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Stepping Out Secrets

Stepping Out Secrets

Stepping Out Secrets

How to Transform Yourself into the Sexy, Confident Woman You’ve Always Wanted to Be – Regardless of Your Current Age, Appearance, or Situation. Become the Woman you are inside.

Makeup Magic Program

Makeup Magic Program

Makeup Magic Program

Discover How to Transform Your Appearance in the Next 2 Weeks with Makeup Magic: The Ultimate Male to Female Makeup Program. Perfect your makeup today!

Suddenly Fem - Clothes for Crossdressers

Suddenly Fem – Clothes for Crossdressers

Suddenly Fem

Women’s fashions made specifically to fit men. If your shoulders are a little larger, arms longer or feet wider Suddenly Fem has you covered. Fashionable styles that fit perfectly. Upgrade your wardrobe and look as good as you feel.

Transgender Voice Feminization

Transgender Voice Feminization

Transgender Voice Feminization

Ladies! Would you like to achieve a passable feminine voice in 30 days? This unique course is developed by Kathe Perez, a Certified Speech Language Pathologist and Voice Feminization Specialist. In just 30 days you will achieve the feminine voice you want. Get your passable feminine voice!

Unleash your inner woman feminization hypnosis

Unleash your inner woman feminization hypnosis

Unleash Your Inner Woman

Femininity starts inside your mind. With society constantly telling you to act like a man you need a chance to let your inner woman dance free. Discover how feminization hypnosis can help you become the woman you’ve always wanted to be.


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Dedicated to creating a safe, supportive and welcoming environment for everyone in the transgender community.
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  1. Profile photo of Zoe Kourtinatou
    Zoe Kourtinatou 1 week ago

    Wonderbra strapless push up bra?

    Hi ladies! Can anyone tell their experience with the Wonderbra strapless push up bra? I was thinking about getting one but wanted to ask around before I spend the money on it.

    Thanks so much!



  2. Profile photo of Lexxxi Lendol
    Lexxxi Lendol 1 month ago

    Hi everyone im new here and my name is lexxxi

  3. Profile photo of Tahlyia Cuvier
    Tahlyia Cuvier 3 months ago

    I do believe the lady’s here wil help me achieve my full transformation.I love the everything about Crossdresser Heaven. Thank You:

  4. Janine 4 months ago

    Wearing a short skirt with suntan thigh high stockings and heels and knowing that I look as feminine as I can are the things that I feel are essential for me
    I’ve learned to walk and move as a female and have never been thought as anything other than a woman
    Thank you for your tips on where to shop for female attire
    I’ve shopped at many of the places that you suggested and found that I’m accepted by the staff

  5. Tim 5 months ago

    My older female cousin would have me watch her children so she could party and hunt some sex. I did not know just how deep it was becoming for me. At first she would leave really sexy nighties and undies laying all over her house. So I would pick them up and put away for her. Now Debbie and barb wereok looking but I had no idea they had plans to turn me into a dress up doll. It was Saturday night got called to babysit and when I got there the kids were
    already in bed. Debie and barb left right eeafter I got there and the sexy undies were everywhere. I started picking them up and found nude pictures of debie,barb and rereesa k all over. Well me being just 17 was hard as a rock and couriose put on the panties,hose,bra and skirt. Kept getting harder and looking at the pictures and they had nice bodies, so I got the lotiain and proceded to go to town on myselfg. Those picturesus womenswomes ,lotin had me in masturmasturbationbatioid not hear them come in untill they were all 3 standing in the living room and me pounding away. I stopped and tried to cover myself to which they all 3 said please stand let us look at u put our hands all over you. I was imbarrioused well the 3 of them proceeded to tie me up and finished me off that was the start of the 3 of dressing me I became their toy worked them over to impressive organisims they also dressed really pretty for a male friend of Thiers whom I got good at being his whore now this still goes on today and I love every minute of it.

  6. Crossdress Boutique 6 months ago

    I have followed your site for several years and just wanted to say thank you for the great articles and advice you give to us transgender women on your site. I also run a crossdresser clothing shop and have asked in the past for a link in your shopping resources pages, maybe you would help us out, plz 😉

  7. Tina 8 months ago

    Hello, my name is Tina. I started dressing up when I was 11 years old. No one was home and I was bored so I decided to go into my mom’s room and look in her underwear drawer. Her silk panties felt nice in my hands and I decided to put them on. The silk felt wonderful against my skin. Feeling a little adventurous I took a bra ,girdle, and a pair of her stockings and put those on. I was in heaven. Since mom was a larger girl everything fit. I was on my way.

    • Profile photo of Ashley
      Ashley 6 months ago

      I know what you mean, Tina. Many of us started out with going into our Mom’s or sister’s lingerie drawers and pulling out a pretty silk or lacy panty. I did the same thing at about 10 years old when no one was home… it felt so right and dreamy when I slipped my legs into that silk, lace-adorned panty that I felt it was perfect for me. I went further and pulled out a matching pink satin and lace bra, pulled my arms through the straps and fastened it, and then found some silky thigh-highs with lace tops to slip into. I then went into my Mom’s closet and pulled out a cute pair of high heels, and found a smaller dress that would fit me. When I zipped into it and put on the shoes, I was totally in heaven!

      From then on, I decided it was time to be who I was… a girly girl. I was a little afraid of what would happen, but that I was brave enough to tell my mom that I tried on her panties and bras, stockings, heels, and a dress. I told her I really liked it and she asked if I wanted to have my own. I delightfully agreed and she bought me plenty of pretty, girly panties for the weekdays during school, and then bought me bras, stockings, heels, makeup, jewelry, and perfume, which I was allowed to wear on the weekend. After high school, I lived my life totally as a girl, and still do till this day 19 years later.

  8. Profile photo of romi chambers
    romi chambers 8 months ago

    I read as well the comments and the great tales of experience are great !

  9. Profile photo of Dot (Donna B)
    Dot (Donna B) 1 year ago

    Thanks for the information. I found these articles extremely useful.


  10. Profile photo of
    Ann 1 year ago

    feeling girly here

  11. Profile photo of Andrea Haille Rayne
    Andrea Haille Rayne 1 year ago

    I am just starting my journey as a coming out crossdresser and would like to receive tips from all. You may have read my answer to what do I sleep in. Again I slept in a pink babydoll nightgown and pink lacy thong to bed on April 12,2016. And I will continue to wear women sleepwear

  12. Profile photo of Misse
    Misse 1 year ago

    I could use a Good Long Blonde Hair Wigan. Any suggestions???

  13. Shazi 1 year ago

    Hello !
    I am Shazi I want to crossdress but I don’t know how to start ?
    I am from India.
    Please help me.
    Thank you.

  14. Profile photo of RavenTG
    RavenTG 2 years ago

    Jan 18th was my birthday n I’m now 55-yrs old. I still am dedicated to finding my life partner n finalizing my trans journey to the ultimate trans goal: living 24/7 as a PASSABLE Woman!

  15. Profile photo of
    Arti mehra 2 years ago

    I am new

  16. Profile photo of stacey
    stacey 2 years ago

    i wish new

  17. Profile photo of
    Steve Gardner 2 years ago

    I try to read every day

  18. Profile photo of Joann
    Joann 2 years ago

    Hi does any one read this stuf I do not know how this works

    • Profile photo of stacey  s
      stacey s 1 year ago


      I read alot of the articles here on CDH. I, find them interesting and good for information
      and the cheers and cries also. Each one of us is different however we are all Sisters.
      Keep the faith.
      Stacey S

      • Profile photo of Dot (Donna B)
        Dot (Donna B) 1 year ago

        Great reply.

        Just one of your many sisters,

      • Profile photo of Danilynn
        Danilynn 8 months ago

        I read it and grow from the information and lots of my own experimenting.40 yrs. CD I have a loving sister that liked me dressing up and we did often still do on a occasion

    • Profile photo of Michelle michaels
      Michelle michaels 1 year ago

      Yes . Hi welcome and blessings.

    • Profile photo of LeighAnne Davis
      LeighAnne Davis 8 months ago

      I read it…

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