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A good challenge, Grace!

I have been out a few times for evening walks once the sun sets, but with a subdued look; although, it’s obvious I’m wearing nylons, even when they match my skin tone. Even bumped into my young next door neighbors under a bright street light. My mascara was blotchy and my dress and nylons under my above-the-knee coat were obvious. We had some small talk and nothing was said about my appearance and we parted with a heartfelt, “Have a good night!”

However, I think no matter what I do, I’ll stick out, especially with my largish body. Most women don’t wear dresses, nylons, high heels, and make up, at least not in red-neck cottage-country. But for me to present as a woman, I need those things. Sweat pants, flip-flops and hoodies just doesn’t do it for me.

I do see a lot of weddings right beside my cottage and the ladies look smashing, but I’d feel kinda weird trying to mingle in with the wedding crowd, even if I’m on the outskirts (ahem…).

So… what’s left? Get in my car and go somewhere? There’s also my SO to consider and any potential encounters, friendly or otherwise, “License and registration, Ma’am.”

But, I am getting bolder and I desperately want to bust-out! (Another ahem…).

Hugs, Barb :B 🤗


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