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Since the “other woman” is us, I don’t see that PoV as making any logical sense.

However, logic does not apply to everything, so I see it as entirely possible that a woman who chooses not to get involved in the CDing side of her husband can reach all manner of intuitive and incorrect conclusions.

Note: “intuitive AND incorrect”, as opposed to “intuitive AND correct” – I am not suggesting for a second that all intuitive feelings are incorrect, merely that some are!

Adultery is when a married person voluntarily has sex with someone else – and don’t get me started on the woke faux psychology of emotional affairs!

One of the points of love is that it is limitless and boundless, thus shareable with anyone and everyone.

One of the points of marriage in most cultures is to save the most physical and intimate side for the person you’re married to.

It’s not a difficult boundary! If you’re exchanging fluids, it’s probably off the marriage contract, otherwise it is probably OK.

As we all know, some couples are rather freer in this – and if that’s their choice, it’s theirs alone to make and live with.

But, unless you are equipped in such a way that it’s physically possible, then no, we’re not committing adultery.

With women’s intuition, though, who knows what conclusions might be reached without a decent supply of information?

Love Laura


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