Photo Upload Limits

Lady – 5 photos
Dame – 20 photos
Baroness – 200 photos
Duchess – 2,000 photos
Princess – 20,000 photos

Upgrade your plan to upload more photos

Baroness, Duchess and Princess members can also upload private photos to share with their friends.

Upload your photo to share with the community

We encourage you to select a small number of your best photos (1-3) to upload on any given day, rather than uploading many similar variations of the same photo.

Note: Photos uploaded to the public photos area are public on the Internet. If you would prefer to upload photos that are private to the community you can upload to the Private Media Gallery if you are a Baroness, Duchess or Princess member.

*Please note that we no longer accept “app enhanced” photos for the public gallery.  Such photos are acceptable however for private galleries.

Photo Upload

You need to be logged in to upload an image.

Guidelines for Sharing Great Photos

  1. Be aware of objects in the foreground and background – no one wants to see your bathroom, kitchen, messy bedroom or anything other than you.
  2. Be aware of back lighting and front lighting. Do not stand in front of a window, or with a bright light behind you.
  3. Be aware of props that may be offensive, such a couch pillows or wall decorations with offensive words or images that are visible in the photo
  4. Try to frame the shot so you are in the center.


General Rule: Please keep it classy. Clothing, makeup, nails, shoes, outfits all acceptable.  If you wouldn’t want your daughter, sister, mother or aunt to wear it out in public don’t post it.

  1. Please provide both a caption (title) and description along with your photo
  2. No Nudity, undergarments or sleepwear, especially suggestive poses
  3. No visual body parts or bulges
  4. No full backsides
  5. No Non-Crossdressing photos, such as no makeup selfies, pets, hobbies, animate and inanimate objects, cars, buildings and anything else not crossdressing related
  6. No Memes, drawings or cartoons
  7. No commercial photographs published anywhere else on the net, including, but not limited to catalog photos, Pinterest photos, store photos, etc…
  8. No Bad language in titles, including Sissy and any non PG words
  9. No Duplicate photos, either of the same pose or just slightly different poses of the same outfit
  10. No sexually explicit poses regardless of outfit
  11. Please limit the amount of photos uploaded to 3 a day to allow others to have front page time
  12. Only post photos of yourself

Failure to follow these rules will result in the photo being declined, continued infractions can lead to more substantial consequences.

For further information you may refer to our Community Code of Conduct.

Thank you.

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