Meet Your Crossdresser Heaven Ambassadors

Meet Your Crossdresser Heaven Ambassadors

The mission of Crossdresser Heaven is to provide a safe, welcoming and supportive environment for everyone in the transgender community.

In the last few months Crossdresser Heaven has grown from a blog, to a full fledged community with forums, groups, photos, chat and a complete social network. This transformation is exciting and has required us to rethink how we support the transgender community.

The Crossdresser Heaven Ambassadors were born out of this transformation. Each of the ladies who serve as Ambassador has demonstrated a caring spirit, loving heart and willingness to help others on their journey. I’m honored to have them as part of the Crossdresser Heaven Community.

The Ambassadors are the first place to start your journey on Crossdresser Heaven. You’ll find them active in the forums, the community and on chat. Please reach out to them if you need anything – a helping hand, shoulder to cry on or someone to guide you along your path. If they have helped you in any way, please also share a word of appreciation. A kind word of thanks keeps us going through the many stories of loss and heart ache.

Meet Your Crossdresser Heaven Ambassadors

Your Ambassadors come from all over the world!

Team Red, White and Blue

Crossdressing in the USAApril – Aka Showers lives in Seattle. She’s crossdressed since about the age of 7, but took a 30+ year hiatus from dressing when first married and while her kids were around. She started again when the nest was empty and has been out an about dressed half a dozen times, and finally likes who she is. Only dresses once or twice a week, but she’s a bit of a perfectionist and loves going “all out” when she does. April sees herself as a late bloomer, and she doesn’t know where her journey is going, but she plans on enjoying the ride!

Codille – From just outside Baltimore, Maryland, Codille (aka CB) has been crossdressing since she was 13 with no sights on transitioning.  Married for 20+ years, she plans to be outfitting herself and her wife forever. She is a friend to all in the CDH community. Since joining Crossdresser Heaven, she has grown more comfortable with who she is as a person and where her place in the world may be than any previous time in her life. In the three years since finding Crossdresser Heaven, she has gone from hidden deep in the closet with only a few knowing to now being out to her kids, other family members, and friends by the dozens. These days, she has the confidence to live in her own skin and help anyone that reaches out to her for friendship and support like never before. She feels that the members and friends she has met and made on CDH changed her world forever and is eternally thankful God has allowed her to find and help be a part of building this amazing site to what it is today.  She was our very first Managing Ambassador.  Now, having passed that torch along, she now holds the lofty title of Managing Ambassador Emeritus and is head of our Ambassador recruitment effort.

Cynthia – The Original Cyn, or OC for short. Cynthia is from Richmond Virginia who crossdresses every day (lucky gal!) and has a knack for tracking down niggling technical issues so we can fix them’ . She is also on a journey of self-examination to figure out where her feminine journey will lead her, and is always willing to talk with others about their feelings and questions or her own.


Thoughtful and compassionate
Helping others
Inquisitive and getting others involved
Name – Claudia, nickname ThinNkerbelle
Kick ass skirt and legging collection
Everyone has a voice
RE: CDH – Welcome home!
Born male
Everyone should accept CD/TS
Loving husband and dad
Lady from the Tri state area in PA
Everyday to dress/underdress

Gina Angelo currently lives in the San Francisco Bay area and has for the last 19 years, where she works as a physician amongst other things. She has only been fully dressing publically for the last year but several years prior in private. Single, she found the Crossdresser Heaven community, making friends in the virtual and real worlds. Gina dresses about 1-2 times a week and enjoys going out and meeting people, but is here to support all members of the community, whether they are fully transitioned, transitioning, dressing in public or private, and everyone else. She has a quick wit and enjoys banter, but behind that is a truly caring and compassionate gal who hopes to help others on their journey of femininity. She has not figured out the end to her journey, but like Gina says, ”don’t overanalyze it and just enjoy.”

Jackie Wild K so coming straight out of Idaho (spud and stud) land comes Jackie “Wild Child” Wild. Been at this dressing thing since 10 with no thoughts of quitting anytime soon. Love the outdoors, being a drag queen on top of being a cross dresser, life in general, helping others and adore my family. Came to CDH out of curiosity, decided to stick around awhile and here is where I remain

Jasmine Marie – From Southern California deserts, shines a light in the dark starry night, if you seek her out she’ll take you by the hand and guide you to the chat room, or feed you to the wolves. She is a bit shy but very helpful, don’t be afraid to ask her for help, just don’t cross her she can be a she-devil and she’ll stick you on a blazing train to a far worse place than the heaven you seek.

JenH – I live in Ct. I am married to an amazing husband who is a cross dresser. We have been married for 9 years. I have known about his cross dressing for about a year and a half. It has been an interesting and sometimes fun journey. I love representing the amazing ladies on The Wives and Significant Others group. We are all here to try to figure out how to support and love our SO the best way possible and how to deal with the flow of different feelings that can sometimes over whelm us. I was so happy when I joined this group and found all the love and understanding that was there. It really has helped me and my marriage a lot.

Kayla C  Kayla is a genetic girl (GG) from Kansas City with two awesome grown sons and a beautiful baby granddaughter! She is in a relationship with a CD whom she loves very much.  After spending some time here, she found lots of support and when the opportunity arose to become an ambassador she dove in with both feet. Offering friendship, support, and a listening ear, she helps other SOs to learn more about their relationships while at the same time offering the rest of the members who are CD/TG/TS a perspective on how to help their SOs to understand them and maintain a good relationship!  

Kensie – While surfing the internet for information on Cross-country Skiing, the irrepressible Kensie was delighted to find she’d stumbled upon Crossdresser Heaven.  Two years later she’s still reading everything she can find in the forums and articles.  Of an afternoon or evening, she can usually be spotted in the chatrooms bantering with members and guests and finding ways to help them discover their way through the complex website or adjust to the complications of their feminine roles as well as offering hints on walking safely in high heels.  Be sure to say hi!

MacKenzie Alexandra currently lives in Southern Maryland, but still considers Michigan home.  She has been dressing on and mostly off since her teens, but has recently decided to embrace all of who she is.  With the blessing and support of her loving wife, she is exploring the balance between her femininity and masculinity.  She may not know where this journey will take her, but she is going to enjoy the adventure.

Rachel Rose – She resides in Massachusetts and has been dressing en femme since age 7, started dressing fully at age 27 and never looked back. She found CDH searching the internet and found a warm inviting place for the wide spectrum of the transgender community.

Rhonda Roe A lifetime Midwest Girl, Rhonda grew up in Iowa on a Farm.  She moved to Kansas City Missouri in 1980.  Coming to crossdressing rather late in life, she was in her late 40`s before taking that fateful step.  Of her style, she says, “I am an all or nothing dresser. When I dress it`s the works; makeup, clothes, shoes, wig, etc.”  When going out, she mostly sticks to known safe venues with others like herself.  She is quite happy on the CD/TG/TS spectrum in the “gender fluid” zone, comfortable in both male and female modes, and has no plans to go full time or transition.  An outdoors girl, she’s a short drive from the city to Lake of the Ozarks and the beautiful clear spring-fed rivers in Southern Missouri.

Captain Dionysus – Is a student of mythology and psychology. Taking from both, Cap sees gender as a frontier, rich with history and potential, from the ancient and more recent tribal shaman who identified as both sexes to where we are today and beyond. Cap is also the Managing Editor at CDH, who wants your writing, and who you can contact with any questions or concerns about articles.

Samantha – Hails from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She has been crossdressing since age 12 with off and on activity till she was age 27 when she first fully dressed. After that she knew it was going to be a lifelong obsession. Tries to dress several times a month but sometimes life gets in the way. No worries though, her sense of humor gets her through just about anything. Has the box set of all the Monty Python episodes too.

Stephanie Q – Is an electronics engineer from San Diego CA, She is a techie who crossdresses a few times a month. Stephanie was a DJ in her younger years. She likes hard science fiction novels, Star Wars and Star Trek. She has fun writing open source software and designing open source hardware. Stephanie is also very interested in how the universe works, and would like to know why it is fine-tuned for life.

Vanessa – Founder of Crossdresser Heaven and dubbed OB1 and Fearless Leader by the Ambassadors. Reluctant growing amateur tech guru. She is a transgender girl from Seattle, WA who lives every day as her true self.


New Zealand (Aotearoa)

Sarah Daniels  – Sarah is 47, an Electrical Fitter, a petrol head, a Wannabe writer and a husband. She’s a fantasy and sci-fi fiend and will read or watch almost anything from those genres. Sarah is a closeted CD, but slowly stepping out of that boundary (early days yet) but has been dressing for as long as she can recall (since 5 or 6) in one way or another. “I’m not sure the title CD fits or that of TG; I’m somewhere in the middle and tend to float back and forth as my mood dictates.” She lives in Canterbury, New Zealand with her wife (who knows about her CDing but not about Sarah – sadly it’s a long slow road to acceptance).

Oh Canada!!!

Crossdressers in Canada

Krista –   is from northern Alberta (near Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway). She loves being retired and crossdresses daily. Full-time Volunteer: CDH of course, Library Board Vice-Chair, President of ProBus Club, Chamber of Commerce member, and helps her wife with her international short film festival. Krista had a heart attack in May, 2016 so is now more physically fit (exercising three times a day) and cooking healthy meals. She loves her supportive wife, two kids, granddaughter, dog, Rocky Mountain hiking trips and her Corvette (wishing she could drive it more but it doesn’t do well in the six months of ice & snow).

Stephanie Flowers – From the province of Ontario  , and only now discovering  crossdressing late in her 50’s . A lover of the outdoors , and enjoys photography. Family of 4 kids , 6 grandkids and a loving and supportive wife. Only started dressing most recently and now has reached  fully dressed with makeup and final touches still ahead . Still learning and exploring the journeys  that is laid before her with little hope for transitioning in these years of  life . A shy and quiet girl , A { Flower Child } in ways but always trying to help many looking for guidance and in turn searching for her feminine paths and ways . To understand her feelings and seek the answers as she continues forward. For all CDH has given her, all the more she wants  to give back, to welcome love ones to a community that loves and cares to all that passes. Being a CDer  is a wonderful state of  mine and balance  now and the future to hold these lifelong dreams and follow a passion she  loves.


When selecting Ambassadors we look for members who have demonstrated empathy, who are active in the community and who will provide a welcoming environment for everyone who joins the Crossdresser Heaven Community. We would also love to add more geographic diversity to our team of Ambassadors – here’s looking at you Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, India and others! If you think you have what it takes please contact Maria

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  1. josylen good looking 2 months ago

    I hve left numerious messages for someone to contact me as where to find women that would not be ashamed to be seen with a man that wears womans clothes, and live in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area, and have not heard from anyone my Email is would appreciate a response

  2. Leslie 2 months ago

    I want to delete some of my public photos. how do I do it?

  3. Kayla Williams 2 months ago

    I’d like to contact an ambassador to possibly answer some of the questions I have.

    • Sarah Daniels (SC) 2 months ago

      Hi Kayla. Whats the issue?


      • Kayla Williams 2 months ago

        I want to follow every step possible to be the woman I know I should be. It seems like everywhere I turn as I try to be who I am there is one thing or another holding me back. If I never get to transform completely into a woman then I want to as much as possible be the woman I am as I cross dress. For one reason or another I can’t get everything I need to every do that well. So it like I’m stuck wearing female underwear and the few outfits I have but I want more and I know there is more. I just without have all the money I have a hard time getting every other thing I need to look completely like a woman. What should I do Sarah. I want to be a complete woman not just half of one. Thank you for any help you can give me.

      • Sarah Daniels (SC) 2 months ago

        There’s a forum here somewhere on beginning wardrobes. Basically shop at thrift stores and second hand places. Build up pieces that can mix and match. Dont go for high end pieces at the expense of cheaper multiple pieces.

        Sorry I cant be any more help, but maybe put up a post in a forum asking for advice.


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