Hi First I’m not trying to be being mean. But I take offense to your clubs rules! “The rule is, whatever you do, present fully male or fully female… nothing in between.” All people are different so there is a in-between!
So if I wear panties and a bra under male clothes, I’m not welcome! Or if I wear my female jeans a blouse and heels, but no make-up and a wig, I’m not welcome.
My face wouldn’t pass no mater what I did and that is not what I want to do! I am a crossdresser! I’m a male who wants to wear female clothing but not become or pass as a woman. I have some breast growth that I would like to expand naturally.(maybe with HRT) No fake breasts either on me or inside me!
Crossdressers and trans people want to be who they want, and that does include my life style! There are male crossdressers who wear dresses and have a full beards! Are they not welcome in your group? Some crossdressers like to dress what you call slutty! Not my style but as long as they are not exposing themselves, then they are not harming anyone. But they would not be welcome in you club! Your club should be able to help them with their dressing!

The whole idea is to allow all people to be themselves and wear what they want as long as they are not hurting anybody! They don’t want to be censored for it. Thats what LGBTQ have been fighting for and a lot have lost their lives doing it! If people see someone and they don’t like what they are wearing or the fact that they are presenting themselves as another gender, then look away! I read your reply yesterday and thought about it for a long time. I felt I must reply my thoughts about it! But please don’t be offended it is not at you but your club!
Warm hugs Brenda

As for meeting other crossdressers I would like to meet some and join some clubs and feel free to dress and look as I want to be!

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