Since I was 11 years old, I have wondered why I wasn’t born a girl.  It was more than that, actually; I wanted to be a girl. Sadly, of course, I had the wrong plumbing, and to make matters worse, I began having these desires in 1940, just as the U.S. was gearing up for World War II.  It was an era in which boys had to be boys and gear themselves to eventually go fight a nasty war. It was no time for a boy to be anything but manly. Why, I wondered then, did I desire to dress as a girl?

I was able to venture a few times into the attic where I sneaked into some of mom’s skirts and dresses. There I discovered how truly girlish I could look, due largely to my slender, softish arms and my pretty legs (according to some snide remarks I had heard when in shorts). In 1940, the idea that a boy could become a girl was about as far-fetched as getting to the moon was then.  So I dreamed.  And I wrote.

At first, I scribbled my snippets of stories on school paper, writing in my room, hiding my efforts from my two nosey brothers and my mom and dad, usually tearing them up into pieces when I was done. No one must ever find out about my weird desires to be a girl. Of course, I worked at being a “normal boy,” playing ball (never very well, to be sure) and picking up usual male skills. To pay my way through college, I worked for a beer distributor, hustling case beer and 184-pound half barrels in the warehouse, and as a truckdriver delivering to taverns and stores. I further proved my manhood through Navy service, marrying, fathering five children and becoming by all who might have noticed, a “normal” man.

Into that busy, family-filled life, I found a few spare moments to dress in my meager stash of panties, bras, stockings, skirts and blouses, always hiding my efforts in shame. I always wrote, continuing to hide my efforts so that they’d not be found; nor would anyone ever read them either.  My stories became a way for me to dream and to make the dreams become more real.

Finally, about 15 years ago I discovered there were websites that featured authors writing about crossdressers and transgirls.  First it was fictionmania and then bigcloset and a few other sites where I found an opportunity to post my stories. Since then, writing under the name of Katherine Day, I have published numerous short stories, several novellas and seven novels.  (Check them out, if you wish.  Meanwhile look over the stories of other writers; there are some real gems if you look)

All, of course, are written about boys, young men and older men who are finding their femininity. I find myself invariably living through the heroines I create; they become me; it’s an intoxicating venture – and a welcome respite from the cares of one’s daily life. Of course, neither I, nor any of the other writers, are paid for these efforts; it just seems we must write these, and we’re happy if someone else reads them and finds value in them.

As long as I have a breath, I’ll be writing these stories, learning as I type away about the wonders of being a woman.





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Born in 1929, grew up in the Great Depression and began wondering about why I wasn't a girl. I ventured, feeling terribly guilty, into mom's dresses in the attic of our home and found great comfort and solace. It was a great refuge for an nonathletic boy of 11 who found he was far more feminine in body and spirit than was "proper" at the time. Boys then were to be strong, masculine, not weak and tending toward tears. Soon the Army would beckon we all knew. Despite living an outwardly masculine life working in macho jobs and marrying to a wonderful woman (five children), my desires to be female never left me. Been a closeted crossdresser since. Love to share my experiences with others.

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April (Pacific Princess)
Active Member

A secret little vice of mine is that I was addicted to BigCloset for about 6 months, and as I started to rediscover my feminine side reading stories was one of the first things I started to do. I still go there and read occasionally – you’re right, along with the trashy stuff there really are some great writers!

Thanks so much for sharing this side of you – here and in your stories.


Sue Barnes

This is fascinating. I will make an effort to seek out some of your stories to read.
I have read over the years a lot of these stories mainly on crystals storysite, but would be very keen to converse with someone that was directly involved.
Thank you so much for sharing, and giving this insight.


HI, i can identify with your post. I too posted my fantasies on paper and posted on Crystal’s storysite as Josephine Gonsalves.
Vera Jane

Active Member

Thank you so much for sharing.. I will definitely find more of your articles and other authors

skippy1965 Cynthia
Trusted Member

MsKAtie, I believe you may be the most “seasoned” member of our site based on your DOB -surpassing Donna Dameron whom I believe is 82. I too have long enjoyed the less salacious stories on BigCloset and FM sites and I am fairly certain I have read some of your posts. Having grown up in he 70s and 80s (born 1965) I cannot imagine how difficult it must have been being CD/TS in the years of your youth. Thanks you for sharing this story. I would love it if you could PM me the names of what you consider your… Read more »

Sally Bend

Good for you, hon. I wrote some stories for fictionmania, nifty, and others back in the day, but it’s been a while.

Rosaliy Lynne

I had to do some looking but finally found the sites MsKatie referenced. To save others the trouble of looking them up, I hope the admins allow me to post those here:
http://www.fictionamia.tv and http://www.bigclosetr.us

I haven’t read the stories but look forward to doing so.


I read all these stories about how as children people had a burning desire to dress & be feminine—I’m not sure I had that–I got really into it around my late 40s- I do remember my second yr in grade one(I was a brat & they actually failed kids those days)–I spent a summer being dressed up by some neighbourhood girls as probably my best summer memory as a kid–(then we moved)– By the time I was about 15 & working I started wearing panties all the time but that was as far as it went till my first wife… Read more »

Jenna Badgyrl

Thanks for sharing your whole life experience. Have you thought about self-publishing on Amazon Kindle?

Sarah Daniels TG

I write fiction too. Well I say write but more dribble words onto pages, but its a start. Mostly recently it has been about my discovery and allowing the person hidden in me to blend with the physical me and also some erotic fiction (blush). One story is about a woman discovering herself and the other is about a CDer doing the same. Really they are the same story, just the main charactor is “plumbed differently”. It is an exercise in discovery for me and may never see the light of day, but maybe one day they will feature somewhere… Read more »

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