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      Hi, do any of you wonderful ladies have any recommendations for exercises to help me bulk up my skinny legs and possibly tone my tummy. I’m getting on a bit so nothing too frantic. If you take look at my public photos, you’ll see why I need to get some meat on them. I’m diabetic so can’t really do it through diet.

      Thank you.


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      Try bicycling.  It gives you a good workout for your legs and glutes,  and it doesn’t pound your joints like jogging does.

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        Hi Kerri, thank you. I have got a bike but its in a state of disrepair (like me). I’ll have to have a look at it.

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      Hi Rachel
      Just viewed your public photo’s I think your too self critical, your legs look good to me.
      Sarah xx

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      Lucy Bancroft

      Hi Rachel,

      I agree with Sarah.
      Your legs look fine on the photos to me.


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      Angela Booth

      I agree that your legs look fine. I do have skinny legs and used to do a bit of running but now I have a cycle machine at home and it is building the legs up a little so could be a thought for you.

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      Planks, squats, lunges, glute machine, smith machine squats, leg press, leg lifts, more planks, any abdominal exercises will do.

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        Hi Paula, I’m exhausted just reading that. Oh well , no pain no gain.

        Thank you.

        Rachel x

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      Yea girl I am a biker too and still enjoy going to the club at times to use the machines to tone up muscles but getting that butt is most difficult. I wouldnt worry about the legs being thin because that look is in these days with tights and yoga pants. The most important excercise of course is the tummy and do sit ups to prevent a beer belly from developing

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      Lara Muir
      Baroness - Annual

      Hi Rachel,

      Here are a few Ideas for you. I have had success with the butt doing some of these exercises. That bicycle might be one of the best  for your legs. We girls of a certain age need to be careful with our knees, and bicycles are usually not to harsh on them.

      <3 <3 Lara

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