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There’s nothing that says feminine bombshell more than a sexy pair of high heels. Whether your preference is 4″ stiletto’s or a more modest 2″ wedge heel you face a challenge shared by many crossdressers – finding shoes that fit well.

Finding the Right Size Woman’s Shoes

Woman’s shoes are smaller and narrower than men’s shoes. When buying woman’s shoes you should start with at least one size larger than the men’s dress shoe you wear, and one width wider. While you’re probably familiar with sizes, width’s can be a bit trickier. Widths are measured by letters (A, B, C, D and E), where A is narrower, and E is wider. 2A or 4A or even narrower, and 2E and 4E even wider. Some websites substitute N (narrow, roughly equivalent to A), W (wide, roughly a C/D), and WW (very wide, roughly E or 2E).

Some examples:

  • A men’s size 10 would be a woman’s 11W or 12W
  • A men’s size 10W would be a woman’s 11WW or 12WW

Where to Find Large Woman’s Shoes

Now that you know your woman’s shoe size, you’ll discover that not many stores stock your size, often topping out at a size 10M, or if you’re lucky a size 11W. Many crossdressers need shoes a few sizes larger. Thankfully there are now many stores stocking larger shoes, often in sizes up to 15 or 16. I’ve listed a few of my favorite stores below. All of them stock larger shoe sizes.

Shop For Crossdresser High Heels

The Internet is vast, if you start with the three stores below I can almost guarantee that you’ll find a fabulous pair of large woman’s shoes that fits you perfectly.

Zappos: Great selection of large woman’s shoes, and offers free shipping both ways. The safest way to find your woman’s shoe size is to order a few shoes from Zappos and return the one’s that don’t fit. I have had wonderful customer service from Zappos, they have my strongest recommendation.

Pierre Silber – Sexy High Heels In Larger Sizes: The name says it all. A great place to buy sexy high heels in sizes up to size 16.

Designer Shoe Warehouse: High quality at a great price – you can’t go wrong with DSW.

Nordstrom: Wear the latest fashions. Nordstrom often has larger sizes up to 13W.

Other Places to Find Large Woman’s Shoes

Payless Shoe Source: Payless has a surprisingly robust selection of large woman’s shoes in sizes up to 13. If you’re on a budget these can be a great alternative to the pricier stores. Be sure to shop online, I’ve found that in store the selection of larger sizes tends to be lacking.

Shiekh Shoes: Woman’s shoes in sizes up to 15.

Aldo Shoes: Lots of cute high heels, but their selection starts to thin for size 11 and 12.

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Talhia Swey

Dawn, you wear a size 8? Nice, may I ask? How tall are You?
Im jealous, I am 5’7″ wear 9 or 10 depending on style, keep it sexy, thanks!

Jess Graham

I’m also lucky to have small feet. I have always worn a size 6 in men and 5 in the United Kingdom …. finding shoes was really difficult at times. However, I can wear heels in a size 7.5 … or even once I get a 6.5 in open-toe sandals …

Talhia Swey

WOW,I guess that it will be fair to say that sizes differ between US & UK
meaning; a size 8 in USA is a 6 in the UK, kuddos!

Jess Graham

yes, really my 7.5 us in women’s sizes would be like a size 5.5 uk

tammy Marie
tammy Marie

Sheik is a great one for heels and sandals.Great prices and quality.Watch for the sales,my first ones I bought were $9.00 pair.Very pretty 4 in suade stilettos.

Jess Graham

I’m also lucky to have small feet. I have always worn a size 6 in men and 5 in the United Kingdom …. finding shoes was really difficult at times. However, I can wear heels in a size 7.5 … or even once I get a 6.5 in open-toe sandals …

Mandy Ropes
Mandy Ropes

I love the 5 and 6,, pumps…

zeezee Smith

I am lucky in a way. I wear a 9B in women’s shoes so I always have a selection to choose from. I have a problem with men’s shoes. I can’t find a shoe that really fits well unless I custom order them.

kaith love

poy tha brw 47 noumero gobes,

Carla Caramel

Hi heels alone can make you feel instantly feminine,

Falecia McGuire

Like many of you, I have high heels for every occasion. One might say that w/o high heels modern crossdressing might not have flourished. When I was just a kid admiring women’s shoes, I never imagined that I could wear them so well. When I see women or men struggling with HHs, I am always surprised or see it as characature. But, perhaps my prowess is simply inate. In my family, only my stepdaughter is more committed to high heeled fashion. She chides her mom for not wearing them and, of course, does not even imagine that I do!


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