Whoever you are, you're still you

This last week I was reading about Brigitte Fell, a transsexual in Australia who is suing the police because they reveled her past to her boyfriend. This was followed shortly by an article about her violent outburst in a store.

Each time the headlines broadcasting in 20 point font that she is a transsexual, as if that explains her actions, as well grouping all transsexuals into violent woman who are insecure and constantly worry that others may ‘know’ they’re a man. In the case of the violent outburst in a store, Brigitte heard the owner and a customer laughing, and assumed they were laughing at her.

Girls, we have enough negative press from shows like Jerry Springer. The only exposure some of the world has to us is as violent, unstable, angry weirdos, who are at best sexually perverse dregs of society who make for entertaining television. As we know, this describes only a very small percentage of us (I’m going to guess about the same percentage as the general population). We need to work hard to overcome the stereotypes people have. And it doesn’t help when we reinforce them, like Brigitte recently did.

A few days ago I wrote about an Indian transsexual who is starting a talk show. She will be a positive role model for those in India.

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