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      Polly Stewart
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      How absolutely cool and fabulous for you… and her, no doubt! I think my mother would approve though she is unable to voice her approval or anything else for that matter. As a man I was a disappointment to her for not having fathered an heir.

      But this is a way cool post and I’m so very happy for you!

      Love Polly 💋💋💋🎀🍾

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      sarasue olson
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      Like you my mother had no problems with my crossdressing, my dad and my uncle also crossdressed so my becoming A boy that wanted to wear girls clothes eased their concerns about me finding out my dad also was A CD. Mom gave me A nightgown and A slip then bought ten pair of vf panties, my sister also gave me her outgrown clothes. mom would take my sister and I shopping buying pretty things for sis and I, three of my sisters friends also started giving me their old clothes I had A big wardrobe in A short time. My fondest memory was when mom or dad would complement me on how nice I looked when dressed. Dad would also give me lots of good advise when it came to finding the right wife that would  love and except me the way I was, for that I have been very grateful all my married life.




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      Jamie Kane
      Registered On: November 9, 2020
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      So happy for Brandi. But be warned I have some bad burns from nair. Safe for bikini line means don’t go too low (avoid drips). But what’s happened is amazing.

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        VEET is not as harsh as Nair, & you can use it almost everywhere.

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      Registered On: January 9, 2021
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      So glad you have your mothers approval Brandie. She is truly a special person.I haven’t come out to mine but maybe she knows from something that happened in childhood . When I was maybe 12 I was curious about ladies things and had a couple of pairs of stockings and a girls bathing suit I fished out of my sisters trash in a bag hidden under my bed. In that said bag I had some things on top of that maybe some adult magazines. One day she found the bag and wanted to talk to me about it, my heart sank. The discovery of the magazines didn’t scare me I had older brothers and I’m sure she had dealt with that before but what was hidden underneath was a different thing entirely. Even before this had happened she had mentioned I was a little different, a mother multiple boys knows such things. She had a typical discussion with me about literature like that but never mentioned what I was really afraid she had found. Either she never dug down deep enough to find what I was hiding underneath or decided not to mention it I don’t know to this day. Someday I might tell her about myself but I won’t be shocked if she simply responds “ I’ve always known you were different”. So happy for you brandie and much love for all of the accepting mothers out there.

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      Angela Booth
      Registered On: August 1, 2020
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      The day I told my mother was a make or break day for me. If anyone could understand I hoped it would be her. She didn’t react in shock or with any hostility. She allowed me to start my journey. She knew I had some things but gave me a dress and a slip as a gesture of acceptance.

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      Stephanie Kennedy
      Registered On: March 15, 2019
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      Hi Brandie I am so happy for you. Having a mother that appreciates  and even supports that part of you is priceless when it comes to your mental health. My mother did everything she could to stop me from wearing my sisters clothes and stealing her make up. She used to say I really worry about you. I know now she was concerned that my life was going to be so much more difficult if I continued. She was right. Like so many here our lives were a little more difficult but we survived. One thing is for sure Mothers know their children and only try to help when they see something that might be a danger  I met with my mother yesterday she whispered in my ear  I always worried about you as she kissed me on the cheek. I just said to her I know. There has been no time in my life where I did not feel the love of my mother. I worry about her also. Mothers are special that is for sure. Thank you for the thoughts.

      Luv Stephanie

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      Jamie Peridot
      Registered On: February 19, 2021
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      Hi Brandie! Yes you are very lucky to have an accepting mother. It breaks my heart to read the stories from those who don’t have one. My mother passed over 10 years ago and never knew so I can’t say how she would have felt. Hugs!🤗

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      Registered On: July 28, 2020
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      That’s wonderful that you are able to share your feminine side with your Mother Brandie. You are a lucky girl…

      My Mother doesn’t know the full extent of it… couldn’t vote.

      Although… I’m sure she knows (if she remembers) that I am TG. Never discussed it with her. I’ll settle for my wife being very accepting… 🙂

      Gen ❤

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      Patty Phose
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      My mother gave me stockings, pantyhose and bras, and let me borrow an old pair of heels, from the time I was 4. I wanted new pantyhose in my size without runs or holes in them, heels that fit and my own dresses. But I was told to wear a shirt. It looks like a dress, and I’m not going to buy you heels. You will outgrow them fast.

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      Regi Kelly
      Registered On: October 9, 2020
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      I couldnt vote, my mother passed years before I accepted this about myself.
      Your a lucky girl, Brandi
      Hugs, Regi👩💕

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      Trisha Lilly Hibbert
      Registered On: December 8, 2020
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      Give her a big hug from me honey. It’s a lovely feeling,  my mum is the same. When I told her, she said if your gonna do it fo it properly.

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      Andi DuBois
      Registered On: January 7, 2021
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      I voted ‘no’ and started to write about why I chose that.  It turned into a very long diatribe about how she dislikes almost all of my life choices so I deleted it all before hitting submit.


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      Carolyne Sherman
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      Brandie I am so glad your mother is accepting. Mine is anything but.

      Approximately 10 years old I told her I wanted to be a girl when I grew up. Shocked, we’ll talk in the morning. Never happened.

      Around 28, showed her a picture, she was quiet, left shortly after and went for counseling. Therapist told her I had serious issues and needed help.

      Around 40 she showed up at my house unannounced and I was totally dressed. She left immediately only to inform me several days later I was ruining my life and needed to quit doing “that” and be a man.

      So I am happy there are mothers out there who are caring, understanding and nurturing and you have one. Enjoy her company and tell her I am proud of her. My mother is missing out on a lot of opportunities to be with her child and get to know the real me.

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        Registered On: July 28, 2020
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        Carolyne Sherman wrote:

        Therapist told her I had serious issues and needed help.”

        See… a so called ‘Professional’ Therapist with an attitude like that… you’d be toast even before you started…

        They just don’t understand… ☹

        Gen ❤

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      Registered On: January 17, 2021
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      That is great Brandi matter fact my mother came to visit me today and brought me nice Cami 2 bra’s and 2 pair of panties from my favorite store VS also new pair of wedge sandals Mothers are so great going to have to do something special this mother day for her too.

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      Registered On: October 22, 2015
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      I can’t answer this one as I never had the chance to tell my mother, saying this I do believe she had know, you are so lucky to have your mother in your life

      Paula XX

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