You all know me as Rachel K and, a new ambassador at Crossdresser Heaven. I have been in Crossdresser Heaven for about a year now and in that little time I have learned so much; who I am and who you ladies are.

When I was asked to be an ambassador I was flattered and honored! You may ask why? Former Managing Ambassador Codille asked this question of me.

Why do you want to be an Ambassador, why the extra responsibility?

Here is my answer.

Crossdresser Heaven is about mind, heart, and soul… all of what makes a person. I know I have all of them, and to be able to share them is a very great thing. I also know sometimes my heart is too big. So I have to watch how involved I get with people (a long story). Soul is about your dreams and hopes of who you are. Mind (yep I have one..lol) I never use it to force my opinion on someone. Everyone is different and special in their own way. All you can to do is give some facts and go from there.

Because over the year I have learned so much, some of it was from chatting.  Most, however, is from sitting back and watching the conversations. I had noticed how much an Ambassador works to help each of us. We come to them as newbies wanting to get out of the closet; scared and alone. Or we come as grown women needing a little help, maybe with a dress or style we like, and just want an opinion.

We chat and try very hard to have that good time that is needed by all. The friendships, the joking, the love, and smiles are great!

An Ambassador’s life is not simple. Outside of Crossdresser Heaven, she has her private life. That can, and will, get in the way.

Over the time some of the Ambassadors trusted me enough to chat private, I have had them be open with me, to go anywhere from a normal chat to having to vent or even have a shoulder to cry on!

And yes I have cried with them!!

They handle anything from a simple question, or to having a SO come in with questions, to someone thinking about taking their life.

And then there are the trolls that come in just to harass us as to who we are!

The Ambassadors come to “serve and protect us” and to them, I say thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

There is an old saying “to thine own self, be true” (from Shakespeare) and it is true!

Once we really understand who we are are, we can move forward. The Ambassadors have shown us that over and over.

So as a new Ambassador, I want to stand up with them and help others. I have a big heart and know it, again like stated above I have to learn more.

But I will work hard, to do what they have done already, and help to improve Crossdresser Heaven!

And to all the new Ambassadors…thank you for standing up also!!!

I am proud to be one with you!

Rachel K

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Stephanie Flowers

Thank you Rachel , ambassadorship is a rewarding experience. With its good must come some bad and doing what we do, for the love and care we try to provide. As new myself the challenges are always evident but at times the voice of just one thanking us makes it all worth wild. Beautiful place with beautiful people, truly unique in who we are.


Welcome to the most rewarding area of CDH
an Ambassador … thank you for your article, an inspiration not only for your sister Ambassadors but all the ladies here at CDH.

Sara Marie Franklin (SMF)

Thank you Rachel for all you do too. Thank you for being a leader to show all of us what is needed to raise us above the rest of those that try to tear us down. Thank you for this article to let all of those out there know they are protected and cared for by the great ladies here like yourself that care are always on the look to keep use from falling through the cracks.
You have given me that spirit many times to keep looking and helping others when ever possible.
Hugssss Rachel.

Rochelle Mooney
Rochelle Mooney

Congratulations, and thank you Rachel.

Active Member

Rachel (Special K), You ht the nail on the head! Being an ambassador -while heavy responsibility, is also an incredible honor. To be trusted to be a moderator, an advisor, a counselor, (sometimes ) a principal (LOL), but most importantly a friend is humbling and -at the same time-one of the biggest blessings I’ve had from the site. I have been a member since August 2015-member 131 of now over 21,000 and I jumped in with both feet-and this was before we had the chatroom. I have lived, laughed, loved and cried with so many girls here and have written… Read more »

Linda mm Magliore

A heartfelt thank you to Rachel and all the Ambassadors for all that they do for all of us.


Thank you.

Elle Saf

Too cool, Rachel. Thank you for taking on the added responsibility of Ambassador. You’ll do a fabulous job.

Gisela Claudine

Congratulations Rachel (SK).
I am happy for the well deserved distinction you have gotten and I am very sure that you will know how to take this responsibility with the generosity that characterizes you and you will be successful. The girls know that we can count on you if we drift through troubled waters. Or when we just need a hug.

Lori Shane

So happy for you


Rachel….thank you, thank you so much!!!, Paulina

Marie Sweets

Congratulations Rachel, I’m sure you will be a great asset to the CDH Team.
Thank You to all the admin Team. Being there to support and encourage the ‘Girls’.
After all, support is what it’s all about. Helping those that are shy or wanting to know more. Keep up the good work Team.
– Marie

Samantha G.....

Well said Rachel. We are so happy to have you on the team.
It feels great to be part of such a great group gals and an
awesome community here on CDH.


Sarah Mack

So very happy for you Rachel I think you’ll do wonders for this group

Sahi saheli
Sahi saheli

Madam Rachel ,if you like calling me like that I feel happy that somebody is there to help us in our journey which is quite aurdous ,thank you you have taken the leadership ,one thing I would like to ask you that I am finding it difficult to find CD in our place because of which I am lonely always yearn to meet,chat the tribe to which I belong.

Karen Alton

“To thine own self be true, ” Rachel , you have yet again touched a nerve.. a single strand of tears happily falls into the desert of my parched cheek .. ty for being true to thine self… and for being a heart to guide, a mind to protect, and beacon for those . like me that flounder.

Love and sparkles karen xx

Melissa Nelson

Thank you for your commitment I know you’ll do great

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