Why do we do crossdress?

It can be for the sexual excitement

There can be sexual excitement from dressing. Either for the nature of the material, the idiology of dressing/acting like a female, or the adrenaline rush of being caught.

Do we just want to feel pretty? Maybe for some.

But there may be other reasons…. is there a comfort level dressing in the opposite sex clothes? Maybe a nice mini on a 100 F day? Maybe a nice pair of women’s shoes?

Is it part of being androgenous?

Is it a psychological issue? Perhaps. But not for all of us.

Is it for the transition? Perhaps.

Is there a combination of the above? Very likely.

Most of dress for parts of different aspects so we can feel ‘normal’ in every day life. But normalcy in today’s life is taken with a grain of salt. Who is the judge of what is considered to be normal? Sheer fact – society is who judges us. Dressed in any fashion.

We are not deviants or sociopaths. We are who we are.

As society often gives us an odd look, give the same odd back and think “What is wrong with them?”

Is there a religious ramifications to being CD/TS?  Maybe so, but here’s my 2 cents worth.

Granted that the area of CD/TS are debated throughout Christianity.
Consider that the Bible itself tells of stories of various sexual acts. The stories in the Old Testament are stories passed down throughout generations until it was written text. It is the meaning of the words that is important.
I am a Christian and have come to terms that to be the best person I can be and involves my crossdressing and my family. As the Lord looks down upon us, he will see me in a mini skirt instead of shorts. Either way, I am being the best person I can become.

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Claudia C

A CD with a nice mini skirt collection and various points of view spanning multiple views based on region and culture.

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Dame Veronica Graunwolf
Active Member

Did not the disciples, St. Peter and Jesus not wear robes that in todays definition could qualify as dresses? Call clothing whatever you like………..it is the heart and soul of a human being or animal that really matters.

Lady Veronica

Robyn Valerio
5 years ago

What a great article! I too am a Christian and have struggled a long time with being a committed Christian for over forty years and also being a solo crossdresser for a lot of that time. It would be great if I could be one of your friends. Is that OK? I think I have finally become able to pray to the Lord in silent prayer and know that he totally accepts me as I am. It’s taken me a while to get to this point but I think I have now well and truly arrived. Robyn

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