Famous transgender women

I’m excited to share this opportunity with the lovely ladies of Crossdresser Heaven. It’s your chance at crossdressing fame, but more importantly, you’ll be able to impact public perception of crossdressing in a positive way. (And you’ll get some fabulous professional photos too!)

Kate, a journalist for More! (A UK woman’s glossy magazine) contacted me last week. She is writing a feature on modern crossdressing, and is looking to interview a young couple who have overcome crossdressing. In her words:

I’m after the story of a woman in her twenties whose boyfriend or husband dresses in women’s clothes and they’re both fine with it. The feature would be insightful and positive, rather than sensationalist and would look at a young couple who have dealt with cross dressing in a loving and supportive way. There would be a full professional photo shoot involved and possibly a fee. If you can help in any way, that would be fantastic

If you’re interested, you can contact Kate at katebc76@yahoo.co.uk. It’s a great opportunity for ladies in the UK, but Kate tells me she has access to photographers in the US as well – so don’t let distance prevent you from volunteering.

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As a quick note, I’m in no way affiliated with More!, please use your best judgement when meeting people in regards to safety, and before paying any fees.

Would You Share Your Crossdressing in a Magazine Story?

Even if you don’t qualify for Kate’s story, I’m interested:

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Lynn Jones
11 years ago

Media interest comes and goes: I think there’s been about 3 or 4 in the 5 years I’ve been going to a social group. You do hear horror stories, but there’s no reason to doubt this magazine is on the level.

Most mags want a photo of ‘the happy couple’. It’s one thing to out yourself, but when you’re in tranny mode – you get something of a disguise: your partner doesn’t.

11 years ago

Hi Vanessa,
This sounds like a great idea. Too bad the US media didn’t get it first. Think of all the wonderful outcome that would potentially bring. However, I really think that the US media wouldn’t be as kind to us as a group as the UK. Our media as a rule love to make a specticle of anything out of the ordinary.
Perhaps you could be able to get access to the article when it’s published and get it on the web here. It’s worth a try anyway, not? Any way, I’d love to see the article. Ragina

rogina garter
11 years ago

I am in tune with what Petra said.In girl mode,no one would ever recognize nor connect me. However my wife would never put up with being connected to a TG so publicly. She thinks it makes her less of a desirable woman,I’m afraid. She is Venezuelan and in her country every TG gets painted with the same brush.I would love to tell my story. I am writing a fictional book now and often dream of using my fem name as the writer..sort of a mystery in itself.

11 years ago

i finally came out of the closet so to speak my wife and daughter found out last week of my secret i have had since i was 12 years old so do i continue to dress or not please respond

rogina garter
11 years ago
Reply to  melissa

Melissa,It is a feeling that we are born with.Maybe it can be suppressed or controlled,but it will never go away.Proof of this is all the girls that “purge” only to buy new as they can’t shake the desire. Best if you tell your family that Melissa is here to stay and explain how “she” is almost as old as you. I remember telling my wife a couple of years ago when we were shopping for a leotard and tights for my then *yr old daughter about how badly I wanted my own at her age..”Really?” my wife asked. “Really,Really!” was… Read more »

Sharme' Brea
10 years ago

I am a beginning film maker, and just like Ed Wood I am going to make movie dressed as a woman.

chris ellis
8 years ago

i would love to share my crossdressing photos on your magazine.

9 years ago

my name is harley and my wife tiffeny and we have had one adventure .me and my wife jest moved to the seattle/tacoma area  and we been married for 5 years now and been friends sence age 8 and we are both crossdressers  i wear the skirts so she dont half too is ower saying , we started as pen pals  and whare we wear liveing in lousisiana we wear disciminated agenst left and right i got fired from my job for how i dressed in my free  time and she got taken off her post as a guard becuse… Read more »

Harley Nickolyn
9 years ago
Reply to  Visionary-123

sorry my spelling is horrid but im on a king county library computer and it kicks you after a time and  kind of iin a hurry …sorry

Penny from Heaven
9 years ago

I have recently started doing stand up comedy.  I am trying to use comedy to raise awareness and understanding.

Please check my recent youtube video at “Penny from Heaven – Denver Comedy Works – June, 2011”.

Please e-mail (egw61@yahoo.com) or call (720-579-2895) me if you think there is a potential story.   

Jeslen Westreicher
4 years ago

I Tried To Contact Kate On The Email That Was In The Article Here & I Had No Luck Any Help Would Be Much Appreciated I’ am Very Interested In Hopefully Being A New Face In The CD / TG Fashion Modeling World Would Like To Be A Positive Influence For Other’s Who Want The Help In Understanding What That Empty Feeling They Might Feel They Are Missing

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x
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