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I’ve got some exciting news to share today. Crossdresser Heaven has partnered with the Breast Form Store to give you an opportunity to win a pair of Venus Breast Enhancers.

These are hand crafted in the USA and feature the most realistic looking and feeling breast enhancer on the market. They’re so comfortable you’ll be able to wear them even when sleeping.

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These are fantastic breast enhancers not to miss out on!

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Julia, a reader of Crossdresser Heaven, shares her review of the Venus Breast Enhancers.

Venus Breast Enhancers

Hi Y’all. I have been so impressed with my Venus Secret Breast Enhancers from Divine Collections that I had been thinking of writing a review, something I rarely do but probably should, but Vanessa asked if I would and that prompted me to go ahead. In brief, they are OMG! fantastic.
I’ve had mine for several months now. I wear them every day and I totally love them. I was skeptical when I ordered them but I decided to take the chance and I am so happy I did. They really are self-adhering and the subtle enhancement they give is truly amazing. They’re only about three quarters of an inch thick, which I didn’t think would be very enhancing, but I was wrong. They easily boost me a cup size and they look and feel totally natural.

Venus Breast Enhancers

Venus Breast Enhancers

I do recommend using a Skin-Tac wipe if you’re going to go bra-less but if you’re going to wear a bra, sports bra or a top with a built in shelf you should be fine without the wipe. Another feature that I enjoy is the arrow pressed into the inner wall showing you which way is up, that I use to align them properly. That is really helpful so that you don’t wind up with one two inches lower than the other. At my age, there’s enough sag already. Lastly, the nipples are completely realistic and the cinnamon is a spot on match for my own color.

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect but the negatives are hardly worth mentioning. I’ll do it anyway. I live in the south where it’s hot for months and months. It’s sweaty down here. The Venus breast enhancers, as stated, will not stick to a wet body, even if you use a Skin-Tac wipe.

I have a yoga/ exercise routine I do every morning. Some mornings I work up a sweat, some mornings I only glisten; it doesn’t matter how wet I get, they don’t stick (another recommendation, wash them regularly with soap and water).

The second and last negative, I can’t wear them all the time under my male clothes (even if they did stick to my wet body). I ordered the medium nipple. It is realistic and looks just like the women I see around my neighborhood but they would draw unwanted attention to a man. I don’t know what the small nipples look like but if you think you might want to wear them all the time, you might want to order them with small nipples. And that’s it for downside.

Since I already own a pair of these fantastic enhancers, I’m not going to enter. I want one of you lucky ladies to win so that you can see for yourself that the Venus enhancers are exactly what we all want and need in our wardrobe.
Peace xo
Julia B

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8 years ago

Hi Vanessa<
I thought I should sent you a quick update I am looking for a set of breast forms that will do me for a while, (up until my breasts enlarge), could you suggest a style that would work over a 38 C breast?

Frances Flip
Frances Flip
6 years ago

Well in my opinion this is a beautifull thing i am natural 34D but still thats not big sometimes id like to be more its fun to think about it.

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