I thought I’d figured out who I was and where in the world I fit in. But with one question in Crossdresser Heaven’s chat room, I started to wonder if I was mistaken.

If I don’t go out dressed in public does that make me less than a proper crossdresser? Am I really just playing dress up at home? Am I nothing more than just a fetishist with an excessive liking of women’s clothing?

What makes a person a “proper” crossdresser?

Transgender Heaven - Gender Journey

I used to think that I fit the bill. I believed that I was more than just someone that likes to wear the clothing of the opposite sex. My feelings when I’m dressed are greater than just the erotic turn on that I’d associate with a basic fetish. I felt grounded and centered within myself when I became Sarah. That’s not something I can honestly say I feel when I’m going about my day as the male me. To me I feel “right” when I’m “playing dress up”; in fact I’d suggest that I’m actually playing “dress-up” as the male, playing a part that I’m expected to fill.

I wrote a while back about not needing labels because I wasn’t in need of one. I’m Me and that’s all the label I needed. And that still holds true.

But I also feel the need to belong.

To fit in.

To be accepted.

And I honestly believed until one question that I had found that with Crossdresser Heaven. I felt that for the first time I was surrounded by people who “got me”. Who spoke my language and were kindred spirits. Sure, like any group there are people who are more adventurous and outgoing, while others are more modest and reserved. I didn’t judge or question my commitment because I know that my own circumstances make me less than outgoing. I’m not “out there doing it”, but rather I’m closeted. Stuck at home in a small community surrounded by people that in one way or another have an impact on my ability to live and survive here.

I’d love to be able to experience the highs of going out with friends and being accepted as one of the crowd. Being one of the “girls”, but sadly it’s unlikely unless something dramatic happens in my part of the world.

But that’s okay. I know that life has its limitations and although Id love to do more, I can’t. I’ve accepted those limitations as being part of my life. It’s the same as the limitations I have had placed upon me by my wife. Her tacit acceptance comes at a price and doesn’t include support of my “playing dress up”. I love her and it’s important that I not do anything to upset her. Even to the point where I’ve let a small part of me go for now and maybe forever. I grab every opportunity to be Sarah that I can and I love the feeling of calm and oneness that drops over me. But I’m also, on those fleeting occasions, well aware of the time approaching when I will have to “put her away.”

I also wonder if this is how my wife sees my dressing. I’ve tried to explain, but she just gets this look that says the conversation is over and I’m better off walking away. Maybe the tacit support is just her tolerating me until I “come to my senses” and move on from this silly fetish. I hope it’s not, but if someone within the crossdressing fraternity, a sister, can think like that, then it’s not a stretch to think my wife won’t feel the same.

If I’m not willing to push forward and demand that I have time as Sarah and also that society accepts me as such, am I just a wannabe? Playing at a part privately and living off the hardships of those brave enough to actually get out there and live it. Am I just pretending to be part of the “in crowd” and never actually putting in the effort to help “push the team forward”? I had to stay away from the site for a while because I was so upset that others might think that way about me. It really upset me to think that I may not belong after all.

I honestly believed that in my own little way I was an equal of my sisters here, but maybe I wasn’t. Maybe all my inane chatter about shoes and lingerie and clothes was all just a game I was playing without realizing.

Am I out of my depth and I should return to the fetish pool with all the other try hard wannabes?

After a few hours spent steaming while I avoided the chatroom, I’ve come to the conclusion that the question was loaded and meant to do nothing more than elevate some while lowering others. A setting of hierarchy within the crossdressing world if you like. My legitimacy can’t be judged by someone who doesn’t know me. My claim or theirs in fact to being a real cross-dresser isn’t something that can be judged by anyone but oneself.

These thoughts of not being proper, or somehow less than others are of course wrong. There are no “proper” crossdressers or sub classes. We are all the same. We are all more than just people with an avatar who chat about silly things. Yes, some may never venture out of their homes. Some may never in fact ever venture out of the closet within their homes, while others are living out in society bravely walking where some of us can only dream.

I believe that we truly are joined in more than just a desire to wear clothes. When I’m not dressed I still feel Sarah within me. I honestly believe that she is a part of me and that I need to embrace her to feel like I am real.

So perhaps to some, I am playing dress up and maybe they will look at me like a child pretending to be a grown up and smile. Is that a reflection of who I am or rather an insight into who they are? Maybe to the hardcore group out there, we few closeted ladies are just silly men playing.  However, to us, it’s not a game. We feel trapped, but our life choices and locations mean that our desire to get out there has to be curbed. But we are not any less or diminished because of that. Our inner lights don’t burn as bright as some, but they still burn.

Perhaps I’m just too thin-skinned and need a stiff drink while sitting outside in the moonlight, laughing at the preposterous people around the world who, like me, dare to judge.

So does my old label still fit?

I believe it does. I’m still Me and I truly believe that I belong with my friends at CDH, just as many of you belong here too.

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Sarah Daniels TG

Im a Wannabe writer. Short stories so far but I want more. Like everyone I think I have a novel in me somewhere, but not sure what it is yet. Have a few things on the slow boil and a couple of cold cases tucked away for another time.

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Cynthia Dubois

I too have often wondered where I fit in. I remember reading somewhere that the best way to determine where you fit in is just to look at what you do while you are dressed. Is dressing something erotic to you? Is it something you only do at certain times in certain situations? Or is it something you do everyday? I know for myself it is something I do every day, and while I’m dressed I’m usually just doing my everyday things. In other words, I’m doing nothing different that I wouldn’t be doing if I wasn’t dressed, but I… Read more »

Elise Michelle

Thanks for the article Sarah. As you can see from the responses, there are many of us in similar circumstances. I’ve never ventured out dressed, and probably never will. There are many reasons for someone to make that choice. I have children and siblings and parents who would be affected. I have a career I love which would be adversely affected. And, although I love and need Elise, I also love and need my male personna as well. If that doesn’t make me enough of a CD for someone else on this site, than top bad for them. I haven’t… Read more »


Hi Sarah. Thank you for this article – I’m so glad of your response to the question. You are defined by who you are, not by what others think or say you are. Stay strong! Hugs. Rian x

Samantha Sissoko

Hi Sarah, I am Samantha new to this I have the same issues and I’m fighting it cause I always wanted to be a girl and always love to dress up in lingerie long hair make up and I feel like I’m not just a guy with feminine desires to be a pretty girl but also a submissive crossdresser and I don’t understand how can I be submissive with another CD I hope to be friend with but I guess I can learn what is needed to be learned being a cd

Jasmine Jewel

Nice article Sarah. I am in the same boat and will never venture out to try and pass as a woman. Then again I am NOT living in an environment that is cool with it, that so it will never happen. I am happy to be where I am…’hast though faith…have it unto thyself’…and it adds to my life. Not a problem if it never surfaces in others lives but I draw inner strength from it and still glean what ever nuggets I can from CDH along the way.

Terri Anne

Bravo Sarah, well said, thank you for writing this piece.

T.J. Byron
Active Member

Sarah; My youngest daughter ‘s name. The “kids ” are , going on 48. 44 & 42. All are successful members of society. My wife, of 35years, & I, have decided, after many years of discussing whether or not to tell all of them about Dad. She confided in the son & his wife. But…not the 2 daughters. It would serve no purpose. The daughter in law & I go out often; drag Brunch is a favorite. Wife is available for outings., not on a regular basis. I left a young crowd of my “fans ” when we all moved… Read more »

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