When I’m very comfortable and have known a person for a while, I’m able to use it for humor occasionally while in drab, but I’m always very self conscious about it. I’m even more conscious about it in femme. Until recently, I had not dressed completely in femme since the accident, so it’s a bit of a new revelation, but one I expected as I prepared for my girly getaway weekend last month. It’s something that I hope to grow more comfortable with as I continue my dressing exploration.

Several female actors are also missing digits or have disfigured fingers including Daryl Hannah and Megan Fox.

And you know, it’s therapeutic conversations like this that make CDH that more enjoyable for me. This truly is a place where we can discuss all of the real elements of our lives openly.

Thanks so much for posting this Kerri. It’s something I’m ALWAYS thinking about, and something I never expected to share openly here. I’m so grateful to know others girls here have the same issues. Love y’all!! -Gemma

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