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The stores below offer great variety, whether you’re looking for everyday cotton panties, lacy bras or silk slips you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Highly Recommended – Bare Necessities: Bras, panties, slips and camis in a variety of styles – from everyday to seductive goddess. Great prices and wide range of sizes.

Hanes: Comfortable bras and panties in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colors.

Fredericks of Hollywood: Sexy bras, teddies and lacy nightgowns. Drive your woman (or man) wild in bed!
Highly Recommended – Her Room: High quality lingerie at affordable prices. Great selection of styles and sizes, including plus size lingerie.

Just My Size: Specializes in plus size lingerie that is comfortable and flattering for the larger woman.

Silkies: A selection of everyday bras, panties and comfortable camis.

Victoria’s Secret: I’m sure you’ve heard of them – buy online to avoid the teenage girls at the mall

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  1. Profile photo of Paige Turner
    Paige Turner 4 days ago

    The places page is fueled by the Users. If you find a place, please submit it for approval. It’s not intentionally American, only. We need your feedback, please.

  2. Michael Fletcher 5 days ago

    Have found this site disappointing as it’s all catered for the USA when I checked clubs & bars it only shows places in USA & nothing for UK??

    • Profile photo of Paige Turner
      Paige Turner 4 days ago

      The places page is fueled by the Users. If you find a place, please submit it for approval. It’s not intentionally American, only. We need your feedback, please.

  3. Profile photo of Katie Leggs
    Katie Leggs 2 weeks ago

    Hope to find a local “friend” who enjoys the same…and wants to explore our mutual hidden passion.

    • Profile photo of Paige Turner
      Paige Turner 4 days ago

      Katie, this is not a hookup site. Please take that elsewhere. It can get you banned here.

    • RUBYDE 3 days ago

      yes lets rock

      • RUBYDE 3 days ago

        i been afaid to long ill go up to any counter and buy my fem stuff khols sears target..all have inexpensive lingerie…i love girdles.myself good luck 2 all

  4. Profile photo of Lois Lane
    Lois Lane 4 weeks ago

    Where do you guys get your high heels size 12 and 13 for a crossdresser for a guy

  5. Profile photo of
    Kim Cummings 2 months ago

    Lingerie is so very expensive. The only kind of lingerie one will ever be truly appreciatIve of is the best. We are looking for the most sensuously beautiful and pretty attire. The fact is that the quality of your lingerie and the price is very much related. I have found that the most beautiful and pretty thing’s such as hosiery, and silk kimonos are not cheap. Cashmere, the beautiful and pretty fabric we so much love to have is priced at least +275.00 per item. Tailored feminine attire is a good idea. It will take a few months to get a seamstress to accommodate your request.

  6. Profile photo of Sarah Daniels
    Sarah Daniels 3 months ago

    I love the feeling of new lingerie. The excitement when you get it home from the shop and try to hold off even opening the package until you have showered and shaved. Then you slide the pack open and finally get to actually appreciate the material and lace feeling.

    For me my dressing is about the feelings or sensations. I love the feeling of the cool silky stockings sliding on smooth legs. To then clip the suspenders onto the top of the stockings. Sliding the briefs on over the stockings and feeling the snug and smooth silky material. Then clipping on a matching bra, before sliding on a full slip and then a snug fitting dress and finally a pair of heels.

    Love that feeling. Oh and I love the red matching set in the picture, but alas Im sure the front of the briefs wont be quite as comfortable as Id like.

  7. Profile photo of
    Kim Cummings 3 months ago

    I’m such a little bit of a bitch in my attire! I love the way they look and feel on my shaven legs. I like to be a good little Bitch for myself and my significant other.

  8. Profile photo of
    Kim Cummings 3 months ago


  9. Profile photo of
    Kim Cummings 3 months ago

    It can be a bit iffy. The internet is so well suited to purchase these items. Going into Victorias Secret is chancy if someone recognizes you. I was in a Lane Bryant for 5 minutes and while in my car a police woman asked what I was doing in their. I told her I was in the store for 5 minutes and she saw my police badge and left me alone.

  10. Profile photo of
    Kim Cummings 3 months ago

    Lingerie HAS TO BE THE most intimate apparel and often the most expensive. Online one can find real silk kimonos and various other sexy pretty lingerie and European pantyhose. The European countries aren’t cheap and the bank won’t let the transactions go through without prior notice.

  11. Profile photo of
    Kim Cummings 3 months ago

    No problem with the sizes. I am very tall and large. 6′-7″ tall and 235 Lbs. Of course one must look around. I have found that the thrift stores are full of over sized items.

  12. Profile photo of
    Kim Cummings 3 months ago

    I started with my mother’s pantyhose and panties. Naughty me. I have a nice little fetish for pantyhose and high heels. Fetishes are very important. I have worn my own pantyhose and high heels for years. I enjoy the look and feel of silk and satiny lingerie.

  13. Chrissy5462 3 months ago

    When it comes to buying lingerie it’s become so much easier as the internet was at our fingertips per say. In the beginning we had to actually go into the store the majority of us solo not having a female decoy suggestion if you use a decoy she should be your size or you can pretend that she’s your girlfriend’s sister or friend who’s helping you buy a anniversary gift , birthday gift etc.

    If your solo you can easily be believable during a holiday like Valentine’s day a precall can help like asking what sizes you need to know and tell them you know basic sizes like pants ,etc

    Always make a fake call to her sister’s asking questions so the clerk can hear you struggling on buying the right sizes they find this cute and are more willing to go the extra efforts for a guy who’s trying hard for a girl.

    Ask about gift boxes and receipts that say gift hiding prices because she would get mad at you if you spent to much but say she’s Worth every penny and more.

    Fredricks of Hollywood is my favorite store so is hustler adult book stores they have a large selection in their big stores and the female staff will love your story

    So go get them girlfriend

    • Profile photo of
      Kim Cummings 3 months ago

      I o tall slid the Internet is the best possible way to get the pantyhose, high heels and the smooth lingerie and things like wigs and other hot looking items. I have a extreme fetish for my pantyhose and high heels. I enjoy the shaving of my legs and applying lotion on them. I paint my toenails hot pink then slowly and sensuously slide the pantyhose up my smooth and silky legs.

  14. rob 3 months ago

    I haven,t dressed in about 10 years and it,s been driving me crazy!!!! God, how I would love to dress!!!

    • rob 3 months ago

      The trouble is, my waist size is over 50 inches and nobody carries anything that big. I,d love to start off with about 5 or 6 nice garter belts but with a big waist it,s impossible!!!

  15. Profile photo of Dani Ferrell
    Dani Ferrell 4 months ago

    Thank you to all of you ladies, all of your input is very comforting for me to build up some courage to actually go into one of the many stores listed. I am very closeted and I live in Tempe AZ, I have been cross dressing since the age of 7, I was the youngest and the only boy with 4 sisters. It was fun until they all moved out after high school, then my wardrobe diminished drastically. I live with straight roommates and I am only able to dress a couple of times a month, so I would love to meet some girls in AZ to build a friendship with and explore my femininity!

    • rob 3 months ago

      Me too Dani!!!


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