Just under two years ago a small but developing transgender site underwent a relaunch. The aim of the site was to offer something that was then very rare on line; acceptance, understanding and support. To do so however, Crossdresser Heaven (CDH) needed to be different. What it offered to the transgender community had to be something not offered effectively by other sites and it had to do so in a way that allowed members to feel safe, secure and, most of all, accepted.

There are many transgender sites on line and what they offer varies wildly. Some that are location-based offer an opportunity to meet like-minded people in the area for social get-togethers. Others offer a virtual world where people can chat in real time to others like them, including sites offering the opportunity for those to whom crossdressing is a fetish, or a sexual stimulant, the chance to engage in various conversations to meet their needs.

So where does Crossdresser Heaven fit into that panorama? In some ways it could be easier to say where it doesn’t fit. Because CDH is a support site what it offers is a safe refuge for those who have been abused, persecuted or ridiculed on other sites. Thus, it is not a site where sexual advances or suggestive comments are acceptable. If people want to chat to others about their sexual desires, fetishes or sexuality then there are myriad other places to do it. That’s not why I come here.

There are other sites where activists and advocates of various hues and causes like to voice their views on the virtual stage. For them, interaction with others is about pushing their own particular barrow, sometimes trying to force their views on others. CDH is a place where people can be who they wish to be, within the comfort of their own heart and mind. They don’t need to be harangued, lectured or indoctrinated. That’s also not why I come here.

Still other sites like to peddle particular political or social views, often in conjunction with specific agendas or affiliations. No-one has the right to insist that their view is the correct view and all others are wrong. More importantly, no-one has the right to infer that holding a different view or attitude is a sign of weakness or stupidity. That’s not what CDH is for.

If you want sex chat, or want to try cram your political or other views down my throat or use your belief system to convince me of the error of my ways then don’t bother. Your involvement is not welcome. There are plenty of other places for you to do that so please go find one of them, for that’s not what I come here for.

With all that in mind, why then do I come to Crossdresser Heaven? I come here to engage in a polite and respectful manner with others with similar interests. Here I can share my thoughts, feelings, aspirations and misgivings but only if it is in a way that is respectful and understanding of others. Crossdresser Heaven is here for acceptance, understanding, tolerance and friendship and I know that they are achievable goals.

Crossdresser Heaven is a safe virtual refuge for those who want to embrace who they are or for those who are just beginning to explore that aspect of their lives. The site provides support and understanding for those who might feel they can’t find it around them. Above all, here at Crossdresser Heaven we can be who we are, who we wish to be or who we aspire to be and we can do so in a safe, supportive and pleasant environment. That’s why CDH is different. What more do we need?

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  1. Sallysim 1 year ago

    Hi Jane, great article, you echo the feelings of the majority of members here. CDH is indeed a safe haven for all, it is also an informal and informative place for people to relax be who they really are and be happy with themselves and others. It is quite simply the best site of its kind anywhere. I’m only sorry that at the moment I can’t play my full part in this amazing place, hopefully my problems will be resolved soon and I’ll be back in the fold with my sisters where I belong. Thanks Jane and CDH for helping me through

  2. Georgia Lane 1 year ago

    Totally agree. There are plenty of places on the Internet for sex/porn. I love coming to CDH to act like and be treated as a lady. I can ask questions, meet new people, and just be myself. For someone like me that is still in the closet, that keeps you sane.

    Happy New Year to all! May you find that perfect look in 2017.

  3. Lesley 1 year ago

    Thank-you Jane. I too came to CDH and continue to come because of the love and support that is offered here and the wonderful articles and inspiration, like yours.

  4. ABCDEF 1 year ago

    I need your help to be crossdressing outside the home in our society

    • JaneS 1 year ago

      Join us at CDH and I am sure that you can find the help you are looking for.

  5. dynette 1 year ago

    i see that in the adds it looks to me like cd’s are not used in the pictures . I believe most are real girls . Now I know that a lot of these guys want to look like those real girls but lets be real ,very few can . I was just wondering why dont you use the dressers ,i would guess probly because they cant put forth the absolute image needed

    • JaneS 1 year ago

      Dynette it is an unfortunate reality of running a website that, unless everyone who wants to be a member is required to pay for it, site ownership relies on advertising. Most of the ads that appear on CDH are placed there by third parties as part of contractual arrangements and CDH has no say in the format of them.

      I too would love to see products marketed towards CDs having ads that feature transgender people but it’s something beyond CDH’s control.

      CDH management is working on gaining advertising that is more in tune with the aims and principles we promote.

  6. Stephanie Green 1 year ago

    Jane, thank you for your insightful comments. Because of the love and support I find at this site I was able to finally tell my wife about Stephanie after almost 30 years of marriage. I am able to share my self as Stephanie with the other girls here at CDH and it is such a beautiful feeling to present myself to others as a woman, and to be accepted as a woman. The Articles and Forums offer an unending source of encouragement and different perspectives. Women need girlfriends and here at CDH this girl has found her friends.


  7. Rosalind Christine 1 year ago

    Thank you Jane for such a wonderful article. You’re on point. Like others have said, I too feel safe, accepted, and even more special with the friends I have made. Keep up the good work and, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and all CDH staff and members.

    Hugs, Rosalind

  8. terri m 1 year ago

    One of the benefits of belonging to the TG community is meeting others like yourself. Many of us at points in our lives have felt completely alone. Crossdresser Heaven takes away that feeling. I love hearing stories from other girls thousands of miles away from me. This site is a godsend for many. Also the site is not a sex or fetish site. There are enough of them. Keep up the good work
    Terri M

  9. Kayla Jameson 1 year ago

    Thank you Jane. Your article well explains why so many of us keep coming back day after day. I appreciate you being one of our ambassadors who help keep CDH a safe site for all.

  10. Stephanie Cross 1 year ago

    Hello Jane,
    Thank you for conveying my feelings as to why I come here to CDH. Every thing I have been involved with concerning crossdressing has been on the positive side. This site in particular continues that trend and I am very greatful to be a part of such a great place where people like you can help the rest of us put into words how we feel. Having the safe feeling and support of such a wonderful group helps all of us to be better at finding our own feelings and being able to let those feelings be expressed. Some of us have withheld our feelings for so long that it can be a struggle to express them when we feel safe in doing so. It’s part of our learning and growing experience. Thank you for being here and making this contribution. I hope you had a great Christmas and that you have a good New Year.
    I hope everyone else here had a Merry Christmas and that you all have Happy New Year!

  11. Jenn 1 year ago

    Well said Jane! I often contemplate what I enjoy about coming to CDH. Initially, it seemed like such a relief and a thrill to finally tell SOMEONE about my female side! Now that it seems normal to me to converse with the ladies on this site about me being Jenn, I’ve actually found that I don’t feel the need to look at CDH daily. I enjoy emailing back and forth with a few friends, looking at new pics and articles, but the chat feature is typically not something I enjoy for long periods of time. It often ends up being conversation about normal everyday things that I can chat with anyone about en male, which is not why I’m here. I’m here to be feminine, talk about makeup, clothes, hair, breasts and all those other things I can’t talk about to anyone outside the internet. Short of becoming female, this is my opportunity to feel like myself and be beautiful.

  12. Well said Jane. I first came to CDH out of curiosity 9 months ago, but I kept coming back for the acceptance and support I received in an oft times meandering journey exploring who I really am. It’s friends like you and many others who are helping me along the way and supporting me, even when I misstep and do something foolish.

    I love you all for that.


  13. Samantha G..... 1 year ago

    Great article Jane. I think you nailed it !!
    When I first signed on here I could tell it was a decent place to be.
    I’m amazed in the short amount of time how CDH has grown
    and continues to get better. Hoping 2017 is just as great.


  14. skippy1965(Cynthia) 1 year ago

    Brava JAne! you describe well why so many of us feel like we have finally found a HOME. I am proud to call you my friend!


  15. Jillian M. 1 year ago

    You nailed it, Jane. Exactly the way I feel. I come to be able to express myself and for a little while at least, be Jillian. I only joined a week ago but feel so accepted. It’s wonderful and I love it

  16. Delbra Dawn cordry 1 year ago

    amen ! very well said love to all. and may you all reach your goals in 2017

  17. Madalaine 1 year ago

    Hi Jane I totally agree with what you have said its a very important place for me to come to. It helps me understand and come to terms with my other side and reading about others in my situation makes life much easier. if you want to reach out for help and advice there is someone here who will help and if you just want to be left alone then this is also what CDH offers.
    Thank you all

  18. Maria Darlov (KGB) 1 year ago

    I come here because I feel safe here. I’ve been to other sites, only to be bombarded by countless sexual advances, or people calling me rude names, wanting me to post nude and vulgar pictures. That’s not who I am or why I CD.
    I’ve not been here long, but I fell in love after my first visit. The ladies here have been absolutely wonderful. I have met some amazing people here who have gave me some much needed confidence. I have never been out fully dressed, but I feel that day rapidly approaching.
    Thank you CDH for everything you do.

  19. maddie whitman 1 year ago

    Hi Jane and all the lovely ladies here at c d h . I would like to start off by wishing everyone a happy holiday season, and a great new year full of wonder and excitement. Jane although i have not been here long, i have made new friends,and learned some new things. i enjoy the articles but most of all i enjoy the fact that i can be my true self,if you don’t like what i have to contribute that’s fine we are all different and that is what makes us special.anyway i feel safe here and am glad i joined keep up the great work! so to all my sisters stay strong,stay safe,and most of all i hope that we all have a wonderful 2017. HUGS Maddie, PEACE and LOVE to you ALL.

  20. Sheryl Johnstone 1 year ago

    That’s exactly why I come here too Jane, to meet lovely people like you.

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