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The stores below offer great variety, whether you’re looking for everyday cotton panties, lacy bras or silk slips you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Highly Recommended – Bare Necessities: Bras, panties, slips and camis in a variety of styles – from everyday to seductive goddess. Great prices and wide range of sizes.

Hanes: Comfortable bras and panties in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colors.

Fredericks of Hollywood: Sexy bras, teddies and lacy nightgowns. Drive your woman (or man) wild in bed!
Highly Recommended – Her Room: High quality lingerie at affordable prices. Great selection of styles and sizes, including plus size lingerie.

Just My Size: Specializes in plus size lingerie that is comfortable and flattering for the larger woman.

Silkies: A selection of everyday bras, panties and comfortable camis.

Victoria’s Secret: I’m sure you’ve heard of them – buy online to avoid the teenage girls at the mall

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  1. Autumn Vanous 6 days ago

    How do you know your panties size?

  2. Genevieve Michelle 1 week ago

    In Australia I buy my lingerie at Target and K-Mart,occasionally at DJ’s. Here in the Uk it’s Victoria’s Secret, Primark and H & M. Easy to do and friendly.
    Be nice to have some company but I just love shopping.

  3. I love my lingerie and frequently I put on my makeup open the blinds and just be sexy in nighties and frills I like the looks from passerby who just see a pretty woman it validates my desire to be a pretty woman and thrills me when men slow down for a better look or circle the block and gawk at me !

  4. Cindy DAWN 1 month ago

    I haven’t come out to nobody very scared and nervous something I want to do have wanted to do for a very long time and now that I’m single it’s my goal in life now to live as a woman but I got on it training to do as far as makeup in walking and even finding my clothes I go to Goodwill and pick my clothes up and I did I buy my panties and bras at Walmart

    • I dressed and shopped at wal-mart my first public outing {no pun intended}most did not notice and some {men mostly } really took the time to check me out,I am one tall sexy woman! I lost my fear within minutes of entering and made my visit after 10 pm busy but not crowded I have since visited all my regular places for gas,groceries and whatnot I am proud to be pretty and dont care what people think . One big surprise was friends an family all accepted me when I told them :although I kind of cheated and told them I was in an amature drag show {no lie I really am} My very first full dress public outing was to attend a drag show where I would be just like every one else {mostly} incredible confidence builder you should try it!

  5. Squeak Bambi 1 month ago

    I scored big time at a flea market today. A vendor was displaying three very full, square dance type petticoats. I asked about the yellow one. He was very nice and got it down for me to look at. I bought it for fifteen dollars! Later, I went back to ask about the other two. I got them both for another twenty dollars. Wow!!

    BTW, I was wearing a short knit dress with all the necessary underpinning. Since I have kept my neatly trimmed beard, I got a few stares. But, in general, I am accepted. If girls can wear jeans, why can’t a guy wear a dress?

  6. Lisa James 2 months ago

    I just get crazy in lingerie!

  7. I get most of my lingerie on ebay from china it takes a couple weeks to get here but it always fits, looks great, and I can get 5 or six nice nighties and a couplle bra and pantie sets and a bunch of panties for the price of one teddy set from victorias secret check it out1

  8. Tammie Swenson 2 months ago

    Another fine source for bras ,panties leggings pjs etc ie SOMA INTIMATES

    MY BREAST FORMS ARE from the Breast Forms store online

  9. Randy Moritz 3 months ago

    Im new and coming out. My gf has tossed out all my boxers and I only wear panties now. So much to look forward to.

  10. Patricia Anne 3 months ago

    I found amazing panties at Katie & Laura’s Fancy Panty site. All satin and in many colors and styles, and fit perfectly. In fact, I only wear K&L panties now because no others compare!

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