Project Unity

Project Unity connects the broader transgender community together so that everyone can find a place nearby where they are welcome, safe and loved. It is a physical and local manifestation of what Crossdresser Heaven and Transgender Heaven have created virtually.

We will create a comprehensive and living database of known transgender friendly businesses of all types in as many cities as possible throughout the United States and as many other countries as possible, with all businesses listed confirmed transgender / crossdresser friendly either by member or customer confirmation or direct contact via phone. We will also offer each business the opportunity to demonstrate visible support for the community by linking to either Crossdresser Heaven or Transgender Heaven.

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Project Unity Team

Help Us Build the Largest Directory of Transgender Friendly Establishments in the World

Unity Needs You!

One thing Unity needs help with is entering all of the transgender friendly places as they are discovered. You do not need to find the places yourself, if you do not know any places you can still help to light up the map! Just contact Tiffany and she will get you the data, then all you need to do is enter it.

No good deed goes unrewarded. The following levels of recognition exist, rewards will be listed in your profile for everyone to see!

  • 10 new submissions: listing on the Unity home page
  • 50 published local places: Project Unity Contributor
  • 100 published local places: Project Unity Builder as well as a discount code for membership at the Duchess level
  • 500 published local places: Lightbringer of Unity
  • 1,000 published local places: Angel of Unity

500 and 1,000 entries will have further rewards to be determined

Project Unity Contributors

In addition to the Project Unity team, the following members have greatly contributed to the effort. A huge thank you from people in the transgender community who are able to find a welcoming and supportive place in their own home town.

Dasia ThePhoenix, Jennifer Sometimes, Olivier Faye Marie, Paula Pantyhose, Rachael Joyous , Samantha Roarke

Project Unity is a vast project that will require a team of contributors to see fulfill its vision. With commitment and teamwork I am confident that we can make the place where people live seem more friendly, more accepting of their true selves.

If you would like to help in any way, please contact Tiffany.

Contact Tiffany to help with Project Unity

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