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For the average crossdresser, finding woman’s clothes that fit can be hard. Not only are the sizes different, but most woman’s clothes are too small around the chest, too large around the hips and too small around the waist. That’s not even counting the stress of being a man shopping in the woman’s section at your local mall.

Thankfully many woman’s clothing stores have online offerings with fairly generous return policies, and the size information provided is much more accurate online since it costs the merchant to process returns. Before you purchase anything I recommend taking a quick look at this guide to crossdresser clothing sizes.

Shop For Crossdresser Clothes

There are a number of stores that sell high quality and reasonably priced woman’s clothes in sizes that will fit the average crossdresser. These are some of my favorites:

Amazon: They have a great selection of woman’s apparel, and even offer free return shipping on some items. If you’re still finding your femme clothing size you can’t go wrong ordering a few dresses and skirts with free return shipping.

Macys: The grand old lady offers great looking clothes at reasonable prices – watch out for regular sales. Many readers of Crossdresser Heaven have shared glowing reviews of Macys, and in my experience they’re extremely transgender friendly. I can’t say enough about how much I love their store.

Nordstrom: Upscale fashion for the woman who wants to look her absolute best! Buy something you’ll enjoy for years to come, and be the envy of your girlfriends.

Other Places To Buy Woman’s Clothes

Blair: They sell comfortable clothes in sizes to fit larger woman.

Catherines: Stylish fashion for the larger woman. You’ll find clothes perfect for work or relaxing after work that fit like a dream.

Dillards: Affordable fashion – look good without breaking the bank!

Dress Barn: A stylish selection of dresses and other women’s fashion.

JC Penney: A traditional department store with a wide range of styles to suit any taste.

Lane Bryant: Fashion for the fuller figure

Sears: You can’t go wrong with the inexpensive everyday wear at Sears in a wide range of sizes including plus size.

Torrid: Sexy clothes for the larger woman. Torrid sells trendy styles that will fit the crossdresser well.

More great places to buy woman’s clothes coming soon!

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  1. Profile photo of Chrissy Mills
    Chrissy Mills 3 weeks ago

    I feel really comfortable here. Thank you all.

  2. Profile photo of enola michelle de'pere
    enola michelle de'pere 5 months ago

    Also in regards to shopping for my soft and silkies, I go dressed as a man and sometimes I get surprised or curious.. looks from women who are also browsing in the same section. But I find if I just look up at them and smile a quick and friendly smile, they usually go back to shopping too. only once did I see a woman act as if disgusted and walk away. but I always go to women clerks when checking out and I have never ever gotten strange or weird looks from them. they just ring it up and sometime they give me a nice smile. but if you don’t mind shopping at Walmart, where I like to buy some of my goodies then you can shop at one that’s open 24hrs and you can bet you might be the only shopper in the women’s department at 2-4 am on sat or sun. in fact you just might find another man shopping there too. just smile and nod and continue shopping

  3. Profile photo of enola michelle de'pere
    enola michelle de'pere 5 months ago

    a great place to find pretty dresses and shoes and other girly things go to they have plus size dresses etc. for mostly under $10.00. I love all their hip and fun fashions and the shoes OMG! I love all their sexy heels and flats. they even have cross body bags and purses, and home décor… Wigs too.

  4. Profile photo of
    becca 8 months ago

    I know I have on occasion seen charts that translate to a man’s sizes. If I sought to buy a mini skirt, I am mainly concerned about the waist size. Is there a hard and fast rule about the size of the skirt I’d need if I have a 40″ man’s waist?

  5. Profile photo of
    becca 8 months ago

    Do any of you go dressed to buy feminine attire as a man? If so, do you ever get strange looks from female clerks? Are there stores that might be kinder, and more attentive to a man buying feminine apparel?

  6. Profile photo of Darlene Davinport
    Darlene Davinport 9 months ago

    No matter how supportive the sales people are, if do not pass as a women the I feel like somehow I have failed.

  7. Lisa 1 year ago

    Most Catherines accomdate Trasgender. I have purchased pretty dresses from store and online. They one measured bra size for me

  8. Jamie 1 year ago

    I love to shop for womens clothing at stores the helpers can be so nice to make sure that I look good.I love to be the woman I want to be.

    • Profile photo of Danilynn
      Danilynn 8 months ago

      I agree I have met a great friend now who was an associate at JC Penney.she was very helpful and kind with pointers to be more feminine

  9. JENNIFER 2 years ago

    I wish this site had MORE ARTICLES/INFORMATION about Ladies Lingerie, because that’s what I ALWAYS LOVE TO WEAR. Can anyone ‘there’ help me with this request.

  10. sexy debbie 2 years ago

    i love dressing sexy in mini skirts , sexy tops , bra and panties , thigh high stocking with 4 inch high heels . i have long hair ,wear full makeup , polish my toes and finger nails . my ears are peirced too . i would love too get all dressed up sexy and go out with the girls and pick up guys too take us home for a good time .

    • Profile photo of Dana
      Dana 1 year ago

      Hi sexy Debbie

      I loved reading about your outfits.


    • Profile photo of Ashley
      Ashley 6 months ago

      Hi Debbie, we sound like twins! I wear very similar outfits, love cute mini skirts paired with cute top, thigh-high stockings, sky-high heels, and pretty bra and panty underneath. Love wearing full makeup and long-haired wigs, with jewelry and painted long nails too. Will send you an PM to talk about getting dressed sexy and finding cute guys to take home. 🙂

  11. Profile photo of Joann
    Joann 2 years ago

    The stores are not as important as the sales people

  12. Profile photo of
    Danyelle Recneps 2 years ago

    I really love Torrid. In my experience they are very TG friendly. I’ve shopped there many times and they’ll even set up a dressing room for you. I’ve even modeled some clothes I tried on for them at their request. Another store I’ve been finding is good is Forever 21. They aren’t as friendly but they have some really great clothes and will let you try them on and they have a decent sized plus sized section with clothes that don’t look too bad.

  13. Profile photo of Karyn Lobelia
    Karyn Lobelia 2 years ago

    My wife buys most if my clothes , we love to shop but I like to buy clothes out of catalogs because I gives me an idea of how it will look on me and how to put total outfits together . My wife first had me wearing Talbots for social events and at work . She usually bought me J jill for home or Yoga . She always gets my approval before she orders , because she wants me to like the clothes and be excited about trying them on when they come . I now wear a lot of Ann Taylor and shop there with my wife . I still look at the clothes in the catalogs to see what shoes to get , bags that with the outfit and especially the accessories that go together . I love ear rings and a few brackets . I often kid my wife that she wants me to wear so many necklaces , bracelets .,rings , etc that she must feel she is decorating a Christmas tree . What I really love wearing is Paris , it is a perfume that smells like roses . At second hand stores and online we often get Chanel outfits . From e-bay you can often get designer clothes as great prices . The most fun , is seeing an outfit in Vogue or somewhere and actually having it made for you . My wife had a beautiful Ivory silk Grecian Gown in layers with Gold lace for trim for Christmas . I loved wearing it to fancy Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties . I may sound like a glamour girl and love to look,gorgeous . But , around the house and just often bing myself , my wife laugh and nails me when she says Karyn you are really just a TomBoy that enjoys playing dress up like a little girl !

  14. Profile photo of Ronda Francine
    Ronda Francine 2 years ago

    I do a lot of my shopping at JCPenney’s a specially there clearance area, they also have a good selection of Women’s or plus sizes. I’m a older lady, and they seem to cater more to the older lady.

  15. Kristine 2 years ago

    For the most part I have no issues with fits with anything it’s just arm length that’s the issue . Also another fantastic place to shop on line is called Venus omg I love it and so does my wife

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