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The Crossdresser Heaven Ambassadors are a team of volunteers from around the world who help ensure Crossdresser Heaven is a safe, welcoming and supportive place for everyone in the transgender community.

If you are interested in joining our team please contact Maria.

When selecting Ambassadors we look for members who have demonstrated empathy, who are active in the community and who will provide a welcoming environment for everyone who joins the Crossdresser Heaven Community. We would also love to add more geographic diversity to our team of Ambassadors – here’s looking at you Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, India and others!

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Crossdresser Heaven Leadership

 Vanessa Law


Washington, United States of America

Dedicated to creating a safe, supportive and welcoming environment for everyone in the transgender community.

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 Manager Maria

Managing Ambassador

Groups and Forums

Georgia, United States of America

Dedicated to the protection and continued service to Crossdresser Heaven to ensure It remains the #1 and safest CD/TG support site in the world. The success or failure of your deeds does not add up to the sum of your life. Your spirit cannot be weighed. Judge yourself by the intention of your actions and by the strength with which you faced the challenges that have stood in your way. Contact info:

Contact Manager Maria

 Sabrina (Brina) MacTavish

Managing Editor

, United States of America

Brina is from Iowa, and she is steadily learning how to merge her two halves into one whole. Still closeted after 40 years, she hopes to one-day walk freely and confidently in the open. She spends most of her time working as a self-published novelist under both personas.

Contact Sabrina


Assistant Manager

Significant Others Program

Kansas, United States of America

I am a Genetic Girl. I am here to support my SO and other members

Contact Kayla

 Rhonda Roe...

Assistant Manager


Missouri, United States of America

Part time crossdresser

Contact Rhonda

 Michelle Liefde

Resident Editor

Massachusetts, United States of America

When I was young , I loved Deborah Harry. I thought it was just a crush, but realized not only did I find her attractive but what she would wear. When I was 11, I first tried on a dress, pantyhose and bra. I had waited for my family to go out and finally decided to try. We had a storage area in our garage where my mom had some of her old clothes. I would go out there a much as I could. Eventually, I was found out. I buried this part of myself for over 30 years. I spent that time being hap

Contact Michelle

 Tiffany Alexis

Assistant Manager

Project Unity, Chat and Recruitment

Missouri, United States of America

My journey is continuing to evolve. From March to now, I’ve found who I am, and know where I’m going. I fully embrace it too, I’m proud to be Tiffany, and to see myself in the mirror finally. It took me 43 years to find myself, but I’m here to stay. I plan to fully transition, over the next 3-5 years. Maybe I’ve already started.....maybe tiff4ever2021 is on track....

Contact Tiffany

 eleanor holborn

Assistant Manager

Greetings and Profiles

Kent, United Kingdom

I support my partner as much as I can

Contact Eleanor

 Codille Benton

Managing Ambassador Emeritus


I am a MTF Crossdresser for 30+ years. I came to CDH in April of 2015, Looking for Friends and Support just like everyone else, as I was looking to take my first big steps out the door. That seems so long ago thanks to the members of this site and their love. I am very active participant and I also the Manager of the site, which began as a blog by Vanessa Law. What I think Vanessa asking me to manage the sites means... I have been dressing for a while so I have a lot of things to offer others

Contact Codille

 Dionysus (Captain Di) The Corsair

Managing Editor Emeritus

Florida, United States of America

I will likely not be here very often and may be unable to respond to you. Please contact one of the Ambassadors if you would like to reach me.

Contact Dionysus (Captain Di)

Groups and Forums



Idaho, United States of America

Hello I’m Jackie, also known as (Wild Child)....

Contact Jackie



New York, United States of America

I dress enfemme when the opportunity presents itself. I dress conservatively. Always trying to be the lady. My profile picture represents my latest CD journey feeling more feminine each day.

Contact Leonara

 MacKenzie Alexandra


Michigan, United States of America

After keeping part of me hidden for 20 years, MacKenzie has embraced all of who she is. With the support of her wife, she has embarked on an adventure of exploration. Over the past year, I have learned a lot about myself - that learning was not limited to only feminine me.

Contact MacKenzie

 Sara Marie Franklin (SMF)



I’m 56 year old cd/tg still not sure where i fall and only fully dressed for the first time in 2006. Married and love to be a feminine as much as possible. Enjoy my femininity every time I get to be Sara. I dress and go out about 1 a month to my group meeting and dinner afterwards. I so enjoy my time as Sara.

Contact Sara Marie

 Paige Turner (NJ)


New Jersey, United States of America

I live in New Jersey. I was about 13 years old, when I first found a liking for girl’s things. I found a box of slips and petticoats up in the attic and brought it down to my bedroom and hid the box under my bed. I would often enjoy wearing them in my room. One day, my Mom found the box. I made up some crazy story about using them to make a weather balloon. My parents had divorced when I was eight, but my Mom called my Father, and I heard them talking. The resulting meeting was so traum

Contact Paige



Indiana, United States of America

Hello, I work a blue collar job, have a son, and live in a house. In my spare time (which I never have enough of) I enjoy listening to music and drinking wine. I also like to draw and paint among numerous other hobbies lost to the shades of time. I love the outdoors and when the weather is decent you're liable to find me fishing, hiking or camping.

Contact Sa·man·tha

 Claudia C



A CD with a nice mini skirt collection and various points of view spanning multiple views based on region and culture.

Contact Claudia

 Stephanie Flowers


Ontario, Canada

retired and am happily married over 40 years to a wonderful woman who opened up to this side of me. For many years I felt these feelings but family and every day life always came not allowing me to express the passons inside me. By years end i made great strides and now 2 plus years later I finally have reached in fully dressing but still learning the finer qualities as in makeup, fashions styles and bettering my appearance. As my confidence started to improve many experience's have happ

Contact Stephanie

Project Unity

 Robyn Drake


Texas, United States of America


Contact Robyn

 Deanna Lund


Pathfinder of Unity

, United States of America

64yo male, been interested in CD all life but have not had time or opportunity to explore my feminine side. Married, 3 children 2 grand children

Contact Deanna

 Samantha Roarke


Project Unity Contributor,Project Unity Team

Louisiana, United States of America

Hello, my name is Samantha Roarke, I'm just seeing what is out there. I'm a bit new to the whole CD thing. I would like to chat with like minded people whom are nice. I want to talk with other CDers about their process and what they do and like about crossdressing. I would love to hang out with others dressed up at some point. I'm a real person, please respect me. Also I have ZERO room for bullshit/flakey people! Just a little heads up, I stopped adding "friends" to my profile, I am cleaning tha

Contact Samantha



Wisconsin, United States of America

I adore ALL women and to the trans-women out there I am tired of hearing and seeing the hate and ignorance...... I see you, I hear you and I love you for who YOU are! Women are Women! I am human, I am NOT perfect & I wear my heart on my sleeve, a hopeless romantic in all aspects of my life. A good friendship should be equal. 🙂 I am accepting & understanding of all others and try not to make any judgements. In my life I strive to be an honest, genuinely caring and kind hearted.

Contact Jennifer

 Sarah Daniels TG


Canterbury, New Zealand

Im a Wannabe writer. Short stories so far but I want more. Like everyone I think I have a novel in me somewhere, but not sure what it is yet. Have a few things on the slow boil and a couple of cold cases tucked away for another time.

Contact Sarah

 Dawn Judson


, United States of America

As I said, originally, I'm sure we all have very similar stories, but yes, I’m a happy girl when I’m Dawn. I'm feeling more & more comfortable. I’ve been crossdressing since I was about 10. Until recently, I always felt like I enjoyed it– but wished I didn’t. I think it was something I was born with, but the thing that I felt that really awakened the desire in me, was a "TRUE" magazine article. I happened to find it on the top shelf of a closet (How appropriate). Naturally, I curio

Contact Dawn

Greetings and Profiles

 Sheryl Johnstone


Victoria, Australia

Hi, I'm Sheryl from the Latrobe Valley, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. I am 64 and have been cross dressing since I was very young and only in the last few years have I realised that I am transgender. I have felt as if I should have been born female for most of my life but did not know why.

Contact Sheryl

 skippy1965 Cynthia


, United States of America

The Original Cyn, or OC for short. Cynthia is from Richmond Virginia, she crossdresses every day (lucky gal!) and has a knack for tracking down niggling technical issues so we can fix them. She is also on a journey of self-examination to figure out where her feminine journey will lead her, and is always willing to talk with others about their feelings and questions or her own.

Contact skippy1965 Cynthia

Media and Events

 Samantha G.....


Florida, United States of America

Hails from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I've been crossdressing since age 12 with off and on activity till age 27 when I first fully dressed. After that I knew it was going to be a lifelong obsession. Try to dress several times a month but sometimes life gets in the way. No worries though, my sense of humor gets me through just about anything. Have the box set of all the Monty Python episodes too. 🙂

Contact Samantha

 Terri Anne


Avon, United States of America

My name is Terri Anne. I started crossdressing as a teen. My very first time was a stretchy sheath dress. I will never forget how comfortable it was. It just felt right!

Contact Terri Anne

 Rachel J Rose


Massachusetts, United States of America

Started dressing at about 7 years of age, got the bug big time about 30 years ago.

Contact Rachel J

Member Support and Chat

 Robin Kliment


, United States of America

I really don't know where I'm going with this all, but certainly do know HOW I'm getting there. We all have to choose a place to sit and I guess I've chosen "gender-fluid". There are things in both genders that have GREAT value to me and I intend to enjoy them all to their maximum potential. My wife lost her battle with lung cancer so I guess I'm not hurting anyone anymore. I am 5'8 in flats, 36-30-35, and a size 8 dress. I do not engage in sex outside of a long-term committed relationship. I

Contact Robin

 Sophie Underhill

Chat Crew

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

I have crossdressed on and off since childhood. Opportunities for me to do this are rare but when I go on business trips or cycling trips I love to make use of the anonymity of the hotel room. I am always looking forward to the next trip! I went out en femme for the first time a earlier this year.

Contact Sophie


Chat Crew

, United States of America

a little on the experienced side of age. I love motorcycles, painted toes, high heels, and skirts. I am a professional in an "old school" technical profession. US Navy Veteran. and happy to share experiences with others

Contact Billie

 Suzanne Martin

Chat Crew

Delaware, United States of America

I am 66 and retired.

Contact Suzanne

 Chloe Moet

Chat Crew

, Australia

I'm a happy go lucky girl who loves to wear her dresses and skirts and match them with some nice high heels and go out . Hoping to meet and chat with like minded people.

Contact Chloe

 Katie D

Chat Crew

, United States of America

Hi ladies. I am a woman who has recently been working on letting my katie side out more and giving myself a chance to be all of me. It's been a journey but I am happy that I am taking steps forward and making it work within the framework of my life.

Contact Katie

 Ellie Mae

Chat Crew

Oregon, United States of America

EA few weeks ago I decided, with the help of my therapist, that I am a trans person. Could be transexual or transgender, not sure it matters. What does matter is that I have felt like a woman for the better part of sixty years and Ellie Mae is finally living the life that dreams are made of. I want to celebrate my femininity with hair, nail color, shaving my body, wearing a bit of makeup even when drab, wearing women's clothing 100% of the time at home, and panties full time. I love going out wi

Contact Ellie

 Natalia Danvers

Chat Crew

, United States of America

Contact Natalia

 Stacy Ann May

Chat Crew

Georgia, United States of America

Hi. I'm Stacy Ann, I'm 49. I'm only now really beginning my transition journey. I've known that I've wanted to be a woman for a long time, but denied it for most of my life. I'm tired of feeling guilty about having these feelings. I don't know if I will ever get to the point where I will have full gender confirmation surgery. At this point I simply hope to reach a place where I can finally accept this part of myself and make some peace with it. Thank you for reading my bio!

Contact Stacy Ann

 Vanessa Friends

Chat Crew

New Hampshire, United States of America

Hello to all, Vanessa here,I have been cross dressing since i was 14 years old. I love being a guy and I love being Vanessa. Been married for 19 years and I told her after a few dates. The last couple of years we have been going away for weekends where I get a full make over and we go out to dinner ,shopping,dancing and more. She has showed me how to blend in. We still have our challenges like others do but we found our balance. i now believe that i an gender fluid. I would love to chat with

Contact Vanessa


 Marianne Ferrara


Avon, United States of America

There are some good things and bad things, boring and funny ones (I hope) basic is: I started transitioning in 2007 and HRT in 2009. The rest is up to you to ask me 🙂

Contact Marianne (Maya)

 Tessa J Meeps


Maine, United States of America

Contact TessaJ


 April (Pacific Princess)

Ambassador - Editor

Senior Editor

, United States of America

I'm not transitioning at the present, but I have been crossdressing since about the age of 7, and took a 30+ year hiatus from dressing while I was busy with family. I started dressing again a little over a year ago, and I finally like who I am, although I'm not quite sure who that is yet. I only dress once a week or so, but I'm a bit of a perfectionist and love going “all out” when I do. I guess I'm kind of a late bloomer (re-bloomer?), and I don't know where this journey is going, but I pl

Contact April

 Ashley Parker

Ambassador - Editor

Alabama, United States of America

Contact Ashley

 Carrie Lynn


, United States of America

I am a male-assigned genderfluid 60 something. I tend to spend about 20% of the year as Carrie and the rest as my boy-mode self. After 60+ years I am finally comfortable in my own skin!

Contact Carrie


Ambassador - Editor

Saskatchewan, Canada

Dropping out of high school I began touring in the Canadian country music scene at age 17; clubs and soft seat venues, drummer/vocalist for 22 years. After 4 suicide attempts and heavy cocaine etc addiction issues, i decided to learn Self-Acceptance as apposed to self-hatred. I became a student of the Universe and an Instructor of Life Skills at a local College while operating a Private Coaching Practice. Currently, I am rebuilding the Life Coaching practice after a couple years of more

Contact Char

 Gina Angelo


, United States of America

Freshly minted CD, but now realize I am better described as a Two Spirit. Finally free to be me and find my inner peace. A professional with two personalities and sexualities

Contact Gina

 Joanna R.

Ambassador - Editor

Avon, United States of America

AKA Triple D or DDJ. Along with the other J’s we are the newest arrivals to the Corps. We each bring a sympathetic and caring ear to the chat room. Joanna R is from South Florida and hopes she can help you to find the confidence to step out into the real world.

Contact Joanna



, Sweden

I am a latent mtf transgender who has been secretly crossdressing since my early teens. Started going out fully en femme in the fall of 2012. Married with three sons. Diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in november 2012.

Contact Marianne

 Alexis "Lexi" Moon


, United States of America

40-something, married crossdresser - just looking to share stories and make like-minded friends. I have been (mostly) closeted, except for a few Halloween adventures, my dressing has been private. I enjoy creating the most feminine image possible - that's where the rush comes from. I can't ever remember a time when I didn't want to dress like a woman, but as a kid I never imagined I'd be this deep into at my age! But, I think it keeps me young. Hell, better cute than bored!

Contact Alexis "Lexi"



, United States of America

I love the thrill of cross dressing and based on the CDH girls' comments in response to my posted photos, I must be pretty good at exploring the feminine side of myself. I find it sexy, sensual, exciting, challenging, and ever changing. I'm so very blessed now to have as much money as I want to spend on Scarlett and can now, for the very first time in fifteen years, actually purchase dresses, tops, and skirts while shopping with my wife! I never thought that would ever come to fruition! I ca

Contact Scarlett398

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