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There’s nothing that says feminine bombshell more than a sexy pair of high heels. Whether your preference is 4″ stiletto’s or a more modest 2″ wedge heel you face a challenge shared by many crossdressers – finding shoes that fit well.

Finding the Right Size Woman’s Shoes

Woman’s shoes are smaller and narrower than men’s shoes. When buying woman’s shoes you should start with at least one size larger than the men’s dress shoe you wear, and one width wider. While you’re probably familiar with sizes, width’s can be a bit trickier. Widths are measured by letters (A, B, C, D and E), where A is narrower, and E is wider. 2A or 4A or even narrower, and 2E and 4E even wider. Some websites substitute N (narrow, roughly equivalent to A), W (wide, roughly a C/D), and WW (very wide, roughly E or 2E).

Some examples:

  • A men’s size 10 would be a woman’s 11W or 12W
  • A men’s size 10W would be a woman’s 11WW or 12WW

Where to Find Large Woman’s Shoes

Now that you know your woman’s shoe size, you’ll discover that not many stores stock your size, often topping out at a size 10M, or if you’re lucky a size 11W. Many crossdressers need shoes a few sizes larger. Thankfully there are now many stores stocking larger shoes, often in sizes up to 15 or 16. I’ve listed a few of my favorite stores below. All of them stock larger shoe sizes.

Shop For Crossdresser High Heels

The Internet is vast, if you start with the three stores below I can almost guarantee that you’ll find a fabulous pair of large woman’s shoes that fits you perfectly.

Zappos: Great selection of large woman’s shoes, and offers free shipping both ways. The safest way to find your woman’s shoe size is to order a few shoes from Zappos and return the one’s that don’t fit. I have had wonderful customer service from Zappos, they have my strongest recommendation.

Pierre Silber – Sexy High Heels In Larger Sizes: The name says it all. A great place to buy sexy high heels in sizes up to size 16.

Designer Shoe Warehouse: High quality at a great price – you can’t go wrong with DSW.

Nordstrom: Wear the latest fashions. Nordstrom often has larger sizes up to 13W.

Other Places to Find Large Woman’s Shoes

Payless Shoe Source: Payless has a surprisingly robust selection of large woman’s shoes in sizes up to 13. If you’re on a budget these can be a great alternative to the pricier stores. Be sure to shop online, I’ve found that in store the selection of larger sizes tends to be lacking.

Shiekh Shoes: Woman’s shoes in sizes up to 15.

Aldo Shoes: Lots of cute high heels, but their selection starts to thin for size 11 and 12.

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  1. Janej Laberon 1 month ago

    Heels are looks more attractive then other flat shoes. Heels make women walk more attractive. Heels make our walk more attractive.

  2. MLawanna 6 months ago

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    Even 10 bucks per survey (ten minutes of work).
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  3. Yandy Teddy 7 months ago

    Im afraid that if I bought a pair of shoes, it would be like when I bought my first pair of panties, no stopping after that!

  4. Natsuko Langlois 8 months ago

    Does anyone have a tips on walking in high heels?

  5. Michelle Michael magaw 9 months ago

    I need help to grow my breast I also need to take hormones to turn fem

  6. Veronica Raines 11 months ago

    Now that I know where to shop for shoes, how do I find out, what color, to wear, with my dresses, or whatever, I’m wearing?

    Veronica Raines

  7. Jen Jennings 12 months ago

    Size wise, the general rule is to add 2 sizes. In some instances, a 1.5 size difference works. Find true WW sizes, especially in larger sizes, is especially difficult …if…U do not want to get into the expensive category. Once in awhile, eBay might have a few listing in new, quality WW widths. Still, even if 1 selection is available, using the right search term is critical. Even with lingerie, simply using search term “satin teddy” did not identify the best – and incredible bargain lingerie available. I am not endorsing any sites; nor the KEY SEARCH terms, that I eventually found indirectly. Jen

  8. Cassie Humes 1 year ago

    Thank u. Been looking for a place to get my heels and be wright size

  9. habib 1 year ago

    i am men and my size is 8UK and would like to buy high heel shoes for myself ( male crossdressors ). Please can you send some very comfortable and sexy high heel option and prices.

  10. tina 1 year ago

    I love womens high heeled boots when I go into these shoe shops and I see women trying on these boots it excits me as I would like to try a pair on to but im embarrassed to do that maybe I should say im a cross dresser what can I do about this.

  11. Johnnie 1 year ago

    I am fascinated with garter belts and thigh high hosiery. Pantyhose are sexy too as well as practical but garter belts & stockings are classic, retro, and very femme. My favorite style are the heavy duty garter belts or corsets with attached garters from the 1950’s. with Cuban style seamed stockings​. This style of lingerie is perfect to wear under your knee length pencil style dresses with black Mary Jane style heels for a retro 1950’s fashion statement. Watch an episode of Perry Mason or Mad men or watch a film noir movie from the 50’s to see the style that most attractive woman wore. Awesome time period for fashions

  12. Johnnie 1 year ago

    I usually wear control top pantyhose because of the the support and figure enhancement​ even though I do have a nice figure. I simply like to feel the firm compression. My favorite brand is Berkshire. I usually select sheer nude or beige.

  13. tina 1 year ago

    I love dressing up in women’s clothes makes me feel very sexy I really love wearing womens high heeled boots I feel very sexy when I wear them and wigs and make up I also love wearing silky pantyhose they feel great.

    • Johnnie 1 year ago

      I use Amazon Prime too. What I like about Prime is free two days shipping and no questions ask refunds which is so important when buying clothes and shoes . But the negative side of Prime is limited selections. For example I find a pair of heels exactly the style and size 10d. and it’s marked Prime so I click on the product to open and read the details, make my selection and purchase. But the Prime is limited to certain sizes and of course as usual the shoe size that I need is not marked as Prime.

    • Zara Starinova 1 year ago

      Hi there this is Zarina ,and I wear heels most of the time w my outfits,the taller the better

      • Chris gurlygirl 1 month ago

        Oh my God, me too. Something just amazing about what I like to call Slut heels. I spent a lot of time playing Hockey and I guess walking the hallway or in the locker room on skates got me ready to walk in really tall heels without breaking my neck.

  14. Philippa Robert 1 year ago

    Hello Everybody,

    I have found a fantastic, well established ladies shoe store in Parramatta, a suburb of Sydney – Australia. They are called Long Line Shoes and mainly cater for women who wear larger sizes but they are also very receptive to people like us.

    I went in there for the first time (more nervous than you could believe) and, after waiting outside for the customer to leave I entered and told the Sales Attendant that I wanted a pair of high heels! After getting that out (surprised myself) she asked me what size?? “Oh, I don’t know – they are for me” no problems, she sat me down and measured. Because I had socks on she produces some short stockings, takes my measurement and I walk out an absolutely joyful lady. After that I was wore stockings or panty hose to make it easy. They are wonderful, their shop is secluded and their prices are not inflated. I recommend Long Line Shoes, Sydney to any girl in the area and even if it’s you first go it’s not a problem. Just do it!


    • Daryl P 1 year ago

      Hi Phillipa thanks for that , I’m an nz er but been over lots. shoe buying in stores has always been awkward for me

  15. Marissa 1 year ago

    My size is a mens 10.5 US, I fit size 42 UK or Size 12 US womens sizes. My instep is large and medium to wide feet.
    Here are some examples:
    Stuart Weitzman OTK 5050 Nappa Boot SIze 12, a half inch too large
    Tieks Flats Size 13, a half size too large, rubs above toes
    Tory Burch Flats, just right
    Jessica Simpson Claudette D’Orsay Pump Size 12, TTS
    Chloe Lauren Snakeskin Size 42, pinky toe hurts after 30 min of wear, need to widen
    Repetto Cendrillion Patent Size 42, does not fit period
    I like designer apparel and footwear because price is just a number. I do not mind gently used.

    Nordstrom has extend sizing, Nordstrom Rack has size 12 & 13, I have seen some 13’s that could be 14s

  16. Kim Cummings 1 year ago


  17. If you are a size 12 or larger, have some patience, and like to scour the internet, then I would suggest Amazon. Once you are in the category of women/shoes, type in size 12, 13, or whatever. Your probably going to get over a 1000 hits. I usually do a sort by price (low to high) and open in another window the ones that I’m interested in. Many times they still aren’t any available in my size. Many times, I’ve found some great deals…shoes retailing for over $80 for less than $20. You might have to go with an odd color or style, but it’s a great way to try out some styles.

    I’ve also used eBay, but with a Prime membership on Amazon, I can usually get new for the price of someone else’s used. Occasionally, I nab a really good deal there as well. I wear a size 12-13 and need a more narrow shoe. Most of the shoes from Payless that I’ve bought have gone away. I don’t worry about either place sending me shoes that announce “I’m a crossdresser”. Amazon comes in their box, and most sellers on ebay recognize the need to be private.

    • Johnnie 1 year ago

      I use Amazon Prime too. What I like about Prime is free two days shipping and no questions ask refunds which is so important when buying clothes and shoes . But the negative side of Prime is limited selections. For example I find a pair of heels exactly the style and size 10d. and it’s marked Prime so I click on the product to open and read the details, make my selection and purchase. But the Prime is limited to certain sizes and of course as usual the shoe size that I need is not marked as Prime.

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