Sudden happiness from within

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    Stephie Olivetti
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    A couple of months ago, my wife and I were on holiday in the Italian Alps enjoying a week of wellness at a spa hotel. At check-in the hotel was offering female clientele a free manicure and polish. My half joking question was: “What are you offering the men?” Apparently nothing but I was free to take-up the manicure and polish offer. My wife said I should go for it so I booked an appointment for the next day…

    Nervously I showed up for my appointment. Such a relaxing experience! Strangely (at least it was then) I really wanted to have my nails painted bright red. Instead I settled for a more inconspicuous grey.

    Despite the color, my nails were so shiny. I couldn’t believe how much joy this brought me. I couldn’t keep my eyes off them! It was such a wonderful experience, I realized that I was expressing the real me for the first time. I was a nervous of what people might say to me but nobody said a thing, except my encouraging wife. The world didn’t end I really enjoyed those nails all week!

    Since then, something has clearly been released inside me. Is it the real me? Is it a phase? Is it my feminine side or something deeper? Was I meant to be something else, suppressed in youth and hidden under years of fake masculinity? To be honest I am not yet sure.

    Since then my progression has been swift. I paint my nails a different color every weekend and have even been shopping for women’s clothes. I wear them out in town (not skirts yet). I don’t care. I’m happy and my wife is amazingly understanding. I’m a lucky…. girl.

    I have no idea where this will lead.

    Stephie (it feels so nice to use my girl name)

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     Amanda Patrick 
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    Hi Stephie,

    I was just wondering if you ever had the urge to Cross-dress before having your nails done? or did these feelings just suddenly appear after the nails. If this is the case Wow we never really know how we will evolve as we age and how these feelings can stay dormant for long. all the best on your adventures journey.


     Millie Tant 
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    Hopefully it leads to eternal happiness.

    I am practicing walking in a more feminine way. Why? Because I want to, and I dont care what people think amy more.

    Just keep living the dream.



     Dame Veronica Graunwolf 
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    Stephie……I am so happy for you…..I pray all goes well!

    Lady Veronica

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     Lucinda Hawkns 
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    hello Stephanie that is so wounder full your wife is excepting your fem side, welcome to C.D.H. it so great having your nails done all pretty and feminine looking, my wife lets me dress up when kids are out she knows i dress up but will not sit with her in same room, she has seen me but rather not see me if you know what i mean. dressing up for me has been in me for years since i was about 13. went away fro years and came back stronger. since the internet i have accumulated more female clothing and make up and perfume then wife has. i buy my own female stuff even pads. nothing like being fully dressed up feminine and feeling the dress and nylons and pad., the smell of perfume and the look of eye shadow and lip stick. i wish i was born a female instead with a little brain of male but more female with female parts. then i would not have to  hide it or be ashamed of dressing up. but here at C.D.H i learned to excep0t my fem side and be me and happy when i can. wish my wife would be more excepting to my fem side and help me with make up and sit with her like 2 females and talk about how i feel and why i dress up.     i know now how they feel about wearing a bra and panties, pad is a great feeling. bra i love the fell of the straps around my back and over my shoulders, the look of a sexy dress on me is price less. welcome aboard and feel free to look at my profile and learn more about x dressing. its all about being the real you.

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     Stephanie Flowers 
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    Stephie   thank you for sharing. Where this is heading ?  I assure you it only gets better and you being here you’ll have many here to share the experience with. Discover all you want right here. Much to read and many ladies here to meet and make friends with. Having your wife’s support is a God sin that many here don’t have. Now enjoy it and with your wife at your side this  is a journey that you will love to be on. Happy to meet you and would love to help if needed. PM me anytime. 🌹

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     Brienna Dennouix 
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    That is wonderful Stephie, I am so happy for you.

    Please share more of your adventures when you can.



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