Crossdressing can go beyond clothes, makeup, and accessories: we can exhibit it through behaviors, habits, and activities related to the female sex.

When I was a kid, I watched girls doing ballet in their pastel pink leotards with matching skirts, ballet shoes, and pantyhose.

Back then, with a very fertile imagination, I sometimes imagined myself wearing that outfit and not wanting to wear it. Today, I confess my curiosity about wanting to know what it’s like to wear one of those outfits.

Of course, many boys/men do ballet and there are male ballet costumes. Still, ballet is mostly seen as feminine, not only historically, but with most of those who practice being female.

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There are several styles and colors of ballet attire: lace tights, printed, colorful, etc. I would prefer the all-pink girlie style. I would make me feel as if I were a princess.

But if there’s anything as interesting as wearing a ballet uniform, it might be…actually practicing it?

An hour-long ballet class has been estimated to burn around 400 calories – an amount greater than that of taking part in hour-long activities such as American Football, yoga, volleyball, and Pilates. Ballet is a physical activity that burns calories and exercises the body, increasing one’s physical resistance and can help with losing weight.

So… in addition to practicing your femininity, you are engaged in physical activity. For a proper experience, besides the costume, you’ll need to have a ballet barre. There are several tutorials on the internet on how to make your own ballet bar.

You can research and watch multiple videos with ballet class instruction. The pandemic has advanced virtual classes, including ballet classes. Ballet teachers earn money by teaching online classes to students thousands of miles away.

Rarer than men who dance ballet (with men’s attire) are crossdressers who dance ballet. It is a gap that can and must be filled. Many complain about the taboo of men who do ballet, but it is precisely because ballet is a predominantly female activity that it can be very attractive to crossdressers, who can have fun with the hobby, practice physical activity and exercise their femininity with a typically female activity. And all while wearing a beautiful feminine ballet costume.

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if we could have ballet teachers be open to teaching crossdressers either individually (at a distance or in-person) or in groups? Maybe there already are, but if not, wouldn’t it be interesting to have ballet groups with only crossdressers…

It would also be interesting to have womanless ballet shows, such as they have Womanless Beauty Pageants.

Crossdressing allows opening doors to different worlds of the feminine universe.

Everything will someday depend on our curiosity and not only on our willingness to experience each new opportunity but on the world becoming a place where we can do so.

– Have you ever wanted to try on a female ballet costume?

– Have you ever wanted to train / dance ballet?

– Did reading this article make you want it?

I’m looking forward to the answers

Marie Claire

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Auroras Livingfem
1 year ago

Hi Claire since maybe 5 when starting using mom’s silks nylons and garter belts dresses were a little big but she also had the 4 square dance crinolines I got hooked specially with the self adjusted stretch bands ; it reminded me of my neighbors sister had a red type ballet dress with lovely crinoline attached while him and me were playing pretending dancing I told him to bring her sister’s dress, he helped me put it on and until I felt the zipper all the way up that’s was the moment I felt like a ballerina we started dancing… Read more »

Active Member
1 year ago

I <3 ballet! I have a pair of the basic practice shoes. On the one hand, I try to do simple positions and stuff. Otherwise, it’s a bit random and part of general exercise dancing. One thing I need to remember with ballet, is that if you’ve applied a stress or strain to one side, you need to balance it on the other side. And oh yes, I love wearing the ballerina costumes!

Isabelle O'Malley
Active Member
1 year ago

I train at a gym four times (at least) a week. I wear form fitting leggings – pink, red, blue and some with really wicked designs – a somewhat tight T-shirt but no makeup since I would just sweat it all off anyway. A few years ago I began doing simple balancing exercises in between sets for whatever body part I would be training on a given day. This has progressed exponentially such that I now do various yoga poses that I hold for at least 30 seconds while I catch my breath from the last set. Sometimes I flip… Read more »

Alison Anderson
Active Member
1 year ago

As others have said, I’m too old to start ballet. My hamstrings are too tight, I have the beginnings of arthritis in one knee and problems with the ankle tendons in the other leg, my calves are not strong enough, I’m afraid to jump because I don’t want to hurt myself. I have also discovered that the ballet tutu, while it looks very pretty, is not really a skirt. I’m not going to feel it caress my legs as I move, which is one thing I like about wearing skirts. As far as the outfit goes, i could buy a… Read more »

Jill Harris
1 year ago

I have always wanted to try a “pink” ballet costume complete with shoes and wig. I have not a place that I can purchase an authentic man sized costume online. Anyone have a source.

Joanne S
1 year ago

Hello Marie, Your commentary on this subject really interested (and spoke to) me;) My first portal into crossdressing was dancewear when I was around 19 (I’m 62 now)..I remember getting my first set of leotard, tights, ballet shoes and a tutu(and yes it was pink) through a mail order catalog in the 80’s, dressing up, and loving my reflection in the mirror:)…Since then, I still dress occasionally and watch ballet exercise videos and try to practice doing ‘plies’;)

Kaitlyn Pari
1 month ago

Hello Marie,
Yes as my daughter danced and I was backstage, I would fantasize as being there on stage with her. I was jealous when the boy would dance with her and imagine I was the lead male in the leotard. My mind eventually drifted off to thoughts of me being in a ballet dress and wondered what the toe shoes really felt like. I never took the next step but now after reading your article I think it would be a great class to take for exercise and discipline. Thanks for the inspiration.

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