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    When you go glamourous for a social Event or just a Cocktsil Upscale party you want to look gorgeous but never overdone or obviously too flashy , The idea is to feature yourself on a way that makes you feel comfortable and happy . I like to look beautiful in an elegant sophiscated glamour girl style that makes me look naturally attractive . I love flattery and often will spend several hours on my makeup and hair to get a look that coordinates with my clothes and jewelry . The set and setting is so important , I want to know what the color patterns in the room indoors or outdoors will look like and what my friends are going to wear. Now that I have a size 36B breast I really like to show some cleavage but not overdue it . I love just a little shadowing on my breast when I wear a V neck dress with a light blusher , I want to wear a necklace that coordinates with my shoes and ear rings and braclet or braclets . I like to wear usually s beautiful attractive braclet on one hand and only a matching ring or two on both hands . I love it that I have thin wrist and try to use a braclet that accentuates that feature . I love to make sure my heels are coordinated not only with the outfit but with my Jewerly. Makeup and eye shows are so much fun to give you the finishing touches . My choice of lipstick will be the final choice that I may carry slightly different shades of I am going to be moving indoors or outdoors . I guess lipstick is my most favorite part of my makeup is that is usually all I carry with me . I am often concerned about or overly concerned about how it looks and I find myself often looking at a mirror to make sure my lipstick is Perfect to my idea of how I want to look and I have an obsession with that that I love to touch up in public where men se me looking in a compact and applying lipstick . One time when I was first going femme and doing that and a guy total me it looked beautiful , I almost had a sexual orgasm from his tone and how he said it in an lovely flattering way that made me feel so beautiful Makeup is like an art to me and I absolutely adore flattery because it makes me so happy about how much efort I have made to look elegant and beautiful . When someone notices that I always Thank them because it means a lot to me that other people appreciate the effort o have made to look gorgeous not only for me but for them When I became femme and transitioned it was because I loved feminine fashions and makeup and wanted to be pretty , Our course my biggest deciding factor was that I wanted to wear my hair long and in many elegant feminine styles . If I can say anything it was being a girly girly girl and looking lovely made me happy . The joy of wearing pretty lingerie in silk and light fabrics was so embracing and I knew I would have to spend s lot of time time to look how I wanted to look but what was all the fun to be and the srt of being a glamour girl and . Kisses and hugs . .

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