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    Tonya Leren
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    So I’m looking to by my first set of breast forms, or something to help with my upper body looks… I have looked around trying to figure out exactly what size I should buy.. what shape… anything that would help me decide on making my purchase… I want to start on the cheaper side as I’m not sure what I’ll like in the end..

    So my question I guess is what do you all look for, or what did you look for when you purchased your first set of breast forms or where did you start?

    With love


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      Hi Tonya,

      Definitely opt for the triangle shape, it is the most natural shape and it fills the bra very well. I have tried many shapes and sizes over my many purge cycles. Several years ago it was very expensive now with sites like Amazon it is more affordable. I have however noticed that it is better to go for a larger breast size than the desired bra cup. For example, choose a size DD (1200g) or even E (1400g) for a D cup bra. I like it when the fabric of the bra cup is tight and doesn’t wrinkle. Finally when it comes to the weight, it’s probably the most pleasurable feeling to feel tension on the bra straps and a wonderful feeling of fullness on the chest. Also personally I prefer the 1400g (E) breast forms. They bounce more when you walk in high heels.

      Hugs, Denise

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      Lauren Mugnaia
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      Hi girls,
      So, after much research, and checking out other various forums and sites, I ended up calling the girls at The BreastForm Store. I gave them my measurements and, with their advice, ended up getting a pair of Gold Seal Classic 1 1/2 asymmetrical forms in size 7, which works out to a perfect C cup. They feel absolutely wonderful, are weighted and move just like the real thing, and they warm up to your body temperature.
      I am fairly big in the chest but not too broad in the shoulders so these worked well with a 42A bra.
      Hope that may help some of you.

      Lauren M

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      Tina Que
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      It depends whether you are buying breastforms to fit a bra you currently have or are going to buy a bra to fit the forms. It also depends on personal preference and the look you are going for.

      I started with one pair and now have 4 pair and choose depending on the bra and clothes I am wearing.

      If you are buying online you need to take into consideration whether you are a plus size person or not. You cannot go by cup size alone. You have to consider the weight of the forms. If you are plus size a D or DD may be narrow and not fit your body shape.

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      Melanie Mayer
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      Most CD shops offer a wide variety of breastforms, not necessarily that expensive. So in my view it makes sense to let the girls in shop advise on adequate sizes to wear. At least it worked with me. It will be a great experience anyway.

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      Foxy Femme
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      I’m a 38 band size and eventually settled on a B cup sized triangle form from Vollence. They can be found on amazon. They set me back $60 canadian (~$45 USD). They look good in a sports bra, normal bra, or a pushup.

      Initially, I started with D teardrop forms, because I thought that would be a fun size. I eventually wanted more weight so I also bought DD and later H sized forms. When I started using forms the fun came from the feeling of weight on my chest so I kept going bigger.

      At one point I also bought a DD breastplate, but I found the silicone neckline unappealing and wearing the breastplate made me feel uncomfortably sweaty (both problems could have been solved by buying a better quality breastplate, using makeup, and using a drying powder). Also, with a breastplate I couldn’t feel the fabric on my shoulders so I lost out on a lot of the tactile thrill I got from the clothes. They also make me feel more “drag queen” than “cute”, but that’s just my personal bias.

      Eventually, I started wanting to look more “passable” so I bought a pair of C teardrops which looked more natural on me than my larger sets but they still looked too pronounced. After watching a bunch of tutorials one night, I decided to buy some B cup triangle forms and use medical tape to create the appearance of cleavage. That’s where I’m at now, and I’m content with my set up.

      My next purchase is to try out self adhesive forms that look like they’ll cover both the silhouette and cleavage I’m trying to achieve. But, they’ll hopefully also let me go strapless or backless πŸ™‚

      I hope that gave you a little insight. My biggest suggestions are to look at CD’s/women you want to emulate and buy according to your body shape and preferences. There are lots of cheaper options like water balloons or rice bags that can look like breasts in the right outfit. Or even, a little medical tape and a proper fitting pushup bra can go a long way without spending on forms.

      Good luck 😁

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      Michelle Davis
      Registered On: August 19, 2021
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      Hi Tonya,

      One suggestion I would make to save money is to get a bra fitting.Β  I just started down the breast form road myself and went to a mastectomy boutique to get fitted.Β  You could get fitted for a bra lats of places.Β  My under breast measurement is 37 with 38 over the nipples and I have always bought 38C bras.Β  Turns out the right bra size for me is a 42A.Β  I don’t think I would have ever got there on my own.Β  An A cup just didn’t sound right to me but it turns out that a lady with a 42 band has very big boobs and an A cup works perfect for me with a size 7 breast form.Β  I opted for a contact breast form in the triangle shape to fit that bra size.Β  Having the breast forms feel like real breasts was important for me and the contact forms do feel very real and amazing to me.Β  They may not stay on braless but right now the new forms stay on fine and I like to wear a bra so that’s not a problem for me if they lose some stickiness .Β  I also bought a set of forms that attach with double sided tape.Β  Those hold firm and are great for wearing braless.Β  Another thing I was able to determine with the fitting was the best form size.Β  Size 8’s looked great but I wasn’t comfortable with breasts that large.Β  They would be fine in the house but I think would attract too much attention out in public which is my eventual goal.Β  The size 6 and 7’s had about the same amount of projection but the 6’s were too narrow for my shoulders and didn’t look as natural as the 7’s.Β  I am sitting here typing this in my contact forms and bra and I really love the way they make me feel.Β  No matter how I move or jump or bend they feel like a part of me and I love that feeling.Β  Downside is they are expensive.Β  The store gave me a nice discount because I wasn’t using insurance but they are still pricy.Β  They had a lot of cheaper options I could have gone with if I was ok with a pocket bra.Β  Another advantage of the fitting was finding the form model with the right amount of curve for your chest.Β  They generally come in three different curve amounts.Β  The middle one worked best for me. If you get one too flat the sides of the form will stick out, too concave and they can push in.

      The fitting saved me a lot of time and effort and the fitter was very professional about it.Β  Both times I went to the store as a male which was a bit scary but they go by appointments and I never ran into another customer the two times I was there.Β  When I called and asked if they would fit a male they said sure no problem.Β  I guess sales have no gender bias.

      Good luck finding the right forms for you and let us know how it goes.



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      Fredrika Jones
      Registered On: February 24, 2021
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      I went to Amazon – I picked a pair of Vollence triangle-shaped nude shade 42Cs. That’s just what I chose for me, of course, so it’s just a suggestion. There are, of course, many other choices. I love mine – they make me feel so sexy!

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        Foxy Femme
        Registered On: April 25, 2022
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        I can second for the Vollence brand. I’ve bought two sets off them, Teardrop and triangle. Both were good quality. I prefer the triangles as well because their shape looks more natural to me.

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      Hannah Velour
      Registered On: April 21, 2022
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      I just received my first beautiful silicone breasts today and they have this amazing natural shape and feeling. And they fit my 75d breasts.

      For you it depends which style of breasts you like e.g. round or raindrop. Good luck in this journey, love

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      SofΓ­a Alejandra Hurtado Espinoza
      Registered On: January 5, 2022
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      Hi Tonya, In my case, my first purchase was a cup C breastplate with cotton padding, which in fact I still have and continue to use occasionally, what I considered the most before making my purchase was choosing a cup size that was suitable for me (I am 170 centimeters and I weigh 55 kilograms), something that would give me volume without being exaggerated or overloading that area, in addition to also opting for an option with a good value for money, and the truth is that I was satisfied with my purchase, in fact that breastplate I bought it on Amazon
      I hope this information can help you in your decision, regards.

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      Wendy Swift
      Registered On: May 11, 2020
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      My first set of forms was a pair of breast enhancers, which looked more like a small ant hill on me and didn’t look realistic at all.

      Eventually I ponied up for a pair off aliexpress, affordable at around $100.Β  It was advertised as a C cup.Β  While it did the job, it didn’t look realistic one bit.Β  If you look at a girl’s breasts, it doesn’t just stick right out, the breasts hang off the sides a little bit.Β  These breastforms from aliexpress didn’t hang off the sides at all, they kind of stuck straight out.Β  Plus, it didn’t look proportionate or realistic whatsoever.Β  In other words, they looked small on me.

      It took a while but I decided to finally pony up with a nice set of forms.Β  Not cheap, but I budgetted between $200 – 300.Β  I find when people first look for breastforms, they are focussed on the cup size.Β  What I learned is rather than focus on the cup size, focus on your bra band size, once you’ve figured out the bra band size, then you can decide on the cup size that fits your bra band.

      This goes back to the c cup forms from aliexpress.Β  It is a c cup if I was like bra band size 30 or lower.Β  I’m around mid 40 bra band size, so those forms don’t look proportionate or realistic whatsoever.

      The ones I bought from the breast form store (excellent service, they helped me figure the bra band size first, then the cup size) looks very real and proportionate based on my bra band size.Β  I picked a B cup, and I am glad I decided to go with a smaller cup size.Β  I’ve been wearing them since I got them, and have placed the aliexpress ones in storage.Β  The proper ones bounce like real boobs, and look like real breasts as it hangs off the sides a little bit like real breasts.Β  While expensive, they were well worth the cost at it looks and feels more realistic.

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      Michelle McQueen
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      For your first forms don’t waste your money on expensive forms. You can get inexpensive silicone forms from ebay and Amazon for way less than $100 each and see what feels and works best for you through trial and error. When you know what you want then you can splurge on more expensive ones. Many sites that advertise for CD’s are simply overpriced just because.

      I found the silicone triangle shaped form works best for me because it covers more of my chest and seems to stay put better than the teardrop forms. Different sizes will fit differently too.

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      Holly Morris
      Registered On: April 15, 2022
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      Hi Tonya, that’s a great question.

      As a lifelong crossdresser who’s experimented with all different types of breast forms, let me tell you that if you invest in better quality forms up front, you’ll both feel and look better. That’s because better quality breast forms will fit you more comfortably and move more naturally, like a real woman’s breasts do.

      As for size, to some degree that depends on your build and what your preferred “look” is. For me, I always wanted to look like a real woman and just blend in, so I tried both B and C cup-sized breast forms, and ultimately settled on C. They fit my build, they filled my bras correctly, they felt and moved like real breasts, and they made me feel more like a real woman when I would dress.

      I guess that’s the secret, at least for me anyway. How do they make you feel? If you’re always aware that you’re wearing breast forms, then those are probably not the right size for you. Good quality breast forms feel natural, almost like an extension of your body, so that shortly after putting them on, you don’t realize you’re wearing breast forms anymore, they’re just your breasts and you’re a woman.

      As to where to buy them, there are numerous online sites, but if you can find a local shop where breast forms are sold, or even better, a shop that deals with mastectomy patients who is also willing to deal with crossdressers (they’re out there, trust me, that’s where I bought mine), then being able to try different sizes and shapes in person will make your decision so much easier as you can try them and compare them to see what you like the best.

      My recommendation is that if you don’t have the ability to purchase good quality breast forms initially, save yourself some frustration and delay the purchase until you can afford them. You’ll feel and look better, I promise.

      Hope this helps some!



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      Caty Ryan
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      Hi Tonya,



      Non of they above were cheap… But”you get what you pay for” in this world.I’m “mature enough” to be able to afford them and love them to….. wait for it…. “bits”…. Opps…. nearly had a TTTTypo in there!!!

      Hope you find a pair to suit your frame and your budget.






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      Emily Alt
      Duchess - Annual
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      Trial and error is how most of us figure it out.Β  Cheaper forms will let you try several shapes and sizes. Amazon is the go-to for many girls.Β  But quality is hit or miss and there’s no customer service at all.Β  FWIW, I’ve heard Roanyer is one of the better brands on Amazon.Β  You can also try the retailers that advertise on CDH.Β  They’ll cost a little more, but still reasonable for a first purchase.Β  They have staff that can help you decide.Β  Good luck.Β  Have fun!

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