Girl friends and wives want to know.

Why do men cross dress?

Why does my husband cross dress?

How can I make him stop cross dressing?

The unfortunate truth, is that there is no simple, one line answer to these questions. If there were, you probably wouldn't be reading this article, and the debates on this topic would be silent.

In my personal experience, the fascination with woman's clothes started when I was very young. I must have been about four years old, and I remember going to great lengths to procure and then wear my mom's nightie. My most vivid memory is as a teenager, nervously buying a pair of pantyhose from a local supermarket and then wearing them home under my pants.

I felt (and still feel) a need to wear woman's clothes, and I can't quite explain where it comes from. The media like to think of cross dressing as a sexual perversion, and so naturally they see the desire to cross dress and purely for sexual gratification. The problem with this theory is that when I (and many others) first felt the desire to cross dress I didn't know what sex was.

Many cross dressers I've asked describe the need as 'feeling more comfortable wearing woman's clothes'. This is sometimes (but not always) coupled with the desire to be seen as a woman. To not just dress like a woman, but behave like one as well, to wear make-up and otherwise pass as a woman. There are others who cross dress for sexual excitement. The need to cross dress is indeed a spectrum.

That still doesn't answer the question why do men cross dress?

Marcy proposes a few interesting answers to this questions.

One argument is that transvestism of cross-dressing is a way of offering a challenge to society's preconceptions about gender. Some men cross-dress because they are unhappy at being men. Others didn't mind the male state, but also like to put on women's clothes occasionally. Some men cross-dress simply to make a passing social or fashion statement, and some because they have emotional needs that can only be met by the comfort that wearing women's clothes gives them.

Yet the true reason why men cross dress remains somewhat of a mystery. It is intensely personal, often confusing and sometimes guilt ridden. I'm hopeful that as society grows more tolerant of diverse gender expression we will see more cross dressers and transgendered stepping forward to share their stories. Without the need to justify their behavior, and no longer shamed by society perhaps we will be better able to answer this baffling question.

Comment and let me know, I would love to hear- why do you cross dress?


  1. Brown John 12 July, 2015 at 19:29 Reply

    Now I am 47 years old straight man. The desire to wear panty and bra exist since childhood. During teenage, the objective of getting into female inner wears is mainly for masturbation. Now, sometimes I will be in complete female dress inside my male attire for the whole day before ending with a masturbation towards end of the day.
    Some views says that I turn into female to create an imaginary female to have sex with. The desire to try different type of clothes also increases, preferably newly washed clothes worn by another female and not a brand new cloth. Sometimes there is a desire to go public in female dress.
    Not sure what is the truth behind all this desires.

  2. Danielle 10 July, 2015 at 03:33 Reply

    I love to dress, love being a woman, it comes from deep inside this need and it is a very big need! But when I go out I am very passable and getting better all the time, it makes me feel so good when I get asked where did I get what I’m wearing or complimented by women how good I look. Hopefully one day we will be able to go out without worries, but if more and more of us took that step, things may change quicker than you think :) I am lucky to have the support of my girlfriend in so many ways :) But I love to be fem, it feels like its the real me coming out!

  3. Ginger 30 June, 2015 at 05:49 Reply

    I have always cross dressed for the sexual thrill of it. I am very submissive in bed and like the feeling of being sexy for a man. It gives me a very feminine feel and I seem to be treated better as a woman rather than a man. Men tend to look at you as being more pretty when made up in makeup and lingerie. As a woman even though I am not passable men still seem to be more attracted to me. It may be a shallow way of looking at things and a self esteem issue but I like it when men call me pretty and want to sleep with me

  4. Slippy 22 June, 2015 at 04:43 Reply

    For me, the desire to cross-dress comes from a feeling of ugliness as a man.

    I’ve always found women so attractive, desirable, and feel myself so undesirable, that I get great satisfaction being figuratively “on the inside, looking out from” the alternative sexuality that I admire so much. So in this respect it’s narcissism and vanity, and more of a need not to be me than to pass as a woman. (I know I can’t pass as a woman, but I still get there psychologically.)

    Plus, it’s less work than body-building, which I guess is a vanilla alternative.

  5. katie 5 May, 2015 at 08:13 Reply

    I feel more comfortable when I am wearing women’s underwear and clothing but my wife is not very excepting of my desire

  6. Brendan 26 April, 2015 at 20:18 Reply

    Though I am without any interest in wearing women’s clothes (and, most of the time, men’s clothes too), I still find the subject of transvestism fascinating.
    It has me curious to think of where such a biological phenomenon has been seen elsewhere in nature. I think of birds and how the males are generally those with the brighter and more colourful plumage as compared to females. Perhaps transvestism is an echo of our ancient relation to the avian species?

  7. Candy 26 April, 2015 at 14:53 Reply

    I love to crossdress . I am very passable as a woman. I get complemented all the time when i am out in public. The reason i crossdress is i love the way womens close feel on me . i also love to feel sexy and fem. I have never had a problem while dressed out in public.

  8. alberta 17 April, 2015 at 19:38 Reply

    Dear ‘I love it how a person should just be what they fill inside ones yourself. hell’s bell’s to all those that can’t seem to talk about a ‘guy in dress’ out at 12 noon somewhere in public anywhere. it also should be understood that the ones that hate’ just by seeing the dress on a guy. they just are not ready to mind there own bizness’ someday a major movement will happen I just hope in I am around for it. the public will be hate free in the us states Till then I’ll stay home where it’s safe. truly yours. a.k.a stick pussy.

  9. Miisty 16 April, 2015 at 19:51 Reply

    I am not a cross dresser but my by friend is i am ok with the wearing of women’s clothing but he becomes a women can you help me find a sight to get some answers?

    • Amy 16 April, 2015 at 20:28 Reply

      Hie everyone,
      As we all know,we all start out as females,then nature does its thing if we are going to be
      a Male or Female. I believe that there is a little of the “female” side is left in the male.For me,im TG,which means, transgender for the new people here.I am a M to F or a TG girl.I live my life as female,just as other females do.I am more comfortable than ever.

    • Amy 16 April, 2015 at 21:03 Reply

      For me,being TG has nothing to do with arousal or anything of the sexual turn on nature.IT JUST FEELS the way it should of been from the start.

  10. Alicia 5 April, 2015 at 03:48 Reply

    My reason for cross dressing well I always felt like a girl since I was 10 years old I always played with dolls and have tea party with my sister and her friends well one day nobody was home so I went to my sister room I found her panties and Bras once they were on OMG it felt so nice that when I knew I should have been born a girl I wanted to change my gender but my mother and father would not allow it back then it was a sin so I would take some of my sister and mom panties and Beas hide them and wear them in the woods acting like a little girl well as I got older I started buying my own women clothes I were them just about every day I also did Hormones for a year but they made me sick so I had to stop I am 56 now I feel like a woman I always wanted to feel like I will never change my men clothes are almost gone soon they will be all gone no matter what I wear I always act like a woman cause that what I am

  11. carryli servina 5 April, 2015 at 00:57 Reply

    I have 2 reasons why I dress. I prefer the feel of woman’s undergarments. And when I dress up fully (as I always have at least a bra and panties on) I enjoy the feeling of the fantasy I am someone else

  12. Steve 4 April, 2015 at 11:06 Reply

    I’m a 41 year old straight male, and yep!, I also did the pinch my mum or sister’s nighties and stuff when I was a kid. This originally started when I was about 8 years old then it stopped for a while, it then manifested again at about 13 years old. Items of clothing would go missing, it caused arguments between my two sisters.

    I kept my crossdressing to myself until I was about 36 years old and then one day I thought “f*** it” and decided to tell my family, then some of my friends, and some of my cousins. Not one of them has turned against me upon being enlightened.

    When it comes to shopping I just don’t give a rat’s what others may be thinking or saying, I’ve had a few people giving funny looks as I take my time looking at what I might be buying. There was one incident where a woman tutted and muttered to her accomplice “f***ing weirdo”, I then held the garment up against me and said “don’t you think it suits me then!”, I then called over to a shop assitant and asked what knickers would go best with it. Funny thing about this is I wasn’t actually buying for myself that day, it was Valentine’s day and I was buying for the woman that was in my life at then time. I say the ones that think crossdressing or transvestism is some kind of perveted problem are themselve’s the problem, and that’s their problem.

  13. chris 26 February, 2015 at 06:34 Reply

    Funny someone mentioned their mothers night gown. That’s the first time I remember wearing something girly. Unfortunately I’m a big hairy guy who doesn’t have the fine features to pass as a woman. I look ridiculous it’s not happening. I do sometimes put on my wife’s undies and I squeeze into a pair of heels when no one is around.
    I really wish I could dress like a young girl. I see them so pretty in their cute outfits. Sometimes I feel ripped off I wasn’t born a girl though I don’t have any homosexual feelings toward men. If I get reborn I hope to come back an attractive lesbian.

    • Amy 26 February, 2015 at 08:02 Reply

      Hie Chris,
      If your hairy,then you can shave it all and then just be careful one foods,you can do it !
      Cut out fried foods and cut the carbs,…i wish the best to you Chris,and others in the same situation…….

  14. nayomi2438 18 February, 2015 at 12:31 Reply

    Please forgive any typos, my mind just took off on this and I could not stop. Maybe its too long but it is what I feel.

    I’ve been cross dressing at some level for about 50 years. I am fortunate enough to have a loving and supportive wife that probably would love for me to dress up more than I do. How lucky am I, right? Fear of social backlash keeps me very private about my desire though we do sometimes go out with me in full dress as long as it is in a place that has a low risk of running into someone we know, places like downtown or a parks that are an hour or more from home. Nothing can explain the exhilaration of those times.

    Why do men cross dress? I hear this question about cross dressing so much. The response is usually the same old thing about there are as many different reasons as there are people. Yes there is an underlying truth to that response but I think there is something more common, more primal. The basic life cycle requires that we experience many stages of development. I also want to quickly mention that I do not believe that a cross dressers, sissy, drag queen, or trans person are the same thing. I am only talking about men that like to wear or dress up in under garments, clothing, shoes, or items that are accepted as specifically female.

    I believe after birth we, as babies sense things and learn to laugh, learn what is scary, and learn what is happy by events taking place around us. We learn to crawl then walk, we cry then talk. We develop personalities based on our experiences, the actions of people around us, and the environment we live. Our core instinct is to explore and evolve. But more primal than that, our instinct drives us to feel comfortable and protected, happy and loved. That feeling came to many children through the women in their lives.

    As we grow up it is simply natural for us to seek comfort and peace. Females often are the just the people that provide us that comfort, that peace. Perhaps it was only one particular person or many but through contact with them our comfort levels were met and our emotional needs were satisfied. This satisfaction and bond was emotionally connected and enshrouding in the essence of what made them feminine. This could manifest itself in lingerie, dresses, or whatever our exposure or perception of femininity was early in life. This was our first step to cross dressing. Putting on that garment; panties, bra, stockings, or dress was a potent moment that gave us an overpowering sense of pleasure in our souls, an epiphany. Our journey began on a road with no defined end. Every dress up moment is an attempt to experience that emotional fulfillment, that sense of pleasure so powerful that we will spend the reminder of our lives hiding, cheating, lying, or whatever it takes to have that moment again.

    It is so common to hear that cross dressing started so early in life. For many this had no sexual connection but as our bodies and hormones grew into puberty it was only natural for this connection to the female form to become a stimulating event too. There is a natural connection to ladies in underwear and sexual arousal. After all we are tactile people. Who can fault a boy if he became sexually aroused during puberty and then continue to seek comfort and happiness through dressing up as a sexual tool.

    This is my theory and I know there are always exceptions. I attribute that to every person having an individual life experience just as no two snowflakes can be identical, no two childhoods can be identical either. My belief is this explains the number of choices we cross dressers make in regards to the level of dress we seek, our choice of preferred items, and the style of cloth we prefer. What we had as choices when we borrowed from a hamper or closet or perhaps what we saw in magazines or stores when we enjoyed a fantasy moment greatly influenced how we progressed in our desires. As we continue to move through life the environment surrounding us either gave us room to grow or forced us to suppress our true selves. We all took different paths and came in contact with different people along those paths. Life thrust us into a variety of situations and we are now where we are.

    I believe in my heart and soul that so many more people are like us than we think. The shame that society has pushed on men is so emotionally damaging and hurtful to the point that I think many men are overly aggressive because they do not feel they can express themselves any other way. They hide behind the true feelings they have because expression would make them less manly. We think society frowns on the male finding joy, peace, and freedom in those things thought to be feminine but I am fairly certain that many “real men” have very sensitive feelings and would behave differently if they thought they could be accepted. My hope is that as time passes more men will accept their feelings and so will not threaten others that chose to make style choices that are not considered manly. Perhaps the inaction of those we fear will really be an admission of their own emotions and desires. What a wonderful world this could be.

    The statements in this message are to be considered my own opinion and not an official representation anyone else. I have no research data of any kind, other than my own experience, nor any formal datum to share. Actual life events may vary. If your condition persists, contact another crossdresser for support. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid prolonged exposure to narrow minded people. Keep mentally cool and stay away from dark places. Any resemblance to real persons, living or not is purely coincidental but definitely intended to be me. If you totally agree with the above opinions you’re crazier than I am. If you don’t agree that’s fine too.

  15. John 31 December, 2014 at 15:44 Reply

    I’ve worn full-cut, over-sized cotton panties BACKARDS for a bit over twenty years. Once in a while, I like to wear a camisole. I recently read someone’s theory that for SOME
    cross-dressers, they felt rejected by their mothers at a very young age because they weren’t daughters. I cannot confirm whether this theory has any basis or validity; but I can confirm the “gender rejection: experience at a very, very young age.

  16. Shell 5 December, 2014 at 19:03 Reply

    This is a question I have thought about a lot, and I would dearly love to know the answer to it. In the original article, the author comments that the “problem” is that most of us do not know what sex is when we start cross-dressing. This is absolutely true for me too. I started cross-dressing around the onset of puberty, before I had any carnal knowledge whatsoever. However, I do not think that this is at odds with the concept of transgenderism as a form of sexual expression. In fact, I think that I developed an interest in cross-dressing precisely BECAUSE I didn’t know what sex was. My young body started to desire a girl, but the closest thought my innocent mind could come up with was the idea of BEING a girl. Once that fantasy had taken hold, it stuck, and it developed, and it eventually took me all the way to a sex change. I’m rather happy as a girl now, but, after a lot of thinking, I do believe that an important part of how I ended up like this is the fact that I couldn’t possibly imagine the heterosexual sex to which my biology was inclined when I was a young adolescent. Any thoughts?

    • nayomi2438 6 December, 2014 at 03:46 Reply

      Hi Shell. As a cross dresser, I’m not so sure this would be the right place to find the answers you’re looking for. You indicate in your statement that you have transitioned which for many of us is not our desire.

      Though for many casual observers it may appear as though a transvestite and transsexual have similar activities and desires, they do not. The transvestite enjoys being wrapped in the trappings of female clothing whereas the transsexual clearly identifies completely with the opposite gender. Though it is possible that one could evolve from tranvestism to transexualism as they grow to understand more about themselves, the differences are clear. I love my dresses and nylons and being a girl but I do not want to change my gender.

      So, though we may have similarities in love for things female, one wants to dress or feel like a girl and the other wants to actually become a girl. These are two very different psychologies that have very different and diverse reasons that fuel their desires.

      I know this isn’t the answer you were looking for but I hope this gives a little insight into why you may not get that answer here.

      • Alex 12 February, 2015 at 08:17 Reply

        I am myself a 40 yr old man. I started cross dressing wearing my sister’s ballet outfits and tights. I remember loving it. Then when I was a teenager, it moved on to my mom’s and sister’s closet, and lingerie.I even stole a pair of panties from my cousin’s drawers I wore my mom’s heels and her pantyhose. I was very into it, I would buy things from the internet like dresses, high heels, stockings. I would shave my legs, and body hair, painted my nails, stuffed a bra. I loved the feeling of wearing women’s clothes. I could wear them all day every day.

        What a confusing time, and guilt ridden time it was, and still is. The fact I had to constantly hide my purchases ( I don’t know what would have happened if i got found out and didn’t want to know I was to scared and guilt ridden) but my urges was so strong. I felt so sexy in those clothes especially pantyhose. I felt more alive that way than ever. I am now married with a great wife, but I still have those urges and they are stronger than ever. I can’t wait to be alone so I can slip on in a dress and sexy heels. I plan it. Unfortunately, I can no longer shave my legs, and hair without the Inquisition, and can’t order or shop for clothes as much as i used to (by the way to all men who are afraid to go shop, just go and enjoy one around you cares, and if they do so what? Its awesome to feel that freedom to shop for sexy clothes and shoes in the store without the shame. I even got a really nice lady to help me pick the right pantyhose for my shape the other day) and gotta keep my wardrobe to a minimum, because I know this would not end well if my wife found out or maybe not, but I am not ready to come out about it yet. I love my wife and child, but I am so torn and confused. Inside I feel that uncontrollable urge (trust me I tried to keep it in check for several yrs). I feel so alive when i wear sexy clothes. I’m alone and wearing them right now as I write.

        The confusion is when i see women wearing those clothes, I find myself wanting them for me, but also what it would feel to be them,not necessarily the model on the page but just an average woman and be able to walk around a store even dressed in a beautiful skirt and nice heels without shame and wandering eyes. I have conquered the shopping, but I have not conquered the public part, especially since I am a larger “girl”

        When I am ready to come out, what would be your advice people about who to talk to first? Come out to my therapist and then get pointers on how to come out to the wife, or tell wife first?

        Help !!!!

        • Nayomi 12 February, 2015 at 19:10 Reply


          Welcome! I understand your feeling of confusion. Everyone has times in their lives when there is doubt or questions of one thing or another. The first thing is you have to accept your behavior. You must know that this is who you are and will always be. Knowing this you must decide how strong your relationship is with your wife and what she can accept of your desire to dress up. If you are unsure you could introduce small things into your activities like suggesting a movie that portrays cross dressing and listen for her comments. Maybe you could accidentally channel surf to Ru Paul’s Drag Race and see how she reacts. If you have a drag show in your area maybe you could mention going to a show on date night.

          Without knowing your relationship and how you express yourself it could be dangerous to suggest a specific course of action. If you do have a therapist, my best advice for you is to approach them with this question.

          Whatever you decide please be gentle and sensitive to her feelings and do not overwhelm her With your needs. Take baby steps and listen for clues and answer her questions honestly. There are forums that provide advice and help with exactly this issue. Look for the keywords Laura’s and playground for one such site.

          I wish you so much success in your journey. My wish for all of us is to be blessed with a loving and accepting wife as I have been. Fear of her accepting me scared me too but her comments and openess to people of alternative lifestyle choices convinced me she could accept the other me. I listened for her comments to shows or movies and introduced me wearing panties into our sexual activities. This progressed to pantyhose under my regular clothes as our special secret. Now its all out fem from head to toe. Stockings, garters, bras, skirts and dresses, wigs, makeup, earrings, and shoes. OMG the shoes. We shop together for everything and then get dressed to go out on the town together. She is my best girlfriend, friend, and supporter.

          Good luck,


        • Bobbylee 13 February, 2015 at 05:15 Reply

          If you value your marriage you should not tell her, let her find out for herself. Wife’s always think that you betrayed them by not telling them before you got married. Then its all about the “Lies”, She will say you lied about it and kept it a secret from her.

          Most wife’s will pack up and leave. Also think about all your friends, and boss and employee’s that if they found out, 98% of them will disown you, You may even get fired. Your life as you know it will be gone and you will have to start your life over brand new making friends as your girlie self.

          I know all about this because I am now a sissy girl that was found out and I dont have any of my friends that I once had. I dress as a girl every day, 24/7 and only have people that know I’m a sissy for friends now.

          • Nayomi 14 February, 2015 at 11:13

            Wow! You sound so angry. I feel so badly for your situation. Perhaps you feel compelled to share and there are some of us that will listen with compassion but giving advice in such and emotional state may not be the best thing to do. This is root of our problem – prejudice and false assumptions.

            I believe your are having a difficult time and feel hurt by the reaction of people you know. I am truly sorry that you journey led down that path. My many friends and I have not had the same expiriences. Every one of our lives is different and our relationships are too. We must all decide what is best for us and those around us. I agree that there are some situations where the people around you are not open to new or different ways of thinking and disclosure could have negative results. I can’t say what is right or wrong for another person.

            Support groups exist for us if you look for them. I hope you can find a way to put joy back into your life so you to can help someone be the beautiful person we all want to be.

  17. nikki 25 November, 2014 at 21:43 Reply

    I’ve been crossdressing on and off for 35 years. Yes it doesn’t seem like it ever goes away. Most always in secret. I’ve seem to been through it all…acceptance, purge, excitement, guilt, disgust, sexual, comfortable, rollplay, maybe bi, all not necessarily in that order.
    Its very hard to explain and probably can’t be on this media site alone. Communication, love and acceptance is the key…..and did I say honesty…especially on the CD…..!
    The best time I’ve had as a CD was when my wife, at the time, was searching for something to wear to bed….Trying to help her I suggested a few things…She said I’d look better in that one… Maybe a one time thing for her….but I still remember that night 30 years ago….maybe I should have been more honest…..?
    Its different for different CDs…but it doesn’t mean you’re necessarily gay!

  18. gary bock 13 September, 2014 at 21:50 Reply

    I am 60 yo. and have been crossdressing since my wife died 8 years ago but have as far as I can remember always had a pantie fetish. I have met a 62 yo lady that cleans my house and found my secret but never let on. I came out to her the other day and told her I was a crossdresser, but loved women and their bodies. She is completly ok with it. I dont go out in public dressed and want to keep my dressing private. She KNOWS that I am a BI male, that makes a woman feel like a woman in bed, and can sit and talk to her as a woman, but do all the manly things that she needs done.. My wife would have never have understood my wanting to dress, but this lady sees no harm in it.

    • Nayomi 16 August, 2014 at 12:44 Reply

      Begin with joy! Do what makes you feel happy. Accept whatever your personnel truth is and just allow yourself time to be whisked away in happiness. Whether your crossdressing is stealth panties under your work clothing or complete transformation, allow joy into your life.

    • Bobbylee 5 January, 2015 at 07:02 Reply

      The best way to begin is to get some panties and a bra and wear them under your regular clothes. That will make you feel feminine inside. Then gradually add more, like find girls clothes that looks like it could be boys, but are not.

      Gloria Vanderbilt jeans in white, black or blue jean color could be unisex and they stretch at the waist for more comfort. Buy button down girls shirts and even some of their cotton tops can be unisex too. Then buy trouser socks in a plain color or if your feeling bold buy in a print. You can also buy girls slip on shoes with a low heel then some guys sandals look like a girls sandal too.

      That’s all it takes to get use to wearing girls clothes in public. Try to blend in wearing what girls your own age are wearing today, Maybe wear a girls belt or carry a small clutch purse in black. Most of the people today have seen enough guys wearing girls clothes that most dont really care.

      Then when your at home really girly yourself up in a dress and heels. I guarantee just wearing panties and a bra all day will get you excited enough at first. Drop me a note anytime and I will help you out.

  19. Mark 27 June, 2014 at 14:52 Reply

    I’m a 48 year old hetero male who has recently started crossdressing. It started with doing my toenails a couple of months ago and has progressed from there. I’m not in a relationship right now and it’s been a few months. I’ve thought a lot about this and I’ve come up with 3 theories… First, even tho I’m a very outwardly masculine male, I believe that due to my age, my testosterone levels are lowering and basically I guess I’m turning into a woman. LOL. Second, when I say crossdress, I mean mostly sleep items like comfy robes, big fuzzy slippers, and short sleep shorts. I can’t really see myself taking it any further than that, like actually wearing dresses or hosiery or whatever. But I have to say, as much as I hate shopping for clothes for myself, every purchase I’ve made of womens items has been a friggin’ hit! Perfect fit, and super comfortable as most womens clothes are. Probably because I’ve had to research womens sizing. And last, as weird as this may sound, it makes me feel not so alone. Part of having a girlfriend is getting to see all of that stuff. The way they smell, their soft clothes, their pretty toenails with the white tips… I guess it’s just a way to keep those aspects in my life. I’m pretty honest with myself and very introspective, and I know other men who do this have totally different motivations, but these really are mine and they don’t have anything to do with wanting to secretly be in a homosexual relationship or anything like that. And I will say that when I do find myself in another relationship, I wouldn’t have some need to keep dressing like that. So as soon as I can meet another woman who isn’t totally self medicating or drinking themselves to death, this hobby will be over!

    • Nayomi 29 June, 2014 at 02:53 Reply

      Ha ha ha ha! Stop kidding yourslef. Once you’ve crossed the line and find comfort in your “crossdressing” (wink), you are done. Much like any addiction, you will always think about it and you may talk yourself down but you will find it is not simply a hobby that is over. Most inportant thing to remeber here is that whatever the reason (or whatever you want convince yourself is the reason) there is nothing wrong with it. It is completely a social view and reaction that makes no sense. Girls can wear men’s whatever they want and no one blinks but a man in panties, pink slippers, or a skirt makes people faint.

      Forget your excuses and just do what feels good, enjoy, and have fun with it!

      • Mark 29 June, 2014 at 03:26 Reply

        Not really trying to kid myself… Was seriously just trying to figure out these feelings and offer my opinion. But thank you for your input (wink). I especially appreciate you letting me know what I will eventually be feeling and doing. Saves me a lot of time. You should start your own psychic hotline or something. I do agree however that while there is a huge stigma attached to men wearing womens clothing, there’s nothing really wrong with it. Although it would take an extraoridinarily understanding spouse or girlfriend to accept it… Thanks again.

        • nayomi2438 29 June, 2014 at 04:09 Reply

          Good luck! Those extraordinary ladies are out there. My wife is my number one cheerleader as well the significant others of many of my friends. Stay positive and be honest with whomever you choose and it will develope.

      • Jeff 9 July, 2014 at 22:12 Reply

        Thats true , I cant stop it gets more intence and always makes me feel like a attrctive women , boobs is all I want for now.

    • misscdlee 14 September, 2014 at 05:03 Reply

      Hello. my name is Bobby and I have been cding since 5yrs old and now in my early 60’s and I like you started out with just a few pieces of clothing, but over time I kept adding more to make thy experience more exciting. I am totally dressing as a girl everyday now. I am not gay and have never wanted to be with anyone except for females. Being gay doesn’t have anything to do with being a xdresser.
      And as far as meeting a girl and saying you will stop, it is harder to stop than you may think, It will always be in the back of your mind and even tho you will stop doing it for awhile and enjoy the new life with a girl, you will again someday begin doing it again.

      • Bobbylee 5 January, 2015 at 06:51 Reply

        I agree on the “never goes away” Guys just getting into xdressing today, think they can stop doing it all together, but we both know that it will never happen.

        I tried to stop after I started dating girls b/c I felt so guilty dressing and pleasuring my self and not wanting to do it with my girl. I even purged everything I had and thot that would help. but I eventually started thinking bout it again, then having to sneak around in my girls bedroom when I went to their bathroom, checking her dresser for something silky to put inside my trousers. Sometimes stealing some of her painties or borrowing a slip to wear when I got home, then washing everything and taking them back the next time I dated her.

        It was the rush of excitement of getting away with it that finally turned me on. And I started dating lots of girls just so I could get some free lingerie. I thot then that I was in heaven. As I grew older I bot my own lingerie and kept it, even if I had to lock it away in the attic to use when I could. Just knowing it was up there got me excited.

        Now retired, and girl I live with still works, so I dress all day long and some when she is home too. It sometimes excites me so much that I cant get my dresses on fast enough till I went on my panties.


  20. Amy 21 May, 2014 at 11:05 Reply

    I believe the reason that males like to wear female clothing is this :we all start out as FEMALE,and we grow,we become male or female before birth.And i think there is some female DNA left behind as female.So the urge is there.Some act on it some dont,in fear of name calling. “Live your life the way you want,you only have once chance at it:”.

  21. Amy 21 May, 2014 at 11:02 Reply

    Hey misscdlee,
    I also have ONLY female known clothing.And i do wear my “girl” clothes to work,play,etc…I live as a female 24/7. Just a normal day for me to wear skirt bra and a cute top,where ever i may be….

  22. SallyJ 21 May, 2014 at 08:21 Reply

    It was the best thing of all to tell my wife.

    I don’t have a secret desire to crossdress, except for places like work etc. because it is still a sensitive subject for me but also other people.

    Physically I am most obviously male…. although that is changing, because of possible gynecomastia and now obvious breasts.
    All my underwear I bought in the women’s section of the stores. At home I usually wear clothes from there, too, and often they are clothes my wife has helped pick out. I like to wear clothing that accentuates femininity. I love skirts and sometimes wish I was a different shape.

    But I can’t see myself having a relationship with anybody but my wife.

  23. PebbleB 20 May, 2014 at 13:32 Reply

    I have been cross dressing since I was a boy my family was poor 5 sisters and me so I wore the hand me downs at home on the farm .Then one day an older boyfriend of 1 of my sisters came I was home alone he said I was more prettier than my sister and started kissing me I loved it and now 50 + years later sitting here writing this in pink Bra and soft lacy panties I am still happy that I am a Man who loves men that like cross dressing guys

  24. pixie 26 November, 2013 at 08:48 Reply

    i’m a heterosexual cismale who crossdresses privately as a sexual fetish. i hope i don’t offend any trans* folk posting here: i’ve never felt like a girl trapped in a boy’s body, i just fantasize about the idea of being dressed as a girl, made to look like a girl – usually against my will – by an authoritative woman or women.

    For me, panties have been emblematic of sex and feminine sensuality for as long as i can remember. One-piece girls’ swimsuits were the first thing i fetishized, and even as a boy, while other boys fantasized about having sex with a girl, i fantasized about wearing her swimsuit. When i was finally given the opportunity, discovering a girl’s swimsuit in a bathroom at summer camp (i accidentally went into the wrong restroom; it was night-time and the signs were badly faded), i immediately tried it on, and was hooked for life. It was an intensely sensual feeling, and the taboo aspect only heightened my arousal.

    As for panties, i can remember seeing the movie “Weird Science” on TV. When Wyatt emerged from his bedroom after having sex with LeBrock’s character Lisa, wearing her tiny blue panties, i thought “That’s _exactly_ what i would have done!” When i was old enough, the first time i went to a strip club, i had purchased a cheap pair of cotton panties at Target and put them on under my pants. They didn’t feel particularly different from my normal underwear, but the knowledge that i was only a layer of fabric away from the exotic dancer discovering i was wearing panties added to the stimulation i received from her lapdance.

    As time went on and my humiliation fetish became deeper and more dominant over my other sexual fantasies, the thought of being forced to wear panties, or tights, or a girls’ swimsuit, or other skintight feminine clothing bloomed into a full-fledged desire to be dressed entirely as a girl (i’ve become very fond of pleated schoolgirl skirts). When i discovered the existence of “traps” – boys who can pass as a girl under most inspection (sorry for the offensive term, i first discovered their existence on a chan board) – i knew what i wanted to be (at least in my fantasies).

    It’s not that i feel more comfortable as a girl (though i would love to explore that lifestyle), so i don’t consider myself transgender; my desire is entirely based in sexual fantasy and on sexual stimulation. My most frequently recurring fantasy is that of being raised by a sexually dominant lesbian couple who decide to raise me as a girl, and all the situations that arise as a result of that.

    i’ve never found a partner who i felt comfortable revealing my fetish to. The closest i’ve come was admitting that i have a humiliation fetish. i would love to be able to tell a girlfriend about my desire and experiment with it with her, but i’d be afraid that she would be turned off (to say the very least).

  25. Cherry 19 November, 2013 at 04:21 Reply

    I cross dress because I feel I am a woman sometimes, and my ass becomes a pussy. Mmm… I am waist down only and am a nasty submissive slut.

  26. Bobby 10 November, 2013 at 13:16 Reply

    You can’t make him stop cross dressing. Once a guy feels the excitement of wearing girls clothes, he is hooked and will never stop. He could slow down a little and try to stop, but the urge will always be there.

    So stop trying to make him stop dressing and support his diseased mind. Or leave him, its your choice.

  27. janelle 16 October, 2013 at 21:02 Reply

    for me it started at an early age… i would dress up in my step moms clothing and my step sisters clothing… when i first learnt about masterbation i was still into cross dressing… so for some reason i got into the sexual gratification to it… at the end of the day now being 23 i would say it has made me very confused… now im asking myself am i doing this because i have a gender identity issue? or if im just a cross dresser who gets off on dressing up… its very confusing… i often talk to girls about it and tell them i want to go out dressed up in public but have yet to still do it… and i still like to dress up and get off to it so it makes it very confusing… hard to have a relationship… and i feel often very guilty… any one been through this and maybe have a bit of adivce where they are at with it?

    • Nayomi 17 October, 2013 at 17:27 Reply

      You are not alone. I sense your anxiety and doubt and confusion. This is not something you need to feel badly about. You only need a friend to help you decide your path. Let me know if you want a hand to hold as you take these steps toward your future.

    • misscdleeBobby 28 February, 2014 at 05:17 Reply

      Most everyone feels the same way you do. Many throw all their clothes out thinking if they dont have any they will stop, then the urge come back and we start buying or taking clothes again. Just enjoy what you like, there is nothing wrong with doing it. And if you find a girl that doesn’t mind you doing it then cherish her for ever, b/c she will be a great mentor for all your cross dressing questions.

  28. Alicia 6 October, 2013 at 05:08 Reply

    well i been cross dressing since i was 10 years old when one day i was playing in my sister room i was going thru her dresser i found her bras and panties so i tryed them on they felt so good i took 2 bra and panties she look for a long time but as i got older i stopped for a long time i dont know one day i was looking at a girly mag women look so beautiful and checking out the clothes i started wearing my wifes panties i was wearing them to work now it all i can think about so i told my wife i was wearing her panties at first it was for great sex so much better but then i wanted to become a women i started on hormones she was ok with it she started buying me my own panties and bras what ever i needed to be female i was never interested in men but when i was on hormones i started being interested in men still to this day i have went to bed with men and i like it and always will now my wifes know i sleep with men and is ok with it i just have to use a motel now i dress 90% of the time to me i am a woman not a male one other thing when i am dressed i have no stress it helps me relax enjoy life

    • dorthy 8 October, 2013 at 09:14 Reply

      we cant win either way either we cant please u or we cant pleaseourselfes and family my family doesnt accept that the clothes have control over me it brings so much pleasure

    • shu an 27 February, 2014 at 21:33 Reply

      Alicia, that is so inspiring. Did i see you at the Esprit Gala last year? I hope it was you, I was so taken with the dancing.

      • Nayomi 25 April, 2014 at 16:12 Reply

        You should be happy always. The only way to reach that goal is to tell your partner. You will never let this side of yourself go. You can hide it for a while but the urge will overcome you and you’re relationship will be one of secrets and hidden desires. Better to tell her sooner rather than later if you want an honest, healthy, and happy life together.

      • misscdlee 21 May, 2014 at 08:40 Reply

        you should try to tell your girl friend. It makes it easier to dress when you want ans once they know, most times they except it better and allow you to buy your own clothes to be female. A girl can really help you the best, b/c they are a girl and understand what we need.

  29. dorthy 28 September, 2013 at 01:26 Reply

    me a li personal i used to go on web cam my wife knew we had so freinds who watched us seperatly and liked us both but now she is totaly against it becuse of religion i think i have done didldoes on there and fantazied i didnt start out that way i guess the web cab brought me to it i loved have guys who knew and guys who didnt know whatch us i have gone in there to girls who watch us and then if they hid from us go in drag and get back if they wasnt accpening us being in her room i dont go out public i think what drove be to sexual fantasies is not being able to be with wife if she would been more accpting but she kinda was allways a little against it it has seprated physically but we stay toghter because of kids

  30. Blake 27 September, 2013 at 16:23 Reply

    to Lianne,
    95% of guy that like to wear womens clothing are straight.MOST guys like to dress like a female but are afraid to admit it thinking their MACHO-ness is called into question.Its does not make him gay.Women,and yourself crossdress everyday,and it ok….WHY ? Why CANT guys dress how they like.Its a sexist view on guys.Just think of the fun the both of you could have once you understand his view.You to could go shopping together,get nails done,shop for shoes or skirts and bra’s and so on.Just be open minded.

    • Lianne 27 September, 2013 at 18:20 Reply

      Im not saying hes wearing it…im just trying to figure out information behind him watching men in womens clothing. but not being gay or dressing himself in the stuff. im not saying guys cant do those things. its just a personal preference that Im not sure I would like my man to. not saything anything wrong with it, but whos to say its something that I would like for myself in my man. …just putting it out there to get information.

      • sexy maid 28 September, 2013 at 04:45 Reply

        if ur sexual bring it up have fun who know what kinda sex hes into i like toys both u can have fun tease him accidentally see where it goes its allmost halloween makes sure to spend alot time prettending for out fit for you then say your gonna put it on

      • dorthy 7 October, 2013 at 23:50 Reply

        the only way u find out is if u confront him u make the rules set the boundries of what ur comfterable i live with my wife she has seen me in it she wasnt confterable we tried a dildo in sex in me while we had sex she didnt like me dressing up so we went to differnt rooms i am only allowed to wear it in my room

    • dorthy 28 September, 2013 at 01:18 Reply

      i misunderstood u girls who dress in men cloths r items that are allredy acceptable so that is not fair arguement i am crossdresser but slacks and jeans r acceptable now a days because of probably women movement if u wanna dress dont worry about what others think and do it later inday like dark i have gone to gas stations by my clothes as guy tried them on in female store i bought some short shorts mini and tried them on i tried to buy a dress once as a guy this website has got me more nerve i am still more guy though i personally dont want to ruin my kids life while they r in school i would like to puss issue and get errings but it offfends them they know i have clothes even my daughter takes some of my clothes cause we close in size is it wrong to try her high school prom stuff cause i cant buy that stuff

    • Nayomi 8 October, 2013 at 10:34 Reply

      Is it that men like to dress like females or is it that men like the feel of the fabrics from which female clothing is made? Is it the association of sheer fabulous fabrics are considered very sexy and some men want to feel sexy? Is it because they relationship between beauty and erotic is in the female form and that is what some men want to feel?

      I believe we all have our own reasons for wanting to put on beautiful clothes . . . Why can’t others simply accept that and view it for what it is – clothing! We should be free to choose anything we want to wear.

      Guys there is nothing gay, straight, or anything in between; it is a choice like anything else. Some like Brussels sprouts, beets, or okra and some people don’t. I would never get a tattoo but others do it all the time. Just live your life with what makes you happy as long as you do not hurt or force anyone else to do something against their will.

      • dorthy 8 October, 2013 at 13:57 Reply

        i am a crossdresser who needs it in my my life it controls me i wear size 9 panties so not to big but i am bigger heavier i never have been with a guy my spose no longer likes that i dress

      • dorthy 17 October, 2013 at 14:25 Reply

        for me its both but it started with the feel of the clothes and mynot being able to talk to women i think women have more power because it seams like they r the wons who pick now a days guys aint in control anymore

  31. Lianne 27 September, 2013 at 12:42 Reply

    I know this is an old thread but I just fell on it. I have been dating a very sweet for what I know very straight man for almost 3 years. and just in the last month we have become exclusive. I was in his apartment the other day making dinner for us before he got out of work and brought out his laptop as I always do and as he gave me permission to do when I needed to use it at his house. I opened up Youtube webpage to put on some sitcom episodes to watch while making dinner (NO CABLE) and when opening the page there was a user ID still signed in. It was kind of cryptic but I went up to the menu to hit log off to go under my account but glanced down and saw a huge history of crossdresser clips! I almost fainted, Ive asked him if he liked porn because im a very sexual person and he kinda shrugged it off and said he mostly liked pictures, which I have seen the folder on his pc…all females in variations of lingerie or yoga pants which are his favorite. But these were all of men in full cross dress or leggings dancing all sexy like. I really don’t know what to make of this. He has always been in very masculine jobs and shows no signs of being homo sexual (until now) I don’t know what to make of any of it…and are incredibly nervous to confront him about it. But I don’t want to get 10 years down the line and have some unexpected surprise…Are there like underground of heterosexual males that just like to look and not act….because if he likes to act….I don’t believe I can get by that. Im a very open person but hate to admit I may not be able to work past that attraction wise.

  32. Victoria Sanderson 22 September, 2013 at 03:23 Reply

    I’m 48 and I’ve been dressing since I was about 8 years old and all I can remember at the time was thinking “Why are my Mothers clothes much nicer than mine?”
    During my teenage years I started to ‘borrow’ my sisters clothes and would rush home from school, so that I could get changed and spend a few hours dressed and parade in front of the mirror. At the time it was more of a fetish thing (schoolgirl uniforms), but as I grew into my early twenties I wanted to look more feminine and so started to discreetly buy dresses and underwear, trying make-up on for the first time and really liking the results.
    So since then I’ve accepted who I am and enjoy being Victoria. I have recently come out to a friend who loves seeing Victoria has much as I enjoy being her. It involves me dressing in my French Maids uniform, also my Sissy outfit and then doing a fashion parade for her, which gives me a great vibe. She buys me little things and helps with make-up tips and we have a lot of fun together.

  33. Blake 16 September, 2013 at 11:05 Reply

    to Danielle,
    Just do it.Get dressed like you do and go out,it will make you feel a hell of a lot better,trust me,its wonderful

  34. Dannielle 16 September, 2013 at 02:09 Reply

    I started cross dressing when I was 21, I think the woman inside me was there, and never really addressed it. I would experiment with dresses my mother had and never wore too often. Then it was lipstick, and then foundation and lipstick (and remembering how intoxicating the scent of lavender took me in, along with the shades of lavender on my lips…), then the wig, and dresses followed. I never realized the serenity I would have. Yet, being out as Dannielle, has not happened yet. There is some shame that I am worried about. Would be nice if there were more women living in my neighborhood, rather than the divorced males who have a one track mind, and would harass me or worse hurt me as Dannielle.

    I love what Dannielle does for me, the release, and want to be naughty (and I am……I admit it, and she enjoys it).

    I think the worst part of Dannielle is trying to think you can turn her on like the Television, when realistically the wig, make-up, nails and dressing up isn’t so instant……it takes time to create the masterpiece that Dannielle should be. I just forget, and in a rush, the mascara runs, the eyeshadow winds up on my fingers, and the dress sometimes.

    I would just like to be Dannielle forever, so that planning her days would be a natural act, and not one built on a whim.

    That may happen, or it may happen in another lifetime.

    Maybe I will be lucky, and then maybe not…

  35. Blake 12 September, 2013 at 19:33 Reply

    Hi Amber,
    I have a question,if you saw him dressed from the begining of your relationship,would you of wanted a relationhip with him ? Like i’ve said in past writings here,I only have womens clothes,
    no guy clothes at all.I dress the way i do everyday in a skirt,
    just seem like the way it should be.For me,it has nothing to do
    with arousal.ALOT of guys do this.

  36. Amber 12 September, 2013 at 19:06 Reply

    I’ve recently discovered some things about my boyfriend. We’ve been together five years, we’ve just moved in together and are expecting a baby boy in a few short months. My boyfriend comes from a family very different than mine, much more eccentric. I know about his families eccentricities but its one of those out of site out of mind type deals for me.
    A month ago I found a pair of black stockings on the bed post and asked him about it. Cheating never being considered. We have a very good and very faithful relationship. He tried to pass it off and say it is nothing but eventually admitted to them being his and him wearing them though not very often. He could not really explain why other than he has some issues to work through and I dropped it in the agreement he would work through it.
    Not long after I found books on the kindle about men dressing in women’s clothing and their women basically dominating them and asked and he was again played it off as nothing. Then the other nite on the computers history I came across some cross dressing porn. Some including women but still others that were just men in women’s clothing. I asked him about it and he’s tried to okay it off as nothing and I get upset.
    I’ve tried to bring it up again and we’ve talked about it a little saying he doesn’t do it often, it’s just a fantasy, a kink, and not a lifestyle he wants. He’s afraid of me leaving and breaking up the family, though I will admit I need some time to understand I don’t want to break up our family. I am just really confused ad to why he does this. What does this do for him? It seems like it is escalating rather than becoming less often and I’m worried eventually it will be full blown and be a lifestyle and its just not something I can accept. He insists its not and says he’ll stop it altogether, but I don’t know for sure that its not. My mother had a friend whose husband began this way and eventually he did cross dressing full blown, all the time, and went as far as an operation. How do I know this is all its ever going to be??? I won’t ask him to stop. That’s not fair and hiding it isn’t going to make it better. It’s not healthy to just ignore it, but I can’t be with a man like that. I can’t look at him the same way. I’m not strong enough too, especially now with these pregnancy hormones. I just need a little advice. This isn’t an easy topic and I’m having a very hard time keeping calm about it.

    Thank you..

  37. Blake 26 August, 2013 at 15:32 Reply

    to Rosie,
    Im the same way you are and many guys feel the way you do in female clothes.I’d rather wear womens clothes,which i do,i have no male known clothes,all female.And it is calming or soothing to wear.Do you have much body hair ? Shave it all.Arm pits and all.That helps lessen the male thing.For me,i dont care what people say,and when they do say,usually from women,its 99% positive.Its the “afraid of it male” and mr. macho guy that will say “oh god,he’s got to be gay” he is ignorant,(which means ‘lack of knowledge’)little does he know it has NOTHING
    to do with gender preference.My logic with this subject is,
    I dont want to be old and grey and say ‘i wish could of,should of’ and so on,THEN it is to late.So Rosie,just do it.You will get support from the people you meet this way,and you will meet alot of cool females,they are interested and find it intriguing.
    Society has people brainwashed from birth on.When a baby is born,if it is female,we give her a dolly,if a boy,we give him a truck.WHY ? Little girls are taught from a very early age to learn how to take care of a BABY,boys have to learn how to build and make things and create and etc… SO UNFAIR…see what i am meaning ? You can do it,once you go out as a female, you will love it and have a different look at life.!
    Take care Rosie

  38. Josie Romero 26 August, 2013 at 10:28 Reply

    I am 49 years old, & I’ve been cross dressing since I was 5. I really never knew why I started putting on my sister’s clothes. All I can remember is that I felt better & more comfortable. All these years I could not stand to look at me. I hated everything about me. The only time that I felt good was when I was wearing female clothes. I thought that by getting married these feelings would go away, but I was wrong. These feelings are stronger than ever. The only reason that I have not dressed in women’s clothes is the fear of getting caught & I look like Klinger. I would have sold my soul to have more of a feminine body, but I am cursed with a lot of body hair & a deep male voice. The only thing I can do is when having sex with my wife, I fantasize that I am a female having sex with a male. It kind of sucks, but it’s all I have. Not that many people know about this. I am just coming to terms with it now.

    • Nayomi 26 August, 2013 at 16:41 Reply

      I pray you find a way to share your other self with someone. There is no better feeling than to be dressed and hugged too. Also if you think you are hairy, remember that hair removal is very much a masculine thing these days so you can at least do that and fly under the radar. As far as your shape, have been to the mall lately? Women come in all shapes and sizes. How you present yourself is more about attitude and posture than body type and hair. I hope you are able to make some small changes and feel better. Good luck.


  39. Jenice 16 August, 2013 at 18:47 Reply

    I recently met this man he was always looking at me and when a friend of ours got us together the first thing Josh said was I do not want to hurt you but I cross dress. I am not gay,I just like dressing like a woman. He said when he saw me he like me. I am open to this because he was honest with me. However alot of other baggage comes along. Women have hurt him so he said he has to be careful and go slow because he has to be the better woman then they were. He is a carpenter by trade. I am a very femme female curvy etc. I want to have a relationship with him and can handle it. He fears what people will say. His past woman were druggies etc that type and I am a independant woman has a good job and home. We are both middle aged he has no children no ever has been married. I have a grown child have been married. He runs hot and cold on me. What are your thoughts?

    • Nayomi 16 August, 2013 at 20:33 Reply

      I think this straight forward. First forget about the crossdressing. The real question is if he makes you happy as a person. Is he right for you? If not, let him go for that reason. If you feel happy and love him then accept him and his desire to share your clothing. The CD part has nothing to do with the foundation of your relationship. My bride of 35 years married me and the other me is a bonus! Without Nayomi we would still love and respect each other and that is the priority. With Nayomi there is a special dynamic in the relationship and helps me understand her better and she has fun sharing things with me that most men would not show interest in like shopping or going to the spa and picking the right color shoes to go with a blouse.

      Ultimately you must be a little selfish and ask yourself if you are happy with him before you can accept her too.

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  43. Stephanie wantsi 13 July, 2013 at 02:25 Reply

    I love t crossdress and fantasize being sexually abused by a guy it’s the sexual turn on an the thought of be slutty and having a bar full of men and women look at me like the slut I wanna be my orgasms are incredible !!!!!

  44. Nayomi 12 July, 2013 at 11:26 Reply

    The story hits the nail on the head, too many reasons and each unique as the individual. I fit into many of the categories but I think the most profound for me is the fact that I love women. I love everything that women seem to have the freedom to do. Think about the fact that two women walking arm in arm together in public is acceptable. They can be emotional whenever it hits them. Women have the freedom to just simply dance even if there is no music. If a girl wears a man’s shirt, pants, boxers, shoes, or any other article of clothing, so what? None of these would draw any real attention or serious judgment in a public setting. Now let’s reverse the gender. Things would definitely change . . .

    So you see I just love everything female. That includes the beauty, the choice of fabrics, colors, and numerous options in clothing, hair, and makeup. Being a girl can be exciting, evolving, and just plain sexy. Your look and attitude can change in an instant by a simply change in the way you wear your hair. We guys pretty much are expected to be reserved and limited in clothing choices; pretty much pants, shorts, long sleeve or short sleeved shirt, Tees or tanks, shoe, loafer, sneaker, or sandal – done. Woman have pencil, full, short, bell, A-line, pleated, circle ballerina, maxi and on and on, Dresses come in Shirtwaist, Sheath, Jumper or Pinafore, Sundress, LBD (my personal fave), Evening Gowns, Ball gowns, Dinner dress, all can be long, medium, short and in too many colors and fabrics to mention; okay I’ll stop now- I think I’ve made that point.

    Now for hairstyles? No i’ll behave. But I hope you see my reason. For me this is the fun and exciting thing ever. A woman’s closet never ends because a girl can’t be seen in the same outfit twice, can she? My wife loves it because she knows I understand her and we fight to be the first to find a shoe sale. If only we were the same size . . .

  45. Blake 12 July, 2013 at 08:11 Reply

    to WREN,
    Maybe you should start casually say when you see a female with a nice outfit on “hey,see that girl with the______ on,doent that look nice,i would like to wear what she i wearing” he what her reaction is.You have to be true to yourself,and your wife..I ONLY wear female known clothing,24/7 and i feel the same as you.Im not gay,i just LOVE womens clothes..



  46. stephanie 11 July, 2013 at 08:37 Reply

    My boyfriend is a passable cd. We had been dating about four months before he came out and told me. I tried not to freak out although i mostly wanted to just leave him at first. Now i find myself having fun shopping with him and giving him makeup tips..we even went to a cd event. I love turning him on and i love how excited he getswhen dressed. We even have guys over occassionally for play night. But i know after talking to him that forced feminization is what really turns him on…i just dont know how to go about it…any suggestions? I know he would love to be my slave 24/7 but i still need some vanilla normalcy in my life

  47. candy 8 July, 2013 at 17:07 Reply

    Very interesting reading the whys’ and whens and whos of cding.

    I’m a mature crossdresser who came out to his wife 20 years ago. This was a highly exciting / fearful event. She was very excited about it in the beginning and did my make up and shopped with me. We would have Girls Night and have fun dancing and drinking and she would try to treat me like a lady. Not her specialty though. She had had a few lesbian encounters in her younger years, and was the aggressor. So she’s very attractive and fun, but doesn’t really know how to treat me like the lady I feel I have inside of me.

    After a few rather terrible arguments about nothing, she began to ridicule me and accuse me of wanting a relationship with another man. I actually do fantasize about having a soft and tender relationship with another CD. I actually have met another CD and played for hours, eventually leading to oral sex. I became very excited about this encounter. I did not have an orgasm, but did give this mid 20’s CD quite a night.

    It’s cheating, I cheated, I admit that, but I will never hurt her or our children by releasing this to her. And I am perfectly comfortable with it. I am struggling with wanting to do it again, as I felt totally like I was with another “female” i.e. a lesbian encounter.

    I truthfully can say I know that my wife has cheated on me . . . I don’t feel that by making that mistake I should persecute her, neither of us can undo misdeeds, and infidelity is one of the biggest violations of marriage. I don’t have all the answers, but I am so excited by the thought of me with another CD, having a fun romantic time together, that it consumes an unbelievable amount of my time.

    The thought of another gurl’s totally stockinged, dressed, made-up and looking lovely as women are to us, who long to feel that attractiveness, spins my mind into a total passion to play with her/him.

    For those self righteous individuals who are responding to pain or circumstances that ruined relationships, you may have your verbal way with me, but I am just beginning to love my femaleness to the point that I want to explore the sexual side with another TV or CD.

    Hate me admonish me, point your fingers at me, but I know who I am and what I want, and I want to fully explore my CD lesbianism. I love the sexual excitement and the sex.



    • stephanie 11 July, 2013 at 08:10 Reply

      Hey Candy,
      Have you considered letting your wife join in on the fun? Maybe she wouldnt mind being with you and another Cd?
      My bf is a cd and i do the same go shopping,go out dancing…but we have play night once and awhile and have a “boyfriend” over. What you gurls have to understand is us woman came into the relationship knowing your a guy and when your dressed up we dont see you as a girl but rather a guy dressed in drag.

  48. Julie 3 July, 2013 at 22:01 Reply

    Men wear women’s clothes to attract other men. They can make all the excuses they want but that’s what it boils down to.

    I’m a shemale and I encourage my men to start wearing female clothes for the same reason, to make them want and be wanted by other men – to attract more men for me.

    Strength in numbers, I suppose. I guess that’s some women like men who cross dress.

  49. raph 25 June, 2013 at 16:45 Reply

    The urge to dress en femme has always been irresistible. When I first risked a skirt, it was absolutely right and skirts have been a passion ever since. However, times with female clothes used to end with everything discarded, leaving a feeling of remorse. More recently, with the urge stronger than ever, I indulged my desire with no turning back – and I’ve never felt happier or more at peace with myself. Able to make things myself, I am proud to have created a small wardrobe of lined pencil skirts in tough velvet, a material with which I am absolutely besotted. I have also made a couple of velvet knee-lenght sleeveless dresses and a full length lined velvet skirt. Pencil skirts only feel right when sliding over tights and heels, with transformation completed by one of a number of a long-sleeved, low neck tops. A day now rarely passes without dressing to exhilarate, feeling totally natural, seeing myself as I have always wanted to see myself. Wonderful! Dressing in women’s clothes is ultimately fulfilling. It has certainly changed my life for the better – and probably for good.

  50. Blake 18 June, 2013 at 16:41 Reply

    to Kay,
    Sorry to hear your situation.Honesty should from the very begining.I guess i am the exception to the rule.But i think
    it should be 50/50 when in a relationship.For me,having my g/f
    to feel good as me is important,or else it wont be as good for us BOTH.I am honest right from the start.But when you see me,it speaks for itself and theres nothing to hide,like i said before,i only wear girl clothes,and i get many comments of the outfit i am wearing.i do believe that women have far better choice of clothing.I love most of it… but hey,this is me.
    Hope the best for ya !

  51. kay 12 June, 2013 at 18:40 Reply

    well allan I guess you didn’t take the time to read my response properly.Fear Won, I think not when I was still there working on the relationship 5 years after cd came out, but I learnt people who are capable of deceit to fulfil their own needs are capable of lying about anything and everything after all they have been doing it and getting away with it over a long period of think it is acceptable because you have got some sexual issue society isn’t ready for yet so that excuses living a life of dishonesty.Bullshit their are plenty of us living with issues in life but we don’t take from others their freedom of choice to be with the person they want and lead their life of rights were STOLEN because he had NO BALLS.But as long as you men get what you want sexually who gives a shit about the woman.SAME OLD SAME OLD if you ask me been going on for think their rights are above womens.

  52. kay 12 June, 2013 at 05:23 Reply

    married to a cross dresser unknowingly for 25 of our 30 year marriage, I left 5 years after finding out, not because of the cross dressing, but because of the deceit, and felt that the initial dishonesty of not telling who you really are takes away the other persons choice as to whether they want to deal with this or not.And with that level of dishonesty you will question what kind of relationship you really had with something that big kept hidden,it definitely won’t turn out to be what you thought you just got another guy with issues using you as his prop because he hasn’tgot the balls to be his true self.

    • Alan Saunders 12 June, 2013 at 09:31 Reply

      Kay. It is the greatest fear to come forward and admit. Yes he lied and hid this. All you did when he came forward was to say bye! Fear proven! If you actually loved him before you would have tried to help and understand the whole thing. Discussion helps a closed door does not. 5 years ago? Why is this still an issue? Need somone to blame. Move on it’s time to let goor forgive.

      • JPL 12 June, 2013 at 10:36 Reply


        In response to Kay’s situation… How about this, If HE actually LOVED her(love is NOT unhealthy and deceiptful co dependence!), he would not have LIED to her for 25 years! Seriously. He manipulated her, hid who he was and what was important to him in order to keep her around for whatever reason, and then he springs this on her after 25 years! Really now? He robbed her of her entire adult LIFETIME with his deceptions. That is just cowardly, rude and selfish. If you read her messsage again, she STAYED WITH HIM for 5 years after he told her. Trust is not a priveledge, it is earned. It was the systematic 25 years of dishonesty that killed the relationship not his crossdressing per se. All of you secret crossdressers hiding the truth from your partners, Please take a lesson on ethics and integrity and courage. Your fear is your problem, your lying is your problem and then you victimize your unwitting partner for your own selfish needs. UGH!! My crossdressing partner when we first dated did not tell me. He chose to end our relationship after a very short time of dating because he did not want to lie to me, like he had to other women in the past. He did not know how to tell me the truth.(We are both mature adults in our 40’s) We remained friends, then out of the blue less than a year after we stopped dating, he told me the truth about his love of crossdressing. We became closer friends, and then began to date eachother again, with all of the cards on the table. I love my crossdresser and he loved me enough to give me the truth about his fears and his reasons for crossdressing to the best of his own ability to understand. As many of you know, you might not have all of the answers as to why you like to crossdress. I also love it that my partner shares with me his confusion and shows me all of the true aspects of who he is and what is important to him. Lying to and keeping secrets from your parter is simply WRONG.There is no acceptable excuse for it. Particularly something as important as this. Sounds to me like Kay has moved on, but has given the crossdressing community some sound and valid advice to be honest from the beginning. I don’t know what it is like to be lied to by a partner for 25 years, but I would think it would NOT be easy to come to terms with and just flipantly “move on” without some time for healing etc. Good for you Kay, you have set healthly boundaries!

    • wren 11 July, 2013 at 22:56 Reply

      Hello kay i wish i knew how to tell my wife i crossdress without getting a divorce you see i love my wife. Crossdressing for me makes me feel like a person, no i’m not gay, and i dont try to be a women, it help me feel good about myself, and forget about my day.

  53. April 8 June, 2013 at 13:55 Reply

    I have been crossdressing since I was maybe 7 or 8 years old. I remember watching a movie with a lady putting on stockings and for some reason it looked fun. As I have read here it is not always a sexual thing because I too had no idea what sex was back then. The first time I orgasmed is when I may have been about 11 or 12 by pulling the leg of a pair of pantyhose hose over my penis and rubbing it. I had no idea what came out but I knew it felt good. I have been hooked ever since. It is such a tension and stress reliever. Putting on a nylon slip with Leggs Sheer Energy on my legs. Using another slip to masturbate with. I am content with just those items but if circumstances were right, it would be great to have someone dress me all the way with dress, makeup and wig.
    Although over the years I have fantasized about being with a shemale or another crossdresser, I am always dressed up as well as the other person I would be with. Usually after orgasm all of those thoughts disappear until the next time I feel the urge. Wife loves when we dress together for our fun times.

  54. Blake 2 June, 2013 at 10:57 Reply

    I completely agree with that Alan….thats my attitude towards it all ! But i live my life 24/7 in womens clothes,just being the regular my and i dont look at it as a sexual thing,nothing to do with it really and yes,even work,tho i tone it down a bit.But for the most part how i live my life ! Rock on Alan

  55. Alan 2 June, 2013 at 10:21 Reply

    I went through the same stages pre teens, although I am not a full CDer there is still that “thrill?”
    However I am constantly in heels and a member of HHPlace, we promote men in heels as a fashion not as a fetish or a CD forum! add also hose and skirts for those that dare ;). Many wives/girlfriends can’t handle it, some come to terms some set them.
    Why do we have this interest? who knows? a bit of history when young or higher fem gene mix?
    For us from HHP it’s about confidence in what you do and who you are, boy mode, girl mode or mixed (androgen)it doesn’t matter we just ask for a society to accept without issue, I feel it is more hidden than is believed like an iceberg, just society limits us to either one or the other and not crossover or admitting anything, ie staying in the closet.

    Be at peace with yourself and regards

  56. Jim 31 May, 2013 at 09:34 Reply

    I like to crossdress simply because it is fun to try these sexy heel shoes, colorful dresses, to feel the softness of stockings on my skin. At times I wish I were a female simply because they can play with a wide range of clothes, make-up, hairdoes, nail polish, that must be so much fun! us men have such BORING possibilities of dressing and grooming…

  57. Chris 30 May, 2013 at 09:59 Reply

    To answer this blog is author, its not mystery. IT has everything to do with certain chemicals in your brain. You use dressing as woman as method to release these hormones. They give you pleasure and good feeling. If they wouldn’t you wouldn’t be dressing as woman. But for someone that doesn’t dress they would use other methods to get these same feelings. Since verything about ourselfs is learned behavior so humans tend to experiment with various things, those that can cause good feelings we tend to continue doing them rather than those that make us feel bad. Now I would like to say that I do think some men actually dress as method to beat them selves up with it, as form of self harm, but that is by product of truma that has probably resulted in child hood and might come to the surface later, but ic could also be adult life truma. Majority of reason I would think reading through most of these post are physiological ones rather than biological ones.

    • Victoria 30 May, 2013 at 17:21 Reply

      To agree with Chris…yes, even the thought of dressing as a woman releases an incredible “something” that is exciting and wonderful. Sometimes I even start having an increased heartbeat with the excitement. Then once dressed, it’s the satisfaction of the new creation…the new person. It’s more about how I FEEL, than how I look. The feeling is impossible to describe to someone who has never dressed as a woman. I love it and the more I do it the more I want to be dressed as a woman more than not.

  58. Blake 18 May, 2013 at 11:31 Reply

    hey Todd,
    You are so correct about the skirt location in store,does make
    ya think.Wear your skirt anywhere you please…I wear mine 7
    days a week.(I have many skirts) Where ever i go; work,store,
    mall etc….i dont care what people say AND most,about 99% of women i that talk to TELL me that they like my skirt,that they like to see a guys wear a skirt.

    • Todd 18 May, 2013 at 10:03 Reply

      i say why do we have to call it any thing clothing is clothing and only called male or female because people label it that way if you take a sexy skirt and put it in the mens section of the store and put a label that says mens wear then would that make a woman who buys it a crossdresser? or would the man be the crossdresser? hmmm makes ya wonder dont it? i just put on what ever i feel like wearing in the house as i have only been out a few times at night only in the car as i think i would be hung where i live if i went out wearing a skirt….. but any way we all should be able to wear what we want when we want with out a label man or woman all labels are is a way for some one to be degraded………..

  59. Blake 17 May, 2013 at 11:15 Reply

    Wish there was a different name to wear the clothes that you want to wear than calling it “crossdressing”…..never liked that word,sounds like freaky mental disease,which it isnt,since girls do it EVERYDAY

  60. Blake 17 May, 2013 at 11:12 Reply

    to Divina,
    Alot of guys feel that way Divina.And yes,i have had that thought as well.Do you dress the way you do because it makes you feel better ? For me,i dress the way i do because it feels like its the WAY it should be.I only have girl/female clothes.And im not embarrassed or anything saying that. Nothing wrong with what your feeling.At least your not hiding it…

  61. stick pussy" adam 17 May, 2013 at 11:10 Reply


  62. Blake 6 May, 2013 at 09:09 Reply

    to BAL
    Its ok to wear female known clothing,Just because a certian gender wears the opposite sex clothes,that doesnt mean they are gay or straight.Im straight and I wear only female clothes,no matter where i am or where i go.Just a normal life to me

    • Jessica 11 May, 2013 at 08:08 Reply

      Hi, I am not judging you, I am bisexual so no harm done. And neither am i being sarcastic merely morbidly Curious. I know dressing like a woman doesn’t mean your gay and there are a lot of answers to this question depending on whom you go to but why do YOU cross dress? just your opinion. Thank you very much and good luck in the future :) x

  63. BAL 6 May, 2013 at 05:44 Reply

    i cross dress because i get relieved from stress. i just do only wen i get stressed. Am not gay. Am a straight man.

  64. Blake 22 April, 2013 at 16:38 Reply

    To Rachel,
    Im a little confused here,an earlier post you left you said
    “I’m not a crossdresser” dated April 22nd 2013.So are you or not
    a crossdresser ?

  65. Blake 22 April, 2013 at 16:29 Reply

    Kinda hard to say if there is more to it….maybe its just his
    thing he is into.Most guys wear girl known clothes because they are comfortable,cute and stylish,and not have to be a sexual

  66. Blake 22 April, 2013 at 11:02 Reply

    To Rachel,
    Sounds like he could be bi.Wearing womens clothing has nothing to do with sexual preference,but there always an exception to the rule

    • Rachel 22 April, 2013 at 13:09 Reply

      I think he is as well but he wants to be woman while he does this so I’m trying to help him be a woman I mean do I simply go shopping with him for clothes or is there more to it again no clue

  67. Rachel 22 April, 2013 at 09:44 Reply

    Hi I really hope I’m not bothering anyone by asking this but I do need help. I’m not a cross dresser but my friend just told me he wants to be so he can be with a man to see what he wants. I’m all for help no clue how to go about any advice would be awesome thanks

  68. Blake 12 April, 2013 at 19:08 Reply

    to Bruce,
    I dont think there is anything wrong with a PERSON wanting to feel pretty.I still believe that when a male is born,they will still have some of the female DNA make-up left in them…but im not a doc,but thats what think is why

  69. Bruce 12 April, 2013 at 18:18 Reply

    I’m 54 and first memories of desire to wear mom’s clothes are some of my earliest. I used to sneak an opportunity (like if she left them on the floor in the bathroom – I had privacy in the bathroom – slip them on, it felt so nice to feel pretty. That “wasn’t for boys”, so you had to sneak it. As I got older, but still no sexual aspect, probably 8-10 maybe even 12, I would have more alone time to feel “pretty”. I started to want to try a bikini bathing suit as I went through puberty, but by then was looking at myself like a sexual thing and knew it was fantasy and I would look stupid so I didn’t – to this day I still have that desire.

    I like my alone time (I’m alone in panties and a dress right now) and I just like feeling pretty. I show on cam (on websites that are accepting) and its nice (not all that sexual) just having a few that can find me pretty too.

    So all you psychology nerds – have your way. I’m a freak with a mommy fetish who wants to be pretty, but is a man. But, you know what? I don’t go public, and any future partner is going to accept me or take a hike, this is me and who I am. Did I men tion that I am the third of 3 brothers and my parents REALLY wanted a girl. All my baby pictures are in pink (this was way before the time of knowing in advance)

  70. Blake 7 April, 2013 at 16:22 Reply

    To Stacey,
    Do you think he was pressured to be in a relationship by others ?
    Just for the heck of it,try telling him or asking him if you were to bring a guy into your relationship would he be ok with it.See how he reponds to that.(Not saying you are going to but curious)
    Outside of that,doesnt sound like a promising future…from what ya say

  71. Ginger 7 April, 2013 at 06:46 Reply

    I like to dress up because it makes me feel sexy. I enjoy feeling like a woman and with a man being a woman. I think it has something to do with the feeling of being subserviant, growing up in an age where men were the dominant ones. Being bisexual, I have always dated more dominant men and women, and seem to let them take charge of our relationship. Men like to see other men dressed to treat them as sex objects, and I like that feeling. Maybe I like it because it is when it is the time I am treated as a sex object. I just know when I am wearing makeup, sexy underwear, and a nice dress my heartt races a little faster and I just feel like it is what I am meant to be.

    For those women on here whose boyfriends tell them they are not gay (or at least bi) they are lying to not only you but themselves as well. The feeling of being like a woman, the state of mind where you want men to look at you as being sexy, is done at least in part to become a sissy. If they say they aren’t interested in men, put a man in front of them and see what happens. Guarantee they will discover their true sexuality

  72. Bruce 7 April, 2013 at 04:43 Reply

    I also have had the impulse to wear girls clothes from an early age. At first it was curosity, then it was for the feel as I got older. I am comfortable as a man, and don’t desire to be a woman., but wearing a skirt, especially as a man, feels great. I recently bought a kilt and my wife didn’t mind me wearing it to the store and I felt such freedom and fell in love with my wife for allowing me this pleasure and not fussing over it. I recently bought a bra to wear and wear it daily. My wife even helped me pick it out. For her, she doesn’t like fixing her hair so she shaves it bald daily and looks awesome. She also doesn’t like wearing dresses and wears pants almost all the time. I have no problem with that either. She is all woman and I am all man and we enjoy having relations on a regular basis. It’s the best of all worlds and no one knows about our desires except for her bald head and when I wear my kilt out. I now want an earring and am thinking about getting both ears pierced, still working on getting my wife to agree to that one…lol.

  73. Blake 6 April, 2013 at 19:22 Reply

    With that added info maybe you are right.Or maybe he is bi.
    Has he ever been in the military ? How did he like gym when
    in high school during looker room time.Just curious

    • Stacey 6 April, 2013 at 21:03 Reply

      He said he never hid at locker er time, he never looks at me if I’m naked, he always wants to make a date to f***, bc he takes Viagra, then he said I was fat, he likes flat chested girls w no breasts at all, I’m full figured know n he won’t touch me, he will go down on me but he’s tired after five min n doesn’t want anything in return?

  74. Blake 6 April, 2013 at 14:03 Reply

    To Stacey,
    Thats a tough one to figure out.Maybe it is just “his” thing.
    Maybe he fantasizes and puts his self in the place of the guy he is watching in the video ? Thats the only thing i could think of.
    (For me,i dress the way i do every day of the week,just regular attire for me.)Just talk to him and what kind of vibe a get.

    • Stacey 6 April, 2013 at 16:44 Reply

      The pics were of him dressed with captions like fag boy, panty boy, and he likes role playing w toys like he was giving oral on a man, I don’t know, I’ve asked him and he gets very defensive, everything he does outside of cd involves men example works in a prison, he’s in a motorcycle club n he only likes to be around men, all of his exes cheated on him due to lack of sex n then they eventually left, which I see why, he comes up w every excuse in the book why he can’t have sex, I’m just thinking he’s gay trying to keep it hidden?

  75. Stacey 6 April, 2013 at 12:12 Reply

    My boyfriend told me he was a cd, we cd together then it turned into an every weekend thing. No sex unless he was dressed , when questioned he said it turns him on, n before we cd together we went months with out sex, then I found pic suggesting he was gay, he always wants to be alone then I can tell when I get home that he was dressed by of the left over nail polish etc, he says he’s not gay but he can’t sustain an erection if we’re having regular sex, if he’s dressed he’s fine n we are usually watching straight men masturbate on the Internet, n he’s watching the guy rather then paying attention to me, I think he’s gay? What are your opinion?

    • Johnnie 6 April, 2013 at 19:25 Reply

      Wow, sounds like your BF is way deep into the fantasy of being a sissy slut. So, how do you (as a female) accommodate someone like this? First off, dress him up. Real girly like. Lock his high heels on his feet. Get a strap-on, and make him give it a blow job, and then tie him up and gag him (with your used panties of course!)Then take him anally. Then lock him into a chastity device and you hold the keys! He will be “owned” by you!!

  76. a girlfriend 31 March, 2013 at 23:39 Reply

    Author: gerald
    Comment: “a girlfriend”, and Rebecca C., I have always loved the aspect of CD’ing, and I am 100% heterosexual. I really don’t think I could “pass”, and don’t know if I have the guts to try. My wife suspects, and for now all she knows is that I have an enormous collection of panties with some other shape wear, tights, and such things like that. As for oral preferences, we don’t usually do oral, but that’s just us. I like giving ok, but after years of marriage, we don’t do that often. As far as you girl’s concern of sexual orientation, I may CD privately, but not as often as I would like since I must suppress it from my wife. I have no desire to touch another male, period. I think about sex with other women every minute or whenever I see a good looking woman, whichever comes first. So, keep repeating, that CD’ing may not be a normal/mainstream thing, but it is not something to be feared. Try to have fun with it, I think your man will give back more than you think.

    Thank you Gerald.
    The thing is that i cant see if he wants to enjoy and share CDs sexual part with me. I decided to try to take first steps and he went to buy some new stuff and i asked him to let me put a make up on his face and we took bunch of pictures. I really tried to make him look like a woman. And when i asked him a question if he is going to take the pictures and please himself(if know what i mean) once he is alone(on a trip),he didn’t seem convinced saying no. When i asked him why would you do so if now you have me and i am opened to try?, he answered that all his life he was alone and didn’t share it with anyone and got used to the rituals of cross-dressing and ending up by masturbating while looking at himself. It got me really thinking. Why would he want to do so if he has me to share it with? Unless he gets excited by looking at himself looking like women and there is no room for me. I cant understand when cross-dressing what is going on in CDs mind, do you guys want to be liked by your girlfriends or you just do it to like yourselves and its the same if having sex with yourself, by yourself. Or was he right saying that he used to do so that’s why he doesn’t know how its going to be………May be he knows perfectly well that he gets excited by seeing himself dressed like a woman and not that he wants to be liked by me and its just that he cant tell me that. I am completely confused. I wouldn’t want him to cross-dress and then secretly somewhere alone masturbate on his own pictures. When he told me about his CD l that i didn’t run away because thought if its something what makes him exited then it should be not an issue to live and enjoy and decided to try to understand and let him put his fantasies in to reality. But I see its not that all simple . What I thought was that when cross-dressing a man has just different appearance but inside stays the same, he still sees me as his girlfriend that he wants and loves and sexually attracted. But I am afraid that something is changing in him at this moment.

    • Gerald 10 April, 2013 at 07:35 Reply

      “a girlfriend”,
      My perspective is that I started young as enjoying spandex/silk/nylon etc…I have always liked the compression aspect of shapewear, tights,
      leotards. Tights by the way provide an interesting sensation. Try this, put on a pair of sheer energy, or shiny tights, and run your
      finger tips along your leg. That tingly feeling is the attraction.
      Also, the smoothness you feel when you rub your legs together is
      what I like; I have enjoyed sleeping in pantyhose. However, lately
      I have decided that I am just envious of women’s fashion in general
      and just simply feel like enjoying it and want to go ahead and do the
      whole makeover experience. I need to seek out a professional or
      some other CD/TV/TG with experience; and no, that is not a request
      for others here; as I already have a couple of choices in mind.
      I don’t know what to say about him pleasuring himself while looking
      at himself. As for myself, when I am somewhat dressed, I still look
      like a guy in a dress; yikes! I suppose, the full treatment of makeup, hair removal, wig, nails, shape wear, along with the correct
      dress/attire could achieve at least a better look, but we will see.
      So, even if I had a picture of myself dressed, I would still whip
      out the porn mags, because gosh darn it, the female form is hypnotically sexy. Yes, when I dress, to the extent that I do,
      I still feel male inside; and, I have a possible contact who is a
      CD/TV/TG, and as a male I find “her” attractive. I find myself wanting to meet that “girl”. Even though, I know she is a he, that’s it, I would just want to meet, socialize, have fun getting makeover tips from “her”, but that would be the extent of it. It would be just for fun. I really can’t say what your man REALLY thinks inside, or what other levels of detail he is suppressing.
      The basic thing for me, which I think I said previously, is
      some guys are attracted to all the things that girls get to employ
      in their look, and are envious in some way. Of course, you girls
      would say walk a mile their shoes, and try living as a girl full time. I don’t have any desire to do this, but have considered how much effort it would take to shave, nails, hair, makeup, diet to
      keep a slim shape, and doing all that while having to do grocery
      shopping, run errands, and, lastly, doing that in 100 degree summer
      heat all the while having keep your pantyhose pulled up! Whew!
      You girls may look good, but you really do have to work at it, and
      as a guy, I really appreciate all the genetic girls out there.

  77. Blake 30 March, 2013 at 23:10 Reply

    to Be Honest,
    I dont dress for a sexual reason,(like ive said in the past)i only have female known clothes,i dress the way i do because it feels like the way it should it be,for me

  78. Be Honest 30 March, 2013 at 08:36 Reply

    The truth of the matter is its a mystery only because the cross dressers arent Honest about it. They do it for sexual satisfaction.. They dont want to be thought of as perverted so they simply Lie.

    Its lies that cause confusion and people will lie until the end to hide thier own shame.

  79. Blake 29 March, 2013 at 19:28 Reply

    To Gerald,
    I love everything you said.Ive said that for years.Try looking for womens LEVI’S 518 “super low stretch”. They dont sit low as you think.They will form to your butt really good.When i was wearing girl jeans,(I haven’t worn pants in yrs)but i would wear them alot,and i swear to them.Go to a “GOODWILL” or that type of store.They have them.And fit better than new ! ………

  80. Blake 27 March, 2013 at 11:07 Reply

    I totally agree with Victoria said…….Very hard to explain,and hard to explain it to myself,but i like it

  81. a girlfriend 26 March, 2013 at 20:56 Reply

    Hi,my boyfriend told me he is a CD.He says he likes to put on women’s clothes for sexual pleasure. This is very new to me and i am very confused. He says he is straight and he loves me and finds me attractive. I am quite attractive and feminine women and in my past I had feeling that all the men were with me mostly because of physical attractiveness and didn’t bother to know my personality. But in this relationship this is very different for me and i don’t know what to think. I am quite used to the idea that my appearance is my main asset and for me sexual part of the relationship is very important. I wouldn’t mind him CD just for comfort or just because he is in to women’s clothes but i am concerned about his sexual desires. Please help me. I want to know if CDs do so coz they want to be us and in the future there is a big chance that he will be wanting to cross-dress most of the time. And i also want to understand, when guys crossdress how does it make them excited? Is it they get excited by the idea that they look like women and they desire themselves or they still want their partners even though they crossdress.Can a CD get excited by their partner while Crossdressed or is it just about them and they can be satisfied by pleasing themselves without even including a partner. Please help me to understand what will be my sexual life like with a CD,will i be able to feel myself as a women desired by a man or all he needs is to be liked as a woman? I love him and I feel that he really loves me and the reason he opened up is just because he wants to be honest and fully happy with me. But if with time he won’t even see an attractive women in me and wont desire me I will not be able to go on.I am afraid if I let things progress that might go too far…..

    • Victoria 27 March, 2013 at 05:46 Reply

      A girlfriend:
      To answer you question, he will ALWAYS see an attractive woman in you. Actually crossdressing he will notice you even more…your shoes, your earrings, how you look in a dress. He will notice you more because he enjoys wearing the same things you do. Crossdressing gives us a “tingly” feeling…something impossible to explain. It is exciting and sexually stimulating. My wife loves it because we have sex more often that ever before. She sees me as a beautiful woman and a hansome man. I think if you shop with him, try on heels with him, really get into it together it will bring you closer and closer.

      • a girlfriend 27 March, 2013 at 19:57 Reply

        Thank you Victoria!
        I need to listen to CDs to understand better what will be my life like as a woman. We talk about it every night coz he is afraid that i will not be able to take it.He knows that being able to fully satisfy his needs is important for me as for him to satisfy me.And i am worried that when crossdressed he will not want me but will desire himself. I just want to understand when cross-dressing the excitement comes from me liking him or him liking himself? This is what my head is occupied with. He is worried but he doesn’t know himself what he will feel while cross dressed infront of me, because i am the first person (not only a first gfriend) he ever opened. At the same time i have curiosity to dress him up, to put a makeup because i know lots of tricks how to look good. But i am afraid that once he is CDed he will be busy with himself. Thank you very much Victoria and please all the CDs who see my story, write your comments and suggestions. Really need to know better and more. Thank you!!!

    • gerald 30 March, 2013 at 07:00 Reply

      “a girlfriend”, this is all as I understand things:
      the cd,tv,tg spectrum is confusing. you need to first have your
      guy explain which category he fits into. if it is simply CD/TV for
      fun, then you shouldn’t worry. I think the TG category is the one to
      watch out for, because, as I understand it, TG people may feel the need to transition to female. CD’s only want to play, and TV want to play, but may also want to be more public. my desires are in the cd/tv range. I’m afraid i only ever only look like a man in a dress, but would like to play the part and pass for the fun of it.
      I think tv’s want to do more publicly, than the cd types. at least,
      that’s the distinction i have read about.

  82. a girlfriend 26 March, 2013 at 20:35 Reply

    Hi,my boyfriend told me he is a CD.He says he likes to put on women’s clothes for sexual pleasure. This is very new to me and i am very confused. He says he is straight and he loves me and finds me attractive. I am quite attractive and feminine women and in my past I had feeling that all the men were with me mostly because of physical attractiveness and didn’t bother to know my personality. But in this relationship this is very different for me and i don’t know what to think. I am quite used to the idea that my appearance is my main asset and for me sexual part of the relationship is very important. I wouldn’t mind him CD just for comfort or just because he is in to women’s clothes but i am concerned about his sexual desires. Please help me. I want to know if CDs do so coz they want to be us and in the future there is a big chance that he will be wanting to cross-dress most of the time. And i also want to understand, when guys crossdress how does it make them excited? Is it they get excited by the idea that they look like women and they desire themselves or they still want their partners even though they crossdress.Can a CD get excited by their partner while Crossdressed or is it just about them and they can be satisfied by pleasing themselves without even including a partner. Please help me to understand what will be my sexual life like with a CD,will i be able to feel myself as a women desired by a man or all he needs is to be liked as a woman? I love him and I feel that he really loves me and the reason he opened up is just because he wants to be honest and fully happy with me. But if with time he won’t even see an attractive women in me and wont desire me I will not be able to go on.I am afraid if I let things progress that might go too far…..

    • gerald 30 March, 2013 at 06:25 Reply

      “a girlfriend”, and Rebecca C., I have always loved the aspect of CD’ing, and I am 100% heterosexual. I really don’t think I could “pass”, and don’t know if I have the guts to try. My wife suspects, and for now all she knows is that I have an enormous collection of panties with some other shape wear, tights, and such things like that. As for oral preferences, we don’t usually do oral, but that’s
      just us. I like giving ok, but after years of marriage, we don’t
      do that often. As far as you girl’s concern of sexual orientation,
      I may CD privately, but not as often as I would like since I must
      suppress it from my wife. I have no desire to touch another male, period. I think about sex with other women every minute or whenever I see a good looking woman, whichever comes first. So, keep repeating, that CD’ing may not be a normal/mainstream thing, but it is not something to be feared. Try to have fun with it, I think your man will give back more than you think.

  83. Blake 23 March, 2013 at 10:56 Reply

    95% of guys that wear womens clothes are straight.Most gay guys will not wear any item of female,but there are the exceptions.What
    a guy wears does not mean he is gay,thats what most people think
    of guys that do.I get more POSITIVE compliments wearing female clothes than i did when i WAS wearing guy clothing

  84. Rebecca Clifford 23 March, 2013 at 01:00 Reply

    I’m grateful that there’s a forum for this discussion. I love my boyfriend dearly and I suspect he is a cross dresser. Does anybody have any thoughts on sexual preferences common to men who CD? Specifically oral preferences, I realize it’s likely that it differs among individuals, just curious as my bf loves receiving but after two years has yet to reciprocate.

    • WantingtobeVictoria 23 March, 2013 at 05:43 Reply

      My girlfriend loves me being dressed up as a hot woman…it turns her on. She loves me giving…looking down and fantasizing about a woman. I think she has had thoughts of what it would be like with another woman, and now I can come close to fulfilling that for her. We always reciprocate!

    • Todd 23 March, 2013 at 07:35 Reply

      Rebecca i dont think that you can say there is a sexual preference and label it with a person who likes to wear a skirt( i hate being called a crossdresser)so people just dont like to do oral. my wife and i enjoy sex together every which way it can be done.

  85. Blake 17 March, 2013 at 11:41 Reply

    To Jenny
    I agree with you on just about all you said,but,for me,its not really about the sexual side,i dress the way i do because i feel “right” or the way it should be for me.And plus,its fun to dress girly.That’s why girls like to shop because there are sooooooo many cute outfits that girls can come up with and such a choice of styles(as i do).Guys dont understand that part of it.I only wear female clothes,i do get alot of comments from girls,98% positive.

  86. FNewt 9 March, 2013 at 16:10 Reply

    I consider myself a CD but I don’t try to look like a woman while doing it I just put on women’s nightgowns to walk around the house in because I find it comfortable and very free and loose material. I love wearing women’s panties with these nightgowns. I live alone so I never have to worry about getting caught or coming out to someone. Outside of this I’m a man’s man but I’ve come to accept what I do and I no longer try to keep myself from acting on it.

    • J.E.Conroy 10 March, 2013 at 10:55 Reply

      I am a woman and a close male friend of mine has just come out to me as a CD. I am having trouble accepting him as the same him. He has tried to explain the CD to me and your response on this site seemed to be the closest to his perspective for me, and so if I asked you for some help understanding this behavior or at least the direction I should be looking I could use the help. He carries on about how he loves the slik and satin and how vital this part of him truly is yada yada yada. Huh??? SO OK, I have a pair of old Levis that I love, I have a soft old hoodie sweatshirt that is broken in just perfectly and that I love, etc…BUT these are just scraps of manish clothing. They are not sexual in any way, and if I love love love the fabric great, I could have a denim dress made or hoodie material pajamas made but those items would just be ME with those garments on my frame or me with certain fabrics placed upon me…like…so what. I can’t imagine how or why a wider pink shirt with a peplum hem as opoosed to a yellow more narrow shirt makes any difference about my character, my life or anything else. I feel the same about designer labels (a grey pencil skirt of a certain fabric and cut with an Anne Taylor tag will look exactly the same as that same garment without an Anne Taylor tag – just get over it!!). For anyone to be that wrapped up in what shape, or fabric or genderstyle of clothing they are wearing is so vain and is like ridicuous so why is this so important to my friend and if it is also so shameful and silly, then just STOP and how can any of this nonsense be connected to the sexual self doesn’t make sense- for example: If I am feeling sexy…naked is of course better than any clothing at all, and if I am going to use clothes for a few moments but as help, not the source. If I feel like gardening I dont go put on silk lingerie. Clothing is not the source of the feeling, if it is anything it is maybe assistance. However, if it makes you feel badly than I cant see how it is even assistance. So, any thoughts or answers you might have for me would be helpful, I enjoy his friendship but I do realize that if I cannot reconcile these issues I will not be able to remain friends with him because I see these issues as so singular & small and yet so shameful and silly, Thank you.

      • Jenny 16 March, 2013 at 14:07 Reply

        It’s very complicated. You need to talk more to your mate but its about feeling femanim even if just for a short while. It’s a form of escapism from the male roles we have to play during our normal times. Men’s clothing is rather drab compared to women’s clothing. I love to feel pretty and loved by my wife, who known for 10 years. Yes there is a sexual element to it but its something your friend can’t change or needs to change. Embrace him and it, I bet it took a lot of nerve to tell you, go shopping with him, buy him some make up or clothes, let him dress and be himself, there is no harm in it, and its society’s fault for creating negative aspects to it.

        • Wantingtobevictoria 17 March, 2013 at 19:20 Reply

          Jenny: I have to say you are right on. My girlfriend is so into me as a woman and that makes it so great for both of us. She actually understands the tingly feeling I get when I am dressed up. I look in her eyes and I see love, acceptance and excitement. Could it be any greater than that. We have not taken this out in oublic full force yet, but we are both ready. I am not scared because I know she will be there with me. That’s what’s important. It’s all about understanding

      • gerald 29 March, 2013 at 19:13 Reply

        So, why do women question why men want to dress in women’s clothes, when they do the same all the time? I was in a department store just a few days ago, and on the rack were womens short shorts, that were styled EXACTLY as men’s suit pants, except for the pockets being made a little less deep. I was in the mall the other day and
        a young woman, 20ish, was wearing a LARGE chronograph watch; exactly
        the type that I always liked but just never got around to getting one. I asked her if that was a trend from women to wear men’s watches, but she said the watch was from a major designer and the style was from “The Boyfriend Collection”. If you visit the women’s intimates department you will find a panty style called the “boyshort”. Women’s button up shirts are often styled almost exactly as men’s with the exception of proportion and sleeve length. A hundred years ago women couldn’t wear pants/trousers; and French minister for women’s rights, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, has finally repealed a law brought in 213 years ago to stop women in the capital city wearing trousers. So women have dared to break laws to wear trousers like men, at least in France. During the 1800’s men wore a type of high heeled shoe called a court shoe; and
        men also wore tights or leggings as well. But now back the present day, women’s styles come and go in and out of style, and they repeatedly steal men’s styles. At the very least, today’s fabrics
        and colors that women wear are extremely attractive to a person’s
        senses. Spandex, nylon, etc are sensual and when worn are in contact with the larges sexual organ of the body…your skin.
        Face it, stretchy fabrics, as well as loose flowing fabrics are
        sensual. Period. Oh yes, one more thing. I am quite tired of
        the vast majority of men’s jeans being only made in 100% cotton.
        Give me some stretch for comfort. I do like women’s jeans, but
        finding just the right size and cut is time consuming. So, J.E,
        there are two components to crossdressing, first, the taboo, daring
        aspect of it is obvious, but secondly, women’s clothes are so much
        more sensual for the above stated reasons of stretch, smoothness, etc.

  87. Victoria 5 March, 2013 at 04:32 Reply

    Hey Jessica –
    I wear a 42C bra to fit my boobs in. I wear the silicone strap ons. My coat size is a 44. The 42C is a good fit and holds my boobs nicely

  88. Blake 4 March, 2013 at 21:15 Reply


    Start with an “A” cup,measure your chest across under your breast bone,if your a slender guy,you prob want a 40 A or
    40 B cup,if you want to have a fuller looking chest,get a
    40B PUSH UP bra with inserts or breast forms…you can get
    both at your local lingere store,just ask somebody that
    works there and tell them what you want.They can
    funny look or anything like that at all.I got there all the time..

  89. Jessica Degas 4 March, 2013 at 20:44 Reply

    Hi I’m a straight guy who crossdresses in private. My Girl name is Jessica How do i get my boobs and bra size? my chest is 40″ my waist is 38″ and my hips are 39″ i would like to know my female size can someone help me please thank you’.

  90. mistressvanessacd18 4 March, 2013 at 09:45 Reply

    i have the fantasy of being with an older gentlemen 55+ grandpa, to take me out, dress me up, take me home and worship my feet. I hope that happens, let me knw if u qualify and r interested

  91. adam vivian 4 March, 2013 at 00:35 Reply


  92. William 3 March, 2013 at 05:06 Reply

    I read all the issues and problems so many seem to have. I have to say how lucky I am. My girlfriend not only accepts me dressing like a woman but she encourages it. She loves how I look as a woman. We shop together in department stores for clothes for me. We especially love shopping for shoes…she loves watching me try them on in the store…she says its “hot”. We’d love to find a department store where I was allowed to try on clothes and then model them for her. She loves the excitement of the “transformation” into a complete woman. I am lucky, it gives me an awesome feeling. We love each other more now than ever. This has brought us closer together than I could ever have imagined.

  93. Blake 2 March, 2013 at 09:47 Reply

    To Adam,
    Tell your friend that women are one of “THEM” also.If women can wear male clothes then guys can wear female clothes.Doesn’t make the person gay or straight,if that is a concern,which i find to be halarious.I know i spelled that word wrong.I wear ONLY female clothes.And believe me i LOVE women.Most guy’s like to wear or would like to wear female clothes but they are to “MACHO” to admit it,and people would think he is not straight.”Live your life the way you want to,because you only have one chance to do it”

  94. adam vivian 1 March, 2013 at 23:32 Reply


  95. Barb 22 February, 2013 at 19:37 Reply

    I just get such an incredible feeling…the term is “rush” when I wear sexy feminine attire.
    I have quite a wardrobe hidden away which I wear in public and as yet no one knows….woe is me.
    I go out all elegant and nice then come home and put it all away.
    I would love to go out with “someone” one evening and maybe that might happen….who knows.
    As much as I hate it I love it……

  96. Blake 8 February, 2013 at 11:00 Reply

    If somebody gave me a dress for valentines day,i would be so
    excited and thankful,and would love it if it happened to me

  97. Blake 8 February, 2013 at 09:08 Reply

    To Sally,
    Hi Sally…..what if he wore a tank dress to bed ?(like a long tank top)Try getting him to wear that and see what happens.I wear a tank dress to bed,but its not really a “dress” dress,its more like lounge wear.I can understand both sides you have,but try going with it.I bet he would like it if you took an interest in his desire for this.MANY males like this so dont be to alarmed,at least he is not hiding it from ya….the best to ya Sally..


  98. It's Sally 8 February, 2013 at 01:06 Reply

    Hi, I’ve enjoyed reading people’s posts and comments. Iv been married to my husband for 29yrs and have mostly known of his cross dressing desires for most of this time. Starting as wearing women’s underwear daily and now wearing dresses every evening to bed. Mostly iv tried to accept this but found it repulsive in bed with a man wearing a dress. He says he’s not gay just likes the feel of the clothing! I can’t handle this and our sex life is non exists t mostly because of this and his lack of desire which makes me think there’s more to all of this. I’m desperately sad and don’t know I can live like this. I don’t want to hurt my family by leaving but I’m not sure I can live like this. Someone please help

    • JPL 8 February, 2013 at 09:23 Reply

      Hi Sally,

      It seems to me that you really do not want to leave your husband. I am so sorry to hear how sad you are right now. You may have noticed that there are several men on this site that are not gay. There are also several men here that can’t really tell you exactly why they like to dress, they just know that they like how they feel in the women’s clothing. What your husband is telling you sounds very similar to what many of the crossdressers who are heterosexual males experience. I am a very conservative heterosexual female who is dating a heterosexual male who loves to crossdress. This is what I know, I love him very much. It doesn’t matter what he wears, he is dear to me. (except when he wears tacky tennis shoes!)I am not repulsed by him in women’s clothing because I CHOOSE not to be. I have chosen to love him and adore him in both his male clothing and his female clothing… he actually looks great in women’s clothes simply from an asthetic view point. My thought is that if you are repulsed by him, of course your sex life is non existent. Would you want to have sex with someone that was repulsed by how you looked? Probably not. So really the choice is yours. He has been upfront wearing womens panties from the beginning. You chose to accept this. You can also choose to accept the dresses. He is still a man. What does it matter what he wears? If he is not wanting to become female, and is not gay… then dress him up and love him! Most importantly, don’t worry about why he dresses up. Ask yourself WHY you are repulsed by it. There is probably a really GREAT reason why you are. But then after you carefully examine why you are repulsed… you MIGHT find out that your GREAT reason isn’t as GREAT as you thought it was. It might be a better choice and you might have a BETTER reason to be able to love him dressed up. You might also find out that when you are not repulsed by him any longer, your sex life will become much more interesting to you and to him. It can all feel very uncomfortable to think outside of our “normal” societal box. Usually we are repulsed by things that scare us. If we remove what we are scared of, we might find a very special treasure that was buried by our fear! It is not going to happen over night. Take a lot of time to self reflect, and not focus on your repulsion of him… determine for yourself how you can become more understanding and open… just a little at a time… for example, maybe just find a dress that you like better than the other dresses and ask him to wear that one becauase you prefer it over the others… find any minimal honest way to find something that you like, even if it is only the color! Good luck… 29 years and a wonderful family is a treasure…do the best you can and start small. maybe even find a small token nighty dress that you think is pretty and give it to him for Valentines Day…Think of what is pretty about the dress, and don’t think about being repulsed because he is wearing it. See how he responds. Make jokes with him that are loving and from a sincere place of trying to understand. And ask him to bear with you and be understanding of how you are struggling with your feelings, but that you want to try to make things work together. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!

  99. Sally 8 February, 2013 at 00:25 Reply

    Hi, iv really loved reading everyone’s posts and comments. Iv been married to my husband for 29yrs and been aware of his love for wearing female underwire from the start, which he does on a daily basis. Over the last 10yrs he’s been wearing dresses more often, but only in front of me and to bed. This I find repulsive, he’s stated that he’s not gay or interested in becoming a woman, I’m, however, repulsed by this! Our sex life is non existent mainly due to this on my part and I truly believe he is not attracted to me! I also think there’s more to this but he denies anything sinister and says he only enjoys the feel of wearing woman’s clothing.
    This is causing me enormous distress and unhappiness he on the other hand is happy. It’s not easy to discuss this with friends or family and I can’t live with this any longer. Apart from this we get along we’ll, so there doesn’t seem any reason I should leave him but in all our marriage iv never felt that he’s a normal sexual man(whatever that means) but to me it’s very important. I’m so distressed by this and don’t know where to turn. Leaving him would cause much drama in our family and I’m not sure I can inflict this pain on the ones I love. I’m not sure I can live like this any longer either. Is there anyone that can help?

  100. Sally 7 February, 2013 at 23:03 Reply

    Hi, it’s been great reading everyone’s stories and opinions.
    Mine is that my husband of 29yrs is a cross dresser, not in public, mostly private.
    Iv tried to accept and understand it and it was ok and different to begin with now I struggle even to look at him. He wears dresses to bed, likes the feeling of luxurious clothing I believe. But whilst trying to accept this iv always felt that was all he needed and in time this has repulsed me. I’m totally confused, explained to him how I feel and he doesn’t care. He wears a dress to bed every night ! Don’t think I can live like this any longer, is. There anyone who can help me?

  101. ramesh 6 February, 2013 at 02:58 Reply

    Hi all
    am frm blore, now aged 35yrs, straight. when i was young [10-13yrs old], i used to wear my sister’s chudidhars, smell her panties, put butter on my chest and lick it. I think, it starts when we are young and if there are ways to forget it, you complete subside of it, otherewise it continues. scriptworx at geemail dot com

  102. pronto 5 February, 2013 at 13:27 Reply

    I crossdress and fantasize about being f**ked, and i think it is because i like to feel like a girl. I like the different kind of attention i get from it. But i like girls much more and keep that going too. It’s just a little part of me. Weird thing is i can’t even think of kissing a man passionately, it makes me wanna throw up. But getting f**ked looks to me like something i’d enjoy. When i’m in girl mode that is. I do masturbate fantasizing about it.

  103. DGON 4 February, 2013 at 12:49 Reply

    wow you guys are so cool to talk to i wish i could dress correctly and would be accepted glad to know that i’m not the only straight one out there that likes this too

  104. Wantingtobevictoria 30 January, 2013 at 18:35 Reply

    Sunny that is so cool. I feel the same way…like it’s adding a whole new exciting aspect to a great sexual relationship. We talk about shopping for clothes together; me wearing here hot outfits; sharing makeup. She is going to make me up with “all the trimmings”. Our next step is going out together, but i am nervous. I am not sure where to go to be “accepted”; being a straight male I have no idea where would be a good place to go out together as our “1st place and 1st time out”.

  105. Wantingtobevictoria 30 January, 2013 at 18:04 Reply

    Hey Sunny – Tell me more about how you feel about you man dressing up for you. What do you feel…what do you think…what is it doing to your relationship?

    • Sunny 30 January, 2013 at 18:27 Reply

      Well, at first I thought it was a joke. But now, I’m really into it. Like I said, he has a smokin body and can pull off all the outfits that he wears. And it’s exciting. He also wants me to become more dominating in our relationship- which I really love! I get to fulfill my fantasies. Like I said- it’s taking our relationship to a whole other level and I’m loving it.

  106. Blake 28 January, 2013 at 20:28 Reply

    I wear a bra also,daily.I know of a place that makes bras made
    for men,that fit men.If ya want the link let me know…But Wal-mart have some that fit nice…Now remember,for me,I dress
    the way i do has nothing to do with getting turned on,it has nothing to do with that,its my comfort zone,like the way it should be,..but just a final thought here, “just have fun with it guys,women do !”

  107. mike 28 January, 2013 at 08:18 Reply

    I cross dress for sexual gratification I just cannot help myself best orgasms I have ever had.

    I don’t feel guilt about it I love looking like a sexy lady ; }

    Nothing wrong with it your not hurting anyone and like most men Iam 100% heterosexual,its the woman we’re in love with,and so turned on by their clothes.Hope you get it girls.

  108. Blake 27 January, 2013 at 11:45 Reply

    You asked about “favorite part”,well for me,i do like high heels,i have a few,around 4 inch or so,give or take,but i
    would have to say my favorite part about dressing the way
    i do,(i dont like using the word “crossdress”,it sounds creepy)
    is all the cute skirts and tops i have.I do wear make up,but lightly.A nice fitting bra is nice.Hard to say just one favorite.

  109. Todd 27 January, 2013 at 10:21 Reply

    I am fairly new to cross dressing…and certain parts of it are my favorites. I think the 6″ heels are tops for me. I love how they look and feel with a pair of dark stockings on. I was curious what other people’s favorites were. Or what I might want to try new and different.

  110. Sandy 25 January, 2013 at 12:03 Reply

    Don’t over-analyze, he says he doesn’t know – belive him.. I’ve cross-dressed at home when I can, and can only say as many others “I feel comfortable doing do”..

  111. Todd 24 January, 2013 at 18:38 Reply

    Sometimes you can “analyze” it too much. For me I just love how wearing women’s cloths make me feel inside…making me feel different…making me feel like a sexy woman.

  112. Blake 24 January, 2013 at 18:36 Reply

    When Stephanie “I feel sexy in lingerie, heels and skirts so why wouldn’t HE ? If he feels good doing it then I won’t stop him.I feel bad for the cd guys that are ashamed and have to hide it from their wives. I love him very much and in fact I’ve embraced it and its fun. We go shopping together for makeup and clothes and its fun. He couldn’t be more fun for a shopaholic like me”
    I agree 100% with you on that Stephanie! THAT is very cool.That’s how me and my girl are. :)

    • Sunny 27 January, 2013 at 15:42 Reply

      A couple a years ago, my boyfriend bought me a pair of thongs, which I don’t like to wear. So, he decided he would “model” them for me. He looked very sexy in them and over the last couple of years, he started wearing them more and more and adding other items to his “outfit”. At first I thought it was just a joke, but then he began to open up to me about his fantasy and desire to wear women’s clothes. I think I surprised him because I was so open to it. He’s got a hot sexy body and looks great in women’s cloths,so, I bought him his own “outfit” a white lacey blouse, short black skirt, fishnet hose, and some black pumps. He was THRILLED! I loved it. So now, we both love him dressing up and I love undressing him! It’s added a whole other level to our love making and relationship.

  113. sarah 20 January, 2013 at 14:12 Reply

    Hi. I have some questions. My husband and I are 30 years old. After dating several months, he forgot to exit out of some sites on the computer and when I got home, I found them. They were transsexual porn sites. Of course, I freaked, long story short, we spoke about it, and although I was very wierded out about it, I saw his point of view. He swore he is not gay, he just likes the taboo of it, and the fact that it feels “deviant” to look at it. As our relationship progressed he confided that he wears my underwear. My husband is as manly as it gets. He would in NO way be passable. He has an extremely muscular build, he’s just at MANLY man. We have always had a above average sex life as well. I have done a lot of research to try and figure him out, because you know, that is what we women do…lol. My question is, as to the cross dressing and deviant fetishes, could this be related to having an overbearing, controlling, close minded, judgemental, religious fanatic mother? My husband’s mother is a all of those things and in the most extreme of ways. My husband just confided in me that when he was seven years old, his Mom caught him dressed up in his sisters clothes and beat him to the point that he could not go out in public for almost two weeks. He said he can remember laying there thinking she was seriously going to kill him. He said he didn’t even know why he was dressing in the clothes, had no concept of sex, he just liked them, and his Mom FREAKED. He said it was never spoke of again, it was to be as if it never happened, and I am wondering if this has perhaps fueled a need in him to rebel against her? His entire life seems to be a pattern of defying her in subtle subconscious ways. He was overly promiscuous all through high school and college with girls, and I kind of wonder if that was his way of saying look at me I am a MAN, I never dressed in girls clothes, I am Macho, look at all the girls I can get, and at the same time rebelling against her tyrannical beliefs about premarital sex. I would like to hear from anyone that thinks there is a connection here between the whole crazy control freak religiously intolerant mother and crossdressing and/or taboo behavior. Thanks!

    • Lyndon 20 January, 2013 at 14:26 Reply

      Sarah: hey I don’t think it matters how muscluar you are if you have the feelings your going to do it and yeah I would say childhood plays a huge part in it I’m nelly 23 I had a really bad childhood but I also found out my family used to dress me up in dresses when I was little iv only just started actually cross dressing I feel more comfortable in woman’s clothes

      • sarah 20 January, 2013 at 16:12 Reply

        Thanks, I understand that the masculinity doesn’t matter in regard to the crossdressing necessarily, I feel like with my husband, his need to be Mr. Macho, his need to be in the gym and be all ripped and manly, his need to amplify all his masculine qualities to the outside world, especially his mother, is his way of trying to stifle what she has warped his brain into thinking is impure, immoral, and wrong. Almost as if the more manly he projects himself to be, no one will ever question it, because deep down he feels shame for his internal desires because of her and how she raised him. He also has bipolar and although not diagnosed because he will not reveal it to his doctor, I think also has Narcissistic Personality Disorder and I think this too is due to her constantly putting him thru a devaluing/praising cycle. He doesn’t know who he is because he has always had to pretend to be the person she says he should be. People with NPD never truly develop their own real personality because they are always trying to project onto the world a certain acceptable image. His mother is one of those extreme religious zealot type person, like talks in tongues and beats her bible NONSTOP and he was raised in that environment where EVERYTHING is a sin. I think my biggest fear in this whole journey has been that he is gay, and just hides it to please her, because I, like most other people, before I researched this, assumed that crossdressers were gay. Because, unfortunately, we are raised in a society with people like my mother in law perpetuating these myths on us. What I wonder the most these days, is, at the age of 7, was he dressing, already at that young of an age, in order to escape her and feel comfortable? Or, was it just natural curiosity, and then her reaction to it, brought out the desire to continue it to defy her? He says he doesn’t know, but that he does think she is the main reason he has most of the issues he does. With me, as his wife, I am the only other strong constant female presence in his life, and he takes a lot of his aggression out on me. He cannot stand up to her, cowers to her every command, never EVER questions her or tells her no. He is 30 and she still controls his emotions so much, and then, since for whatever twisted reason, since he cannot stand up to her, he is like super duper sensitive any time he thinks I am trying to tell him what to do or control him in any way, even when I am not. I hope there are others on here that can shed some light on the whole CD/NPD/BP connection in relation to the mother figure issue. Thanks!

        • lisa 24 January, 2013 at 13:00 Reply

          Sara. You obviously care a great deal about your husband to spend such effort to figure him out. Sounds like he has some relationship problems which need to be worked out but i am sure that even with them, he would still want to cross dress. A few things to settle in your mind are A hes not gay. B its not your fault. C. He loves you tremendously. Cross dressing is the ultimate form of flattery. Immatation of the female persona brings an addrenallin rush to some males. My childhood was ok but about age 8 I put on a girls dress ans have been hooked ever since. My wife tolerates but is not encouraging. Its a thrill foe me to dress tho I only feel compelled occasionally. My best opinion would be to give him an outlet. He would be thrilled for you to do so. Mainly dont think of it as a threat to your relationship. He will just feel hurt and will hide it from you. Hope that makes sense.

    • Stephanie 24 January, 2013 at 16:12 Reply

      Hey Sara,
      Just wanted to reach out to you and say our situations seem a little similar.
      I’ve been with my boyfriend for two years now. When I first met him I thought I had met the sexiest, most manly, confident, dominant and successful person ever. Most of that is still true ( although manly and dominant are now slightly skewed).
      His mother was also over the top religious and shoved it down his throat. Even now he has so many issues bc of her even though she is no longer part of his life. I can tell he tried to defy her every step of the way.
      Lots of the puzzle pieces have sort of fit together over the past two years. When we first met I couldn’t get over how judgmental he seemed which also made him seem very vain. Now I realize when he makes comments about what others are wearing its because of the CD. When he finally told me, I wanted to run away. He seemed so normal… But normal is boring lol. I too have tried to figure out why he does it. I’ve come to this conclusion- I feel sexy in lingerie, heels and skirts so why wouldn’t he? If he feels good doing it then I won’t stop him. I feel bad for the cd guys that are ashamed and have to hide it from their wives. I love him very much and in fact I’ve embraced it and its fun. We go shopping together for makeup and clothes and its fun. He couldn’t be more fun for a shopaholic like me. Once I got past the fact that it wasn’t hurting anyone I realized I needed to be more open minded about the situation that is so taboo for many others.
      Now my question is for you or anyone else looking to shed some light on my other concern…
      He also disclosed to me that he wants me to take control of our relationship like be the dominant one. Are wanting to be a submissive and CD linked somehow? Do other guys feel this way? I’m confused since while we both are very confident, assertive people he has always been the more dominant one? Any thoughts? Or am I lost on a new subject altogether? Either way your stories are all refreshing to hear and thank you for sharing them.

      • DGON 6 February, 2013 at 00:22 Reply

        Stephanie i’ve dressed for many years primarily lingerie and you know what, i like to be the dominant one in bed when i’m not dressed, but when i dress i want to be the submissive one not to sure why but i am a man that is straight and is into it again i’m glad i’m not alone here you all make things easier

  114. Blake 18 January, 2013 at 22:07 Reply

    to Kerry,
    I think most guys feel the same way.i know i do.I wear “female associated” clothing Mon-Sun..Just do it.Just be you when out and its all cool

  115. kerry 18 January, 2013 at 21:04 Reply

    Hi,,,I am a 42 yr old male who secretly crossdresses. I started young around 10 yrs old before I had any idea about sex. I just loved putting on my mom’s pretty panties, bra and a dress. Everytime I was home alone I would dress and pretend I was a girl. Wishing I was a real girl. Even now as a older man I still secretly dress and love it. When we visit friends I hang out with the girls not the guys. When I see a pretty girl I don’t even dream of sex with her I dream of being her. I so badly want to tell my wife but she would never understand. I have also been told by some people I act fem at times and that my body is more girly than manly. I feel so trapped. Just looking for friends like myself to talk to.

  116. izzy 15 January, 2013 at 22:30 Reply

    Im 21 as of nov 28th of 2012… I’ve been dressing like a tom boy since highschool, and now that I’m older I’ve began to dress more concervative.. however I don’t like heals, skirts, hulter tops and such…gggimme some boots by polo or nike, with some tight skinny jeans, and a half shirt..

  117. Lyndon 11 January, 2013 at 18:29 Reply

    Hey I’m 22 and just starting cross dressing I’m not exactly sure why I just feel like I’m more me when I do I act compleatly different when I’m dressed as a girl idk why some people hate it but most of my female friends say I look amazing and more comfy within myself

  118. Lyndon 11 January, 2013 at 18:14 Reply

    I am 22 and recently started cross dressing every now and then and I get really confused why I do it but for me wearing girls clothes is just more comfy I feel and act like me and when friends see me in girls clothes they always say wow you look more happy in them

  119. Blake 11 January, 2013 at 11:01 Reply

    to Bill,
    I think thats about the way most guys feel i think when they wear female attire,but for me,its just a part of my everyday life,not really a sexual thing,but what ever works for people then have a ball with it !

  120. Bill 11 January, 2013 at 06:01 Reply

    I just got into crossdressing a year ago. It started with asking my wife what she thought about me putting on one of her thongs. She liked how I looked;said I looked hot. Then next we moved into “what it would feel like to wear a bra”. She new I liked how they made me feel. So I suggested trying on one of her short skirts with a pair of fishnets I saw in her drawer. She liked it so much that we had sex. After sex we talked about would “we” like to get me totally dressed up and see if we liked it. We both agreed it was a hot idea. So we went shopping together; for women’s clothes for me. It was an incredible turn on for both of us. We got 5″ red heels, a black mini skirt, a sequin top, earrings, fishnets;we even bought a wig. After we got home I dressed up in a separate room, then came out for her approval. You should have seen the smile on her face. She loved how I looked and I LOVED how being dressed as a woman made me feel. Since that time we have purchased numerous outfits, shoes, wigs, even silicone breasts that look real. It has become something we both love. We were going out of town on a 4 hour car ride and she suggested that I be daring and dress up for the drive; wig, breasts and all. I did; and it was incredible. She was almost giddy. Our next move is to hopefully go out on a date dressed as 2 hot women. We are working on that. But to be honest, the dressing up gets more and more exciting every time.

  121. Blake 6 January, 2013 at 11:05 Reply

    This is for the ladies here,
    If you saw and met your husband/boyfriend already dressed,then saw him not dressed,would you be ok with his ways ? See for me,
    i only wear womens apparel,but it is not flowery and such.I do it in a way that you are not really sure if the clothing is F or M.But some you can.I dont try to act female,i just wear the clothing,skirts and tops and boots and so on.Its just a part of me.I dont view it to be odd (or what ever word you choose),and i dont deny they are female known clothing.I will go about my life as normal…..i was just curious what the ladies here think on this view.And one last thing,i dont not dress the way i do for a sexual thing…for me it has nothing to do with it,i love female clothing,they have more style and are cute and fun to wear.I feel better in a skirt than pants of any kind,which i do not wear anymore…….

  122. kimberly 6 January, 2013 at 09:00 Reply

    My husband told me about his crossdressing after we were married, i have tried to be supportive and allow him to express who he is with others that he has been in contact with, but i feel that sometime he becomes feeling very guilty and then gets very sencetive with things that mean nothing or he takes the wrong why and this has caused us to become distant from one another. i really don’t know what to do????

  123. Blake 2 January, 2013 at 21:20 Reply

    to Katie,
    That is so cool to hear about.A friend of mine at told this morning,that GMA had a clothes designer on showing his line mens for winter fall season.It was a line of skirts for men,(i just wear womens/girls skirts)but i cant find a video clip of it yet.
    ….anyways, you Katie, RIGHT ON !
    ………… to hear stuff like that

  124. Katie 2 January, 2013 at 12:46 Reply

    I have dressed since the age of 4 or 5. Have been caught several times. Am happily married for over 20 years and my wife has always known and accepts fully. She buys me female birthday and Christmas presents, shoes, makeup etc. I believe I cross dress because I don’t like men. From an early age I was aware my dad and brother were men’s men. Heavy drinkers, many women, mostly treating them badly. My dad used to get drunk and row with my mum (although I would say he never really hit her). My brother sleep with hundreds if women, then would just drop them. I think this just turned me off of men.
    Most people who know me would be very very surprised I dress. In fact most would not believe it. I am a normal healthy male who loves women ( especially my wife ). I love the company if women. I am so jealous when the girls all go out for a Girly night and I have to stay at home playing poker or watching football with the men !!!

    I have cross dressed for several fancy dress parties and had the time of my life with all the girls, always hoping they would suggest I come out with them on a Girly night !

    Anyway – there it is – the reason I believe u cross dress

  125. dorthy/dave 24 December, 2012 at 16:02 Reply

    i ;like to cd/and do websites my sister was molested and we slept toghter as kid no sex i dont know if i did that first or what but i get enjoyment from all i allways wear femaale undear i love shopping for female clothes as a guy i want i shop with dauters for prom and want them to be chearleaders dance team i have gone to web sites and had both women and more men watch me and get excitement from both i have used vibrators on those sites but when a guy i am not interested in guys as a girl i am more attracted to girls my wife dont accept it but is fine i i dont do it around kids but sometimes i get caught i dont care but they dont like it i think i would love to when my kids grow to be truck driver so i can live as female and live seperate from wife

  126. Alicia 23 December, 2012 at 15:20 Reply

    why do men cross dress I dont feel like a male since i was 10 years old i was always sneaking my sister and mother Bras and panties wearing them when i was alone my whole life i cross dressed i did it with my exwife she loved my cross dressing made our sex life better my girlfriend loves me cross dressing my daughter know she ok with it i even have to sit to pee i dont like standing i hate getting dirty when i watch a sad movie most of the time i cry i am Bisexual this year my G/F and daughter got women stuff for me for chirstmas beside what the problem women date women women wear men clothes if i had the money i would go for a sex change but i dont well thank you

  127. Blake 19 December, 2012 at 11:00 Reply

    to Amy
    I totally agree with what you said about chromozones and left
    over DNA (when the fetus decides which sex to be).Ive said that long time ago…….

  128. Amy Jackson TV 19 December, 2012 at 08:01 Reply

    In response to the questions posed!

    1: Why do men cross dress?
    A: This is the great unknown, personally, I do it for a number of reasons, one of them is sexual. Is this why women feel threatened by the behavior? I am Bi-sexual but many men that do it are 100% heterosexual!

    2: Why does my husband cross dress?
    A: Again the individual reasons are unknown. Women shouldn’t feel threatened by this, if sexual activity is satisfying and regular. A major problem is the social preconception that men should be men! A preconception that I don’t agree with. As I said in an earlier post, (dated 19/12/12) chromosomes could be a reason why men feel the need for this behavior!

    3: How can I make him stop cross dressing?
    A: I personally don’t think they should be forced to stop, all this does is force them to hide it and leads to secrets and lies!

  129. Amy Jackson TV 19 December, 2012 at 07:58 Reply

    In response to the questions posed!

    1: Why do men cross dress?
    A: This is the great unknown, personally, I do it for a number of reasons, one of them is sexual. Is this why women feel threatened by the behavior? I am Bi-sexual but many men that do it are 100% heterosexual!

    2: Why does my husband cross dress?
    A: Again the individual reasons are unknown. Women shouldn’t feel threatened by this, if sexual activity is satisfying and regular. A major problem is the social preconception that men should be men! A preconception that I don’t agree with. As I said in an earlier post, (No10 if you would like to read more) chromosomes could be a reason why men feel the need for this behavior!

    3: How can I make him stop cross dressing?
    A: I personally don’t think they should be forced to stop, all this does is force them to hide it and leads to secrets and lies!

  130. Amy Jackson TV 19 December, 2012 at 07:17 Reply

    Now I’m not entirely sure how it works (correct me if I’m wrong) but I think it all has to do with chromosomes. Males have xy while females have xx, there are disorders which affect the chromosomes and I think male cross dressing could be the result of such a disorder. Just the fact that males have xy could be a cause as well, it means men are genetically programed to be half male and half female. The main question left by this is, is it possible for the female chromosome to be more dominant?

  131. blades 11 December, 2012 at 16:02 Reply

    I am a bisexual crossdresser I first told my wife this when we were just dating… at first she didnt like it and I didnt do it for awhile and then after about a month we sat down and talked about it and I told her how I felt about it and why I did it and wanted to do it… which is because I have a personality complex and me becomeing a female is a way of letting that other personality out… after that she understood everything I still didnt do it until she came up to me. One day and asked me too now she enjoys it and even picks out clothes and stuff and helps with ideas on the makeup and style dress and everything

  132. clark 8 December, 2012 at 19:24 Reply

    I ve been with the same woman for 22 years and about 3 months ago we were out staying in ahotel and i finallly got up the nerve to tell her I wanted to try on her lingerie.She said it was fine with her.We dont so this all the time but maybe once or twice a month I put on her panties and thigh highs and we have a kinky evening.She says she indiffernet do this. I ll admit i love it when she rubs me through the panties and she knows it.Im not bi or gay at all find no attraction toward men at all I dont really know why I enjoy doing this but it is great to have someone supporting me in this area/ So support your partner and just go with the flow unless it gets way to weird is my advice

  133. Blake 5 December, 2012 at 19:57 Reply

    To Alexis,
    I always say this, “life your life the way you want,because you only have once at it” .Alexis,this is one reason i am not a religious person.Im not going to let anyone or any group pressure
    tell me what i can/cant do in my time away from work.I dont mean to sound as if im angry,im not.I know what you mean by the type of material the item is.Do what you want to do,it is such a feeling of freedom and liberated.I have most ‘ female known clothes then male… what you think is the best for you…


  134. SandrÀ 5 December, 2012 at 12:24 Reply

    As I read this page everyday it has helped me to deal with my husband CD. At first I was very upset, felt betrayed and I couldn’t even kiss him let alone have sex. I felt disgusted. Even though he has not opened up to me yet about this this page has let me to understand its not a bad thing and he is not a bad man for doing this but I do wish he would stop cause it is uncomfortable for me. I can’t wait till he opens up to me but till then I look to this page for advice and comfort. We do have a 1yr old son and I would hate it if someday my son would see him dressed that way and question me about it and I wouldn’t know what to say. The thing that bugs me the most is my husband is against gay marriage(only gay men not lesbians) and I’m for it and he always talks about that, that’s wrong and dirty but yet its ok for him to CD. Any advice on this?

    • Kelly 5 December, 2012 at 13:35 Reply


      My husband was against gay/lesbian marriage as well (he’s Republican) until I said to him one day “It’s hard enough to find love in this world. What does it matter if some finds that love in someone of the same sex?” When he looked at it that way, he actually changed his mind (this was about 4 years ago.) My husband claims he is not gay or bi-sexual. And though this goes against what I once believed about cross dressers, I think he is straight, though I’ve mentioned he is not the same in bed when he wears his panties, etc. He isn’t the same person. But during the day, when its panties and stockings underneath and pants and button down shirt in the day, he is the man I married. I don’t understand what motivates him to CD, but I have had to lie to the kids when they asked why his legs are shaved. I hate being put in the position of having to lie, and to abide his wishes and not tell anyone. It is not up to me to ‘out” him, and I won’t, but nor is it up to him to require me to lie and not seek support.

    • Johnny 5 December, 2012 at 14:06 Reply

      Your facing a human being who is a little confused about what he is at the moment. As a life-long CD, I am not outraged by gay or lesbian marriages.
      However, when as a male (and dressed like one) I have a real problem with seeing two guys kiss, passionately. It a matter of mind-set.

  135. Alexis 5 December, 2012 at 11:35 Reply

    Hi, I love crossdressing and the feeling of satin on my body. I love women’s clothes in general from wearing the bra’s, panties, shoes, mini skirts and just about everything. I feel so sexy when I dress but I’ve fought the urge to dress because of my beliefs and how women view crossdressing. I was married for 21 years and I left her 6 years ago for other reasons. I’ve done a lot of dating but every time a relationship ends it seem s to send me back to crossdressing for comfort. I’ve also taken creams to apply to my breasts, there is just something so sexy about having breasts. I love being a man but the idea of having small breasts and wearing sexy clothes is almost overwhelming to me. My ideal relationship would be to be married to a loving understanding woman. I buy and then I purge over the years. Maybe I should just be who I am and not worry about what people think but that goes against my religious beliefs. Help I am so confused!

  136. Kelly 5 December, 2012 at 06:30 Reply

    We talked to a marriage counselor who has a lot of experience in the CD area. That’s all. Others I don’t mention a work at my husband’s request. It is very hard to deal with something like this when I can’t talk to my best friends, my go to people who listen and talk, The psychologist was very helpful in getting my husband to open up and discuss CD (he doesn’t do this with me) and to help us set boundaries. He is now *been about 4 days) sleeping without lacy panties, which was my request (twice now– but he has been sticking to that promise this time–so far.) The minute he is out of the shower he has panties and stockings, etc on before he dresses in men’s outerware. I don’t mention a word. In his men’s outer things he acts like a man, more like the man I married.

    • JPL 5 December, 2012 at 07:56 Reply

      Hi Kelly,

      I am wishing you very good progress on your situation. I also hope you are enjoying the books I recommended. I truly sympathize in regards to needing to keep this matter private. It is very sticky. It seems positive that you are discussing the CD with your husband in an environment where you are each in a “safe” neutral zone, meaning therapy. I also hope that you have a “safe” zone in which you are able to address his completely unacceptable and illegal behavior of rape/ attempted rape…this is VERY alarming and upsetting. I hope you understand that this behavior is NOT normal or part of CD! He has much more significant issues (probably deep anger related) other than CD if he is engaging in this behavior.

      Regardless of any outcome, you may not want your life with your husband to be an act. Even though reality may not be what you want, it will not be a lie. Wouldn’t you rather he is completely truthful with the entire crossdressing behavior so you don’t have to wonder? I guess I would want to get it all out, as much as possible… but I also like to rip a bandaid off instead of carefully trying to take it off while slowly pulling each hair of my arm out one by one… :)

      I have a saying that I created as my mantra. “The truth never hurts more than a lie. Never.” The truth sometimes might seem terrible, but in the end, it is never more painful than learing you have been lied to most particularly by people that you should be able to trust the most.
      When I say “lies” I also include lies of ommission!

      Right now of course you must safe guard your husbands privacy regarding his crossdressing, so I am not recommending that you tell others. But do NOT let his feeling of secrecy and perhaps ‘shame’ be projected on to you!

      Good luck to you and take a lot of time to create safe and happy boundaries for yourself, while keeping your mind open to new ideas and possibilities.

      If you can do so honestly, find an tiny way to compliment him on his choice of panties or stockings…I know it might be really hard to do, but if you can find an honest compliment regarding the color, the style… anything… then offer it. Being kind and generous with a compliment can’t hurt, right?

  137. Blake 1 December, 2012 at 19:37 Reply

    to Rose,
    The very last paragraph i can relate to so MUCH,and totally agree with you ! Thats how i am and feel…WOW,thx like i’ve mention before,my g/f likes to see me in the ‘girl mode’.She’s like, “ok” and “thats cute” she even says to try on certian clothes she has.But i just carry on and conduct my life as if i wasnt dressed girl like.Its a regular thing for me,and i feel better as ‘girl mode’ better than ‘guy mode’..But that just my point of view,.. we all have our own.


  138. Rose 1 December, 2012 at 17:50 Reply

    I once dated a cd’er, actually, I met him in “girl mode” and pretty much fell in love when he pretended to pick his nose while wearing a beautiful pink wig.

    I had never dated a transgendered person before – not because I was repulsed, but like any other aspect of a person, I had not met a cd’er I connected with on that level.

    Our relationship was like any other. We argued sometimes, he let me borrow his hello kitty glasses, and we drank coffee together at the kitchen table. Sometimes he dressed after a stressful day at work, sometimes for fun and sometimes because I wanted to see that side of him. I supported him fully, and loved going out with him in girl mode. He is very passable.

    The only difficult part of our relationship was that I’m from a very conservative southern family who didn’t agree with out interracial relationship. This isn’t what eventually pushed us apart (something about him cheating…) but it did make things strained.

    My point is this: whether or not he’s wearing your heels, he is still a person who has a heart, a soul, and wants to be accepted the same way you do. It is not the end all to who he is as a person, indeed, the sum is greater than all the parts, and dressing is only a small fraction of the whole.

  139. confused and uninformed 1 December, 2012 at 16:00 Reply

    I am dating a man and well I found a video of him dressing as a woman and was instantly disgusted and taken back because for me, I have never had to deal with such extreme behavior before. My ex was caught kissing another man and I left him. For me I feel that God intended for man and woman to be intimate and the man was the strong masculine aspect of a partnership. I care for this man and though he says he did it in his addiction to meth; I am concerned that this behavior is something he finds comfort in. Basically what I am wondering is am I wrong for asking him to choose between me and his fascination with cross dressing?

    • JPL 2 December, 2012 at 08:17 Reply

      Hi Confused and Uniformed,

      I have a couple of thoughts I wish to share with you. I am a very conservative heterosexual monogomous female dating a CD heterosexual male as way of background. It is a whole new world for me. I have really enjoyed this forum. So many lovely people and stories which I have found invaluable.

      Here is what I have done with my situation, which by the way, He told me about CD and there were not any stunning or shocking discoveries of a “secret life”.
      1. I wanted to first learn of and understand his sexual orientation which is not the same for all CD.
      2. I wanted to learn what he likes about CD.
      3. I wanted to be clear with him regarding MY personal sexual orientation and what my boundaries are.
      4. I wanted to be clear regarding his desire to CD vs. being a transgendered male wishing to become a female, meaning surgery, hormones etc…
      I don’t believe any relationship should be hinged upon ultimatums. Making him choose doesn’t make any sense to me. You gather the information and then YOU choose what works within YOUR own boundaries. You need to be clear about who you are and what you want for yourself. You ask him who he is and what he wants for himself. It is either going to mesh or it isn’t. Asking him to change who he is to “keep” you as his GF can be turned against you… meaning he can do the same… YOU change to keep him… I believe we can only be successful changing ourselves (or not). Changing others is a fruitless and often times very exhausting and frustrating exercise. Most importantly, HONESTY and I mean microscopic truth is critical to making your choices. Honesty to yourself and honesty from him. If you feel funny, or that you can not trust a person… then that to me is a bigger red flag than whether a man likes to don women’s clothing and lipstick in an openly honest manner. You need to be clear about your needs and boundaries and beliefs. To thy own self be true. If you both fit together then great, if not… YOU choose to move on, without ultimatums demanding he change.

    • lucinda49 8 December, 2012 at 17:09 Reply

      i am not a dr, but i am a closet cder. i would let him know that it is ok and encourage him to cd,help him with make up, tell him that you would love to dress him up really pretty, then he can c how hard it is to be pretty. his fem side likes to come out once in a while. my wife lets me cd when kids r not home. i tell her that i am going to cd just so she knows and she tells me ok go ahead, but she will not particapate with me on make up. she knows i cd and love to do it when ever possable.

    • Kelly 1 December, 2012 at 13:13 Reply

      No, we doesn’t act femmy, but he is not himself when he wears things in bed. I am afraid to take Ambien because of waking up to find him doing things to me he has never otherwise done to me–things I don’t like at all.

  140. Patience 29 November, 2012 at 18:07 Reply

    I’ve been dating a man that I’ve fallen completely head over hills for and we have become closer and closer. Today he just told me he CD’s and about what turns him on, I kind of forced it out of him since I’d like to please him and wanted to know. I was surprised and then became excepting all in one momental moment, but, now as I’m researching the topic I’m very overwhelmed and feel as if I want to cry. I could really use some advise as I do love this man and still want to be apart of his life but also feel confused about all this. Thank you!

  141. Todd 29 November, 2012 at 13:32 Reply

    i have been throwing this around in my head for a few weeks not worried to ask this but this site is some kind of answer to me i guess so i decided today to tell a lil something about me and ask this question to you all …. 1 that i ask myself daily…..
    ok let me start by sayn i have 2 sisters that were molested by a relative (non blood uncle) all we know is it happened for YRS starting at a very young age i am 4 yrs older than my 1 sister and 5 older than the other…. so know that you know that heres the next part

    i can remember most of my childhood (where i went to school ect…) except for 2nd grade that would have put me about 8 and 9 yrs old…

    strange thing is when i look back …..which i never did til i found this site and wondered how old i was when i first started……it was my aunts clothing i knew what draw her clothing was in and it was her panties and bras i wore i know i was young but dont know how young i know it was around 10 that i can remember back to..

    most of us state its relaxing and an escape of who we are most of us state we like the way the clothing feels how it makes us feel more free or sexy ect….

    people say that when something bad happens to you that you find a place to hide your mind escape or w/e

    so i wonder since its an escape for me from who i am or the stress of life i ask myself was it possible that i was also molested and just have blocked that part of my life out and thats why i cant remember 2nd grade at all?

    I have noticed that some people say family members dressed them up as kids for punishment or just because…… maybe my uncle did it to me? and i used it to escape what was happening?

    so i guess what im asking is it possible? if theres any1 of you who can relate to what im asking plz let me know maybe i can find answers for myself as to why i like it as to why i feel shame for wearing a skirt after i do it as to why i would rather wear a dress and 5 ” heels over jeans …….. sry for the long post just had to do this while i had the nerve

  142. Blake 28 November, 2012 at 14:09 Reply

    I do understand the trust and shock part.The trust thing would be the biggest part i think that would really upset me,but try to look at it with a open mind.Its really not that bad.

  143. Blake 28 November, 2012 at 11:07 Reply

    To JPL,
    What i dont understand is why not get a psychologist for a woman or women that dress like a man ? NOBODY brings up that issue.
    I find it to be hypocritical that women can do whatever they want,and we dont question it,but if a man does, HE’s Labeled….
    That is not fair….its also sexist…

    • Kelly 28 November, 2012 at 13:10 Reply

      Blake, my husband and I have discussed this very issue. I asked him if I decided to grow out all of my body hair, cut my hair short, stop wearing makeup and wear men’s clothing, how would he feel–honestly. He told me he wouldn’t like it at all. I asked them to understand that his CD was a jolt to me. He has been doing it in one way or another since he was boy. I discover it decades later.

      BTW, he is of Scottish descent and wears a kilt (regimental style– no underwear) to a lot of events. I’ve always found him sexy in a kilt.

      JPL is right. Our problem is that he lied to me for years. Lack of trust is what is hurting our relationship most.

  144. Blake 27 November, 2012 at 20:00 Reply

    What does a psychologist has to do with knowing what a PERSON likes to wear ? We better call one for you ! YOU wear pants,and probably many other MALE identified clothing.They say there was a “equal rights movement”,im sure you know the era….It was a joke of movement,it was only for the females.So if women are equal to men,and can do what men do,then it applies in reverse,men can do what women do,with a few exceptions.But you know what i mean.Remember we all start out as females in the early stage of child development.I believe some female chromosomes are left behind when we become male or female….
    Not trying to be a hard and ya,so no offense to you.Go with it when your husband wears his lingerie. MAKE it fun and go to Victoria Secrets or something….shop together.I bet he would love that….

    • JPL 28 November, 2012 at 05:32 Reply

      To Blake, a pyschologist is not requisite for the purposes of CD. A therapist specializing in MFT is for the breach of trust and dishonesty in the martial relationship. For enhancing honest communication without harsh judgment. I rather like the post that Vanessa put on the site from the TED exchange talk given regarding secrecy, shame, lies, etc… hence the suggestion for a therapist…and let’s face it, each CD experiences different motivations and drivers which contribute to CD. Just as women have different motivators and drivers as to why they like to wear pants vs. skirts. I am a trained professional image consultant and have spent over 23 years of my life helping people dress and feel good about themselves, including people within the CD community. I am also aware that there are many therapists out there that are specializing in TG issues. So, there must be something to the help that can come from a well trained and qualified therapist regarding what people like to wear and more importantly, why they have lied about it. What people wear is an manifestation of many things within a person, male or female. I am writing two books about it. Miss Kelly has been blindsided by a man that LIED to her their entire marriage…living two different lives. Not cool of him. Have some compassion.

  145. ryan 27 November, 2012 at 14:08 Reply

    my husband likes dressing up time to time and i actually help him do makeup and pick out clothes i was kinda freaked at first but i knew that was part of him and i love him so much that it did not matter to me.. He hid it for awhile when we first started dating and he would wear regular guys clothes afraid it would scare me away and a crazy night of drinking he put my panties on and i loved it… I love my husband very much and nothing is going to change that

  146. Stephanie 27 November, 2012 at 13:05 Reply

    My boyfriend whom I love very much is a CD. In the beginning it kind of freaked me out but now I get that he gets some sort of emotional satisfaction from it. I love every part of him and I want to show him how excepting I can really be but I can tell he feels sort of ashamed… any ideas how to break him out of this shell?

    • wila 29 November, 2012 at 20:11 Reply

      Hey steph, does your bf dress in front of you? Have you tried shooting him that it is ok with you. Maybe initiating a little.

  147. Kelly 27 November, 2012 at 11:35 Reply

    My husband cross dresses. I first found out when he snatched a pair of panties I had thrown away. Then I was doing laundry and found a bunch of lace panties like mine but in a much bigger size. I opened his drawers and found lace thigh-highs. I confronted him, was very upset. Who was this man? I didn’t marry a sissy boy. He played college football and is a big guy. We were already having marriage strains (sex becoming less and less frequent with each acquisition of lingerie, so we saw a psychologist. It was then that he said that he had been caught wearing his mother’s nightie and dancing around. She told his dad who made him put the nightie on and dance in front of him. He did it. Later in college he went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show dressed in a corset, stockings, heels, and had sex with his date who was wearing the same thing. Big sexual turn on for him. NOT for me. I used to like wearing sexy lingerie for him, but now I just feel he will like it and buy a big size for himself. The psychologist asked him to not wear the lingerie to bed or in front in of me. Just do it privately. He agreed and that promise lasted about a week. He wears stockings under his pants, and panties, thongs, etc. to bed with no concern about my feelings. Oh, there is no sex anymore, but not because I haven’t tried. Well, I can’t say there is no sex. I have taken Ambien from time to time and have woken up with him using toys on me and sometimes having sex with me. Only when I am Ambienized. He says that I initiated it and don’t remember because of the Ambien, but he never reacts when I try to initiate when I am awake. He says he isn’t gay or bi, but spends a lot of time alone on his computer. I feel like I have been betrayed on so many levels. He never told me any of this before we got married. Never showed it. He doesn’t want a divorce. What do I do? I am petrified that our college-aged kids will find his panties. I have told no one. I feel so alone in this and he just gets angry if I try to talk about it. Help!

    • JPL 27 November, 2012 at 16:53 Reply

      Hi Kelly,

      I am sorry to hear that you are having such a heart wrenching experience. Your trust has been betrayed. I would think that the first step for you and for him, outside of the CD issues would be to build a completely honest relationship. Even if it is not comfortable, at least it would be honest. The next step in my opinion would be that no judgement on either side. (this is the hard part). I have two books that are my relationship bibles. One is called Conscious Loving, the Journey to Co-committment. The other is the Zen of Listening. You can find them on Amazon. While neither of these books addressed CD, the principles in the books will be helpful to you and hopefully to him. Regardless of the outcome of your marriage or your goals, i believe that you will find the counsel in these books a godsend. Also, finding a really good MFT if you do not already have one. Wishing you the very best! This is such a tough situation, as you will have almost no one that you feel you can safely share this information. I believe that if you practice some of the exercises in the Zen of Listening and in Conscious Loving, you will find that he will not be agry when you want to talk about things with him… and hopeully you will be able to resolve your anger and heartache resulting from a breach of trust, which in my opinion is far more hurtful and damaging then his desire to CD.

      • Kelly 28 November, 2012 at 12:43 Reply

        Thanks, JPL. I am off to try to order the books for my Nook. You are right, it is the breach of trust on many levels that is most damaging our relationship. I wouldn’t still be with him if I didn’t love him, but if he won’t talk to me about things (the CD is nothing compared to his going from being a loving, gentle husband to basically raping me in my sleep and refusing to talk about what is happening with him. The CD for bed and his change in behavior happened at the same time. I know my initial reaction, being startled and upset, by his CD couldn’t helped him, but I would take my old husband, panties and all, if that were only possible.

    • sandra 30 November, 2012 at 19:16 Reply

      I am going through the same thing. I’m also crying out for help and don’t know where to look. I feel betrayed and lied to. I don’t trust him and we are going to start with therapy. The thing is he knows that I know he’s CD but won’t admit it. It would be nice if we could email each other.

      • Kelly 1 December, 2012 at 13:08 Reply

        Sandra, how do we exchange emails without posting here? I would love to email with you about this. Support is everything.

        • sandra 1 December, 2012 at 15:54 Reply

          Have you told anyone about this? I kinda oppened up to one of my husbands sister and it was very hard but atleast she hears me out. I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t even kiss him let alone have sex with him cause that’s all I can think of.

  148. jyothi 25 November, 2012 at 05:52 Reply

    this is a good site. My man does it and I was angry and frustrated. Marriage is strained because I have taken it very badly. I couldnt digest my man cd. I have complained to my relatives. I am unable to accept CD. Help me ou

    • JPL 25 November, 2012 at 09:56 Reply

      Hi J. I hope that things are OK with you. What was it that made you most angry? It can be frustrating to try and understand something that is so unique and different for everyone. As you can see from the posts on this website, no two are exactly the same. I think for me the most important factor for me and my boyfriend is for me to understand his intentions, his sexual orientation and for him to be completely open and honest with me about everything. We love dressing up together. We go out on dates with him dressed up too. We have become very close as a result of my empbrasing his love of crossdressing. (it might help that he looks very nice dressed up and not “freakish” or “drag queen” looking…)We are both monogomous heterosexuals.

  149. Blake 13 November, 2012 at 11:03 Reply

    To Happy,

    Right on ! Come on women,support the guy your with,if he likes to dress a certian way,go with it,have fun with it..It makes shopping more fun !

  150. Happy 12 November, 2012 at 21:22 Reply

    My fiance is a very passable cross-dresser and in fact it was one of the first things that attracted me to him. I love and support him in this and couldn’t imagine him any other way. :)

  151. Johnnie 10 November, 2012 at 10:24 Reply

    With the list growing of ladies finding it hard to understand her male who cross-dresses, I have a bit of help. (I hope!)
    First of all keep an open mind. Your male is scared witless to open up to anyone let alone some one he loves…
    Have him stripe and the two of you “dress him” like a doll. Not to look like one, but have the fun of “dressing her dolly” like when she was a little girl. Exploring this aspect could lead to all sorts of interplay!

  152. Anne 8 November, 2012 at 19:03 Reply

    I am having a lot of the same questions as people below. My boyfriend cross dresses and while I want to be open regarding it and accepting of it its something that I can’t really wrap my head around? I can understand the excitement of different fabrics as men have so little to chose from but I’m not very comfortable with it. I feel like he is robbing me of my role as getting to be “the girl” and a girl for that matter. IDK if my reaction is simply because I am more inexperienced than him in terms of sexual exploration or what. I tried to be turned on by it but i’m really not. He has yet to do it in front of me but has however sent me a photo as if to flirt but I didn’t find it flirty. I love my boyfriend very much and want to be open to his hobby but I find myself still being kind of reserved. I don’t think its a bad thing at all I just don’t know what to make of it. He has told me that he has been attracted to men physically but not emotionally and has experimented with men. I have yet to have any bi sexual experiences and on top of the cross dressing I kind of feel behind! Words of wisdom? Help?

    • Johnnie 10 November, 2012 at 10:29 Reply

      Anne, you poor thing! Keep your mind open and try to embellish your boyfriend’s need to dress up as just part of him. He doen’t want to take your place, he wants to be CLOSER to you like a girl-friend would be. It is called: “role-play”. Try it. You might like it!

    • JPL 11 November, 2012 at 12:40 Reply

      Hi Anne,
      I am the girlfriend of a man that cross dresses. It is a bit to wrap your head around. So don’t try to. Just listen to what he says. There is such a variety in the crossdressing world as to what motivates them and what they like about it. My boyfriend is not attracted to men at all. He loves women. :) He also loves womens clothes and how he feels in them. I have to say I got a bit excited when I found out we wear the same shoe size… and we can share hand bags and accessories… and he only wears a couple of sizes larger than me. so we have a lot of fun dressing up. We get our nails done together, facials and just lounge around the house too. We go out to dinner and shopping both dressed up. I am about as straight as you can get… truly. You just have to decide whether his sexual orientation situation is comfortable for you. I am a complete monogomous heterosexual and am not interested in bi sexual liasons…or being with a man that is bi sexual…but just know that crossdressing is not what dictates their sexual orientation…it is a separte matter. Seriously, if the sexual orientation thing is compatable, then just have a ball with the dressing. It is actually very special to be the one that he can share everything with… no secrets!

    • Sammamow 13 November, 2012 at 18:02 Reply

      Anne..I wish there was some way to talk in private. I am going through the same thing. You have expressed my feelings to a tee! I get all excited about going to a lingere store to buy some sexy things for ME to get him all excited and all he wants to do is see what’s there for HIM! I love him and am trying to accept it, but it is so difficult. Even if I were to indulge my inner lesbian side, (very hidden…I am curious and have had lap dances, but I am all about men) he is soooo not my type of “woman”. I really need to talk to someone who knows what I’m going through!

      • JPL 13 November, 2012 at 20:56 Reply

        It is a challenge to find someone to talk to. My boyfriend prefers to keep his crossdressing mostly private. So I don’t tell my friends about that part of our relationship. It is nice to have a place to find other women with boyfriends or husbands that crossdress and that are heterosexual and monogamous.

        When I want to get my boyfriend excited, I dress him up and think of ways to do his hair and make up. I don’t have an inner lesbian side to be honest, not even close. I am simply celebrating all that my boyfriend is with him. So I don’t feel that being with him and being attracted to him makes me lesbian. Him sharing him self with me in such a trusting and intimate manner for me is a bonding experience. He is actually very manly and then can be very feminine when crossdressed.

        As far as the lingerie goes, sometimes I do think that he does get a bit self absorbed with himself looking pretty that he does overlook me in the sexy lingerie, but what really connects us, is the lack of judgment and the ability of absolute trust and feeling completely emotionally safe together.

        Have him do your nails and your make up…go get facials together and manicure/pedicures.Include him in your beauty regimine and ask him for help finding fragrances, beauty related things.

  153. Blake 3 November, 2012 at 16:44 Reply

    To PINK,
    You sound very cool,your husband is lucky,i know there are many other women that feel the same.My g/f is the same way.She’s very cool about it.We’ll go out and hit some Goodwill type stores together looking for cute things.We both dont really think it is that a big deal for a guy to wear “fem” clothing.So what,so….”live free or die” as the state of N.H says !


  154. Laurine 30 October, 2012 at 12:29 Reply

    I love lingerie, I love to masturbate with it, wear it and buy it. I have “purged” my collection too many times and no more! It ruined my marriage so I am free to wear my lingerie or masturbate!

    • Peter 30 October, 2012 at 13:40 Reply

      totally agree with you 100% I love crossdressing also and masturbating and getting off while dressed as girl. I wear bra, heels, lipstick as well as boy shorts. I’m straight as an arrow but this gets me off I’ve tried to find women but they aren’t into it. Now I’m fine and couldn’t care less. I have phone mistresses that are into dressing me as girl and its great and better then dating, no drama, no games and no emotion. Mistresses want
      to put me in chastity also. I’m more then fine with women doing that and dressing me as girl

      • Pink Stucco 3 November, 2012 at 12:50 Reply

        There are women out here who are accepting. My husband is a cross dresser. I love him the way he is. He is a wonderful companion and father. What do I care if he likes to wear feminine clothes? I like to wear jeans and t-shirts. Besides, he looks pretty cute. We just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.

  155. vickymynx 17 October, 2012 at 08:44 Reply

    I cross-dress because I like womens clothes & like to imitate the female form for a temporary period of time, but still happy been a man.
    At end of the day if its ok for women to wear what they want, its ok for men to wear what they want.

  156. Phil 12 October, 2012 at 20:22 Reply

    My story is different than most. When 17 I was sort of seduced by an older woman. She wasn’t gorgeous, but she was sexy. Tight clothes, heels, make up, nails, etc. but when we did it I didn’t know what I was doing and very submissive. She later said, somewhat jokingly, that I needed a man to do me. That kind of blew my mind, and it didn’t occur to me at the time that I was partly bi, and that was okay (a 2 on the Kinsey scale). But I spent time over the years basically dressing up like the woman that she was, and playing sexy. It was a lot of fun, and I later found I could dress up and be submissive in gay encounters. I don’t however dress as a woman in public, though I did a couple of times, and no one seemed to care. I almost always do it only when playing around. And no, I don’t feel sexually inhibited or confused. Quite the opposite. I’m happy living most of my life as an averge guy, and having straight sex with women, even being dominant. And I’m happy to dress as a woman every so often for fun, or as a submissive for another male. Im doing this because I want to, its fun, and feels good.

  157. Blake 11 October, 2012 at 11:09 Reply

    Here is an interesting thought,and its TRUE….from the time a baby is born,m or f,society is programming children….thats why girls are giving a dolly and PRETEND to feed and diaper and care for and so on,boys are given,toy dump trucks,and male oriented toys,for when he is an adult,he is the bread winner,and goes and gets a job and the female stays home with the baby…so not right.
    Society for the most part is screwed up in that sence…dumb dumb dumb

  158. Alicia VanLoan 6 October, 2012 at 10:23 Reply

    Hi i started cross dressing when i was ten years old i used to wear my sister bras and panties she had some sexy clothes i stopped for a while when i got married just for ha ha i ask my wife how do you feel about a guy wearing women clothes she looks at me why want to wear mine i said sure if you dont care what great sex that night but we broke up i met another who like the ideal we are still together today but to stop dressing is hard i had lots of women clothes which cost me alot of money i gave it all away i just couldnt stop i started buying my clothes again i try three time after i said forget it i not stopping i dress were i want when i want who ever dont like it doesnt have to be around me that how i feel i know i was suppose to be born a woman got to do what i have to do Alicia

  159. Peter 6 October, 2012 at 06:55 Reply

    I crossdress because I like it and I’m single and have freedom to do it whenever I want to. Married people are fools as are women who don’t like guys that look better then they do in women’s clothes, my thought is its their loss.

    • m 5 October, 2012 at 12:32 Reply

      Blake, he liked to dress completely as awoman with the breat insets, wig, makeup, high heels and he did so quite tastefully. He made an attractive woman..

      • vicky 11 October, 2012 at 08:58 Reply

        I like to dress completely as a girl, & use inserts but would never want to change my sex as am still happy been a man, but enjoy looking like a woman as well 7 love womens high heels & clothes. It is the 21st century after all, so why are we taking gender difference so seriously, as liking womens clothes is nurture over nature, meaning we are nurtured that boys do this & girls do that, which is rubbish.

  160. 123456 4 October, 2012 at 16:10 Reply

    I crossdress because I love girls, but I am currently too shy to approach them, but I still want a “real” girl to look at.

    • m 4 October, 2012 at 16:32 Reply

      We don’t bite unless you want us to. I miss the guy I was with this past summer who I discovered was a crossdresser. He was a really nice guy but lives a complicated life (to use his word) . He invited me into. His life. If circumstances could have been different I’d still like to be with him.

    • m 4 October, 2012 at 16:34 Reply

      I miss the guy I was with this past summer who I discovered was a crossdresser. He was a really nice guy but lives a complicated life (to use his word) . He invited me into. His life. If circumstances could have been different I’d still like to be with him.

  161. Blake 1 October, 2012 at 16:26 Reply

    Here’s maybe a reason why guys like to wear girl known clothes,because they are CUTE and FUN and have a style.At least
    that is how I view and see it.! ! !

  162. Blake 1 October, 2012 at 11:16 Reply

    To Donald Smyth and Vicki and the rest,
    My g/f to also likes me to when wear a bra(B cup)and a skirt.We will go shopping for a bra.Im not embarrassed at all to be shopping with or without my g/f for a bra.She is all for it.She even said she would by me implants.So now i wear “inserts” or falsy’s when at home AND when im out,to get use to the feeling of having a chest before i get the implants.It feels “right” to me that i wear what i wear.And when im out,you can clearly see i have a chest with a bra on.But i dont flaunt it.I go about my way as if nothing is different..I love it and so does she and i will continue to do so….

    • Kathleen (leon) 18 October, 2012 at 15:00 Reply

      I am a bi sexual crossdresser… I’ve actually only started crisscrossing 2 years ago… Although I’ve wanted to since I was around ten… I’m now 25. The reason I crossdress is because it’s a way of balancing my life so to speak… For me it’s kinda a borderline personality disorder.. Its borderline because I’m aware of it and can control it… But all I know is that before I started I was really unhappy and depressed. Then I heard the saying you can’t love someone untill you love yourself first… And that true happiness starts from in you… You have to accept and love yourself in your entirety, to include all your shortcomings… Befor you can truly love and accept anyone else… And I was with my girlfriend (who is now my wife) at the time I started dressing. She asked me the same question and the only answer I could give her was that it made me feel whole and that it is who I am both me (leon) and her ( Kathleen) two sides of the same coin.. She was the first person I ever told and I told her that if she couldnt accept it then I would understand but we couldn’t be together because if she couldn’t accept me for me in my entirety then she could never truly love me… To my surprise she did accept it completely she was actually exited about it and we both go out shopping for clothes and slowly I’m getting comfortable enough to be able to go out as kathleen… For me it’s not about sex… It’s about letting out my female side because I become all female… And I do associate with more feminin things then masculine… One is I’m not really into cars or sports… I like chic-flicks and romance novels/movies… But bottom line is there is something in my head telling me that I need to become Kathleen every so often… My time spent as a male is equal my time spent as a female… Ever since I started I’ve been a happier person and I love my wife for being so understanding and supportive of my needs from the very beginning

      Well I’m sorry for the long post and if it helped or if you would like to talk more about it with me don’t be afraid to email me at

      Thanks for listening or more like reading

  163. donnaldsmyth 1 October, 2012 at 01:30 Reply

    i really don’t know what the real problem is with a male dressing in female tagged clothing when women wear male tagged clothing dressed like men even with the shortened hair, now come on ladies how many of you dressed in a mans pj shirt or pj pants or both, how many find a man’s jockey more comfortable than women’s pantie, how many find a man’s shirt more comfortable than a tight blouse or t-shirt, how many find a man’s singlet is good to wear when mowing the lawn, most women in the work force that work out side job’s wear boots and steelcap man’s shorts and shirt, imagine if we had taboo on cross-dress and women wore dress’s and lace’s on a job out doors, lol, why are women and some male’s offended by a male wearing a bra if he had man boobs and needed the support same as women and did not opt for a removal operation, would you be dirty on him to if your in a relationship with him because of a bra same as ladies wear, when i was growing up i forced to wear a tennis dress and matching pantie which belonged to my auntie whom was a kid at the time same size, i was made wear it to where my grand mother was playing tennis with other ladies and other kids were also there, all because i would not do as i was told and forced into girly wear, my granny was a witch and made me dress into a dress with lacy pantie and laced long socks all day every day for weeks on end, i can remember her words after 45 years when i was 4 years old, WHEN BOY’S DO BOY’S WORK THEY DRESS AS BOY’S, WHEN A BOY CRY’S LIKE A GIRL HE DRESS’S LIKE A GIRL, i was only four, anyway i am married with four kids all grown up and to this day a skirt is as comfortable as shorts if not cooler, so ladies get over it as my wife loves it, she wants me to wear panties all the time under a skirt and it don’t make me gay and i don’t have gay intentions, like it’s only a garment with a tag, a dress to me t-shirt cut is like a long t-shirt with a good over hang, most women’s shorts are more comfy then male’s so ladies if you don’t like it don’t be there for your man, i prefere a skirt to shorts and yes i do get out in one but discretly, but some advice ladies, some men who cross dress do have better wardrobe then women, some even have a better taste then a woman and even down to the pantie draw, you will find most of a cross dress’ers wardrobe is about the cover up more so then looking slutty and pretty for men, yes i agree there are the gay type which makes it a mess about cross-dressing, but just a cross-dresser whom is happy to do it at home with a female partener has better benifits then most think, some male’s like the feel of the nylons and lace as much as a woman feel’s good in male attire, ok one question to ask one self, does my man like me in his shirt or pants, does it make him feel he is sleeping with a male or another woman, see ladies i felt this with my wife when she wore pants and shirt to bed and not so feminem, so i wear a ladies night shirt to bed and yes we both like it, we agree what i wear as much as i agree what she wear’s, this is how a relationship works, on an agreement by both parties, and to all straights out there thinking yak, look at your own skeletons and see how many like yours, so if you love some one enough and get over the initial shock and work with your spouse’s every-body can benefit and start with what you both agree with wearing, advise your friend’s if they are not happy with it, wont matter as there is more friend’s to find that do the same and happy with what they do without the worry of others worrying, ladies can get the benefit of there boy-friends or hubby’s wardrobe if all can agree what when and where to wear, ever an important meeting arise’s and how many times has a woman said she got nothing to wear because of sexist towards cross-dressing men, and had no monies for a new outfit or not even one suitable for the occasion, it might help a lot of people to turn a blind eye what other’s wear as long everyone gets on in society, really most women wear male designed clothing anyway down to their lingerie bra’s and on and on, why just go unisex skirts for men top’s at their discretion same as women, why worry about what one wear’s at all and live one’s life his her’s own and party how you want to and dress to boogie, life is short enough with-out worrying about cross-dress, my last word is, hey ladies if you notice your undies are stretched and you think your hubby is being in them, don’t curse him, open your heart and buy some his size and say straight out mine are to small these i brought for you, you never know the fun you get by the surprize look on his face when you give them to him to wear when he gets out of the shower, knowing you know what he is wearing means you know they are not off a another woman’s line or body, knowingly also he wont be out of the house if left alone at home, and don’t forget it’s only a small minority of people like men who x-dress, i love my skirts at home i stay home, i wear a bra at home my wife knows i’ll be here for her, even if she is away for a few days, i don’t wonder and a lot of men only do it at home, but to many gay gurly male cross-dressers make it look bad, but it’s all about agreeing with relationships, i still dad a family and every-one else can still do the same, keep some disrection about it with kid’s, thankyou and let’s hope we all can see a light at the end of a tunnel where ever you are

    • Alicia VanLoan 1 October, 2012 at 06:34 Reply

      Hi i agree with what you have said you dont have to be gay to cross dress i girlfriend was thinking about being with another woman 10 years ago i came out and told her i love wearing women clothes it started out Bras And Panties she was very happy with it she was so happy she wanted me to start Hormones so i would have breast now i do and shopping we go in the women clothing i tell want i want and give her the size and she pick them out for me if i dont like it i shake my head no and we move on she prefer me to be female then male right now my g/f is in the living room i just a hot shower with women body wash shaved my legs wearing women jeans and blouse she dont care what i wear men clothes women clothes as long as we are cover up women to me are more comfy then men my girlfriend like wearing my tee shirts and outer shirts all i know it make our sex a whole lot better have a great day Alicia

  164. vicky mynx 24 September, 2012 at 15:09 Reply

    look back in history as regards to mens fashion!
    In the past robin hood & his merry men all wore tights and flat heeled knee boots.
    Men also wore bathing suits to protect their modesty.

    If not mistaken was it the english or roman army that wore chain mail type dresses which were short for mobility.
    But some how, woman kind stole all this from our history & left us with jeans & T-shirts!

  165. vicky mynx 24 September, 2012 at 14:59 Reply

    Think with this community, you have to give your self pep talks as thats what I did. As much as I love the womens high heels & clothing & emulating the opposite sex, I had to tell myself that at end of the day all clothing is just material cut & designed to a certain way for the sexes. The thing is who make these un-written rules? Answer = Man kind! who is man kind to say what we should wear & look like. At the end of the day there is no Biological reason why a man should not like high heels skirts & frilly knickers, its more a case of nurture over nature from a past conservative world which we are slowly breakin from, SO GO ENJOY FELLAS!

  166. vicky mynx 24 September, 2012 at 14:34 Reply

    Think its time to break the ice with this wonderfull world of transgender.

    There seem to put things on television about Transsexuals but not so much about cross-dressers, may be cus its not gritty enough for Television bosses, as they prob would find out that we are just ordinary people with a love of womens clothes & the female form, and don’t all belong to the rain mack brigade.

  167. Blake 24 September, 2012 at 11:14 Reply

    I really dont like the word “crossdresser” it sounds degrading and sounds freaky.I really dont think it is a big deal if a guy wants to wear female clothing.So why not ? I wear a skirt everyday,and yes,even to work.To me,it feels like a normal thing.No weird factor at all.I will go anywhere wearing a skirt,as if i was in pants/jeans…which i do not wear anymore.Cant stand pants.I get alot of GOOD comments from females,of ALL ages.And my g/f likes it as much as i do.We
    even went looking for a bra.She found one and would like it
    if i would it.Enjoy life,and live it…most of all,its FREEDOM of CHOICE……. !

  168. JJL 20 September, 2012 at 07:24 Reply

    I just read some older comments by Dorothy and Cheryl. Cheryl you sound very much like my boyfriend. I will tell him I read your post, because I feel it will be helpful for him. To Dorothy, As a pretty conservative and even religious heterosexual super straight woman, I really love the time that he and I share together when he is crossdressing just as much as when he is not. I think for me, it is because I know that he is sharing something precious inside of himself that is best expressed while wearing women’s clothing. We had dated awhile ago and he did not tell me about this part of himself. We still communicated via text… then one day he said ” have you ever heard of a man crossdressing?” It all clicked in my mind and somehow made perfect sense. I always knew he was keeping something from me but did not know what… I was actually relieved. I asked him to show me… he did not want to. We have recently started dating again. I am a stylist by trade, and had dressed many transgender people before so I finally convinced him that I could help him. When he saw how much I loved helping him dress, he felt safe. (The best part is that we wear the same size shoe!) I love doing his make up and seeing him open up. I feel like he is showing all of himself to me and I enjoy seeing him so happy. I just wanted to understand him, all of him. It isn’t about being ‘kinky’ but sharing a completely loving and caring relationship with eachother. We don’t share ourselves with others or anything like that. I hope that helps your wife, Dorothy.

    • vicky mynx 24 September, 2012 at 08:34 Reply

      Think thats really ace, what you put in your comment there.
      Think that its great that you both can share his passion for womens fashion. I am a married transvestite, & yes my wife knows all about it & we both go out on special nights out together as my wife loves the alternative tranny scene, just because its something different to ya normal piss up, & like you we can both talk fashion. Going out to a tranny night together made her realise that where not all part of the rain mack brigade & its nothing kinky, & that I just like womens clothes & emulating the female form & gender.

  169. Alicia VanLoan 13 September, 2012 at 06:05 Reply

    Hi Chrissy its really scarey when i told my G/F and she was ok with where i was scared the most was telling my Daughter but i glad i did she help me with curling my hair let me know what bras to buy i like to show cleavage we all whnt shopping together as 3 females i was lucky my G/F even lets me date men i have a date friday i love them both hope thing work out and it go well

  170. chrissy 12 September, 2012 at 21:14 Reply

    hi im well like to say that i like to dress up like a woman to feel sexy how i told my gf is how do girl underwear feel and she say that she do not know lol and later on that night she gave me some woman underwear she understand how i feel she say but after a year she left me the first time i dress up like a girl when i was 8years old with my sisterdresses and now how do i tell my family that i love to dress up in woman’s skirts

  171. M 11 September, 2012 at 14:24 Reply

    I’ve recently discovered that my cross dressing boyfriend calls himself “pretty much a lesbian” to use his words. I am trying to wrap myself around this in my mind and realize that I can be the kind of woman he is desiring. I am a woman with normal desires and have tried to be accepting of his cd ways. I understand that this is something he needs to do and it makes him feel good. But this lesbian part has thrown me completely. I am not upset with him or his desires but am wondering if there are others out there who are trying to relate to a man who is this way.

    • JJL 19 September, 2012 at 10:03 Reply

      I love my crossdressing boyfriend. I am a heterosexual woman. About as straight as they come. Not bi or anything like it. I love to help my boyfriend look and feel pretty. I have told him, though, that if he was to want to become full time femme, I would not be a good candidate for a long term relationship, as I am not a lesbian. It is a lot to take in. I love and want to be supportive. I am also still trying to wrap my head around it all. As a man, he is ALL man, and as a woman he is quite beautiful too…I don’t really have anyone else that I know that is in this situation.

      • dorthy 19 September, 2012 at 17:01 Reply

        to m i think u where fine till he called himself lesbian if u where accepting before i can understand the change and ask him to to be your cd/bf on a shopping trip or something like that i can understand not accepting the lesbian name and thats not fair to you there are others but i think every situation is difernt depending on your values my wife lets me do it away from her but i wont do in public till my kids grow

      • dorthy 19 September, 2012 at 17:04 Reply

        to jjl we need more people like you you are won of few who accept and i can understand the stopping at the lesbian name thank you for both yours and m response

        • M 19 September, 2012 at 17:36 Reply

          I and my boyfriendare not seeing each other anymore. His job is taking him farther away and we knew it would be for the best to part company now after 3 months instead of farther into our relationship. It is for our best. I have strong feelings for Him and part of me wishes it could somehow work. He is more comfortable as a woman and looks quite attractive as one. I don’t think he could give me what I needed from our relationship. I enjoy the ring that he gave me. It wasn’t like you might think as I made a ring purchase at a pawn shop and it really fit him much better than me so I gave it to him and he gave me a ring off the finger that my ring fit on. Anyway I treasure this Master Metal ring of his. When we said our goodbyes I thought he should have his ring back so I gave it to him.. On my way home I texted him to return that his ring to me because I wanted something of him to carry with me. I didn’t realize he had slipped that ring I wanted back into my sack. He somehow knew I wanted it and he really wanted me to have it. He’ll always hold a special place in my heart. Sometimes things just don’t work out. And that’s ok. My experience with my cross dressing boyfriend Can be related to someone who is gay. You can’t change who a person really is even if it is different.

          • M 20 September, 2012 at 16:23

            Not sure if my comparison from a cd to gay is correct or not but just to make sure that what I’m saying is is that you can’t change who a person really is. Any future relationship that my ex may become involved in will be difficult at best because he won’t openly talk to me about his cd needs. He internalizes his pain too. What turned out to be our last day together was also the day he added 2 new piercings to his chest area. We both hoped the relationship could have worked but realized it wouldn’t. He pierces himself and I think he did the piercings to himself for the pain of our separation. I’m dealing with it in a different way myself and am saddened that this is how he is dealing with it. His choice though. Anyway, the mention of his being pretty much lesbian changed things for us but then too he wouldn’t open up and talk about his needs. Thanks for any input.

          • vicky mynx 24 September, 2012 at 08:24

            So did you split cus he was a cross-dresser or was it just the fact he would not explain his feeling to you & talk about it.

      • deborah 24 September, 2012 at 07:11 Reply

        OMG, just found out my “man” is also a crossdresser. In a state of shock at his appearance, we went out to eat, went shopping for a new “outfit” for him. I fell in love w/a man, but secret is out, and I can’t deal. Walked through my
        entire weekend in shock.

        • vicky mynx 24 September, 2012 at 08:39 Reply

          Just enjoy it hun, & don’t worry about what others knowing, as i found that people are not particularly disgusted, they will just be a bit shocked at first as is Britain’s last taboo i think. My family is quite religious & even they were ok, just more laughs than anything else which is ok in my book, compared to responses could of got, especially seems as though i used to be a bouncer.

    • vicky mynx 24 September, 2012 at 14:17 Reply

      The fact he is calling himself lesbian when dressed, just means that his sexuality has not changed & will not change as he still likes women hence lesbian!

  172. Blake 9 September, 2012 at 10:16 Reply

    To Alicia,
    Thats way coool..just being yourself is great.Like the Disney Ch
    says “JUST BE YOU” and thats what i tell people when they do ask why im wearing a skirt,but that is a very rare occations.Most of the time they just ask about my tattoo’s.Just yesterday,i was out doing some running around,i was wearing a black and red plaid pleated skirt(3 inches above my knee)and a red tank top,i was heading to my car to go,and this lady,about 50 or so,very cute i might add,and she said to me “That’s a cute skirt” i said “thx” and then she said “more men should wear skirts i think”.So its not really that big of issue for me.
    I dont wear jeans anymore,other than to work on my cars of course…..More power to you Alicia and others as well

  173. Alicia VanLoan 9 September, 2012 at 05:34 Reply

    Hi i`m Alicia i dont know why i cross dress but i been doing since i was ten year old i started with my sister bras and panties i try them and i was hooked i tryed to stop but i cant when i am dressed it seem all my stress go away my girlfriend and daughter know and happy with it i like wearing women clothes more the wearing men women clothes are very sexy i like the ideal of looking pretty and feeling sexy i did go on hormones i do have breast and since the hormones i did get interested in men i not on hormones anymore i still feel the same about men i am Bisexual i am BBW FEEL GOOD TO SPEAK ABOUT IT

  174. Melody Grace 27 August, 2012 at 07:50 Reply

    I’m just going to answer the question at the top of the thread.

    How can I make him stop cross dressing?

    You probably can’t. I guess you could try an ultimatum. Threatening to leave? Telling all his mates or work people about it. Humiliating may work. Makes me feel pretty crap though when my partner does it. Then she bitches about how sad I am and to get over it.

    I would try to accept it and not worry to much about it. There are bigger issues in the world to be honest. Like AIDS, Malaria, Wars and Starvation. Does it really matter your boyfriend/husband likes to slip on a skirt every so often? I suppose you could just leave him if its really so bad.

    I dont care that my girlfriend loves to wear guys clothes.
    She doesn’t even wear any makeup nor does she style her hair.
    She hates it when I dress up. Makes me feel pretty crap about myself.
    She says “its not normal”. I have never judged her like she judges me.
    Its pretty sexist if you ask me. Kind of borderline discrimination.

    I don’t wanna start a huge fight on here but I think its kinda sexist to stop men Xdressing.
    I thought in the 21st century people might be able to forget about assigned roles and stereotypes.

    I think its sad, makes me sad anyway.

    Melody ♥

  175. maria 26 August, 2012 at 06:54 Reply

    I’m getting more used to my boyfriend’s cd. He told me he’s the same person whether he is in women’s clothes or not. That made me feel better. I guess I was relieved to have not lost the man I originally became attracted to.

  176. william 20 August, 2012 at 17:50 Reply

    Hi Everyone. I am not sure all the time what I feel like I am. I am a person who loves to wear skirts around the house but in public I kinda feel nervous because of other people staring and comments from them. I do have on time wear skirts in public because they feel so comfortable and I get the air in all the right places. I just am a person who is not passable women and also gets told I am gay because im in women clothing. No one seems to understand.

  177. maria 20 August, 2012 at 10:26 Reply

    I love the way my boyfriend treats me and I’m getting more used to his cross dressing around home. He is a special man and we’ve just gotten into the anal stimulation….especially for him. I so much want to make him happy as he does me. CD is new to me and he does have good taste in the clothes he buys. He’s very thin so everything looks good on his slender body. He seems to feel pretty comfortable around me and I want him to continue to feel so.

  178. Blake 16 August, 2012 at 17:12 Reply

    To Jenny,
    What does crossdressing(which i hate that word description)have to
    do with him being gay ? If a woman wears a man suit,is she a lesbian ? Any the other items doesn’t mean a thing,men that are straight and gay male that likes those sensations,like most men are afraid to say or do so.Im not

  179. Jenny 16 August, 2012 at 15:41 Reply

    I am wondering about my husband. Here are the facts…

    1. I found Capri (little cigarettes) twice now after I had been out of town.

    2. I was unpacking his overnight bag from a trip that he was on and found a vibrating butt plug.

    3. He was out of town recently and had two packages delivered. I opened one to find a womens blouse (from a cross dressing website) and the other I googled the return address and it is also from a crosser dressing website.

    4. I have found catalogs that showcase cross-dressing clothing.

    My concern is that he is gay (because of the butt plug) but he hides so much. What did I get myself into, I don’t trust him at all.

    • dorthy 16 August, 2012 at 23:42 Reply

      the cigirette part i dont know nothin but i have used anal toys anything i can get my hands on and i have never been with a woman all the toys a woman would use i have used dildoes butt plugs bannanas cuccumbers anything else that will fit ive used a few other things that might not even been used buy a woman

      • beckyg65 23 September, 2012 at 16:05 Reply

        to jenny,

        I had the same feelings and reactions as you when i found the vibrating butt plug too! and at first he was really tryin to come up with some good reasons why it was not his.
        this started my is he gay or bi thoughts! and severe trust issues.
        even 17 yrs later i still think he has been with a man at least once,although he denies it. and he still hides things on occasion, but i love himand until i have some real good proof of an affair, i just deal with it, its just how he is.

        Hopefully the 2 of you can discussthese things, and not get crazy like i did

    • Mellisa 20 August, 2012 at 08:44 Reply

      Hi Jenny,

      A man that likes anal stimulation does not mean he is gay. The prostrate is a very sensitive and can supply a fantastic orgasm. I am a straight CD male who enjoys such. Being you found those items i would suggest that you plan a nice evening for him, maybe at a hotel, pick up an out fit for him to wear and have it lying on the bed for him at the hotel, and i would get a strap on for yourself and give him a night to remember. Your relationship might just go to a whole new level of bliss and your concerns would transform into a deeper love with a man that is completely in touch with his feminine side. If i was your man that is what i would love. there is nothing wrong with anal stimulation, its society that has labeled it “Gay” break the chain and have some fun!

  180. Rupette 7 August, 2012 at 17:19 Reply

    For whatever reason cross dressing is something new to me. I’ve known that men have and are doing this in the world and like gays and lesbians etc., it is something to learn to accept. You can’t deny who a person is just because it doesn’t feel right to you. I’ve got a ways to go to feeling more comfortable with my b/f cd. When I looked under his bed one day and saw a high-heeled shoe I actually felt relieved when I realized it was probably his shoes moreso than another woman’s. He is sexy as a man but am not sure how comfortable he is when I tell him that. I’ve also told him that he has good taste in dressing as a woman in the clothes he has worn and the make-up that he has applied. He isn’t gawdy at all which I do appreciate and I appreciate his sense of humor when it comes to wearing the high heels around the house for cleaning ceiling fans and other high places. He is a tall guy and I enjoy his sensitiveness to me as a woman. This is interesting to me in that a previous relationship left me feeling less than a woman and I was married to a very manly man. His CD is a whole different world to which I’m trying to live in with him.

  181. Sinned14 5 August, 2012 at 18:46 Reply

    I’m in my late 50’s and have had a penchant for wearing women’s clothes srince I was about 8 years old. Several years ago I started wearing women’s underwear and hosiery and don’t wear men’s underwear at all now. My wife accepts this and I think encourages it. One day out shopping in a supermarket a skirt was on the cheapie rail and, on a whim, I asked if I could buy it and she agreed. That started my skirt wearing and I wear them in the house whenever I can. I bought many different skirts off ebay. My wife is quite understanding but even she sometimes accuses me of being gay (I’m not) or wanting to be a woman (I don’t). I think that she has misunderstood my needs because she encouraged me to nuy all things feminine including make-up. I don’t mind a little neautral or pale lipstick or nail varnish but that’s as far as it goes. I don’t want to wear dresses or frilly blouses or such. I like wearing skirts because they are soooooo comfortable especially in hot weather and I wish that I could get others to see this and accept it. I don’t really know why I am like I am but I am comfortable with it. My latest is that I would like to have a go at making my own skirts. As I don’t sleep a lot sometimes I go for a walk wearing a skirt in the early hours of the morning and it’s so relaxing.

    • maria rupert 7 August, 2012 at 16:53 Reply

      Hello, My boyfriend enjoys dressing as a woman in skirts and dresses and has lots of high-heeled shoes that he’ll wear around the house a lot. He says he likes the freedom that skirts provide with or without a thong. He wears make-up when he dresses as a woman and I must say he applies very well. This is a new world for me. Going out in public with him as a woman is quite challenging for me. I love the man that he is and I don’t want to lose sight of that part of him but I do have to say that I enjoy this feminine side of him because he is so sensitive and understanding. I’ve always thought that the best person to understand a woman is another woman. Skirts and dresses are definitely very comfortable in hot weather and I even feel more femininely free around him.

      • Natalie Jones 20 August, 2012 at 04:43 Reply

        Hi Maria,
        You sound a very understanding person,and your boyfriend’s lucky to have you (you’re lucky to have each other).I can see why you don’t want to lose him as a man,and it must be challenging (for both of you) going out.
        I hope you find a balance,and keep talking with each other.
        Natalie x

  182. Blake 28 July, 2012 at 17:03 Reply

    To Rick,
    RIGHT ON…she wants you to wear sexy undies,thats why she did what you said she did.That is just freaking fantastic.Take advantage of it.I would.My g/f and i are talking about doing
    small implants for me.So now the ball is in my court to decide
    to do it or not,she even said she will pay for them.How lucky
    can a guy get !

  183. biboybum 27 July, 2012 at 05:41 Reply

    I was sexuaky imprinted at age 15, a shy, ackward, very hu\orny young boy very attracted but shy and scard withgirls, found panties and put them on to see what a girls ass looked like, next was dildo’s to feel what girls feel fucking, neever felt comfotale deing domiate with girls or guyss, felt weak,scard and worthless infrott of girls snd guys, felt sexy, feminane, and submisse instead, like I deserved to be used,forced, punished or whatever bi the man/women dominating me with no choice , but to except smy role as submissive.

  184. Kathleen69 26 July, 2012 at 18:26 Reply

    When I was little I was molested and a few yrs later I was dressing in my mom’s clothes. I’ve been doing it for 30 yrs and will continue til the day I die. What was done to me then, I felt like a woman. Maybe that mind set is what got me started, not sure.

  185. dorthy 25 July, 2012 at 01:45 Reply

    me my favorite is wear a negligee to bed or dress u don’t even sheet to bed u can feel cool breeze of airconditioner up your dress a slip nylons are even better i am getting more confterable around my kids i cant wear it out cause wife dont accept but i cant wait for kids to go out so i can go full time female truck driver i drove in military and itreally helps u see the sexy things girls do in a car and pink lipsick is hardly even vissible in public i wear it as chapstick and panties all the time a bar to work in winter is nice too

  186. Rachel 21 July, 2012 at 01:20 Reply

    Yeah, I’m pretty much on the same page as you guys. I still like women and think they are sexy, but a lot of times, if I see a sexy girl on TV or even in real life, I.get jealous becuase I know that, as a man, I will never be as soft, silky and feminine as some women out there.

    Maybe that’s just the whole male.dominance thing of wanting to be the best, but, I have never been as turned on as when I think about playing the girl and letting some muscly, strong guy (exact opposite of me).turn me around and do me like a dirty little girl.

    Sorry of that was a little explicit, but hey, what can I do? It’s definitely how I feel, and I’m tired of having to be embarrassed by the true passions.that I feel and want to feel inside my body.

    • dorthy 25 July, 2012 at 01:49 Reply

      on jelous subject i wish i was female cause they get away with cheating dress code i find myself staring in jelousy instead of focusing on work this won girl wears white short and i think about there periods i get trying to tell what kind panties she wears with it she hides them well

  187. Blake 6 July, 2012 at 22:11 Reply

    For me on the skirt and so on subject,i like female clothing better for many reasons,but,it has nothing to do with arousal
    or trying to look female…I just like what i like simple

    best to ya


  188. diamond tweeks 6 July, 2012 at 04:10 Reply

    Mine’s a strange one because I’m split right down the middle, one side of me is all rock macho man love woman to death which is how I am 98% of the time and there is the other side to me that couldn’t be more different, different as in girly to the extreme! and that’s where cross dressing plays a hand, I cross dress purely for sexual gratification, they say cross dressers aren’t gay but I do beg to differ because when I cross-dress I want to be with a man so much, OK yea I am bisexual but I cross dressing to express a need for being a woman and being with a man for sex and feeling the need to be taken advantage of and abused sexually, I’ve spent years working out why I feel like this with out no explanation, I’m 33 now and I’ve learned to deal with it, I love both Men and woman 50/50, when I’m not wearing girly clothes then I have no desire to be with a man or wanting to be woman, lol it’s an odd situation I think but that’s the way it goes.

    • Rick 28 July, 2012 at 14:35 Reply

      Blake, thanks for the reply. Took me a while to respond. I really don’t know what’s happening on my end, because today my wife and I went thru her intimates and she made a pile of her panties that “don’t fit anymore”, including some lacy totally feminine bikini light green satan, and a few totally lacy panties. I’m baffled that she thinks it’s so cool for me to wear them. I’m delighted because the only time I will wear white cotton men’s underpants now is under my jock strap/cup I wear when playing infield softball in a men’s league (I’m a damn good infielder!). I don’t know why this was such a turn on for me but I got an erection when I slipped on the green lacy panties and they’re covering my butt as I type. Ya gotta love it! She’s such a blessing to me! And she also gave me a pair of her pantyhose which are incredibly silky on my legs, that I’ll save for cooler weather.

      Anyway I thought you might enjoy. Good blog site. Some comments I have to admit I feel sorry for the guys who are in the throws of some bad stuff…..I think you have a pretty healthy attitude towards your fondness for feminine clothing. I love the materials they are made of. I’d love to find a blouse made of something light and silky that would pass as a man’s shirt….I’d snatch it up….

  189. rick 29 June, 2012 at 19:17 Reply

    This is interesting for me….my brief story is when I was 3 my dad died my lovely young mom was a widow. Sometime after dad died, one day mom was putting on her stockings, garters and beautiful lipstick and I wanted lipstick on me. So she put it on – I was probably 4, and she did it several more times. I liked it, but was shamed by a male friend/neighbor who came by one afternoon while I was wearing lipstick. He looked at me and started mocking me saying I looked like a little girl, and I remember him telling her not to do that because it would make me a sissy and she never did it again. Then another incident. This is true I sware. We had a neighbor husband/wife with 2 daughters roughly my age and they would babysit me occasionally. Each time I was put down for a nap in the adult’s bedroom, there were her stockings all perfumed up on the bed, alone with other feminine clothing. I remember putting my face on them and just breathing all that very feminine stuff into my being. Loved it and I do remember having orgasms at that very young age (they were without ejaculation). I think the seeds for loving female stuff were sown via those 2 experiences as a young boy.

    Fast forward to mid teens I suddenly became aware of mom’s stockings and lipstick and would put them on when alone. It was very arousing and I’d unload every time. Then I met my first real GF and all that went away as we were very involved sexually and that remained until I was drafted in the military. After that I got married and had a few kids and lots of living a normal male life with hard work and lots of good stuff.

    Last year my wife threw me a pair of her panties because I didn’t bring enough of my own for a 2 week vacation. (It was purely an accident that I didn’t bring enough of my own, NEVER thinking of putting on her undergarments.) Her panties were nylon/satin high cuts and when I slipped them on (a little reluctantly because they weren’t mens underpants). I instantly got this warm feeling in my lower stomach. They felt so friggin nice, and they were so comfortable that I said to her “these feel great! – and so comfortable….”. I’m not a kid anymore and this came as a big surprise to me. Pretty soon I found myself getting my own panties and then one day I got some pantyhose and man those felt great on my legs. This was becoming a big turn on. I started getting feelings about putting lipstick on and every time I made a move towards the feminine stuff, I got more turned on by the fact I was doing it, and by the deed itself. I finally ordered a satin skirt/blouse (labeled “sissy” by the seamstress) and a pair of high heels and a garter belt with lace and stockings. Put all that on with some lipstick and a bra with some padding for cycling that I had and wow, one look at my hosed legs with that satin skirt and heels lipstick and it’s pretty tough to forget about.

    I don’t consider myself a CD, but perhaps I am to some extent. I’ve been wearing panties every day for a year now, nothing else and my wife of course started it and it doesn’t bother her at all – “be comfortable”. But it’s becoming more than comfort, and it’s getting a bigger hold on me….so now if I get too excited and do release, I find I regain my composure and can walk away from it all. I am very secure in my manhood, but I do find it very exciting to touch the feminine that closely and I can’t quite put my finger on why. Why? Why is it so intoxicating? I did a little reading about forced feminization and did it while wearing pantyhose and satin lacy nylon panties with lipstick on. I was just oozing for a couple of hours…..very intoxicating.

    So in a nut shell that’s my story regarding this new-to-me thing. I can’t imagine it going any further because there is not a chance in a hundred billion that I’d let another male near me, so it’s not that. I think it’s the closeness to the feminine that’s such a draw – I love the feeling of women’s clothes…..

  190. todd 28 June, 2012 at 14:39 Reply

    OMG its 100 here and after a long day in a hot ass building working my balls off in this heat i got to come home and thow on a skirt and let it all air out feels soooooo damn good

    • william 6 July, 2012 at 10:45 Reply

      Amen I agree. Skirts keep men cool with there package. I love them cause there open and refreshing and like this person I sweat like no tommorow. Also the reason I wear women clothes is because they are more comfortable and they have so much more to choose from and are not so plain like most men clothes.

    • dorthy 25 July, 2012 at 01:36 Reply

      its 100 here to but even nyloyons make u feel cooler nice small sexy panties maybe even lace nylon or lace blouse lipstick nail polish high hills and walk outside over vents soo nice

      • scott 28 July, 2012 at 11:57 Reply

        Yes the mens design and selection is by far the worst I have ever seen. Why would you even buy any of that junk. Womens clothes are lighter, brighter, and more comfortable to wear. Hands down the reason I crossdress to enjoy real clothes.

  191. Blake 26 June, 2012 at 16:40 Reply

    To Anne,
    That is very cool Anne.I wonder how many female out there like
    to dress manly.I dont mean cutesy manly,i mean really do it up
    as a male.Just a thought

    • todd 28 June, 2012 at 14:42 Reply

      to blake…Blake says:

      June 26, 2012 at 4:40 pm

      To Anne,
      That is very cool Anne.I wonder how many female out there like
      to dress manly.I dont mean cutesy manly,i mean really do it up
      as a male.Just a thought

      funny u ask that i think almost every1 even those who are women who dress and try to pass as a man even ejoy looking sexy …. not always wanting to look ruff and tuff as all of us males are expected to look…..

  192. Anne 26 June, 2012 at 12:05 Reply

    I have been a tranny since I was 3 years old when my parents asked me to pick swimming clothes, I picked a girls costume and cried until I got it. Since then I have always felt female. I am still a virgin and have had girlfriends but the sex act has always felt alien to me. So at aged 19-29 my Mum and Dad went to work from 8 am to 6 pm and during that time I got up and dressed as a girl all day long. So I am very feminine in my thoughts and I would like to come back as a female

  193. Blake 22 June, 2012 at 11:18 Reply

    To Iozza,

    That is so cool that you have a relationship like that and
    is open and supportive…hats off to ya !

  194. lozza G 22 June, 2012 at 08:52 Reply

    hey im a daughter of a crossdresser i completely accept how my dad is and what he has achieved i feel like i have a dad to confide in and talk to but at the same time i have a girl to talk about clothes and get a womanly feel about them

  195. Sarah 21 June, 2012 at 08:25 Reply

    Could it be that the men just want to feel sexy? And that womans clothing are naturally more sexy and alluring? .when you think about it womans clothes define, shape enhance curves and more lustful look.mens clothes are simply not cut to be sexy the way a woman clothes are, and who doesn’t want to feel and look sexy

  196. peter 13 June, 2012 at 06:17 Reply

    I love wearing women’s clothes. Bra, panties,boy shorts, dresses,wigs, lipstick, lotions,perfume, slips. I’m not married nor have girlfriend I’d get cought anyway and I’m happy being single as I can dress anytime I want in private at home. I dress up and wear heels as way to relax after long day and get off. Its best feeling and great way to end day. Not worth having wife or girlfriend who arn’t into crossdressing that’s why I’m single and always will be unless I find mistresses into that

  197. Blake 9 June, 2012 at 23:05 Reply

    Thanks,i understand now…

    I think that people dont understand why a guy wears a skirt, they think its a arousal thing.But women do like seeing guys in a skirt.For me,i wear a skirt like i would wear socks with my shoe’s.I personally dont think it an issue for me,quite normal feeling for me.My daughter,has a black pleated skirt,she will say,”daddy,where your black skirt like mine”.That was so very cool for me.

    • Johnny 13 June, 2012 at 09:42 Reply

      That is so great that your daughter knows and obviously approves of your CD. This along with her mother’s participation should make you a happy CD! Million’s of single CD’s are jealous of you…

    • Johnny 9 June, 2012 at 19:29 Reply

      I am really sorry that I failed to make my point clearer. In essence, I was attempting to illustrate that men who cross-dress do it for many reasons.
      However, what ever the reason, there will ALWAYS be the desire. I personally lost my desire PHYSICALLY for dressing up via a traumatic health problem that almost killed me 5 years ago. But, my desire MENTALLY is still there, as strong as ever. My point is that we Cross-Dressers need our wives and girl friends to accept us. Just like any heterosexual male, we desire the love and acceptance that only a loving female can give. My wife of 40 years knew of my Cross dressing before we wed. She found out that she could have her own “maid” to do as much as the wife wanted done in the house, at any time….

  198. ray 9 June, 2012 at 15:04 Reply

    I just suddenly realised that when a girl asks a cross dresser: ” Do you love me or the girl inside of you?” This is my girlfriend asked me so and she was deeply sad about my strange interests. I said, ” You. I love you no matter what cost would it be, and I want to be the man for you, even if you ask me to die for you, I will say yes.”

    If this is the interest that will constantly come back as most of you guys had said before, I will ask my girlfriend to tie me up when I felt so… I love her no matter what…If this is the cost she asked for, so be it. I am willing to do so

  199. Scarlet 6 June, 2012 at 19:27 Reply

    I think the idea of clothes itself should reflect a strict catalog of male and female’s belongings is totally wrong. Think about a world with all the garments together with no catalogues, no sexual reference, no fashion preferences, then, the word ” cross dressing” just suddenly disappeared. I like the idea of male and female should wear something different, but not strict necessarilly in need.

    I was born as the only son of my family. When I was 8 or something, I had a fresh idea, “Well, being boys for quite a while, seems like not very dramatic for me any more,( I always like to try something different that I am interested) why not try to be a little girly, and see what happens…This idea started with wearing my mum’s pantyhose, and this was the rabbit hole I fell in.

    My dad is a quite manly man, and had a ton of his manly dreams waiting for me to achieve for him, and of course, including being a man which the society “wants” us to be. Surely he didn’t want to know I had this “dirty little secrets”. My mum is a very stylish lady and aware of my cross dressing interests, but she did not accept it at all, and purged these strong desires I had without negotiation. So I stopped for a little bit due to the pressure the family had put on me, but later on, found the little Alice inside of me constantly urged me to re-visit her wonderland no matter what.

    My parents found I could not stop cross dressing, so they did a great favour to me, they bore me doing it WITHOUT understanding which I thank them forever. I knew it is not easy for them, too. They are living in a so social defined roles environment and has nothing in common with my wonderland.

    While life goes on, I can’t lie how much I did suffer about the difference I had than the other boys at my age. I kept asking myself why the little Alice could not leave me alone and I could go back to be the boy I used to be completely until I realized all these theories I wanted back were wrong.
    I spent almost all of my teen time trying to find a cure till I understood there was no cure, because the little Alice herself is the cure, and she deserves to be treated fairly and lived happily as much as my male sides which marked me physically since I was born.

    Luckily, I realized this important message from the god during my teen time of my life. I immediately embraced her fantasists, choosing to be a fashion designer myself as the gift I shall give to her. With no surprise, it was exact where she belongs to. She helped being a beauty queen as I always love to, and stayed away from loneliness while having day time dreams in my wonderland. Her sophisticate fashion taste brought me a luxury kingdom to my home and still constantly added on new arrivals to my shopping list. She’d always being sweet and sometimes amazes me with those gorgeous fashion inspirations that stunning all of us, including my girlfriend along with the girls around me. While, my male part still helped me being the cool guy I’d love to be. Full of humorous that entertain someone I really love. And always stay by my side, be the man whenever I need him along with the self-confidence and strength while even experiencing the darkest time of my life.

    When a cross dresser came to a woman he loves, he will ALWAYS love her as a man, he does not love her because he wants be a girl like her.

    Love and interests are 2 different type of loves, they are with a person of his life time, so does cross dressing. It has not much difference than you can love your sister meanwhile love your Princess Right.

    Clothes itself does not reflects personal sexual orientation. This true fact reminds me of some experiences I had when I was travelling around the world.

    I had guys approaching to me several times, and none of these cases happened while I was crossing dressing. And I don’t wear wig or make up, I just enjoy the comforts the garments bringing to me whatever the forms they are. I had reaction from these guys while telling them I am not homosexual. They say ” I am so pretty”, usually. Being honestly, I don’t feel a thing, whatever you think. I enjoy myself, nothing to do with the others tho.

    I was confused why I attract both male and female far far beyond why I do X dressing. Maybe the alice inside constantly casts magic that confusing people around me? lol I don’t know, I am willing to find out.

    Just as many of us mentioned before, we might be drown of being pretty, but it does not change our sexual orientation. We loving girls just as much as the rest of guys do.
    Women are most wonderful thing to enjoy in this planet, no wonder why it is so lucky to be a heterosexual boy…

    P.S I have being out at daytime wearing whatever I would love to wear, no upsetting comments at all around here, it is fine for guys to wear something girly, puting your make up on, being stylish etc. A lot of guys here do it too :) And some girls really love it as well, seems like Tokyo is a great place for who we are!!

  200. Larry 26 May, 2012 at 12:49 Reply

    Emily: Speaking from the guys point of view, When my wife found out she was totally supportive. What she did do was took me into the bedroom and put on her own lingerie. She then took out an oufit that she wantedme to wear. She told me that she found me totally sexy in it and wanted to see me in it more often. By doing this and accepting me for it, she alleviated all my fears. She knows I am still a Man but I enjoy the feel and comfort of womens lingerie. We have an incedible sex life and she normally makes me have sex in an outfit. She even goes so far as taking me to lingerie stores and buys me things she wants to see me in.

  201. Blake 23 May, 2012 at 20:27 Reply

    Hello again to all,
    I really think we should be asking THIS question instead > “Why Do WOMEN Cross dress” ? Because look what alot of them wear and styles that are after mens. For example…Boy shorts undies for women with a fly were modeled after what gender ?………..oh yea,…MALE.I see alot of females wearing guy jeans and dress shirt,or his sport coat,you name it.So then why cant a male do what the females do in reverse ? It goes to show ya that the equal rights movement was only for women,the men were not included,female actually have more rights than males today.
    95% of the females that talk to about this,of many age’s
    love what i wear.Just recently,i was coming out of my grocery store,there were 3 females going into the store,at the same time,one yelled back to me after we already past each outer,”Hey,i really like your outfit”i then said to her, “Thanks” then she said “you are welcome,you look so cool” that sure put a smile on my face.So can you guess the age of this female that said this ? Well,she was in the age range of 13-17….she could of easly said a derogatory comment,but she didnt.So this goes to show ya,and prove what i believe.But i know,not ALL females like a guy in a skirt,and i understand that.There’s always an exception for every rule.For me to wear a skirt is like putting on socks,dont give it much thought.It feels totally natural to me to be in a skirt.And i wear one everyday.


  202. Mellisa 15 May, 2012 at 18:31 Reply

    So I typed “Why Do I Cross dress” into google and POOF I was here. Although the article was a good warm up the comments have been terrific for me! Thank you so much! My story begins like most others. I am 35 years old, love woman, and enjoy toys.

    I started cross dressing around 10 years old when I would visit my grandmother for the summers, However it started with make up. Grandma was a make up queen, tons of it so I played with it before i would shower. One time she had a pair of stockings hanging on the door, so I did up my make up and put them on. Thats my first memories of it and after i stopped my trips there around 15 or so that was the end of it for many years.

    In my twenties there was the rare buy a pair of hosiery or steal a girlfriends pair of boy shorts. I did have a girlfriend dress me up for Halloween one year, that was really fun and reignited my passion with it. I did not share it with anyone of course and by the end of my 20’s i found myself always with a pair of panties or hosiery and questioning my sexuality. Around 32 I started ordering clothes and makeup online and dressing in my home. Dresses, form fitting items, and such. It was safe so I really started to have some fun but still did not understand it and stayed away from relationships. Unfortunately my life took a turn downward and I was forced to move back home with my family and yet again stifle my desires. I wound up losing 90% of my wardrobe as I was afraid to bring them home.

    Its 3 years later and unfortunately I am still back home but my desires have erupted full force! I recently met a Transgender named Jessica online, we talked for hours and I told her everything I am telling you in hopes to gain more insight. We set up a play date where she did my make up and dressed my and provided me with something I always wanted, a Wig. OMG – that let the beast out. The next day i went to the local party store, bought a wig, forms, and a sports bra, went to the dollar store and picked up make up, already had some clothes from online. That was 3 weeks ago. Since then I have fully dressed half a dozen times and even went out in public briefly…..It was so exhilarating! Still not knowing why or what it means, i found myself here tonight and here is my answer.

    Why do I cross dress? To feel sexy, clothing is more comfortable, so many different options, sexual thrills, and most importantly… Because I Want To!

    You all have done so much for me and have helped me understand and I really think i can now get on with the sexual life. My goal is to reveal it in my relationships early on, so not to waste time as I have already wasted so much.

    As for you ladies who are here to figure out how to handle your situation, I agree with Buy him an outfit, get him in the shower, and when he gets out, tell him put these on (bra and panties or hosiery depends on what you found) sit his ass on the toilet or bed and start doing his make up…..Then show him the outfit you bought him. Then my dearies, come here the next day and tell us all about it.

    Cheryl – I really took your advice to heart and thank you for continuously keeping up on this page. I hope this story helps someone they way all yours helped me.


    • Cheryl 16 May, 2012 at 07:39 Reply

      You are most welcome Mellisa. I am glad that you found something in my words that was helpful.

      Hugs Cheryl

  203. Blake 14 May, 2012 at 21:10 Reply

    Todd,just wear you skirt and carry on with life as normal as if you were in shorts or jeans.Just do it.99% of females like to see a guy in a skirt.Just last week i had a 14 yr old school girl told me “I really like you outfit” i then said THX

  204. todd 14 May, 2012 at 20:52 Reply

    WOW ok i did it kind of anyway lol my GF and i went for a ride in the car to make a house payment and i was dressed for the first time outside the house and then the next day i was in the back yard in a skirt… sure felt good on the legs the wind blowing and all i felt free for the first time in a long time but still was worried id be seen by neighbors… but for the short time i was outside i felt soooo good… now i have a problem tho….i want to do it more i want to go for a walk in the park or something where its not so private but still kind of private i want to go for a ride in the car in the clothing i feel free in … is this something that will pass now that i have made that lil step out of my house or is this something that will become worse??? yes im more confused that i have ever been in my life and i dont know how to take these feelings. She is kind of cool with it but yet is afraid some1 will notice either her or i and will put 2 and 2 together which could be kind of bad for people to find out as NO 1 knows about my need to dress as a woman when ever i get the chance… hope some1 out here has some answers or advice

  205. Blake 14 May, 2012 at 16:28 Reply

    Just one quick note i forgot,when i hear the word “crossdressers”
    it sounds a big degrading to me…dress as you feel people !

  206. Blake 14 May, 2012 at 16:19 Reply

    Well Emily,here is my view on this.Im a guy.I think why alot of guys like to wear female clothing is because well,….we all started out as a female,and i think some of the female brain chemistry is left behind a little.Im not a doc,but its logical to me.And if you read some of the things ive said here then cool.What i would do sometime Emily,when the both of you go shopping,go to a mall.Tell him you want to stop in at Victoria’s Secrets for a minute.He will more than happy to go there with you.(just a FYI,he can get a thong made for men.I get mine custom made to the way i want it to fit at a great price)Look around for awhile with him.Then tell him you want his opinion on a few.Then ask him “which one would he wear if he was had to decide”.Then you say,”ok,i will get this one and you can get one in the size that fits you”…But like i say,i get mine made to fit the way a thong should fit a guy AND have a female design about them.I support him 100%. Why cant a guy feel sexy about his self without bringing the homophobe issue about.But i think thats the best way to do it.It would werk for me if i was in his spot.Once you 2 get this issue out,think about how funny it would be to go VS and shop together ! maybe he could get a Teddy or a Camisole or what ever and you both could match ! Thats the cool part of it all.! Best of luck to ya Emily


  207. Emily 14 May, 2012 at 15:46 Reply

    First, I want to thank everyone on here for their openness and honesty-I’ve read through almost all the comments and this has been so helpful.
    Over the past 6 months I’ve noticed my boyfriend of almost 2 years wearing women’s panties and panty hose, thigh highs, etc. The first time I discovered it I had done laundry and was putting stuff away in his underwear drawer. My first inclination was not that he was wearing the thongs I saw, but rather that they belonged to another women. Once I figured out they were in fact his, I was actually relieved but have since become confused. I want to understand for him but he doesn’t talk to me about it. He will wear the womens thongs and thigh highs, etc around me and to bed, but has never spoken to me about it. Then over this past weekend I was in the study cleaning and accidentally happened upon an entire cabinet filled with women’s clothing, high heels and lingerie. I came online looking for an explanation. I don’t know a lot about any of this and just was looking for some answers and hoping to find reassurance that he wasn’t gay and going to leave me, I didn’t want to overreact although I did have a minor panic attack. Reading this has helped me immensely. It also has shed some light on comments he’s made to me recently when we’ve been speaking about our future that I should not want to spend my life with him, but he “will wait a little longer to tell me why because he’s not ready for us to be over”
    Now though, I need some advice on how to approach him about it. He doesn’t know that I’ve found everything. I want to be supportive and I really do want to understand (I am really trying for him), but I don’t know how to start the conversation without upsetting him. Any advice or thoughts? I love him very much and want it to be a constructive, non threatening and supportive conversation so he knows I’m there for him and not going to run away.

    • Cheryl 14 May, 2012 at 16:14 Reply

      It is really hard to give acvise on such a situation Emily. I think most would say let him come to you when he is ready. On the other hand he does need to know how much you love him even though he is dressing. You obviously don’t know if he is a crossdresser or transexual. Not really does need to be discussed. One suggestion is to take the items of clothing that you found and put them in the front room with a note that says I don’t love you any less. I have found that an open line of communication is the best policy. One thing you have to understand is that this is a deeply personal thing for us and telling our partners is not easy. Especially when a very large percentage of women just walk away and make our lives very difficult when they find out. If you truely want to understand, you will have to listen very careful to what he tells you and know that none of us really know why we are who we are. The best scientist only have theories. Remember that you fell in love with the person he is and that really doesn’t change. I hope you see what I mean. I am here to talk with you if you so desire.
      Sincerely Cheryl

    • dorthy 6 July, 2012 at 12:12 Reply

      thanks for being suportive as hard as it is to wait if u still want to be with him think about shopping with him for girls closes that will be an enjoyment for both next time in a store take him there and hold it up to him and ask how u like it find one in his sixe that should break the ice

  208. Patrícia Sofia 8 May, 2012 at 12:23 Reply

    Olá meninas. Tenho lido todos os dias os vossos comentários giros e fofos com muita atenção, “mas sempre na sombra escondida”. Contudo hoje decidi expressar a minha modesta opinião e participar. Sou a Patrícia Sofia, uma nina (CD) de quarenta e quatro anos, sou portuguesa. Mas tal como a maioria de vocês minhas queridas, eu adoro ser ela (… )
    Assim que eu entro em casa após um intenso dia de trabalho eu liberto-me. Liberto-me vestindo-me completamente de mulher, tenho uma mente e uma identidade muito próprias do universo das meninas, possuo um guarda roupa repleto de lindissimas peças femininas, ( aliás diga-se de passagem que são mais as peças feminis do que propriamente as masculinas). Também tenho imensas fotografias em femme enfim… Na verdade, e mesmo sem nunca ter tomado nenhum tipo de hormónio feminino, possuo um rosto bonitinho e muito feminino e um corpo inegavelmente de mulher inclusive tenho mamas bem desenvolvidas, quase não tenho pénis, e uso gestos tipicamente inerentes a esse maravilhoso mundo cor-se rosa! (Que, aliás, é a minha cor favorita). Não obstante de viver a maior do meu tempo como mulher, na verdade sinto-me muito triste , porque tenho uma alma feminina aprisionada num corpo masculino.
    “ Tudo começou tinha eu treze anos. Usava cabelo encaracolado de tamanho médio, era elegante, e tinha rosto de menina ( facto que desde sempre me caracterizou) e era meio delicada nos meus gestos, e por acaso realizava-se uma passagem de modelos na cidade onde eu estava a passar uns dias. Precisamente dois dias antes do desfile a azáfama em torno das expectativas do mesmo eram enormes. Então a minha mãe e eu fomos ver os preparativos do desfile. Acontece que uma das raparigas participantes sofreu um acidente, e começaram rapidamente á procura de uma substituta. Foi então que uma das senhoras da organização viu-me e como eu era muito bonita e convencida que eu era mesmo uma rapariga dirigiu-se á minha mãe para esta autorizar a que eu desfila-se como modelo. A minha mãe “ a rir-se ”, explicou á senhora que ela tinha feito uma enorme confusão, que na verdade, eu era um rapaz e não uma rapariga. A senhora pediu desculpas mas não se importou minimamente com aquilo que ela chamou um minimo pormenor facilmente corrijivel . E então fui eu a escolhida para substituir a outra rapariga. Ou seja a dois dias do desfile vi-me sentada de um momento para outro numa cadeira de um camarim rodeada de várias pessoas que me maquilharam, esticaram-me o cabelo e puseram-me estenções. Vestiram-me sutiã e cueca a condizer, colocaram-me um lindíssimo vestido branco de renda , também vestiram-me collants ,calçaram-me sapatos de saltos altos e pintaram-me as unhas, enfim… fiquei muito feminina e linda! Dai a pouco já estava a desfilar. (Ou pelo menos a tentar), já que os sapatos de salto eram um problema. Mas como faltavam dois dias para o desfile e eu tinha de esperimentar várias roupas á noite e ensaiar ainda bastante e face a alguma dificuldade no meu caminhar com saltos altos. A dona da agência aconselhou a minha mãe a que ela caminha-se comigo um bocado pela cidade, e que eu fica-se o resto do dia vestida como rapariga para me habituar ao vestido e aos sapatos. A minha mãe mais uma vez riu-se divertida. Ela que tinha entrado naquele pavilhão com um filho pela mão, saiu de lá com uma filha. Eu sentia-me feliz! Estava adorar cada minuto daquela experiencia (Pela primeira vez da minha vida) sentia que era aquilo que eu queria. Sai para a rua vestida de menina, e assim fui com a minha mãe às compras. Confesso que a sensação que senti foi única, tão maravilhosa! Toda a gente pensava que eu era mesmo uma rapariguinha. Assim após caminhar alguns quarteirões, eu já estava mais habituada a caminhar com os saltos altos. Mas o melhor ainda estava para vir, como eu estava tão perfeita e parecia mesmo uma rapariga genética. A minha mãe decidiu participar ainda mais activamente “ na brincadeira”, E nessa noite cuidadosamente colocou-me uma rede no cabelo para não me despentear emprestou-me uma camisa de noite dela para eu dormir. E foi nessa noite sozinha no meu quarto que eu descobri a rapariga adormecida que existia em mim. E desde então (não ligando a mentes preconceituosas, embora encoberta assumo outra identidade) e sou a Patrícia Sofia.
    Se algum macho (activo) ler este texto e me quiser para mulher, estou disposta a ser fêmea para o resto da vida.

    Beijinhos doces.

  209. Blake 7 May, 2012 at 19:45 Reply

    OOOOKAY people,short skirt wearing time again.But actually i never stopped,when its cold out i just wear leggins with it.I
    think i have about 14 or so skirts.I still really like the plaid pleated or solid colour A-line of course.I got one recently from Taiwan.Its blue/grey/black and its real wool.Dang the fit is so nice….

    Blake RWTSG (Rock With The Skirt Guys)

  210. Just a girl 7 May, 2012 at 14:52 Reply

    So I met a man, a wonderful man, began to fall for him and he shared with me that he is a cross dresser. I care for him very deeply and want to understand, but he can’t explain why he does it. Can anyone help provide some insight or advice for dating a cross dresser? I’m struggling with this, and maybe that means I’m not the girl for him….but I’d really like to try.

    • Cheryl 7 May, 2012 at 16:22 Reply

      Just a girl, you don’t have to try. Just do it. Feel good that he has been brave enough to tell you right up front. It sounds like he is a well adjusted man and is comfortable in who he is. There is absolutely no answer why he, or the millions of other guys do it. Yes I said millions!!!! It is much more common than you think. Most crossdressers are heterosexual men. They dream of having a loving woman that won’t riticule them for being who they are and doing what makes them feel good. It is a simple as that actually. It just relaxes him and makes him feel good. Can’t that be enough of an answer? You sound like a woman that has really fallen for a man. i bet he is caring and good looking and sweeps you off your feet.
      Think about this. When you buy a new dress and that killer pair of heels and you do your hair and makeup. Don’t you feel really good about your self?
      I have read so many times about how women would love it if their would could show their feminine side. We all have one. But when it happens they question him.
      It is the same with the way women pick men. They look for the biggest strongest bad boy they can find and guess what. He treats her like shit. Had she chosen the nice guy, she could have avoided all the misery.
      If your struggling with it, that means you care. Perhaps what you are really struggling with is the female way of thinking. The preconditioning of what society says a man has to be. When in reality you seem to have found a good man that has the right to be a free individual to be and do what makes them feel good as long as they are not harming other people.
      Dress up for him and invite him to dress for you. I bet you have one of the best evenings of your life.

      Sincerely, Cheryl

  211. amy 7 May, 2012 at 00:05 Reply

    i dont no how to beging maybe sum1 can help me understand 10 years ago i was w/ a man who i found out liked to cross dress i couldnt understand it i thought he was gay or bi so ultamitly our realationship after 14 years ended there was other factors involved besides the cross dressing so any way i played the dating game 4 five years after that and then finally met a man fell in love had a child and 6 years later i find womens clothes in his drawers and a dildo and i am just soooo confused like how can this be happening to me again im feally having a hard time dealing w/ this i consantly lay awake thinking is he really attracted to me does he like men like do i confront him and tell him i no pleas some1 help me

    • Cheryl 7 May, 2012 at 16:00 Reply

      Amy to start with there is actually a very high percentage of men in the world that crossdress. Some estimates go as high as 20% but cannot be verified because most crossdressers bare such high guilt that no one ever knows about it. The numbers are mostly pure speculation but alot of men do it (80 to 90% are not gay or bisexual). Crossdressing has gotten a bad wrap from the main stream media who always sensationalize the transvestites that hook on the street corners. Crossdressing is mostly an underground subculture made up of mostly heterosexual men. From world leaders to ditch diggers etc.

      One of the things you will need to do is step outside of your female way of thinking, ie, Men scratch, grunt, fart, fight and drink beer and if they are not like all men then there is something wrong with them. Females definitely give no tolerance for being different.

      A very high percentage of men that crossdress also have a fetish for certain items of womens clothing. Panties, night gowns, hosiery is a very very popular one and I think you get the picture. Wearing these things is very theraputic and there is nothing wrong with that at all. We can’t all be what society says we have to be. I bet if you think about it there is something you like to that would be considered wrong in main stream society.

      If the man took the time to meet you, court you and fall in love with you then he is there for you. Crossdressing has nothing to do with you. That is a very common misconception. It is wrong wrong wrong. I bet when he looks at you, you can see it in his eyes. Most crossdressers dream about meeting a woman that will accept him and participate in crossdressing with him. A dream that most never find.

      I will also be willing to bet that if you put on your sexiest dress with some hosiey and a sexy pair of heels with your make up etc., that you are in for one romantic night of love making.

      I have been through the entire spektrum of having a wife that left me because of it and then realized that she really loved me and that the clothing didn’t make the man. She is back with me after a 6 month split up a few years ago and has become supportive and participative and all of a sudden we don’t have any issues with it.

      I am sorry that you may feel stuck or that somehow something has terribly gone wrong in your life but men that crossdress are more likely to talk, shop, express their feelings etc. Take advantage hon and remember it has absolutely nothing to do with you. He dressed before he met you and he will dress if you leave.

      To be honest alot of guys like dildos. You see it all over the net. I wouldn’t let that bother me in the least.

      If you are so inclined to get him to talk to you about it this may help. Dress up for him. I mean go all out. Be the sexiest woman you have inside you. Go get the clothes he has and lay them out on the bed. When he comes home shuffle him into the shower and then shuffle him to his clothes. You being dressed for him will dis alarm him. Get him into the clothing and make love to him before you even attempt to talk to him about it.
      As a matter of fact don’t even let him talk about it until after you make love. once you do that he will not be on the defensive and will spill. Just remember that when you talk to him do not ask him why because nobody has that answer. I mean nobody has that answer? I also bet that your love making will be very sensous, passionate and erotic.
      Remember he has had a child with you and has been by your side for six years. The fact that he likes wearing clothing made by man that society has tagged women only doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things. I am sure he is a good man too.

      You are more than welcome to contact me personally if you so desire.

      Sincerely, Cheryl Ann Teaks

  212. Jes 2 May, 2012 at 14:42 Reply

    My boyfriend loves to CD. I love it on him. I have so much fun going out and gettting him new things. I pick out sexy outfits for him to wear. I think he now owns more high heels now than I do. It does add a little fun and excitement to our life.

  213. Miraim 23 April, 2012 at 22:21 Reply

    Hi again, It’s Miriam with an interesting story that happened this past April weekend. A life long friend of mine, that knows all about me since we were 14 asked me to help with a situation concerning his son. It seems that a few weeks back while he was doing some painting in the house, he was clearing out a closet to be painted and came across a pair of high heels, a dress, and some underware. When his son came home from school that day, he sat him down to have a talk and to try and understand what his son was going through. After some time his son told him that his desire to dress as a young girl teenager was becoming over whelming. He hide his emotions from his dad fearing the worse. His dad being very understanding contacted me to help. The next night I went over to see how I could resolve his fears.

    After a long conversation we layed out a plan. Now his son knows I’m a life long cd and has seen me many times with his dad, actually he’s only seen me as Miriam so that’s how he knows me. We talked about what kind of look he wanted and what kind of budget was available and made a plan to go shopping on Saturday. Our first stop was at the woman that does my manicure and pedicure. We made a choice of light pink for his toes and lilac for his nails. Then we went to my salon for his hair which is fairly long, and we kept it as a simple pageboy. Our next stop was Victoria Secret’s where I shop and all the girls there know me. We bought 3 bras, one strapless, 6 pair of panties and some thigh highs in light tones. Then on Payless Shoes, because they have some very nice low priced good looking heels and flats. He’s a size female 8. We bought 1 pair of platform pumps, 1 pair of strappy sandals, and 1 pair of pointy flats and a beautiful pair of open toe slingbacks in black and red, and 1 pair of 2 inch pumps. He’s had a little practice walking in heels so trying them on was no problem. Then we went to Avenue for a dress, two pair of jeans and a few tops. After an exhausting day we were headed home very excited of what was going to happen next.

    That night after dinner with his dad we started to get ready for the night ahead. I did his makeup in soft brown tones with a dark red lipstick. He put the bra and panties on and gave him a pair of forms that I had from my younger days. He is a perfect size 6 with a 32b cup. He put the thigh highs on, the jeans and one of the tops a beautiful deep red sweater that high lighted his breasts, and the 2 inch heels. I gave him a pair of gold hoop earrings and a simple gold pendent around his neck. He was no longer a he, he was now a she and as beautiful as ever.

    We showed him off to his father and he said that it was the first time in months he’d seen his son smile.

    She walked around a little to get used to the heels and we set out for the night. We went to a movie and got a bite to eat later. Not one person knew he was a boy and you could see his happiness. He has a very understanding dad that just wants him to be happy, and if that means dressing as a girl so be it. My parents supported me all my life. and now another parent has come to grips with his sons needs. I just thought you would like to read this story. Being a woman is so much fun.

  214. ted green 23 April, 2012 at 16:47 Reply

    It is such a stress relief for my self I find my self in a relaxing state of mind body and soul feeling pretty and soft is such a a great feeling for my self

  215. Johnny 22 April, 2012 at 23:51 Reply

    I felt the need to put make-up on when I was three. I saw my mother putting it on, and I wanted to experiance the feels of it. Little boys love all things related to their mommies. My dad was always gone working, and my mother was there instead. I may have felt his presense, however mother’s was paramount. One day, I got into her make-up, and tried to put lipstick on. It was a really dak red shade. I loved the smell and feel of it going on!
    My mom caught me, and started to call me a sissy. I ran out side and hid. She found me and drug me back to the house and proceeded to wash the lipstick off. I was VERY embarassed to say the least. Since that time, I have advanced to clothes and other things female. I find that I am submissive to dominant women (much like my mother?) and love to submit while feminized to them.

  216. Alana 6 April, 2012 at 23:42 Reply

    I told my wife that I would stop wearing dresses as soon as she stopped wearing pants. She burst out laughing and saw the ridiculousness of our gender roles. For my birthday, she bought me a magenta nightgown and robe. It’s fun and has brought us closer together.

    • todd 8 April, 2012 at 10:56 Reply

      Blake lol i enjoy it again its another thing i find relaxing… yeah i know its not good for you but many things in life we enjoy are not either

  217. bobbie 4 April, 2012 at 04:13 Reply

    i am a sissy crossdresser i love the way i full i am a 62 crossdresser i wont to grow big breast like a female i wont to a female i think its ok

  218. Laura 30 March, 2012 at 18:10 Reply

    I had an early fascination with long hair on women. Since I can remember I was excited by the hair and then looked at wigs as a conduit to get closer. At 22 I bought my first long wig and from then began the slide toward dressing. It grasped me and never let go. I now dress 7-8 times a year and venture out … drive around at night mostly. No one knows, but I’m slowly getting the nerve to have someone help me with my makeup. Any tips from someone out there would be welcome. Regards Laura

  219. Blake 26 March, 2012 at 18:19 Reply

    Hi Tammy,and to the rest that is reading
    Have you thought of going out in public yet ? I do everyday,and also to work.But i keep the length of the skirt approriate for the professional aspect of the work place.But i wear whatever skirt i want,and if its cold out,i wear leggins under my skirt with some boots,and black(liquid)eyeliner.I have had many women tell me that when they see me WITH eyeliner on,they say that “my eyes stand out better,and look better,and not in a female way”.And then i say “thx “.I wear a bra also.I dont care if people can notice it either.Its a comfort thing i guess,to wear something snug,is a felling that i like,it feels good to me.I cant even explain why i do,heck,i cant even explain it to myself why i like it ! lol.And I dont announce to the people around me that i am wearing a bra just as a female wouldnt have to announce that she is wearing a bra.I would like to see guys dress like they REALLY want to dress.I think that this would really be shock for many people to see,or maybe not.Why are we,the USA,set to such lame standards when its the male ?.(And we need to have more diversity in this world,especially the USA).If he likes to wear shirts or whatever it may be,,then,.SO WHAT..let him,so what,whats the bid deal women do…………AND I LOVE WOMEN…Just be yourself..and here is something i usually like to say,

    …..”You have only life to live,so live it your way.”

    RTSG ! (Rock The Skirts Guys)

    • Moddle 26 March, 2012 at 19:47 Reply

      Wow, man, so many of us would like to be like you !
      I wear women’s clothes out, but so far. the androgynous garments, apart from occasionally to the shops in a skirt.
      All the time at home though.
      Yes, as an older guy, I do like to feel a bit sexy, which I do mainly when letting my femme side out.
      Been hetro he-man for years, same old, same old.
      Now, I wonder do women get a kick out of wearing jeans and stuff, sorta male attire?
      They don’t look it.
      In which case, I hope skirts never catch on for men, it wouldn’t be half as much fun !

      • Tammy 8 April, 2012 at 22:28 Reply


        Give him a brake. He loves you enouph to tell you. There is a lot of us men out there that haven’t told are wife’s because we are afraid of loosing them. I have the same problem I’m a dresser I don’t know what makes me want to do it but it is there. Your man won’t let you down is you share with him.


    • dorthy 9 July, 2012 at 17:06 Reply

      I wear panties everyday to work sometimes wear a bra if im wearing a sweater a coat it hides better its thrill trying to find out who knows i’m wearing it i really don’t think many know about the bra but it think most know about the panties i mean u see girls wear em so i think they see them but they dont say nothing about it but it but trying to find out what women wear so if i ever do go out trying to find out what is stylish i think i will wait till my kids r out before i come out

  220. Tammy 26 March, 2012 at 14:39 Reply


    The only thing is to be open with her. I know it is hard and I know they don’t under stand this felling we get . First of all be the best man she could ever want do things for her that no one would do show her your love for her. Then if she ever asks about your Femmi side then tell her how you feel. But in your own words. Let her know you are the man she married but you need to take care of your feeling also.

    Tell her this is a good feeling because it helps you understand her better and her world as a woman. This is why we men like to dress I think. I don’t try to compete with the weman in looks I don’t try to go out and be someone I’m not. I just relax and enjoy my dressing up time in privet. I don’t see where I’m hurting anyone . then at the end of the day I go back to being a man.


  221. Blake 26 March, 2012 at 11:05 Reply

    also Adam,
    Yesterday i wore my knee high boots and a skirt,(and a tank top)
    the skirt is sorta a mini but not really.Just 3 inches above my knee is all….enjoy what ya do..


  222. Blake 25 March, 2012 at 19:22 Reply

    Adam,if you have that urge,just do it.If you are happy doing what yer doing,then dont stop.And that applies to me to.

    • adam 26 March, 2012 at 08:35 Reply

      Thank you Blake for such affirmation. I shall just do it but I also wish to find someone with whom to share such experiences.

  223. adam 25 March, 2012 at 13:14 Reply

    I am a 54 year old married man and I have had the urge to wear womens lingerie for quite some time, a few years. I have recently seen more and more sites like this where it is openly discussed but I have never met anyone with whom I can have a one to one conversation on this matter. I live in London and one would think there are many venues, clubs or forums but if so I don’t know them.
    Can anyone advise?

  224. John 23 March, 2012 at 21:24 Reply

    Hello, I have on several occations dressed in full and am quite passable. I wear bras (38B), panties, and pantyhose daily only because I like the way they feel and they are really comfortable. I do not do it for sexual purposes or to look like a woman, I do it for comfort.

  225. Blake 23 March, 2012 at 11:12 Reply

    Hi Tammy,
    Im totally with you on your comment.You have a great wife.
    As i have mentioned before,I do like wearing a bra and a
    skirt everyday as as well,to work and when im not at work.
    It does change the state of mind when a guy wears girl/women clothes.At least it does for me and about 90 persent of the
    guys i have talked to about it.I have about 12 skirts.They
    are all pleated.The favorite ones are the plaid pleated.
    They are about 2 to 3 inches above the knee.I do wear some
    make up.Liquid liner and some eye shadow…Im not trying to pass as a female,because i dont have female features,but i
    do get good comments on my make up….

    RTSG (Rock The Skirts Guys)


  226. todd 23 March, 2012 at 10:53 Reply

    i have read all the posts here…. because i came here looking for my answer on what made me like to wear all clothing i am a true man i love women and have no desire to be with a man firt off so i never understood why for many years i enjoyed a nice skirt or dress and nice high heels…. i dont know if this started because of me or someone else which has bothered me for many years … both my sisters were molested by a non blood uncle and strange thing is my first memory is of wearing my aunts night gown and her bra and i remember it being sexual for me i would get off as a young child in silky clothing…. i have no memory of being molested by my uncle but have always wondered if thats how this all started for me…
    i am 44 now and i think i started wearing womens clothing around 8 or so.. my S/O who is a 43 yr old woman and has been with me for 18 yrs has allowed me to wear skirts and dresses for much of the time we have been together. she has bought things for me when out shopping alone or together she has also done makeup on me on a few ocasions. she suprised me one day with a wig and asked me to have sex with her looking like a woman which was very different… i had sugery on 1 of my legs a year ago and they shaved my leg she and i both found the feel of it so different that she sujested i keep my legs shaved which i have done now for about 6 months. we keep it to us only .. i dont go out in a dress or skirts i dont wear undies or anything like that outside of my house, i dont because well as we all know its just not right in the eyes of people for a man to wear these things… which deep inside me i wish i could wear w/e i want when ever i want and not be put down for it….
    i do not consider what i do as crossdressing its just clothing and shoes…a good dress or skirt is so comfortable … im sitting here now in a nice black dress with 5″ heels on its hot out but as soon as i took off my pants after work and showered and put the dress on i felt so relaxed and much cooler i started cleaning around the house ( which for some strange reason if do more when in a dress or skirt).
    but i guess to answer why do men crossdress for me its many reasons i have read on here i do it to relax i do it for the feel of clothing i do it because the clothing looks so much better than what i can wear everyday i do it to escape who i am and what the world around me expects me to do everyday no preasures when im not who i am i do it at times for the sexual excitement me and my other 1/2 get out of it i do it because the clothing fits so much better and feels soft and makes me feel sexy and im sure if i think about it some more i will find many reasons more…. heres an example of clothing fitting … womens jeans… the lowest rise .. i think like 7″ rise is the lowest we have found so far…. put a pair on and see how it sits below the waist and then take a long drive… bet you dont have to unbutton your pants cuz the jeans are cutting into your gut (no im not over weight im 5’9″ 150lbs) i love the low rise jeans and am happy i can wear them w/o people knowing im wearing something that should be worn by women …
    anyway thanks for this site and thanks for helping me understand im not alone and im not a total freak.. and just because i wear what i want does not make me anything other than a man who enjoys all clothing just as a woman can

    • Samantha 1 April, 2012 at 21:05 Reply

      To Todd:

      I completely agree with your comment there todd see i am a 17 year old boy and i have been dressing since i was around the same age im pretty sure and i have always felt as a freak and a wierd o so i never told anyone or never would wear anything noticable or anything but now i have came on here and seen all the amazing and wounderful people on here and now i have came to terms with who i am and i am proud of it and i have now told a few people and am now trying to venture out in public dressed see i love the high heel stellitoes and the leggings and skrits and even bras and i feel soo much happier and more comfterable (i cant spell) with myself and i hope that one day that in the publics eyes that we will be accepted for who we are and how we like to dress :)

      • todd 6 April, 2012 at 15:01 Reply

        i still after so many years am not sure if i have come to terms with this…. as i said above i have kept my legs shaved now for about a year for many reasons…. and for the first time my girlfriend of 18 yrs said to me when i was in shorts at the time wanna go tanning i said yeah let me change she said just go in your shorts i said umm my legs LOL she says who cares so i went but i felt as if every1 was staring at me and sayn things behind my back … im sure no 1 even noticed but still….. as for wearing clothing outside the house I DO NOT have the guts as many of you do.. only wish i could wear what i whant when i want w/o people judging me thinnking i am gay or w/e but for you all who can do it gratz to you

  227. Tammy 23 March, 2012 at 10:16 Reply


    I’m 62 years old. Iv’e been dressing all my life. I was married to my first wife for 34 years and I still know I’m a man and I try not to be anything diffrent I still like to dress in womens clothes it relaxes me and i try not to be something I’m not. I’m still a man and I take good care of my wife . Yes she knows I dress and she knows it is just clothes and I feel relaxed with them on . So the clothes don’t make you a man or a woman . It just make some men feel better.

    Blake yes I do ware a bra under my work clothes and panties to some times. They just feel better and if you feel better you work better. I don’t see where it doesn’t me a man . I just don’t feel like competing with weman.


  228. Blake 23 March, 2012 at 06:34 Reply

    To Eric,
    Thats cool Eric ! Like the Disney channel tells kids “JUST BE YOU”…and you are…(not meaning that your a kid,just being you).And i am also,as we should all be….


    • Tammy 10 April, 2012 at 08:43 Reply

      If you find the ancer please let us know. I’m 62 and I crossdress and I enjoy it I do it in my own home and I just dressup no makeup No wigs I just dress.
      Now my first wife cought me and I told her I would quit well I still wanted to dressup. So every once in a while I would do it behind her back. It is something I need. think it is something We men need to get away from are dull life.
      Now I’m remarried and I told my wife about what I do. She isen’t aginst it if I don’t turn gay or want a sex change. I just like to relax with my skirts on and blouse panties and bra’s. I do it to satisfy me I’m not out there trying to be what I’m not.

  229. Blake 18 March, 2012 at 06:47 Reply

    To Eric,
    There is nothing to figure out.You like wearing womens clothing
    like alot of us guys like do.I only wear womens clothes.They are not the flowery kind.Solid colours,and pleated skirts.If you like wearing them,just do it.I do.When i go to work i am in a skirt.The girls at work tell me that they like seeing me in a skirt,it nice for a change.As we all know,for a guy to wear womens clothing has nothing to do with his sexual preference. Just seems like a normal thing for me.I dont wear pants but maybe once a month at most.When i go into a store,the sales person tells me,before i can ask,she tells me,”We just got in some new skirts”.I really dont find it being a issue for me.Just be you….


    • Eric 18 March, 2012 at 10:25 Reply

      Thank you blakei love how open people are on this website. But I really injoy my familys company, they are nice people but they are all “gay” haters and seeing me in womens clothing would enrage them. I beleave it is compleatly one sided of them but what can I do. This summer when I get out of high school I plan on trying to let it show more but I have to have a backup plan for if I get kicked out. I only make min wage in MI and I can afford to live on my own with that. I tink my mother could be understandng of it but her one sided husband (my step dad) probbly won’t accept it in his house. If some one can guide me though this I would be greatly happy

      • Eric 23 March, 2012 at 05:09 Reply

        I’ve. Finally decided that I don’t care what others think so I did somthing that I’ve always wanted to do but never had the curage to do it, I dyed my hair hot pink and its awesome.

    • Tammy 12 April, 2012 at 12:37 Reply

      Why would you want too? First of all He is your best friend. Why not use this in your favor. Maybe he wants to be the new girl on the block. When you were younger you and your Girl friends did a lot together. Now you have a mate that wants to move into that role. Let him dress let him be your girl friend help him. He may not only be your Husband but he could be you best girl friend too. So you win all around.
      Plus I can dress in a skirt a bra and panties but I’m still a man. Just because he dresses doesent mean he doesent love you he just wants to be closer to you and your femmie world .

  230. Eric 17 March, 2012 at 23:15 Reply

    I am a 18 year old guy whom has a extream need to dress like a woman. I love dressing in wemens clothing and puting an makeup. I have been secretly ben doing this for as long as I can remember, but I’m afraid to let it show in public. I am deathly afaid my parents would not accept it and also the rest of my family. I have a couple of friends that I have dressed up in frount of and they are female and they loved it. I wish everyone was like that. I need someones help with figuring this out.

  231. Samantha 17 March, 2012 at 15:34 Reply

    oh and one last thing to my earlier comment about my e-mail put the subject of your e-mail you send me as why do men crossdress so i know to open it thank you all :)

  232. Blake 16 March, 2012 at 19:43 Reply

    To James
    I couldn’t agree with you more…I feel the same as what you said.I wonder that is for guys that when they wear female clothes,they feel,mentally different or happier,or more like themselves ? When i wear a bra,i feel different,i love the feeling of it.Cant explain why either,i just do.One of my female
    friend found out i wear a bra,I talked to her about it,.i said to her “does that freak you out that i wear a bra ? She said “no” not really.And she also said,”wear one if that makes you feel good and i have no problem with you wearing a bra”.And that applies to any other garment….

  233. james 16 March, 2012 at 14:04 Reply

    hi i started to crossdress i like it so much alot of people think it is wrong to crossdress but it is alright i started when i was 12 i wear everything and the time of the month stuff also i feel more better when i crossdress i am 15 now i wear female pants skirts socks bra’s t-shirts

  234. Blake 14 March, 2012 at 13:29 Reply

    To Beth,
    Yes, you do sound like a very open and cool lady.The guy you are seeing is very lucky to have someone like you in his life.For me,
    its regular part of my life wearing what i do.Just seems normal, but then again,who is to say whats normal.Beth,I wear a skirt everyday,to work and when im about town.Its just what i wear.
    Pants or jeans for me is a thing of the past…Good luck to the Both of you Beth…….


  235. Beth 14 March, 2012 at 12:50 Reply

    I recently started seeing a 37 yr old man who has this same fetish. I am very open minded about it. We have only been seeing each other about a month. He told me early on that he liked woman’s panties. Then he wanted to try on my teddies. I supported him. I made it a comfortable environment for him to express himself, as I would want someone to do for me. I have even went out and bought him silky woman’s thongs and a baby doll teddy. He like that he is willing to share his “secret” with me. Funny how so many men comment on wishing they had a woman who could understand. he has one but doesn’t want to “commit”

  236. Blake 11 March, 2012 at 02:59 Reply

    To me,when people say “cross dress”,it sounds like the person is devious and is a perverted sick act…but only females can wear mens clothes and not get called a cross dresser ? Why is that ? Unfair and sexist and a hypocrite i say.And i will continue to wear my skirts..

    • Moddle 11 March, 2012 at 15:32 Reply

      I Have searched my own reasons for cross-dressing.
      Only mine, as Vanessa says, reasons are complicated.
      I don’t feel that mine is.
      As an older man, I feel a bit sexy in satin or lace.(Takes a special thing these days.)
      Thing is, almost all my days are spent in women’s clothing, even outside, and the feeling persists.
      And, I feel undressed without lipstick brightening this old mug.
      As a youngster I always wore ‘different’ colorful men’s clothing,I think my love of looking ladylike is just an improvement on that.
      Perhaps, for different, read perverted or devious.
      in THEIR minds, not our !

      Cheers, keep up looking ‘different’

    • Samantha 17 March, 2012 at 15:29 Reply

      To Blake

      Hello Blake yess i am happy and i have went out and baught myself some brand new cloths :) such as like leggings and such stuff like that and i was nervious at first but i over came that and did it an im soo glad i did and here blake here is my e-mail adress and this goes to everyone who reads this if you ever want to talk about this kind of stuff or anything or ever want any advise just first send me a e-mail saying who you are and your e-mail adress so i know to add you and i will and we can talk because i find that a much easier way to talk then to keep posting comments on here :) and my e-mail is

  237. Charlene 10 March, 2012 at 14:51 Reply

    Why I do it? 1. Because its fun 2. Because its stress relief for me 3. Because I have a feminine part of my persona and I wish to express it.

  238. Blake 8 March, 2012 at 19:55 Reply

    Hello everyone,
    This is sorta a follow up to what Darlean was saying,which i agree with you Darlean..I was cruzin around on the net and i
    ran into as site like this one and the main question was this
    “SHOULD BOYS BE ALLOWED TO WEAR SKIRTS ?” I say,Here’s a question for a topic of discussion..”SHOULD GIRLS BE ALLOWED TO WEAR PANTS” ?….Say what ?? Yes i know….,arent both of these questions totally comical ? I thought we had a equal rights movement years ago ? Hum…..Rights for who ? Were males included in this ? If so,by using this logic,that “women are equal to men”.,then “men are equal to women”.. *females wear alot of guy stuff already),,so then men should be able to wear clothes that females wear..and not be called names or pionted at and etc…RIGHT ? But why is that ?? When we see a girl wearing guy clothes,we say things like this >, “cute” or shes a “tomboy” ,but none of those type of phrases are for men ? I think that it should be a faiplay of 50/50 for both sides…So guys,wear what YOU want and like,,,,so dont worry able what people say or think.Your dressing for YOU and not THEM….Just the other day i was in line at the store,i said hello to the cashier,she the same.Then the cashier said “Oh wow,i see your wearing a kilt”
    I then said to her,”its not a kilt,its a skirt,i just put a chain loop on it to each pleat”..she then said “Oh that is really neat ” ! I told her that i only wear pleated skirts. pants.She was excited and thought it was neat that i do.
    Again, not that really a big deal for a guy top wear a
    skirt.I dont give it much thought really.Its like…okay
    I’d would rather wear a skirt than jeans/pants.

  239. darlean steak 4 March, 2012 at 18:42 Reply

    Why do people worry about what others think say stare at someone who wants to dress how they feel, i dress in female lingerie including bras pettycoat panties that fit all round skirts tee’s shorts and oddly a dress, a nighty to bed or night shirt with thin straps, my wife buys for me and i buy for her, i dont see a problem asking a shop assisstant for a little help as most female assisstants help guys with purchacing, men have had to accept women in shirts pants and heavey work boots and be treated as one of the her workmates, just the feel of wearing soft femine lingerie and clothing is not a turn on or something i suggest to masterbate over, it dont turn my wife on and surly the stains wouldnt be appropiate turn on eathier, crossdressing is a question why do men do it, well why do women dress manly? i dont get turned on with women in guys clothes and you dont hear of women masterbating in mens clothing, so why do men do it, they are not crossdressers but wally wankers, there is a differance, when im in female clothing i do house work washing folding dishs and other things, i sometimes go into town dressed, but i dont get out of the car as people really stare me down, i have been called nasty dirty names but i shrug it off and ask why you worry it cost you nothing, i was falsed to wear girly clothes when i was a young boy by my grandparents as petty coated disaplin they say, well it stayed with me and even mum would give me some girly clothes on days when no-one was home to wear, panty with rows of lace trainer bra little skirt that showed my panty and blouse that done up at the back, mum liked doing this and it was fun, so the real question is, WHY IS ANYONE WORRIED ABOUT OTHERS DRESSING IN FEMMINE OR MANLY, im not gay or bisexual but just want to be who i am not what others want me to be, oh yes crossdressers and transgender are harmless and protected in a court of law and are treated equaly as others, crossdressers transgender people stick mostly to them selfs and dont go out to harm others like straight people, ladies, if its good enough for you’s to wear males clothing and not for males to wear femmine, well that is descrimative and your not worth knowing, but another thing is to stop men closet dressing is to be up front and ask them are they wearing female clothing, if so suggest that you both agree to certain things and both buy together at the worst of it getting home and dont fit, well try a change room as assisstants do help in a shop, dont be shy as some females love dressing men in female clothes, this gives them an idea of what males sizes are in femm sizing, they help, MY THEIRY IS DRESS TO YOU DROP HOW YOU WANT THE WORLD IS EQUALY ROUND,LOL, go guys let your hair down and be what you wanna be as there is understanding people who care and the ones who dont are not a meant to be, thankyou and i hope this helps people understand a tag is a tag and not something you talk to

  240. Blake 2 March, 2012 at 12:22 Reply

    Here is something i will share with ya all.I went looking for skirts the other day and i found this green pleated skirt.Its a
    military green…kind of boring really.So what i did is find some good original patches of various military uniform patches. I Sewed them onto the skirt,so now it looks totally cool now.I wore it to my work and everybody liked it.Even the guys…It changed the whole feel/look about the skirt.Mostly i make a double hanging chrome or gold waist chain that clips onto the skirt.You can get these light weight chains at any fabric store.
    Just another way of being creative…just a thought to all..

  241. taylor 2 March, 2012 at 09:23 Reply

    if you were open and honest from the day I fell in love with you, then maybe I could forgive all the lying and hiding. All the effort you put into crossdressing for 10yrs, and never once telling me, you must of never trusted me, and I think your the one thats not so open minded!

  242. Blake 29 February, 2012 at 12:12 Reply

    To Samantha,
    Glad i could help ya find your new self.Ive always liked girl clothes as far back as my memory can go.I have always felt comfortable in wearing them.Its a normal thing for me.But one thing i dont like is when people use the term “crossdress” to me it sounds messed up in the head.The way we use the word crossdress now,has a different meaning now then it did years ago..I just say,i dress the way i do to be comfortable.

  243. Blake 27 February, 2012 at 18:53 Reply

    To Samantha,
    Do you wear a skirt with out leggin’s ? If you do,then shave
    your legs.I do,and have for many years anyways.I looks better in my opinion when wearing a skirt.Get a 4 blade razor.Noxema makes some good ones.About the leggin’s,once again in my opinion,leggin’s are the most comfortable and warm item for the legs.Ive worn them many times without wearing a skirt or a pair of shorts.Yea i know,i know what your thinking,what about the bulge in front,when not wearing a skirt or shorts ?
    I say “yea,and” ? Some people say “eww”….and Like we all want to see the camel toe on a female ????? No disrespect to women that do get that…And yes,i love women very much.I wear my leggin’s them around the house like guys wear sweats.So was wondering if you wear a bra or thought about it ?

    • Samantha 28 February, 2012 at 06:15 Reply

      To Blake

      yess i do like to wear a bra mostly tho i wear it under my normal cloths, and no not out in public yet but i do wear the skirt an leggings around the house and omg they are soooo replaxing, i now understand why you love them so much they are just soo comphy and i do totally agree some women when they wear tight yoga pants or leggings only they get that cammel toe in the front and act like its not a big deal but if a guy has any type of bludge then everyone talks about it,….. unfair and kinda bullshit in my openion, and well blake i have become more and more comfortable with myself and my crossdressing and i have really stopped careing what other people say or think cause its not them living my life its me and im going to do what i want NOT what society wants me to do

  244. Blake 26 February, 2012 at 12:45 Reply

    To codename69,
    If you like the feeling you have now when you are wearing female clothes at home,once you wear them in public,(which is not a big deal for me,which i do everyday)THAT feeling you say will increase..i always tell guys this,try going to a Goodwill type of store first and just go looking at stuff…that is the best start.The people there that work there dont really care and prob wont get much of a reaction to you.When i do go there looking for a skirt,and need to get in the fitting room,they see what i have in my hand and they say “cute skirt,hope it fits you”..i then say “me to” ..They also say “i like the skirt you are wearing”….so just go with your g/f when you go out..
    The best of luck to you and other guys in the same situation..

    • Samantha 27 February, 2012 at 14:22 Reply

      To Blake

      im sorry for not replying for a while i havnt been on the computer cause i was extreamly sick :( but before i got sick i did venture out in public and it was an awesome feeling and i got alot of compliments on my legs :) witch made me feel good and then i went out and baught a pair of leggings that i now am in love with and well im trying to get out more and more and i thank you so much for your help and advise when i first posted my first comment :) it helpped alot to know there is someone else out there who understands these feelings i have :)

  245. Blake 20 February, 2012 at 12:06 Reply

    To John,
    Totally agree with that……….there are many hypocrites and sexist people.I just do my thing.Live your life like you want
    to,you only get one chance to do it

  246. Blake 17 February, 2012 at 21:29 Reply

    This is to MAYA,
    He just likes female clothes,like many guys including myself.I like to wear a bra also..just a 38 A or so,sometimes with enhancers.My opinion,i think females have a great variety and cool styling.I love all the bright colous women have..but
    Guys clothes colours are brown…blue…black…grey and so on…SO DAM BORING and ugly…There is nothing wrong with
    your b/f.And i dont really like the word Cross Dress…it sounds like a devious action or something freeky.I just wear the clothes i like to wear,not what society wants,because,they are dressing the way they do because they like it.Women can wear anything they want,why cant guys do the same ? Is equal rights and freedom only apply for a female ? Should include males also,if people say guys shouldnt then they are a
    hypocritical and sexist person.

  247. maya 17 February, 2012 at 20:49 Reply

    My boyfriend is a cd. I knew that going into it. (its how we meet, I helped him dress)Im ok with the cd and its fun to dress him up and go shoping together. I just dont understand why he likes it. He is straight hes a guys guy, but I cant help but worry in the back of my mind that he may wanna be with a guy, he says he does not have the desire to be with men. Please help ease my mind.

    • Wade 20 February, 2012 at 08:28 Reply

      I am a very passable crossdresser, I go out shopping all the time . I love the softer side of being a woman compared to a man .I enjoy being very femine. I love the clothes and tha fashion that comes with it.

    • dorthy 9 July, 2012 at 17:23 Reply

      hey maya im cd but im not into guys but like guys checking me out the shopping is fun do you ever let him buy it as a guy that is fun to do you want another guy or girl in the relationship ive never talked to girls who accept it other than cam sites

  248. Blake 14 February, 2012 at 14:05 Reply

    Have you ventured out in public yet with your “skinny” jeans ?
    You probably wont get any reaction to the skinny jeans.Ive worn those type of girl jeans for years,just a normal thing with me back when i was wearing pants,which i dont any more.Are you wanting to wear a bra as well ? Dont know if you have thought
    about it or not.I wear one everyday as well…


    • John 19 February, 2012 at 23:26 Reply

      does anyone else realize how sexist it is to even call it cross dressing? you wouldnt call a girl a cross dresser for wearing a hooded sweatshirt jeans and doc martins yet a man who puts on a pair of flats is somehow different?

      its time to abandon the one sided notion of “empowerment” and the feminism itself and instead of teaching one group of children who dont know any better that they are always opressed and the other has it perfect we need to teach them logic based equality to avoid double standards…

      we need to teach that most of what we call “guy” or “girl” stuff these days was invented by corporations to make a profit and that people are mainly people… even teaching that men are inherently less emotional creates jobs in the basterdised field of modern shrinks.

      personal evidence of the lunacy is: i painted my toes and wore flip flops to a bar after fox news attacked j-crew(google it for the story)…

      a girl at the bar told me to take it off because it isn’t for boys.

      i told her to change into a dress and heals… she blew up in my face calling me a sexist pig…

      I also received a few phone numbers…by no means were all girls that crazy but this belief is way more common that most people realize…

  249. Blake 10 February, 2012 at 12:04 Reply

    If you like thongs,which i do to,i get mine custom made so a guy has enuff material in the front to hold yer “stuff”… is where i get mine made …any colour any style and so on,check it out you will like them.Val does a fantastic job on making thongs for guys.When i was wearing jeans,i only wore Levis 518 super stretch,they are snug on the butt makes the butt look nice,or Hydrolic jeans,both are girls..

    • Samantha 12 February, 2012 at 22:22 Reply


      alright i will have to check that out :) again i thank you from the deepest part of my heart for replying to my first message, cause at first i thought that my desiers and what i felt right in was wrong and shameful and now im not ashamed of it and im much more happier now :)

  250. Blake 9 February, 2012 at 22:27 Reply

    To Samantha,
    Just start out first wearing just a skirt,nothing else but a tank top or a regular shirt of what you would normally wear..then take it from there in stages

    • Samantha 10 February, 2012 at 11:12 Reply

      To Blake

      yeaa i will except im not going to start off with a skrit, im going to start off with some girls skinny jeans and then maybe after tht ill do a shirt as well and then my high heels and then off from there :)i mean when i first started out at all i started off wearing a thong actually and now im trying to wear my skinnies out in public and after that then the skirt and tops and more :)

    • Samantha 9 February, 2012 at 22:00 Reply

      To Blake

      thank you very much for the link to this video and thank you for all your help i thank you very much i mean before i came on here and started talking and reading i felt all alone with what i liked to do so i always felt wierd and out of place so now im just glad that there are pepople out there that think the same way i do :) i have to say you all helped me a great deal to relize that im not alone in this world and i dont know how to thank you enough for all of your insparation :) i think tmro and more often then enough im going to be trying to start going out dressed :) cauyse when im dressed i always feel so much more comfertable and it makes me happy and thats all that matters :)

      thank you
      love Samantha xoxox

  251. Blake 9 February, 2012 at 06:43 Reply

    To Samantha,
    Courage,well,I just said to myself one day,to heck what other people think of me,because,they are not dressing for what i
    think and like so im doing the same.I want to live my life
    the way i want to.I am totally COMFORTABLE wearing a skirt ANYWHERE..People will get use to to you and i and others
    wear a skirt .If i stop wearing a skirt,im sure people would say ” where’s your skirt” ? Women will talk to me about my different skirtsi wear and i have absolutley,no prob in answering any questions.If you sort of clown on yourself a lil bit,it will put the person at ease to talk to you about it.Like i say,i wear mine to work (another co worker does the same)everyday,im at work now and i have a black pleated skirt that i added a lil flare to it.It builds self confidence also.
    Be YOU…YOU want to wear a skirt,,,DO IT….

    • Tammy 20 February, 2012 at 10:21 Reply

      Maya your man is a man. I’m 62 years old and I crossdress and I enjoy doing it. I’m a man I don’t want to date other men Esther that is not my thing. I have friends but they are only friends and I don’t dress in front of them. Now I would like to have a lady like you to do things with like you do with your boyfriend. He is very lucky and he is crazy if he would ever leave you.

      Maya I do like your thoughts on us guys cross dressing. I feel that if God wanted us to dress one way or another he would have put us on earth that way.


      • isabella 11 March, 2012 at 02:08 Reply

        I WAS MARRIED TO A REAL MACHO MAN WHO HATED CROSS DRESSERS AND Gays,he was a bully,he died seven years ago,I am now in a relationship with a man who is a cross dresser in private,I love his feminine side,he is very loving and helps with household chores which my husband never did,I love dressing him and putting make up on him………….he is without doubt more of a man than my husband ever was.

  252. Blake 7 February, 2012 at 12:18 Reply

    To Samantha,
    Im a guy that wears a skirt everyday of the week.To work or if im going to a store of any kind (in public)When it is cold out i will wear my leggins as i am now.Yes,you will get some looks,but,my experience with people is that most girl will give you a positive comment.I have alot of tattoos on my legs.People will comment on my tat’s and not say a thing about my skirt.I wear pleated plaid and solid colour skirts.The skirts i wear are about 3 inches above my knee,but each person will vary from body struture.Just be yourself when your out.I do have people say “nice kilt” i then tell them,
    “its not a kilt,its a skirt” then we both chuckle about it,then its done.For your first time out,go to a Goodwill type of store.
    They dont even care,they will probably say,nice “skirt”.I get alot of my skirts at Goodwill,and when i need to get into the fitting room,they see me holding the skirt and say “hey,thats a nice skirt,hope it fits you”…So Samantha,do it,its liberating and after awhile,you will forget about it,but,just be you.Just carry yourself as if you were in jeans….its not that big of deal.I do not wear pants anymore,skirts are way comfortable.

    • Samantha 8 February, 2012 at 23:03 Reply

      to Blake

      thank you for your comment and your insparation like ugh all i ever wanna do is have the courage and the not care attatude to be able to get up and do that but ok yess you wear a skirt and leggings but what do you wear on your upper body? (if you dont mind me askin), and another thing one prob i have with what i do is the fact that i got no self esteem :( but when im dressed i always feel sexy and happy and i want to be able to feel like that without worring about other people :( if you can got any more advise for me? it would be greatly apprechiated

      • Samantha 8 February, 2012 at 23:07 Reply

        to blake again sorry

        oh and also sorry for the second comment but how did you get the courage to get up and be able to go to stores and go and buy and try on the cloths in the dressing rooms ? like how did you start out?

      • codename69 26 February, 2012 at 04:25 Reply

        hi i just wanted to add my input to this thread, many many people associate crossdressers with being gay, this is totally toally untrue in fact probably about 75% of crossdressers are straight and a percentage of them happily married to a woman, i love crossdressing but i have been with my girlfriend for 2 years now and she is fully aware that i do it and she loves it for example; if she wants to try an outfit together she will often order what she wants in my size and ask me to wear it so she can proerly look at how it will look together then iof i like it we’ll keep it or if i dont and she does she will send it back and order her own size, on top of this crossdressing for me has a massive chill out factor if i am in womens clothes they are lighter more colourful and some things look absolutely amazing, i never go out in public as people round my do genuinely believe there is something wrong with people who crossdress and they can get violent, (which i obviously do not want) but if you crossdress you are not necessarily gonna be gay or have something wrong with you as other posts state there are many reason for crossdressing

  253. Shaz 1 February, 2012 at 20:43 Reply

    Like you ladies my partner came out after 6 years, I feel ripped off that I have been in a relationship with someone I feel I don’t even know. Honesty is everything if a relationship is to work then the other person has the opportunity to say well hey that’s ok I can cope with this or sorry mate but its not what I want and move on before you’ve built a complex life together. This has been the most hurtful thing in my life. I guess because he doesn’t understand it so he says and if he doesn’t how the hell do I! but to throw away his best friend cause he wants to wear a dress is well weird! Wish he had given me the respect I deserve and told me all those years ago when we first were falling in love and sharing secrets oh well moving on time……

  254. mark 1 February, 2012 at 02:29 Reply

    If women would dress like a woman, then the man wouldnt have to.almost all men want to see a woman in sexy clothing..problem is women dont want to put it on..thats why we have strip clubs and porn…so in order to have this fantasy girl..they put it on themselves to get the look that they desire..heels,stockings,garter belt,ect….so if all you women would start dressing like a woman then the men wouldnt have to…

    • billweyrauuch 3 February, 2012 at 02:34 Reply

      My ex couldn’t deal w/it either,but when she made me mad I would get dressed up, and I even tried to her to tie /gag me ( I love bdsm). I think our mariage maybe would of been better if she had. But now I’m all by myself, and as I’m writing this I’m in my blue skirt/jacket suit. So thank the stars for those spouses who can deal w/it, and those who’s can’t, I can uderstand , been there ! . I have been doing this most of life of my life ever since I put on an old opened face girdle (w/garters) . It was rubber and I had to put baby powder on me just to get it on. I was hooked. I’m not gay and like woman, but this seemed to help doing this. Thnx’s

    • Jason 1 March, 2012 at 23:38 Reply

      wow, this is by far the best explanation I could possibly have. We dress because we aren’t getting our needs met by our women. And the women who do dress sexy charge you for their time. What a shame society has strayed so far in this direction. Girls – be more sexy (not slutty/easy) but SEXY, dress to fulfill your mans every desire – then I’d be willing to bet everything I own that he would no longer need to fulfill the desire by other means. This is right on the money, thanks mark!

  255. 27 January, 2012 at 00:14 Reply

    Hi,I’ve been dressing like a women from about the age of 7 ,i’am now 51 .My wife came with me today to see about having laser hair removal done to my face .I feel so happy about my life right now .I would hope all you girls could fine a wife like mine, that would not stand in your way but help you find and be the person inside that you want to be.I would like to read you the letter she left me on a card this is it,”Relax,You’re on a journey of discovery.Let life reveal itself to you .I won’t judge your journey or hold you back.We must help each other day by day with patience and love.Grow with me listen to your inner voice .Happy New Year Darling!2012.A New Year means changes ,growing,undrestanding difference,moods,passions,skills,gifts,habits,emotions,fears,pain,joy,lessons,experiences,and actions.
    Trust Your Heart.I love you.” My wife went with me today to see about having laser hair removal done like i told you in the start of my letter,i’am starting it in a few week’s, on my face first.I love you my dear ,Gayle .

  256. John Palser 22 January, 2012 at 01:54 Reply

    I have recently started cross dressing.I am 63and retired.I am a person who,for years,dreamed and fantasized about cross dressing but was always too scared and uptight to do things,a little different from the norm.This past Halloween my wife and myself were going to a costume party.I said I would go in a dress,but I wanted to look better than a guy in a dress I even shaved my beard.My wife is 100percent with me in this new side of me.She sells Avon so I have more than enough make up.Any way,I love the feeling
    of soft feminine clothes and lingerie.I should have done this years ago.I’ve gone out dressed up but only car rides so far.I’m working up courage to go more public.I’m 6ft 1in.I’ve shopped at suddenly Fem and have some clothes that really fit well,conservative skirt,nice blouse and lingerie.I still feel like a man but I enjoy cross dressing ,.Sorry I wrote so much.I hope this helps some body.I love this new part of my life and am lucky to have a wife that supports me.

    • Tryn 4 February, 2012 at 10:56 Reply

      I have recently met a man who enjoys cross dressing. When he told me online after we had been together I freaked out thinking he was bi or something. He told me right from the start he wanted to wear my nighties. I thought he was joking. The other night he came over and I let him wear one of my more masculine type robes.. but a silky one. I am new to this and trying to understand it. He is a wonderful caring person and can read me like a book sometimes. I think I will just go with it and see what happens. Now that I know that all men that cross dress are not gay or bisexual. I am fine with people that are, very open minded, but do not want to be in a sexual relationship with a man that is bi. Maybe this will be a whole new life for me as well at 62!

  257. Chrissie 15 January, 2012 at 16:36 Reply

    I have been crossdressing for about 10 years. 43 now. I started when I lived alone which made it something that only I had to live with. I got married 7 years ago. I love my wife and she loves me back very much. However, she is totally against seeing me wearing a dress. I told her about the cross dressing before we got engaged. She got very upset about cause she thinks that it is a homosexual behavior. She pleaded with me to go see a psychologist so I could get over the cross dressing. I vigorisly declined. I don’t feel sick. So I have to do it in secret, which make me feel so awful, because I feel like I am doing something wrong.

    I suppose when you look at it rationally I am hurting my wife because I engage in a practice that she neither understands or even wants to try and understand. So I have alot of guilt. Thus I resolved not to cross dress.

    This works for a while, the longest I lasted without giving in to the desire was 8 months. Lately I am in a cross dressing frenzy, buying new clothes, shoes, make up and under garments off the internet. My wife has no idea.

    I considered just telling her, but I know she will freak. Not sure how to deal with this exactly, but I do know I will never be “cured”.

    I guess I just wanted to vent a little. It very frustrating to be in a relationship when your wife refuses to accept you completely.

    • Blake 4 February, 2012 at 12:07 Reply

      I dont understand why females are not called a “cross dresser” when wearing guy clothes.But guys are called a cross dresser when wearing womens clothes…its not fair..i wear a skirt everyday to work and when at home,and if it is cold out i wear leggins.I like the knee high boots women have and i wear those also.I like to wear make up and a bra and so on..and im not gay,i have 2 kids and so on.I just like the feel i get when wearing stuff like that.I do not wear it for arousal.Why are guys labeled for like to dress that way ?

  258. Andrea 15 January, 2012 at 03:24 Reply

    So i have gone to the club dressed up. I loved it and felt very good in the clothes i bought. But hated the fact that some of the gay guys in there actually told me gay’s are not intrested in Draggs. Surely this is not true. Look I am Bi. I loved the attention i got from some of the Girls and were even kissed by a boy, and girl and we had a good chat now and then. anyway overally i Loved it and have in actual fact bought myself a new dress for the next night out.

    • Vanessa Willaims 4 February, 2012 at 22:40 Reply

      I also started experimenting when I was about eight years old. And I really dont know why I dress. Its like I have to I feel compelled too. I want to come out of the closet. Because I hate hiding it. But I’m also attracted to women. Im not attracted to men. But I have been trying to find why I feel drawn to it. It is like I have split personality. And the female side is stronger. And yes I am a man…sometimes

  259. Andrea 13 January, 2012 at 00:07 Reply

    So i have read some of the comments and thank each and every one for their input. I myself am atracted to woman’s clothing and to don’t know why to a certain extreme. Tonight will be the first time for me to go out dressed up as a “woman look alike”, with the help of my lesbian friend whom will be applying some make-up to make me more passable. I don’t want to give up my manlyhood as i am still 100% man but also can be very femine sometimes. I think for me I need to dress up to satisfy the reason to comunicate better with the gilrs so I can be hidden from being a man and get into touch more with my femine side.
    And by the way i will be going to gay club tonight, might just make some of the boys excited. tell me as i am very confussed is this wrong what i am doing?

  260. graham 10 January, 2012 at 13:50 Reply

    yes i do wear panties bras dress nightie too my girlfriend buy them for me she has brought me my women clothes when on night she saw that i was wearing panties she ask me how long have you been wearing panties i sais for years well then i think i will buy you some more but you will wear them 247 days week and you will wear a bra too now how that sound i said that fine with me good i thougth you would like that now come here and put this bra and panties,dress on you did not said anything about a dress well you just cant wear panties,bra the dress is for around the house you can be my little girl i said ok i will be your girl well that was a year ago now i wear them all the time as i write this im in a blue nightie and panties last night we were watching a pron movcie it was about man being sissy i ask her why are we watching this she said you need to know how to become one you see i want you as my sissy wife that why i had you dress as a girl for a year now you are ready for the next step i ask her what next isaid sign this letter and i will tel you i did as told i sign and now im a sissy wife for all her women,male friends my only place now is to be her slave girl now i must go i have to take my pills that help my breast grow but first i my master need a bath so i will be a good wife and wash him

      • Janelle 10 January, 2012 at 22:14 Reply

        Why would it not be real? My fiance is a sissy, but only sometimes. We are into a lot of things and try to switch things up. Recently, we decided that he should have the surgery when we are older, long after our children are born. Does anyone know any good sites that sell breast forms and clothing? Preferably cheap ones? We have yet to buy anything, he has been wearing my clothes.

        • Blake 11 January, 2012 at 06:59 Reply

          To Janelle,
          For breast forms try a HUSTLER.COM this store that sells lingere and breast forms,they call them ENHANCERS and stuff.They have them or any other store like the HUSTLER sure there is a store close to your area..thats where i got mine. Have Fun !

          • Samantha 7 February, 2012 at 03:01

            I am a 17 year old male and i find myself lost, ive been crossdressing ever since i was around 7 or 8 and its always been in private and it is that way because im terrified of what people will say and or do to me if i try to come out with it im not gay but im not straight either an i would love tobe able to freely and able to walk outside in leggins an a skirt or even skinny jeans and high heels, but im just so confused and am in despret need to talk to someone who knows how i feel so if someone could reply to this and talk to me it would be greatly apprechited thank you


        • Alexis Sin 7 February, 2012 at 04:26 Reply

          Much like others, I got my start as a young boy at about 5. i found a long hair wig and a dress in a dress up box, and went nuts.. i also found a big kids diaper and tried that on.. and though it was the bee’s knees.. then a couple of years later, i was molested in my mouth by an older sibling, no one knew about me liking dressing up as a :sissy”.. as i got older and into puberty I found other boys my age into the idea of “practicing” on me with me wearing girly outfits.. and a lot of time is would sneak adult diapers into the house to wear to bed with nighties and ribbons in my hair and lil lipstick.. then id wake up shower off and go to school with no one being the wiser.. and then as life moved on and women came in to my life the cross dressing kind of stopped a bit,, but the kinky stuff and diapers happened a lot more .. until i got married and came out to my wife.. we experimented with all sorts of role play and what not.. it was very fullfilling but she wasnt that into it.. that and other things caused us to divorce down the road.. After that.. my late 20’s I got WAY into dressing.. and drugs, and found a couple of different guys to experiment with.. nothing romantic ever came of it so i went back to women very quickly.. I was up front about my lifestyle with every girl i dated since then.. and have found a wonderful gal who understands me.. we have a kid together so all the fun kinky stuff and dressing is kept to a minimum (practically nil), but then again.. i have changed a lot now.. i still have these urges to dress up and freak out every once in while. but for the most part.. i’m over it.. lol hope this helps anybody else out here..

  261. Blake 9 January, 2012 at 14:27 Reply

    To Mike,
    Im a guy,and i wear a nightie to bed every night.Actually a “TEDDY”I dont see anything wrong with guys liking to wear girl stuff.And yes,i am straight.Its like,ok,he likes it,so what.And i do wear a skirt to work and when im not at work.I wear a skirt as i would if i was wearing pants.Which i dont wear anymore…only pleated skirts for me,above the knee about 3 inches or so.

  262. Womens lingerie 7 January, 2012 at 09:28 Reply

    hi!,I love your writing very so much! proportion we keep up a correspondence extra approximately your post on AOL? I need an expert in this house to unravel my problem. Maybe that’s you! Taking a look forward to peer you.

  263. William 30 December, 2011 at 13:37 Reply

    I just bought females clothese and breasts and wigs on ebay. I asked my wife to buy me stockings, suspependers, tights, shoes and make up. She did this reluctantly. I walked out crossdressed into the garden and chatted with some neighbours. She got mad at me for that. I asked to have sex with men. My wife agreed with that as long as I used condoms since she was still having sex with me. Also I had to have sex with men starting either naked of dressed as a man. She will not go out with me dressed up at present but since I’ve given up sex with men for health reasons I think I will try to get her to go out with me cross dressed. I don’t understand why your wives are not like mine.

  264. Guy 27 December, 2011 at 11:12 Reply

    I started at 7 wearing my moms bras and panties, and now at 50 i am still doing it, I have learned to buy the right womans clothes to wear in public and not really be noticed, I wear a B-cup bra with a gel breastform, my breast peak out a bit, but only a little, I buy stretch couduroy pants and wear them with a padded girdle, make my shape very girly, always wear knee highs, and I have a pair of womans flats that look pretty girly, so I only wear them when I am feeling bold, I have a tall womans coat that is ofrm fitting, the colors are red and black so it’s not totally fem, but pretty much, my breast peak out enough that the woman who look know, I go to JC Pennys or another department store in the mornings and wear my fem stuff, I know I am noticed sometimes, but know one has said anything, if I feel real frisky I will swish a little, i have a girlfriend who dosen’t know, and I don’t think she would approve, but I enjoy going out in my girly clothes and swishing, I just love the feeling of a bra, girdle and pantyhose on, and wish I could just wear a dress all the time and damn the people who don’t like it.

  265. Tammy 26 December, 2011 at 13:16 Reply

    yes like you I don’t know where the feeling comes from but it is there. It nags me from time to time. So help the feeling I just ware one of my bras and panties under my every day close. I’ve cross dress for 50 year off and on. I’ve tried to stop but the feeling is still pushing. Like it is something I must do. But I know I’m a man and I want to stay a man but I have this woman change attact.

  266. Blake 25 December, 2011 at 14:03 Reply

    I dont like to call it “crossdressing”it sounds freaky.I dont consider myself that,i just like skirts.The are so comfortable and natural feeling when i wear my skirts.And I have many.We dont call women crossdresser when they wear guy clothes…that is so sexist..I wear a skirt everyday,to work and when im not at work.I am just the same person as if i was wearing jeans,which i dont wear but maybe once a month at most.You should try it some time,then you would know why guys like skirts.And just a FYI,women adopted the skirt from the mens wardrobe,AND it wasnt until the 1930’s or so til women wore pants when women first started wearing pants,and they had the risk of being arrest.Do a google search on the history of the skirt.Dont be affraid.And most women like to see a guy in a skirt.As of last night i was standing in line at the cash register,the was a woman behind me and she said,” i really like your skirt” i then said ” thanks”.I told her “im was tired of just wearing pants”,she then said“i dont blame you,skirts are much better”….so give it a try,you will see what i am saying…

  267. KathysaCD 25 December, 2011 at 09:13 Reply

    GENDER and SEX are both highly inaccurate and politically incorrect terms used to pidgeon hole and oppress people in every sense of the words themselves — The proper word is ROLE !!! These words should be changed on forms for the general public, they are often demeaning and disregard transgendered and those who would enjoy being themselves and who they are, they want to contribute to society just like everyone else — their looks shouldn’t matter, they make no difference on the quality of work or life.

    There is such a thing as a third sex just as there are essentially four different personality types like those on the Myers-Briggs test (INTJ, ENTJ, etc). I suggest we relable both SEX and GENDER and properly use the right word — ROLES — this
    makes both the role that a person is playing and what their orientations are very simple. Psychologists take note !

    Here’s my point — Women who go to work and walk around in men’s clothing all day long are playing a predominant ROLE and
    that would be the male ROLE. Most women today are very aggressive want to be masculine and therefore dress up to act the part like a man in public with all the mannerisms, virtually devoid of any feminine qualities to include the way they walk, talk, eat and work. In the office environment, it vurges on obsessive and extreme behavior at times and views that when in the many often are intended to subdue anyone who disagrees — read: major league group think. Virtually no women I meet at work likes dresses. Hardly any of them wears a skirt outside of the home and very grudgingly with a boyfriend, although some are required by their work to dress as females in skirts and dresses — others like to play the female ROLE in society, because they recognize they are feminine and some are aware that other women dislike or have disdain for a man in women’s clothing. The mere thought of a man in feminine clothing is an affront to her sensibilities and dominant ROLE.

    Wearing panties and hose underneath your jeans or slacks anywhere is NOT an gender issue, it’s the expression of a person’s dominant ROLE. Playing the female ROLE discreetly is just the same as openly gay and lesbian people playing roles as either male or female partners or females who may or may not play male roles in relationships that do very w