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I agree entirely with your summary!

Gender is but a human construct – a way to further define the biological sexes – which, in themselves may be fluid – in a literal sense, since a woman with high testosterone may be bloke-ish, or “butch”, and there are very effeminate men.

Maybe you get out of bed one day, and the testosterone is coursing, and it feels like a good day for a drive, a game of football, fixing the car, or whatever.

Maybe your wife is off to meet up with the girls from work – and you really wish you could go too, and be one of the girls for the night, and talk about feminine things or share in feminine activities.

We cross dressers really have the best of both worlds, as far as we can make it so, so yes, it’s a massive bonus – way more than 100%!

It maybe doesn’t seem that way when our immediate circumstances dictate how we can present ourselves – it doesn’t feel right to me – but until we’ve managed to educate those around us, we feel compelled to keep the parts that might upset others under wraps, and thus operate way below 100%.

The stories from others who have made the leap completely are inspiring, but gender education is mistrusted, as it challenges something that people think they know, which seems fundamental to human existence.

Of course, it is, but not for the reasons many think.

The combinations of sex, gender and sexuality are as varied as human personalities – and as fluid. They can change from one minute to another like a complex, ongoing set of chemical reactions. There are as many combinations as fingerprints.

My thoughts, anyway 😍

Love Laura


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