Only just a year ago, it was impossible for LGBT&Q to serve in the military openly. The government was afraid that would disrupt order. The military was especially hard on transgender people as we are put on hormones and such for our transition. At some point, we under go surgery to achieve the proper gender. But as of this year, the military is allowing transgender people to be open about it and the same with gays, lesbians and queers. See, the way I look at it, if you can perform the job, then why does it matter if you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer? You can perform. That should be all that matters.

See, I’m transgender for all I know. Currently, I’m pursuing a career in structural welding and firefighting. As long as I can perform on the job, then I’m fine. All I’m going to get is acceptance by my brothers and sisters out there. All the while, I’m serving my country and community. I am out there saving someone’s life or putting out a blaze. I have many friends that are part of the LGBT&Q community because its who they are. I have several friends that are CNAs and Nurses. Two of those nurses are lesbians, and one of my CNA friends is a lesbian. I have a male friend who is gay and he is a paramedic.

My point is, it doesn’t matter who you are. As long as you can do the job you signed up for then there isn’t a problem. Stand on your own two feet, keep moving on in life, and strive to reach you goals. You are you and you’ll do what you are best at. It is just like saying, “Why did I choose the career fields of welding and firefighting?”  Welding, because I’m good at it and love it. Firefighting, because I’m deeply indebted to the firefighters and paramedics that saved my brother’s life 16 years ago on May 18, 2000. I also feel these choices are the right ones for me. So don’t let anyone say you can’t do something because of who you are. Do what you feel is right.

Makeup Magic

Be who you are and strive on.

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  1. What an inspiration you are Ashley! I hope one day to be as good an example as you are of being truly yourself while doing your best!

  2. Tiffany Anne 3 years ago

    Thank you Ashley for the inspiring message and for serving the community as a firefighter!

  3. SIESSA 3 years ago

    You are You ! So Do It !

  4. George.R.Martinez 3 years ago

    I’m a guy that loves wearing my moms clothing but an makeup but in public as I was. an aldult. I grow up with mom. One day I try on a pr of her silk blk panty an bra pr of her silk blk pantyhose as l. I slip on her pantys an bra as I slip it on an fasten an fasten it up an slip some breast inserted in mom’s bra an as. I decided to do my toes a hot candy apple red an when they were dryed I rolled up one of the legs of the pantyhose a slip it over my toes an up past my ankles an up my leg as I roll up the other leg an slip over my toes an up past my ankles an pull them up my legs pass my thights an up to my waisted as. I strengthen them as I felt herhe silk especially on my legs as I walk around the house. As I walk back to mom’s bedroom I decided to slip on a pair of her blk leggings on as one of her long lt pink tops an a blk belt an a pr clear cinderella peep opened toe slippers that she loves to were when she’s not a work. As I called her a little kid as she said yes i’m as mom said you should try them on because they are comfortable when you wear them on your feet so that day mom slip my shoes an socks an slip on a new clear pair of cinderella peep opened toe slippers on my feet she bought me as they felt comfortable an nice on my feet as my toe stuck out of the toe peep hole as. I walk around the house with them on my feet. As that night I left them on as. I slip on my clear peep opened toe Cinderella slippers as I had on the rest of mom’s clothes on as. I clean the whole entire house as. I wash done cleaning the house an wash an drying mom an my clothes. I put them away as I sat made me lunch. As I ate lunch an clean up my dishes. As I was a little bored. I walk to mom’s bed room an sat at her vanity table an as my hair was long past my shoulders. I brushed my hair an style it as I decided to slip it in a ponytail an added a red flower hair clip in my hair as I was done. I try on moms make up as. I applied some foundation,mascara,red/pink eyeshadow,blk eyeliner,red/pink blush,face glow,redish/pinkish 24/7 lipstick,24/7lip sealer as. I took a picture of myself an sent it to mom at work an a camera picture an left it on moms vanity table mirror as. I got up off mom’s table walk to her closet an reach for mom’s l. Iong blk sweater as I button it up as.I slip mom’s blk belt/attached pink purse on I slip in it my driver license,medical cards,credit cards, my importane papers pictures,cash my house keys, moms foundation,mascara,eyeshadow,eyeliner,
    blush,lipstick,lip sealer, face glow. As I got up to take a walk to the mall a block away from my house as. I did a little women shopping as. I bought alittle stuff for me to wear around the house an public to the malls stores shopping as mom call me an ask me we’re i,m at I told her shopping at the mall for women stuff as she told me to wait there for her for we can have dinner in the restaurant by the mall as. I did I notice it was 5:00 mom is off work she said I did a good job in cleaning the house an on my make-up as you want to look like a women your new name is Alisha maria from know on as she was home get freshen up her make-up as she had the same outfit on. When she went to work as we were on the cell talking to each other as she took her pumps off an slip on her clear peep opened toe Cinderella slippers as she relocation the house door an got in the car an drove to the mall as mom ask me were. I was at in the mall as. I told her by lane Bryant as mom drove up an parked the car as she walk in the mall. I notice mom in the same excited outfit down to her pink peep opened toe Cinderella slippers hers were pink mine were white as we walk to the restaurant for a nice dinner together as two women.

    Mr George. R. Martinez

    Live in California

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