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This page contains links to valuable resources for the crossdressers and transgender women. Including resources about faith, fashion & makeup tips, transgender issues and support. Over time we’ve collected a fair number of resources, please click on each category to explore further.

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Crossdresser Links

Crossdresser Support

Websites that offer support and encouragement for crossdressers and those who love them

Crossdresser Websites and Blogs

Personal websites of crossdressers and others in the transgender community

Crossdressing and Transgender Books

A selection of some of the most helpful books for those who are new to crossdressing, or want to deepen their transgender journey.

Transgender Advocacy

Websites that advocate for transgender rights and share legal perspectives

Faith for Transgender Women

Websites that share a perspective on crossdressing and the transgender experience as it related to religion and faith

Transgender Support

Support and encouragement for transgender and transsexual women and their loved ones

Transgender Friendly Stores

Stores that are friendly towards crossdressers and transgender women.
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