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I’ve partnered with the Breast Form Store to offer you a chance to win a free pair of Gold Seal Classic II Breast Forms just in time for the holiday season. Head over to Transgender Heaven for more details on the competition and how to enter.

While the breast forms are designed for transgender woman just starting on hormone replacement therapy, they’re also good for crossdressers who have a little extra (lucky you!) in their breast area. Since the breast forms feature a concave back they give you the cleavage you want while providing enough room to accommodate what God and hormones has blessed you with.

The competition closes soon – hurry over to and enter to win a free pair of breast forms.

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  1. Georgette 6 years ago

    I’m a 56 year old cross dress-dresser not accepted any where. Can’t find a job, can’t find a life, need help desperaterly! I’m dieing.Georgette.

  2. jami 5 years ago

    love to win thanks

  3. silvio 5 years ago

    i have 60 years old, I am crossdresser and i am happy to be, are over 40 years and I now better understand women.

  4. jami 1 month ago

    love to win and i love the products.

  5. michae 6 years ago

    I’m a crossdresser myself and i’ll tell u it’s hard.I wish that we all could live in a world where we all could wear what we want and knowbody would care or notice what we wore.maybe some day or some world we can dress in womens clothes and no one to give a damn.because i really enjoy wearing wearing womens bodysuits although i have some were u can’t tell if there womens or mens shirts.I’ve been trying to find somemore like it.

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