Why do we do crossdress?

It can be for the sexual excitement

There can be sexual excitement from dressing. Either for the nature of the material, the idiology of dressing/acting like a female, or the adrenaline rush of being caught.

Do we just want to feel pretty? Maybe for some.

But there may be other reasons…. is there a comfort level dressing in the opposite sex clothes? Maybe a nice mini on a 100 F day? Maybe a nice pair of women’s shoes?

Is it part of being androgenous?

Is it a psychological issue? Perhaps. But not for all of us.

Is it for the transition? Perhaps.

Is there a combination of the above? Very likely.

Most of dress for parts of different aspects so we can feel ‘normal’ in every day life. But normalcy in today’s life is taken with a grain of salt. Who is the judge of what is considered to be normal? Sheer fact – society is who judges us. Dressed in any fashion.

We are not deviants or sociopaths. We are who we are.

As society often gives us an odd look, give the same odd back and think “What is wrong with them?”

Is there a religious ramifications to being CD/TS?  Maybe so, but here’s my 2 cents worth.

Exceptional Voice
Granted that the area of CD/TS are debated throughout Christianity.
Consider that the Bible itself tells of stories of various sexual acts. The stories in the Old Testament are stories passed down throughout generations until it was written text. It is the meaning of the words that is important.
I am a Christian and have come to terms that to be the best person I can be and involves my crossdressing and my family. As the Lord looks down upon us, he will see me in a mini skirt instead of shorts. Either way, I am being the best person I can become.

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6 years ago

See dear though i am not chrestian it comes to my mind also God has created me man and i am going its wish i have come to the conclusion that god wished me to enjoy both the lives this oppertunity is not given to every one so we are lucky but only thing we should not do the sinful act and not to decieve any body

6 years ago

Being a nondenominational Christian, religion and crossdressing has been a theological conundrum for me. There are many mandates in the Old Testament which modern/contemporary Christians do not follow; the one which might be the most well-known is Leviticus 11, which prohibits pork consumption. It’s fairly easy to understand that back in those times, trichinosis was a very large problem, so, since pork is a major source of the roundworms which cause it, banning its consumption would largely help with that. I am not versed enough in the Bible to know if there is any proclamation of the lifting of that… Read more »

Paula Jones
Paula Jones
6 years ago

Hi I’m Paul your welcome to be friends. Well I’m a Christian also yes why do we do it. I experimented once and crossdresser with g.f stockings on and g string and find it very sexy

5 years ago

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biblical_clothing says that men and women wore similar gowns in Biblical times. Women probably wore longer clothes with sleeves and could have been more brightly coloured, more ornamented and may have been of finer material. Despite this, I think many cross-dressers would have liked to wear similar gowns and wouldn’t have minded not wearing a veil or shawl. Many people assume that the warning in Deuteronomy 22:5 about men not wearing women’s clothing refers to men wearing skirts or dresses instead of trousers. Men were wearing dresses when the warning was written and differences between clothing for men and women… Read more »

5 years ago

If i only knew
Right now i m in the acceptance phase
The guilt and shame were killing me

5 years ago

I m exploring this right now so far my research says no one knows for sure what Deut 22:5 means
Those were Old Testament laws for Jewish people going into a new land

I find it interesting that women couldn’t wear pants until we needed them in the factories and they had to wear pants then religion said it was ok but men can’t wear dresses still because of the same scripture

I do think that the sensuality associated with cross dressing can be sinful

5 years ago

I do it everyday 24/7 cause I enjoy being a girl forever.

LaFemme Coco
LaFemme Coco
5 years ago

As a pastor, university chaplain, and professor of religious studies I have many struggles with the old testament. One day I came to the conclusion that I either had to work harder at connecting the two testaments or decide that the Old Testament “is not my sacred book.” It belongs to Judaism; the New Testament belongs to Christians. The Jesus who has gotten me through deep valleys of depression is the strongest view into the heart of God. When I meet a new person I think: “what of Jesus am I going to meet in this person today.” Jesus liked… Read more »

rhonda' class='avatar avatar-64 photo' height='64' width='64' />
5 years ago

God don’t care what we wear , He cares what we do about it . we should not deceive anyone into thinking were not someone we are not , cding can lead us to do things we should not do and becoming sin, God knows what we’re going thru and is willing to forgive when we do sin

Danielle Wayne
Noble Member
4 years ago

I truly appreciate all the comments given here. I too have struggled my entire life with my femme self and God. I consider myself a good christian and have a constant struggle.
I love my lord dearly and have prayed many times to forgive me for my femme side. But I cannot hide it. Believe me, I have tried.
I hope when I hit the pearly gates, he will understand, love, and know my heart has always been with him, even though I crossdress and wish I was born a woman.

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