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I have a couple of inches on you, about the same weight and age.  I wear a womens 16 in shoes, so you have it a tad easier in the shoe department.

I never went out in public, till a couple months ago.  I have been out 3 times now to Wednesday night dinners the group holds every week.  I dressed on the conservative, classy side, so as to not perpetuate CD stereotypes, plus I was comfortable.  Twice in nice leggings with a long sleeved tunic top and flats, once in a knee length dress with kitten heels, nice makeup not over the top.  It was a nice experience and I look forward to the next opportunity in a couple weeks.

A few years ago, I finally figured out, that if the clothes fit correctly and hung well, it would be much more acceptable.  I know I am not fooling anybody, especially at my height.  I finally realized this, and it became much easier.  When I go out, this is what I hope people think.  “That’s a guy! Damn, he looks good!”  With that attitude in mind, it became much easier to expose myself to the outside world.  I has been a pleasant experience each time.  Being in a group helps.

I finally figured out getting myself proportioned, would help immensely, and it has.  So many times we see CD pictures with huge boobs and no hips.  When I figured I needed proper padding, I started with my waist, 42-43″.  I looked at size charts, and made my bust and hips closely match those measurements.  For me, that is a size 22 mostly. That meant downsizing my bust a bit to a C cup.  I ordered Dresstech big girl hip pads. WOW! What a difference, but I still had no butt.  So I ordered 2 sets of their butt pads.  I layered them over the top of each other offset top to bottom by 2-3″. Now I was getting somewhere.  My measurements are roughly 50-42-51.  I am now proportional and am pleased with the end results.  Not looking like a linebacker in a dress goes a long ways!

So here are a few things I would suggest that I have picked up from others whom I respect:   Realize you aren’t going to pass, but look classy doing it.  Maintain good posture, this exudes confidence and purpose.  Take smaller steps and keep your toes forward.  Don’t look around to see if people are staring at you, eyes straight ahead.  (They may be, but it will be less troublesome for you).  It seems like I draw less attention when dressed than when in drab, at least I tell myself that!  You know what I mean at our height.

I hope this helps coming from someone who some people refer to as vertically blessed.  I would argue that point sometimes, but what can you do?  Own it!






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