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    Autumn Valiant
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    Hello Everyone!

    First things first….. besides nail polish…… I have ZERO beauty product and makeup experience.

    I wanted to get that clear upfront.

    I made a post in general chit chat about my unexpected Christmas gifts. My wife gave me two products by Beauty Pie. One is called JEJU DAILY,  the other is called SOUL PROVIDERS.

    The first is an AM/PM moisture superinfusion (TM) with detoxifying micro minerals & daphne flower stem cells…….

    The second is Re-energizing dry oil sugar scrub with grapefruit & black pepper essential oils, lemon peel, sea salt & evening primrose oil……

    I am filled with trepidation. How can 2 jars of “product” make me feel so uneasy? I can read directions just fine but I think that when it comes to beauty products and makeup I am better off using a lifeline and asking my 30,000+ friends on CDH if there is anything I should know about these products before I attempt to use them.

    Perhaps you are going to say “since your wife gave them to you, asks her”……  Replace the word “trepidation” with “abject terror”.

    Also my 27 year old son gave me a gift card to Sephora….. He indicated he wants to go with me when I use it……


    Hugs and confusion,





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      Deborah Sullivan
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      I agree keep it simple. Matching skin foundation, mascara, lippy and light eyeliner should do it for you sweetie

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      Bianca Everdene
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      Hi Autumn

      Lucky you!

      My advice, jump in with both feet!

      Incorporate it into your daily regime. It may take some time to notice an improvement but smoother glowing skin can’t be bad. It might give you a smoother base for that Sephora make up. Go for it. Tell the beautician the gift card is for you and you want some advice. They will be thrilled. Some mascara to give those eyes a bit of a bang, some subtle lippy, some foundation/concealer for that smooth skin, they will colour match you.

      Excited for you.


      Bianca x

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      Stephanie Bass
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      Hi Autumn what a loverly gift from both your son and wife wow thats fantastic for you .. As others have said talk girlfriend ask wife a bit about them and son what he has in mind .. then ask at makeup places for advice you can do this .. As this looks like you are gaining ground on family talking is a big plus hugs girlfriend..


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      Olivia Livin
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      Hiya Autumn

      For the products….you know I haven’t a bloody clue but innocently asking your wife “do you know how I should use these, or would you prefer I ask someone else?” along with the puppy dog eyes might get you the information necessary.

      It sounds like your son may be trying to speak without using words, I’m not sure if its ahout him or merely wanting to show acceptance of you, but take him up on his self invitation and see where it leads…..and absolutely let us know lol

      Hugs, Olivia

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      Rayna Carlian
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      Ok, breathe…

      First the simple answer… use the scrub… then..use the moisturizer lol…

      Alright, now the hard part… If you won’t ask your Mrs about the thoughtful gifts, go to Sephora/Ulta/Etc and ask them about your new product and how to use them.

      Since you have a Sephora card, take the son and you can both learn something. He may have interests that you can nurture. How cool would it have been when you were his age if your dad took you shopping for makeup?! You might find that you have a kindred spirit in your son. Be brave for them…

      Third, lazy answer, search youtube for those products and see if there’s a “review” video or something that will give you info about the new products.

      I really think that you have two golden opportunities here… ask the wife about the gifts… take your son shopping… a real chance to break down some barriers in the house and bring Autumn to the forefront.

      It’s like ripping off a band-aid. Plus they obviously know, so make them feel included and not like you’re keeping a secret from them. It could be amazing for all of you.

      Good luck Sweetie!



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      Hi Autumn, I think you got lovely gifts and it is a great opportunity to chat about it.  When you go to Sephora with your son, perhaps ask him what he recommends? He may surprise you.

      In terms of help with makeup, I generally have one rule – less is better.  Don’t overdue it unless you want to look like a drag queen (nothing wrong with drag queens, wonderful entertainers). But I think you’d prefer to blend in rather than stand out in a crowd.   Also be aware that makeup has an expiry date so don’t buy too much.  I had a very negative experience with expired eye liner (it still hasn’t completely healed).

      Good luck Autumn, you are definitely at the right place to ask questions,  All the Best, Hugs, Krista.

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