Rhonda Lee
Baroness - Annual

I had a hard time checking who knows. Only checked the ones who I KNOW know, but I am pretty sure my sisters, most friends of my ex-wife and I before she walked out on me, daughter-in law, other family members, neighbors, and many who know me locally also know. I suspect the postman knows as a lot of mail is addressed to Rhonda. Of course any who know can likely not resist telling others, so by now anyone who cares and probably many who don’t know. I have spoken to my former congregation about topics that led them to ask if I was transgender. I gave a sermon to an MCC church while dressed, participated in many activities, played piano for a union of two of their members, and never saw anyone if not dressed, so they don’t recognize me if I pass them in public and am not dressed. With so many knowing, it would be surprising if ANYONE does NOT know, but few ever say one way or another, and I don’t volunteer.

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