Why do we do crossdress?

It can be for the sexual excitement

There can be sexual excitement from dressing. Either for the nature of the material, the idiology of dressing/acting like a female, or the adrenaline rush of being caught.

Do we just want to feel pretty? Maybe for some.

But there may be other reasons…. is there a comfort level dressing in the opposite sex clothes? Maybe a nice mini on a 100 F day? Maybe a nice pair of women’s shoes?

Is it part of being androgenous?

Is it a psychological issue? Perhaps. But not for all of us.

Is it for the transition? Perhaps.

Is there a combination of the above? Very likely.

Most of dress for parts of different aspects so we can feel ‘normal’ in every day life. But normalcy in today’s life is taken with a grain of salt. Who is the judge of what is considered to be normal? Sheer fact – society is who judges us. Dressed in any fashion.

We are not deviants or sociopaths. We are who we are.

As society often gives us an odd look, give the same odd back and think “What is wrong with them?”

Is there a religious ramifications to being CD/TS?  Maybe so, but here’s my 2 cents worth.

EnFemme Style
Granted that the area of CD/TS are debated throughout Christianity.
Consider that the Bible itself tells of stories of various sexual acts. The stories in the Old Testament are stories passed down throughout generations until it was written text. It is the meaning of the words that is important.
I am a Christian and have come to terms that to be the best person I can be and involves my crossdressing and my family. As the Lord looks down upon us, he will see me in a mini skirt instead of shorts. Either way, I am being the best person I can become.

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skippy1965 Cynthia
Trusted Member
6 years ago

Well said,Claudia. I too am a Christian who believes hat God made each of us in the rainbow spectrum of gender, “Male and female created He them!” Each of has a rolel to play in God’s plan-some of us just needed more of a costume change than others!

MacKenzie Alexandra
Managing Ambassador
6 years ago

Claudia, this is thought provoking. As I explore this aspect of who I am, I have found myself asking those very same questions. My answers will probably continue to be a fluid thing, but it is nice to know that others are in the same place.

Claire Renee Howard
Claire Renee Howard
6 years ago

Claudia, I have to say the most important thing in the new testament is the new covenant of Christ telling his disciples to love one another as I have loved you, you should love each other. Secondly I would add to turn the other cheek which truly makes Christianity special putting aside an eye for an eye in the old testamen.

6 years ago

The reasons why we crossdress are probably as varied as the number of people who do so. What is important is that we come to a point of acceptance and comfort with who we are. How we do that is also an individual thing, as long as we do.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Claudia and showing those with faith that there need not be conflict between what they do and what they believe.


6 years ago

One of the suggested readings that came up for me at the bottom of this one was an older one from Vanessa regarding “Men of God.” https://www.crossdresserheaven.com/sometimes-the-men-of-god-make-me-ashamed-to-be-a-christian/ I don’t call myself a Christian but I was raised in a church(mostly because I lost faith a long time ago). What I think about now and as I see the news these days, and I have thought about it a lot recently, is what would Jesus do if he were here? What would he think of the hate and anger and what would he do about it? I think he would just… Read more »

Dianne Baldwin
Dianne Baldwin
6 years ago

Claudia well said! I’m a Christain and have struggle with my feelings for most of my adult life. I have accept that I’m loved by God as who I am. The fact that I feel happier as a women does not change things

Wanda Shirkey
6 years ago

I am a Christian as well. When I was younger I use to be so ashamed of myself. I use to question why would God make me like this. I prayed and prayed. The prayers came unanswered. As I got older it came to me that God made me like this. I have come to realize I love myself because I am a creation of God. God does not make mistakes. Claire is right, Jesus loves us for who we are.

stacey s
6 years ago

Well said by all As a Christian I believe God Loves us all as Humans regardless of Cd or sexual orientation. If we respect each other this would be a better world. Why I dress cause it makes me feel good.

6 years ago

Amen sister I am also a christian. I think that theres more of us out there that struggle with the same thing. I know that God has a plan for each and everyone of us. Remember God truly loves us and has a plan for each of us.

Codille Benton Baer
6 years ago

This is an awesome topic and I am happy to see so many Christian sisters. And look for input from sisters of other faiths. I am a man of strong belief, who crossdresses. If God didn’t want me to crossdress he wouldn’t have put it in my head to do it. Also, God gave man free will and I think that one kind of covers itself. Man is sinful. All people sin, none of us are perfect. In the Christian religion there has only been one man to walk the Earth without sin, our Savior Jesus Christ and what did… Read more »

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