feeling sexy puts an extra shimmy in your walk, a glimmer in your eyes and brings a touch of mystery to your smile. You feel good, and others around you can pick up on your vibe – they know something is different about you even if they can’t quite put their finger on it.

So Crossdressing Girlfriends – What Makes You Feel Sexy?

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  1. Profile photo of Aiyanna
    Aiyanna 4 weeks ago

    Since I finally decided to come out two months ago, I have been wearing female athletic clothing in public. I started doing it once a week, but now I am doing it twice a week. Its been the easiest segway to wear femme clothing in public and not feel uncomfortable. I usually wear LuLu Lemon, Nike or Under Armour Tights, with no show socks, pink running shoes and a thong underneath. On top, I wear a sports bra, t-shirt and a sweatshirt. Cause its winter here in Canada, I wear my black Columbia Winter Jacket. To keep my hands and head warm, I wear my pink winter hat and mittens. I get no looks when I go to the mall or walk down the street. Unfortunately I won’t be a princess, but I am more than happy being an athletic woman once I can complete my MTF transition in five years.

  2. Profile photo of
    ChristianChristina 2 months ago

    All I need is a cute pair of panties. Sometimes I like the thought that I am the only one wearing them and no one knows!

  3. Profile photo of Kathi Thrall
    Kathi Thrall 2 months ago

    Warm shower, bra and boobs, black sheath dress that goes to mid thigh. I feel very sexy after the shower, wearing the clothes, waiting for someone to come and make love to me.

  4. Profile photo of Jennifer Green
    Jennifer Green 3 months ago

    I am fortunate and not a hairy person at all, so all I need to shave daily is my legs. But every day I generally wear stocking and garters or hose along with my panties and bra or longline or corset. It feels very nice to wear on a daily basis but I hate to wear my male clothes on top at times. Sometimes I will push the envelope and wear some women’s pants and shirt, at a quick quick glance you would not tell the difference. If you look close though it would show that it is not.

  5. Profile photo of Christina DeSIlva
    Christina DeSIlva 3 months ago

    For me it would be putting on hosiery after shaving my legs and thong underwear along with a velvet bustier for the sensation against my body. Even if I wear male clothing on top, I know my sexy lingerie is with me as a part of female that I am.

  6. Jackie blue 3 months ago

    I do get turned on when I wear sexy lingerie all kinds of panties and bras ,nylons , nightie. I sometimes wear it under my male clothespecially an walk around town. I saw a black see through teddy with garter straps in the store an had to have it, so I bought it as I rushed home to slip it on. It’s so sexy. I have a pair of black panties,a lacy bra., nylonso. I’m all clean shaved so I feel my panties slipping across my body. I don’t do makeup,wigs, an I’m not gay. Just love to dress up and have my alone time sexy fun. I’m glad to be male now I’m horny again . See ya

  7. Profile photo of Samantha Louise Scott
    Samantha Louise Scott 5 months ago

    For me, many ways to feel sexy.

    When I passed 50 I started “dressing my age” . Sensible length skirts, dresses. Tan tights etc etc. I enjoyed it but started to want to go back towards my old tarty self. For a while I maintained the demure exterior but I wore some very hot lingerie, and of ,course stockings. That was great and definitely a sexy turn on.

    Eventually though I returned to my old ways and being fairly tall I can still carry off (or so I’m told) topping off my outfit with a nice pair of nylons, a short lycra dress and killer heels.

    Love that and the attention.

  8. Janine 6 months ago

    Hi I’m Janine
    Just about every time I want to feel sexy I get dressed in a short mid thigh green and white skirt then put on a bra that holds prosthetic breasts inside of it then put a while turtle neck long sleeve top with a pair of suntan thigh high queen size stocking and a pair of black 3 inch heels open toe with ankle straps. After I finish doing my makeup and wig I select a pair of hoop earnings with a bracelet and a women’s watch on my left wrist.
    I have a black purse with a shoulder strap that I carry on my right shoulder.
    I’ve worn this outfit out many times and it really looks good and I feel so feminine and sexy when I’m out for the day
    I’ve had quite a few people tell me that I look fabulous and it always makes me feel good when I’m complemented on my attire

  9. Profile photo of Jenny1323
    Jenny1323 6 months ago

    I like to start with a nice shower shaving my legs that alone can make me feel sexier after I’m nice and clean removed all unwanted hair. I love matching bra and panties. I lov to wear hipster panties with thong then I do my make up eye liner eye shadow lipstick mascara all that done I pick out one of my dresses love my fit flares right now. Or a nice tight skirt the the wig. And high heels. Patent leather pep toes


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