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Well I don’t know how funny this is. However I had just attended a Halloween get together in Las Vegas the night before had my makeup done in my room by a woman from Beauty Studio. Had a great time night one dressed as a flapper girl we all loaded into a small bus and went to a Karaoke Bar met many other dressed. The people in the bar were friendly to us and I received several compliments on my outfit from people who were just at the bar. Amy the wonderful woman hosting the event told me to drive or get a ride to her shop the next day for my transformation and I could ride back with a few others, i said ok sounds wonderful. We road the bus back from the Karaoke Bar where we had a wonderful time interacting with one another and to my surprise had wonderful conversation with the people in the Karaoke Bar also. When we arrived back at the Artisan this beautiful crossdresser from Canada who really looked authentic was dressed in a sexy sailor outfit said to me and another lets go into the Bar and get a drink I said ok sounds great to me. As we walked into the Artisan you could here the music thumbing apparently the Artisan is known for its Atmosphere its decretive art and for hosting multiple parties as we walked into the Bar they had a DJ jamming and music playing. In our feminine outfits we managed to walk to the far side of the bar through wall to wall people. To say the least it was very intimidating to be out for night one were all went well and now in a throng of people full if energy with the sound deafening we had a couple if drinks everything was just too much the crowd and noise so we decided to leave walking through the mob of people. Most I would say 20 to 30 I was in my late 40’s and the other two within 8 years of each other As I was walking to leave the bar through the crowd wall to wall people I felt a tug on my purse strap this is after a grab or two on my padded buttocks. The pull on the strap was strong I turned around and a young lad pulled it again and said while clearly intoxicated” Hey Bitch thats my purse!” I moved my hand up to grab the purse as she had broke the strap from the 7 inch small purse grabbed it from her as the rest of the strap was hanging over my arm and said forcefully in my deep voice, “no it is my purse! And left the bar and went back to my room thinking wow this is crazy the whole night has been so surreal.

My nerve’s were a wreck with anxiety the next day as I was heading to a transformation shop and would now be out in the daylight in Las Vegas and then having to return dressed as a woman. I had taken an Uber to the shop of the transformation service brought some things in a duffle bag and the rest of the Gangster Woman outfit was there at the shop. When my transformation was complete the other crossdressers that were there when I had arrived left. It was about 3 hours prior to the scheduled party for the evening so I decided to take a deep breath and get an Uber ride back to the Artisan where the party was being held and where I was staying I could relax in my room until time for the party. My phone said the Uber had arrived so i gather my bag with my drab clothes and walk out in my outfit for Halloween dressed to the nines for the first time in broad daylight in the afternoon I am walking gingerly in my 3 inch spike heels that were part of my outfit with my black skirt, black silk blouse and black patterned designed nylons with my fedora on. I am walking 40 feet up and down the sidewalk each way while holding my bag and don’t see the uber the anywhere, cars are driving by with several honking their horns as they do I honestly felt like a hooker on a street corner as I was walking up and down the sidewalk about 15 yards from the corner trying to find the Uber. I finally saw the Uber about 70 yards. At the other end of this parking lot part way around the corner. I begin to walk across the dirt and gravel as most of the parking lot was under construction towards the Uber looking like Bambi on Ice I am sure. When the Uber driving yells out “ Hey lady go back I will come to you!” I walked back to the sidewalk and the Uber driver drove to pick me up I as I got in it was all weird different feelings the night before having fun having drinks bought for me, being called a “bitch” having my padded butt grabbed the walking up and down the sidewalk being honked at by several cars these were all new feelings I have never experienced in my lifetime for sure all so surreal.

When I got in the Uber the man said he was sorry about that and said, “I just have to say you look amazing and beautiful you going to a party?” I said Thank You I was and hopefully at that time for what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. When I got back to the Artisan as I was walking in I felt my nylons get stuck on the zipper of my duffle bag I sat down on a bench just inside and after a bit was able to remove the nylons from the zipper with just a slight hole near one of the pattern design hole cutouts. I then walked to the elevator and two younger men than I entered the elevator as the doors shut one said I have never seen so many faggots before in my life, his buddy slugged him in the shoulder and said shut the fuck up this whole place is filled with them. (There were about 30 crossdresser staying at the Artisan and would be roughly 60 plus attending the party that night) I hadn’t said anything but immediately was in fight mode when I was hearing the comment that quickly changed to smiling when I heard and saw his buddy respond back to him both verbally and physically After they exited the elevator I found myself laughing as they exited on the second floor. I was staying on the third floor and ended up solving and winning the murder mystery at the party that night.

Crazy yet great first time out.
Thanks April

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