Ally Syn

Hi Stephanie and thank you. I have already been sent whirling head over heals but the amazing community and am relieved I have come to embrace that I am cross dresser as a blessing, or maybe an opportunity is more apt because double rewards does come with the associated responsibility, but hey I am not one to shy away from a challenge … provided a) I believe in it and b) I believe in me and I came to with neither. I am not deluding my self that I now have both, but CDH has sparked a real hope of achieving that, so to you and my amazing girlfriends here, I ready to pick up my heals and embrace my opportunity. I know there are bumps and probably more aptly Everest sized mountains ahead but hope is powerful. I am mindful of the years of dedication and service that have been poured into building this community and I applaud you ladies for an amazing achievement. I also and mindful that in many ways you have fought the hardest fight against the stigma of discrimination, and yes as long as ignorance prevails so will it’s evil twin remain a challenge, you have made this a significantly easier for me. Biggest hugs
PS; Lizzie, JJ and Roxy, you reaching out to me is very part of this, it’s sometime difficult to identify the individual threads that I have woven together.

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