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Marcellette You get the first tickets! I promise. Also, ironically, my wife and kids can all speak fluent Russian. MY Russian, on the other hand, consists of bits and pieces (I can speak Georgian a little better), so all my “fakery” as a Russian supermodel would get exposed as soon as I open my mouth!

So back to the topic at hand, and then I will say no more.

First, I gotta say what a rush it was as femme me to have someone come roaring in to defend me. Kinda hot! Lol. In these moments, I have these little epiphanies that maybe help me understand why I have this peculiar dual nature that I often don’t know what to do with. I certainly have head knowledge of a woman’s need/desire to have a man stand between her and a threat or discomfort, but stuff like this — when I immerse myself in my womanhood — brings that head knowledge to my heart, and it motivates me to look for things that might make my wife feel threatened such that I need to step in. I don’t think Marcellette would mind me praising her masculinity.

I think in today’s mantra of “a girl can do everything as well as a guy and some things better,” we sometimes inadvertently as men turn off our sensitivity meter to these things, believing the women in our lives can fend for themselves just fine. And maybe they can in most instances, but that’s not really the point, is it? I mean, I certainly can and did handle someone’s less than charitable remarks toward me, but seriously, when someone comes roaring in to my defense, I get to step back, catch my breath, check my motives, and rest in masculine protection. What a feeling. I haven’t felt that way probably since I was a kid and my dad was always there for me. It brings a special kind of comfort and stability. I’m so used to pushing myself out there to BE that champion, so it’s kinda nice to take a high heeled step back and let a man defend me! Lol. My hero!

I was really taken aback that the original poster doubled down on her highly questionable premise, especially even after I pointed out that I actually advertise in every way possible that my profile pic is an AI representation of an actual male pic taken of me when I was 20! It’s in the heading of the description of the pic, for crying out loud! There isn’t 1 iota of deception in that. And when I provided one of the reasons why (there are several) I don’t post a face picture (I have a beard), she then made an uncharitable comment about that. I’m gonna be totally honest here — that did hurt my feelings. She has no idea how badly I want to shave it all off and sit in front of the mirror practicing slathering makeup on my face so I can go out and hang out with other girls like me. She has no idea how much I hate having to touch my face or look at it in the mirror on the rare occasions that I get to dress. But, at this phase of my life, the beard needs to stay for various reasons and I’m not going out. I may never get to do any of that ever again. So of course I don’t want to post an actual face picture, but all the other pictures I posed are authentic, untouched, in terrible lighting, but all me — unvarnished. I guess only faces count for true authenticity though. Who knew?

And I keep coming back to this and will say it one final time. The breathtaking hypocrisy of a cross dresser criticizing another cross dresser for misrepresenting her authentic self is almost laughable. Everything we do when dressed is designed to make up out of whole cloth (literally and figuratively) a persona or projection of ourselves that is not physically authentic. We create the illusion of feminine physical features we don’t have and hide/mute our masculine features the best that we can in order to present to others and to ourselves a picture of how we feel inside. We refer to one another with feminine pronouns and call each other “sister” and “girlfriend.” Now, I of course have no problem with that. I enthusiastically participate in that illusion. And I’d LOVE to do everything I can to actually look like a Russian supermodel. But let’s not kid ourselves about reality and pass judgment on people who can’t/won’t do it all the way you think they should.

Now I’m done and will step behind my gallant defender should there be any more nonsense! 😂

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