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It is of note that many CDHers are older. Perhaps our chemistry changes as we get older, and perhaps GGs are not the only people who have a hormonal storm awaiting them in their mid to later years?

About 50% of males over 50 have an enlarged prostate, and in many cases this is coincident with an increased level of the female hormone estrogen. Testosterone production decreases in mid to old age in any case. The net result of this would be a shift towards the female side of the hormonal mix, and away from the male.

There are several conditions that go hand-in-hand with the older age in men. One being PADAM (partial androgen deficiency in the ageing male.) The Mayo clinic describes the condition andropause – lowered testosterone production – also known as ‘male menopause’.

Jung says we all have a male and female side – in various percentages – perhaps that is what decides our sexuality?

Suppose a male has a brain wired from birth to lean towards the female side – as a boy he might fit in better with the girls, wish he was a girl, but works with the cards he is dealt for most of his life—behaves as society expects? Such a soul might be receptive to dressing up games, and be more likely to indulge in the theatre, crossdress, and perhaps even seek to live a more bohemian lifestyle than many normal males?

Fast forward to later middle and old age, when hormonal levels naturally change anyway, to a greater or lesser extent, and there is possibly a perfect storm awaiting some such men. Is all this why the feminine side is either hardly constrained, or not in many older males who were possibly pre-disposed towards their feminine traits anyway? It’s a definitely a thought worth considering and pointing out.

[Image from Pinterest – ‘fair use’ provisions of copyright laws are invoked for the purposes of commentary and research].

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Peggy Ann Culpepper
Peggy Ann Culpepper (@georgiadog)
1 year ago

Don’t know why, but don’t hear from many of the older ladies, maybe it is because we think no one cares or we have just given up on our dreams. I will venture to say that there are countless thousands of us out there. I can only speak for myself but Candy is very much right on with her deductions. I grew up in the deep south in the 40’s and 50’s. Different world from today. GAY meant happy, no trans this or that,etc. I hid what little CD that i got to do from the time since i was… Read more »

Abby Lauren
Abby Lauren (@al2sjcm)
1 year ago

Hi Peggy Ann
I was born in 1942 and have been a CD or Trans since I was 3 years old. I have felt a gradual feminization for years but still lead a mixed life. I was and still am unwilling to pay the price of losing my wife and children but they have accommodated to me over the years- even if unhappily. I wish you the best living FT as a woman.

Nikki (@nikkiv)
11 months ago

Such a fascinating post. Great job putting it together, Candy. I wish we could all get together, uncork a bottle of wine or two, and talk about this topic for hours.

Thank you,

Natasha Mari
Natasha Mari (@michelle1975)
11 months ago

I have wondered this myself. I am in my 40’s (my boy name means before his time which applies to a lot of things in my life) and was wondering just a couple of years ago if I should look into getting T-treatment because I was not feeling anything like myself. I had a lot of rage (never physical but I was quick to temper) and did not have a problem releasing it which put a lot of people I worked with on edge. After moving half way across the country and wanting a change in my life, I got… Read more »

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