I have been thinking about this for some time.

With that said, I hope to inspire and to encourage those who struggle with who they are and those who are discovering that there is more to being themselves than they realized.

To Begin.

Who are We?

Nature Day 3

Are we freaks?

Mentally ill?

Are we gay? TG?

What if we are none of these?

What if we are people who just see the world through a different lens on life?

For Myself, my body is male, but the essence of my soul is female.

Dressing is just my outward public display of who I am, of who I wish to be. It feels natural and complete.

Others may see it is a sexual exploration; a wish to see things from a female side.

Some want to explore their femininity; to wear beautiful clothes and express their female traits in the way they act.

Are any of these concepts wrong? Perverted? Sick?

I do not believe so. It is not for me to make that judgement.

God made each of us as who we are. We can be nothing less.

To be at peace with one’s self we must first accept that we do not fit society’s concept of the norm.

That it is OK to be who we are.

Many will not accept who we are, but there are always those who find a reason to dislike a group of people.

For those of you who struggle with who you are, think on this; you don’t have anything to prove.

We are not here to prove anything to anyone.

Nor do we need to try to force others to accept what we are.

You need only to learn who You are; to find peace with who you are.

Many of us struggled for years trying to figure out where we fit in.

We don’t.  We are a group unto ourselves. As many others are as well.

We are just another group of the many that make up humanity.

There are many here that have SO’s that accept who they are and have wonderful and loving relationships. They have accepted who each other is.

It is my opinion that both had to first accept who they themselves were, and then to realize that the other, regardless of how they dressed, was still the person they loved.

Do not be afraid of who you are. Accepting who you are is the first step at being at peace.

There will always be struggles in life.

I argued, I prayed, and I begged God to make me normal.

Take this stone from around my neck!

Something changed.

Peace came about me.

I understood.

This Is how God made me.

This is who I am.

I can be none other.

You see; we are who WE are.

I set my soul free upon the wind.

Travel wherever it may

Until the stars up in the heavens

Upon the ground do lay


I wrote this poem years ago,

I hope it will inspire you to believe in yourself,

In Who you are



En Femme Style





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    Catherine Lashar

    Hi. I have been CD since I was 11.Now in my 50's I finally came out to my sister who is completely supportive.I am very conservative in my dress and am looking forward to being more open about who I am.

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    2 years ago

    OMG Catherine, you have such a gift with words, you really moved me to even dig deeper into myself to find those places,.. I have hidden hurts…behind all demeaning things I have said to myself…exposing them by realizing I am not alone…finding my self wort and confidence from within myself not from outside…being able to love myself, even in a deeper way, hold my head up and look others in the eyes and love love them right where they are at, even if they label me differently…I can now now look in the mirror smile, look into those eyes looking… Read more »

    Christina Cross
    Active Member
    2 years ago

    Thank you very much for this wonderful poem. It does speak to me and my personal struggle of accepting my inner femininity that I repressed for much of my life until recently. We are not alone.

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