Crossdressing Essentials

Stepping Out Secrets

Stepping Out Secrets

Stepping Out Secrets

How to Transform Yourself into the Sexy, Confident Woman You’ve Always Wanted to Be – Regardless of Your Current Age, Appearance, or Situation. Become the Woman you are inside.

Makeup Magic Program

Makeup Magic Program

Makeup Magic Program

Discover How to Transform Your Appearance in the Next 2 Weeks with Makeup Magic: The Ultimate Male to Female Makeup Program. Perfect your makeup today!

Breast Form Store

Transgender Voice Feminization

Transgender Voice Feminization

Transgender Voice Feminization

Ladies! Would you like to achieve a passable feminine voice in 30 days? This unique course is developed by Kathe Perez, a Certified Speech Language Pathologist and Voice Feminization Specialist. In just 30 days you will achieve the feminine voice you want. Get your passable feminine voice!

Unleash your inner woman feminization hypnosis

Unleash your inner woman feminization hypnosis

Unleash Your Inner Woman

Femininity starts inside your mind. With society constantly telling you to act like a man you need a chance to let your inner woman dance free. Discover how feminization hypnosis can help you become the woman you’ve always wanted to be.


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  1. Jules Atlast 2 months ago

    Do any of you girls know where I can buy artificial nails that are easy to apply and REMOVE ? Hugs, Jules…..

  2. Julia Morton 5 months ago

    I find the more expensive brands such as Trotters, Cobb Hill and Clark’s are better fitting and of good quality. Check Amazon and

  3. Kathryn Black 5 months ago

    Thankyou all for this space for Kathryn she,I, need to have a place to go and be me. Any questions will be answered. Love to all

  4. Samantha Bowser 10 months ago

    I could remember my mom dressing me up as a girl and I was in heaven, the best part is that their attire wasn’t just sexy or cute but it was so comfortable, in my opinion I think that’s the best part of dressing up. No one talks about how comfortable it is why is that?

    • Kourtney Welch 9 months ago

      Same here !
      The very first time was Halloween of course ! Best one ever , I spent all day dress in a white chiffon dress with ruffles around the hem & white tights with Mary- Jane saddle shoes , with a cute little white purse ! Never looked back ! I’m dress femme almost everyday !!!!

    • Kelly Magic 8 months ago

      I took a friends two piece swimming outfit and put it on when I was about 10; it felt so nice and yes very comfortable, I wish I have that outfit today; I love to wear feminine clothing it makes me feel good and alive;

  5. Dougie Jussila 1 year ago

    Hi I am guy who crossdresser before when I was 12years . And put on mom panties and bra slip and dress and pantyhose high heels and some makeup and a

  6. Dougie Jussila 1 year ago

    Hi I am guy who crossdresser before when I was 12years .

  7. trisha servant 1 year ago

    hello and good evening this crossdressing gurl has many articules of clothing, nylons two short wigs, many pairs of panties, home made bras and the pains taking care of adjacent paper breasts. nonetheless, although she has many types of make up and has watching many different styles of applying them she still hasnt found the correct one. of which i suspect would specify how to search/look for the ones to be adhered to my feminine facial features. so i have never had a complete style of make up essentials applied and have never felt like the woman i’ve felt was there, just hidden.

  8. Kiki Katti 1 year ago

    My biggest problem is wigs. Trying to purchase the right ones color, size, and style. Where is a good place to do this? Then my make up I need to do more you tube videos.

  9. Frances walker 1 year ago

    Hi the weather has been nice.

  10. Megan Wishmore 1 year ago

    How do I find the sizes I need in womans clothes? Could someome please help me.

    • Keeley Guise 1 year ago

      Well I looked at amazon sizing chats, e.g. a 30 inch waist is a size 8-10. Hope that helps.

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